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Did you try to hide behind the HIDE message? This was one of the puzzles. Thank u for the feedback and for playing our game. =)

Very chaotic.

Wonderful concept.

The game design was fantastic, I believe it lacked a little more exploration of the mechanics of chaos! Maybe she won't always be turning to the left to get caos?

But I loved it! 5 stars.

Nice game.

I like the idea.

keep going.

Nice idea.

I found the level change very interesting.

I wanted to see more.

Beautiful game, nice work.

Nice gameplay.

Nice idea.

Its fun.

Maybe a windows version next time?

The game doesn't load.

Well, the game is really caotic. 

I like it.

I liked the idea.

The theme didn't fit very well, but the concept is very good.

The system that would show the tips and which animal you got didn't have time to implement.

Try to catch animals that you haven't caught yet.

Cool concept, i like it the way o think, keep going it.

I didn't quite understand the proposal.

But I found the behavior of enemies very interesting.

I enjoyed playing.

Very good idea.

But the execution was not the best.

I liked the game.

I really liked the gameplay. It was very well produced, but I couldn't understand the chaos and the objective of the game.

But I really liked it, congratulations.

I liked the idea and it was well executed, but the movement control felt a bit stuck.

And also I believe chaos could bring more to core mechanics.

I had fun playing, nice work.

Cant play, the camera makes no sense to me.

But the idea is interesting. 

The best arms in the video game industry. 


but, nice idea.

Great concept and great execution.

Wonderful game.

An interesting idea, but the chaos was poorly introduced.

Beautiful art, beautiful game and fits the theme. But it lacked to explore more the mechanics in the gameplay.

With a better focus on game design, your game had a chance to be the best at Brackeys.


A very interesting idea. But it failed to fit the chaotic theme.

The game gave me a sense of distress and anxiety, but I couldn't feel the chaos.

An interesting game.

Nice game, good expirience and the game is well polished. 

It's interesting.

Chaos theory and butterfly effect are very interesting concepts in physics, but I believe the game was more of a visual experience than gameplay.

Nice game, fits the theme.

Interesting idea.

I didn't like it, you could have used the idea for something smarter.

The theme did not fit.

It's a very good idea, but it was poorly implemented.

The aiming control with the mouse was not very good and this made the experiment very difficult.

I believe that if the camera is revised, the game will have a very fun experience.

I couldn't see the chaos in the core mechanics, but it's a good game.

I liked the game, and the proposed concept was interesting, but I think the design wasn't quite perfect.

I tried to jump in rhythm with the bar below, but then I noticed that just jumping all over the place gave me more points.

But I played for a long time, it was fun.

Good game.

A beautiful game, but it doesn't fit the theme.

It was difficult to play as it is too heavy for a WEBGL version.

I liked the game, it fits the theme perfectly.

I didn't understand the game. You walk, throw projectiles and wait to load.

The art is beautiful and the sound doesn't fit.

I really liked this game.

Very well produced and well polished. A very smart and fun puzzle game.

My only criticism is that the control over the puzzle was so well designed that it didn't fit the core mechanics with the theme. I didn't feel the chaos in the gameplay.

A great game.


I like the concept but the game is to hard, and I don't think the difficulty makes it chaotic.

but it is a nice game.

I liked the game.

Nice game.

I really liked the game design.

Creative and well-polished, congratulations.