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Fast paced chaotic action combo chaser shooter thing.
Submitted by Loafwad — 2 days, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#1273.7183.718

Ranked from 39 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
The longer you play the more chaotic it gets.
Every tile can affect another tile in some way shape or form. Through that mechanic chaos will quickly escelate as combos grow.

Did you write all the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes, apart from the snowflake, bomb & hourglass icons.
Everything else is made by me.

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Really nice idea!! 28/30 stars!!


Really nice idea, I found it too fast but maybe on mobile it would feel more reactive! I liked the combos you could make, it's a great concept to take forward!

Please check out my game too, we haven't had many ratings yet :(


Awesome idea! With little change it can be really a cool game!

As some other people pointed out, the hitbox are not good, it makes the game close to impossible to play.

Another thing that could be good would be for tiles to have a much slower speed at first and having them getting quicker by the time (with a limit I guess haha).

Great potential ! Well done :D


Frankly, it was too fast for me. But this could also be my age (I am 42) :-) But good idea nonetheless!


It's a very good idea, but it was poorly implemented.

The aiming control with the mouse was not very good and this made the experiment very difficult.

I believe that if the camera is revised, the game will have a very fun experience.

I couldn't see the chaos in the core mechanics, but it's a good game.


Quite fun but missing a bit of extra oomph like setting up huge chain reactions and such.

The boxes are a bit hard to click sometimes leaving not enough screen space to launch them in the direction I want to


Very good idea. I really enjoyed it!

also very appealing animations and overall well polished game :D

Keep going👍


this game is very fun and cute. i also like the colorful graphics! Good Luck ;)

The boxes are hard to click as it seems the boxes do not represent the hitbox (the hitbox is actually below the objects). But once I get used to it the game is fantastic, lots of strats can be developed and I hope it can be a full game!


Your game is brilliant! It is hard but enjoyable. It would be great  to have the pause menu with an exit to menu or restart button. I also miss some music during the gameplay.

Submitted (1 edit)

Wow, Unique Game and Original, this is the best game I found in this Game Jam! Control is Smooth, Great Graphics, Good Audio. An Innovative Game, Awesome Work 👍


This is hard but fun. Nice job.


Requires skill to play and is so much fun! One of the best games of this jam


Very cool. Probably the game I've spent the most time with so far. The feel of the game is very good and the different interactions of the tiles are fun to experiment with. The sounds are very fitting, however I think music would have been a plus for the game as well.

I can definitely imagine playing this game more often, for example in a mobile version

Submitted (1 edit)

This game was pretty difficult at first as it was hard to select a tile with a cursor. As I got used to it, the mechanics were really satisfying. I would love to have this game concept on mobile where I can use a swipe control scheme. 


Simple graphics, a simple mechanic, but really great game feel. Spent longer than what I thought I would playing this! Kudos!


Great concept. It was fun to play. I really like the slow motion when you are charging up a shot.

Could you add a full screen button on the page? I have a 1920x1080 screen and even after hitting f11 I couldn't see the whole game. The sound is also very low. I had to crank up my sound to be sure there was audio.


I found the game very difficult because the game uses the mouse.

But it's REALLY FUN, simple and straightforward. Congratulations on the game :D 


really nice one, congrats 


This is so FANTASTIC! i like the concept, check my game too bro, Good job

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