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I'm sorry I made you waste your time trying again for five times 😅.

I'm using timelines to open doors and they shouldn't be frame dependent, but apparently this issue only occurs at low fps.

I'll release a version without lumen too, it should be able to increase the performance.

Than you again for your kind words, I'll try your game as soon as I have some spare time!

Are you having a low framerate? Did you try a second time?
A friend told me the same thing about another door but I wasn't able to reproduce it on my pc.
However, I'm planning to release an update to fix several issues as soon as I have some time to dedicate to this project!
I'm really sorry for the issue!

Wow guys, this game is great (But pretty hard in single player because the other ship literally destroys you 🤣)

Congrats for the victory in Audio Experience, sounds fit really well with the game! I really loved the style and the drawings in the instructions menu!

Congrats for the first place!
Honestly, it's surprising how you managed to fit this game in just 72MB!

Congrats  for your submission, I love birds (I'm pretty obsessed to be honest) and I felt so bad for making the babies starve 😅.
The controls are pretty difficult to master but I guess that's the difficulty of the game.
I really enjoyed the music slowing down while you are diving!

Thank you for your feedback! I wish I had more time to improve  it, at the beginning I was planning to create different buildings and a story (narrated through the achievements) to the game but I had to focus on the modelling and the game mechanics and a week really flied away a blink of an eye. I also spent too much time implementing the achievements (it's was my first time using AWS and I couldn't even figure how to package a game from command line, and UE5 wasn't even supported by their plugin so I had to update it 🤣)

The "final goal" (if you can call it like that) is to gather all the billiard balls hidden in the house, if you see the speedrun video linked in the game page you can see the achievements (login is required in order to see them, this is a big limitation), also seeing the list of the achievements and their description should guide the player through the exploration (and this doesn't happen if you don't even see them)

The fact that you can swim up and down with the W is a wanted thing, but you are probably right, it could be confusing!
Thanks for playing! 

100% agree, this looks so polished (probably better than some commercial games), I would have gone crazy playing something like this when I was a child!

I spent days on shumps and games like space impact and I still enjoy them a lot!

Good job and good luck for the Jam!

Thank you for your comment, I'll try your game as soon as I have some free time!

Thank you for your kind feedback, I'm glad you liked it, I put so much time and efforts in this game and comment like yours make me feel happy!

Good luck for the jam!

Really nice environments and sound!

I'm sorry you had problems with butler, it happened to me in a previous Jam.
For the next time my suggestion is to create a .bat file to push your zip to, here's what you have to put inside it:

butler push "D:\Projects\Questions\Build\" freshlemonade/questions:win

You need to have the butler executable in the environmental variables to make it work, and the archive must be a .zip extension and have the executable file in the root to make it playable from the itch launcher (Not the Windows folder as you did in your archive)
Another problem is that if you use butler the archive automatically gets renamed to "yourgame-win" unless you change it from the itch page.

I really liked the underwater atmosphere you created! I hate my water post processing effect (It's the first time I have used one 😅)

Congrats for you submission!

This is so sick! Great Idea!
The neighbor's blender is too noisy? Let's destroy everything with a chainsaw 🤣🤣.

I wish there were less problems with collisions (objects flying away when you collide with them) but I really enjoyed the concept.
I stopped at the level Alcohol because the chainsaw was spawning at the level below and I couldn't find a way to get it.

P.S. Are you using chaos?

I gave up at level 7 because after 7 days of Jam I can't really think anymore, I need some rest! 🤣🤣

Impressive work and puzzles, congrats for your submission!

I'm really curious and I would like to ask you a question "from dev to dev": are you changing the gravity or rotating the level?

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This was probably my favourite submission of the jam, I really like genetics, breeding and stats in games!
I think that this game in 3D with a better combat system (interactive, not automatic) could be really successful! Good luck!

thank you for your feedback, unfortunately there was no sdk for unreal engine to access the Blockchain, it's been really difficult just to read the Dignitas NFTs (I had zero Blockchain experience and I had to write the RCP calls manually, you can see on GitHub how many times I had to change the same stuff, it almost took 2 weeks 🤣😅)

Can I play without Metamask or without paying 90CKB?

Thank you for your feedback, you are absolutely right! I Discovered that the game was "full playable" with keyboard after the release, otherwise I would have insisted on implementing a way to skip text with it!

This is really great considering you did it alone!

I loved the colour palette and the graphics, I was a bit confused at the start because I didn't read to turn on the lights with the switch (if it was written anywhere 🤣), on the third mission I had the same problem because I didn't read the mission (I was dragging the wrong crates), I think that you could have left the mission visible all the time!

Another thing I didn't understand is the rope, can you grab it or is it just a collider? I tried to pick it up smashing all keys on the keyboard (and I killed me several times with R)

Thank you for your lovely feedback, you are the only one who cared about Daisy's future 🤣🤣

It's really impressive to see what you can do with few pixels and two colours!
I really liked the graphics, I think it's really hard to communicate using simplified pixel art,  and you did it great!

Can you please tell me if there's more after you kill the robot? I tried to pick it up but nothing happened!

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Thank you for your kind feedback, I'll surely play your game as soon as I'm connected from a PC!

You talked about Z and X keys but honestly... I'm learning from you that they do something 🤣 (I guess that's Some unity default setting or something I wasn't informed of😅)

I really wanted to thank you for spending your time writing a long and detailed comment, I followed you back 😊

Nice idea, well implemented considering it's a Solo Team, it kinda gets boring after 300 years.
I came here to see how you implemented the "immunity during dash" but I really couldn't demonstrate if it's there or not 🤣

Thanks for your feedback, we wanted to give to the game some "visual novel components", I'm sorry you didn't like them!
We know there are many things that could have been  implemented in a better way (we also noticed too late that the shuriken colour was not so visible on that background, our first background was white 🤣)
The dash giving some kind of immunity is a thing I usually don't like in games (If you move faster in theory you should get more damage hitting something, don' you?)

Thank you again and have a nice day!

I really liked the graphics, considering this is game is made by one person only the results are really impressive! A bit too easy but congrats!

Once they start breeding it's over 🤣🤣
This really matches the theme "Running out of space"!

Nice level design, playing with WASD is pretty terrible but I enjoyed it!

I was not ready for this! Very challenging, you implemented the theme very well IMHO!

Ma che ooooooooh!

The jump in the 3rd dimension was totally unexpected so I wasted the first minute only dodging stuff, is the round enemy indestructible?
I really enjoyed it btw!

As soon as I found the flamethrower i started burning everything 🤣, very chaotic, needs some improvements but I liked it more than most of the other games I played in this jam!

This game really highlighted my problems with flags (knowing the continent it's pretty easy, but if the game had been about naming the countries i would have scored much less)

I really liked the music, you're lucky to have Jan!

I'm sorry you have few ratings, next time I suggest you to make a webgl build because many people don't feel like downloading games!


You lliterally made the opposite of our game 🤣

Really nice concept, very chaotic but it makes me nervous that sometimes I can't click on the icons

Thanks for your comment, we're glad you liked it! A final boss and other pickups were planned but we didn't have enough time! Maybe we'll improve it in future!

This is pure genius, I liked the idea a lot!

I was getting really angry at level 2 🤣

The idea was really great, I wish it was longer!

Don't worry it's not a bad experience, our game has a few problems too, you can't provide perfection in a 48h game jam