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I think Chrombook is using Linux system? You might check the linux save data path ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/ or $HOME/.config/unity3d/)

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I finally beat the game, here are my thoughts for your full game.

- I feel like the game would benefit from leaning more into the idle game. Consider adding more controllable interactions to the game, things like being able to choose where to drop, punch the player with mouse, or give the player a chance to maneuver the position again might help, as 95% of the current game time is about me sitting in front of the PC watching something repetitive.

- Add abilities (depends on the development direction, it can be either passive or active abilities), for example, chain attacks, health absorption, attack range increase. As the current game flow doesn't have any variation from the start to the end.

Oh, I see :)

The missile module has a bug where it get cheaper after every purchase. Also the missile has unlimited CD after 9 missile modules are installed

A Mac version is available now

Thanks for the advice! this will be fixed in the next update.

This game is well polished, giving us an addition to aim for the breaking the high score. I was wondering what benefits does the blue bar provides? I know that letting either bar full will damage you while shoot, as well as the red bar gives you more firepower & decrease movement speed.

This game definitely deserves more exposure. I was thinking this game can be added a feature where the player can alter the board (with a limited number each turn).

This game is really fantastic, I hope there will be more mini-games. My high score is 4877.

You must be a Touhou fan. 

Thanks for your comment, I should expand the map and the number of the obstacles cause one main reason of continuously getting hit is the map size.

Adding a timer sounds good for my plan

The game is well polished! One thing that can be further developed is how the bosses attack, by not limited to shoot bullets only.

The boxes are hard to click as it seems the boxes do not represent the hitbox (the hitbox is actually below the objects). But once I get used to it the game is fantastic, lots of strats can be developed and I hope it can be a full game!

What? This game is made using Scratch? You guys are god

Well done on the art!

I get the idea that you wanna make a game that needs to escort as many goblins as possible, but I think there won't be any differences even if you let the other 9 goblins suicide in the current state. You can try setting up the level which needs multiple goblins to pass, such as putting a bunch of switches that need multiple goblins to turn it on. You can also put some cliffs before they reach the switches so that the player needs to be careful not to lose too many goblins.

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Player's movement also moves the enemy's magic attack, that's a super unique mechanic. I should add this game into my collection.

I didn't notice the game is actually 3D till the end, haha........ You can replace the fully dark background with a galaxy background picture to deal with this confusion.

It feels like they are not joining together, they are always moving separately. One possible solution of this is maybe you only need to set up one path, but can only be complete with two characters cooperating, instead of creating two completely separate paths for them.

That's a really fantastic game about collecting all the stuff. I feel like the story ends too sudden, it pops out a 'the end' screen after I collected a bunch of items. I am looking forward to seeing more planets and more items to collect!

The mechanic is unique! I hope we can control multiple sliders at once as level 5 is the level where my brain know the solution, but my hands can't follow my brain's guideline.

The game is a bit easy where you don't need to drop your battery, or even attack them to pass the level. You can simply walk past them unless they are directly blocking the way to the electricity room (especially the final level). Overall, the game has pretty solid game mechanics but needs polishment on level design.

Thanks for the comment!

The game's music is awesome and the art is pretty soild. One thing on the movement can be improved is that it shouldn't have any acceleration, it feels like I'm controlling a car on ice and as it is a pain in shoot-em up game.

You can also add a progress bar indicates when will the player meet the boss.

The difficulty mainly comes from the input delay, where I can't drag the people precisely.

You got the best soundtrack in a game jam! I wish I can find this game earlier in the Brackeys Jam so that I can give you a rating.

Definitely an underrated game, keep it up!

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Thanks for streaming my game!

The monster's spawning mechanic will be the first thing to adjust, as every player will get a similar score right now. If you want to beat 207, there are 3 orange enemies spawn simultaneously when the count down reached 30 seconds, try to give a speed boost to those 3.

Absolutely sure! Can't wait to see my game being posted to let everyone know.

Finally, get the rule and win the AI. I think the tutorial can be more intuitive to show the rules (for example, you can show two cards in the tutorial and explain what will happen after the two cards fought each other). Overall, great job on designing this card game.

Solid idea & gameplay, giving the character two ways to interact with the spikes is creative. If possible, I'd recommend adding the third character where you can do the reverse as the blue and red do (which means, the new character touches the blue brick can restore it to a spike, and it can also restore a disappeared spike destroyed by red) so that the player doesn't have to restart if getting stuck.

Great & creative idea, I've seen many platformers where your corpses will do something, but I've never expected the corpses can be picked up and hold it in a different pose.

One problem I found so far (it may not be a problem that needed to be fixed, it can be a trick) is that the corpses you picked up can trigger buttons through walls, which means you can safely trigger all buttons in the section when you need to climb up.

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Really nice graphic, level design, and especially the light effect surrounding the player, although the game (in WebGL) has an issue where I can't see the whole screen, I need to jump to some platforms out of my sight.

Edit: fixed typo

Great, I am looking forward to seeing more different scenes after the game jam!

any % means speedrunning, you are speedrunning on making a game

"If failure is progress, progress = failure?"

Another platform where you treat spike as a goal, but I underestimated the potential of this game after I reached the ending :)

any% make a game