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Thanks 👍

Thanks a lot!

Thanks, yep they are all known but sometimes you need to make choices to be able to submit. We learned a ton making this so all good. We might do another release after the rating ends that addresses the glitches.

Timer: intended. Wall jump: unintended. 😁

Thanks a lot for your words! Yes, we are aware of the small glitches but simply didn’t have the time to iron them out. We might do version 1.1 after the jam including the fixes. Glad you liked the art style 👍

Thank you 😊

A sprint button is a good idea, might consider this for a future version.

That’s great! Thank you!

I rated yours. This is ours:

That was nice! The controls were a little floaty for my taste but this is the only minor critique.

There it is :-)

That was pretty good! I liked it a lot!

It’s like a new little twist on Snake. Not bad.

Now this was actually one of the best games of the jam I played so far. Great concept!

This could be really good with some more time put into it. I like the idea!

It fits the theme really nicely and the game loop is well implemented.

The framerate was super low as said before. However, the graphics are really nice.

This is tough. The mechanics work well but I died a lot due to lack of skills.

I will have nightmares about the “Hiiii sweaty” :-) Very nicely done!

Thank you so much! Great that you enjoyed it 👍

That’s what I thought. Thanks for clarifying :-)

I liked it. The controls are a little floaty but maybe this was intended. Good work!

It is a bit slow but the idea is really good!

With snappier controls this could be really great. But I liked it nonetheless.

It was good. However, I could just go on and on without moving at all and just collect points forever.

Yes it is difficult for sure. The thing is that this is exactly the object. We timed it so it can be solved exactly in 70 seconds, not 71. And believe me, our play testers actually achieved this (including myself). That’s why I also created a video to showcase that it can be done. Spamming the jump button is possible - yes - but it should not be enough to beat the game though. Thanks a lot for your review!

Hey thanks for your nice words!

I quite liked this one :-)

For me it was always item number one. The idea is fun though!

That was… uhm… interesting.

Thank you :-)

It is possible to reach it if you try very hard. But you are right, the 24 hours are a lie.

Very nice game, I wasn’t sure about the theme though.

Yes that worked. I will try it again - maybe I was too stupid :-)

Many thanks!

Thanks a lot! We especially like the flamingos!

Nice idea but it could benefit greatly from more intuitive controls.

That was cool and it made me keep playing. Kind of addictive!

“Gonna save the princes bobobobom” I have this stuck in my brain now!

It doesn’t seem to be finished at all but good start!