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Frozen Joystick

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Sempre vejo as lives no modo espectador kkkkk, Está ficando incrível, parabéns a todos os envolvidos, estou no aguardo!

É preciso estar presencialmente no evento do dia 7 a 10 de Julho?

thanks!! ^^

I started and maximized everything, I think clicking the ball is secondary after the start, and it's also kind of hard to click the ball, I think increasing its momentum would be a good thing.
I liked the game a lot, and I wish there were updates ^^

really fun, art and music are really cool. Congratulations for the game!

Kinda hard to get the rats to enter the entrance, hahaha :D. but it looks great, the art is also beautiful!

I thought it was amazing, and the art is magnificent, the game is really difficult. but I believe that using fewer buttons can help, maybe using everything with the mouse 

I found the game very difficult because the game uses the mouse.

But it's REALLY FUN, simple and straightforward. Congratulations on the game :D 

The game is a lot of fun, but using the mouse and (A) and (D) can be a little difficult.

Also, I liked the idea of the game as a whole. He's fun and I liked the gameplay change. :D very good!

So, the confirm tile is (SPACE) and the selection keys and Arrows.
I tested it here and it's working, later on I'll put other options to make it easier

yes, a lot of enemies and they approach very fast, but your game is very polished anyway :D congratulations for doing it in a "fast" game jam.

very cool, I liked the style and varied gameplay, but the difficulty is quite high, or it could be because I'm not good with shooting games hahaha. congratulations c:

My friend played a lot to see how the last level is.  :P