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Edge of the MechaverseView game page

Gun Down Bosses with Incressing Diffuculty - Earn Weapons - Destroy the Mecha Dragon
Submitted by ProjectPaddy (@TheProjectPaddy) — 13 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#1952.6002.600

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game apply the limitation (and optionally, the theme)?
A "Boss Rush" with Final Boss & Final Boss Music - "The Edge" of the Mechaveres closes in around The Player during the final fight, shrinking the playable space. Can You Destroy The Mecha Dragon and Unleash The Mechaveres? ~Cheers :D

Team Size

Solo (1)

What main engine/tool/language did you use to construct the game?
Construct 2, MediBand(2D) & Audacity (sound)

Which diversifiers did you use, if any?
1: In a Song -The Mecha Dragon Boss fight is coordinate with the Mecha Dragon Boss Music. 2: -My Own Sounds

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Quite fun to play! Music is grea, and controls are good as well! If I had to improve just one thing of the game, it would be the feedback when you shoot or receive damage.

Good one!


yeah I agree, the feedback on Hitting and being Hit needs to be fixed. I'd like to add Smoke and Dust when things get hit. All the flashing when bosses get hit can be distracting.  TYVM for playing :) 


Incredibly appropriate music tracks for the visuals. Put me in the Mechaverse ready to roll. I like the upgrade system with each new boss. It felt great to get more powerful as I progressed and it's what kept me coming back to push further and further.

This was a short, fun jam game. As noted below, the doors were a little tricky to navigate. Other than that, I would have liked it if each boss had a health gauge so I could feel myself progressing through each individual battle.

Overall, really well done and a great solo dev entry. Good work.


Thank you very very much for the kind words & Thank you so much for playing   :D  I like the Health Bar idea for bosses


cool fun game although the enemy's are a bit too fast and the aiming is too slow which made it a hard too shoot


I agree - I tryed to mitigate that problem. Should I try, adding a reticle that would follow the mouse around? Adding more size to bosses hitboxes or seprate hitboxes for collision? - I couldnt get Art on a reticle  to feel right. Also, Dashing  was the last Player feature added. It lacks balance. One of my playtesters requested Dashing be implemented, up until that point I never thought about it. Implementing a Dash lead to more movment problem to fix and a final boss to rush to get finished.  I think everyone will have a diffrent experience due to preferences of keyboard and mouse~ TYVM for playing 

  • Submitted

    the enemy size is good they just have to be slower they go too fast and i dont think you need a dash it might make the game bit better but not too  big of a change


    I will keep enemy speed and adding a dash in mind more during future game jams. I'd like to play around with Invincibility Dashing.


    I had fun with the game. I would recommend to be able to keep on shooting while the mouse is pressed.


    I would have liked a fully automatic gun also. I found ~It would have been like giving a player a Nucula bomb - It would have been the only weapon they used & hard to balance damage from other sources. Reloading can be an important part of gameplay.  Auto Shooting can be fun - but you dont need to even hold a button down for auto shooting. I experiment with bullets continuing to fire after letting go of the mouse buttons. But ~ the idea was cut for burst fire or a semi automatic type of fire rate.  TYVM for playing :)


    Now that you say it, I agree. What about a reload mechanic like in Gears of War? 


    Ill have to play more Gears of War form an opinion. Ill look more into the "active reload" system in Gears of War for inspiration. TY for bring it my attention, it looks like a fun game.


    Great game! The music is so good and it absolutely starts off with a bang which immediately set the tone. Had a slightly hard time getting through the doors but other than that I really enjoyed playin the game. Great job!


    It was fun to edit the orginal songs in Auducity, in a way the the file size would be small and the music loops cohesive. - I had to find better ways to do audio making this project, due to the lots of sounds & sprites on screen at the same time.  TY for enjoying the music & TYVM for playing 


    This was a really weird and fun game. After my first death I quickly realised that you just have to facehug the boss and spam all three things that allow you to pew pew.

    The biggest enemies in this game were the doors... getting through them was impossible, so I decided to shoot down everyone from the room before, and only attempt getting through the door after killing the enemies


    I turned the last bosses health down dramatically. I did have time to balance for difficulty.  I struggled with my final decision on the doors too  -  Originally, I wanted the last boss to be able to take more damage. That way the Player would be forced back down through the level, decressing the playable area. Also, squeezing the player back to the starting zone- and the End of the  Mechaveres - The doors are the real boss of the game lol ~TYVM for playing  


    The boss rush is good one, I only wished the door is opened fully instead of swinging back n forth.

    It was fun nonetheless :)

    Developer (1 edit)

    lol The doors are the real boss of the game  ; )    ty for playing 


    Congrats on finishing and submitting a game! The boss rush idea is a tough one, since each of the enemies are unique, and making that solo is a huge achievement! I thought the first few enemies would have benefited from having distinct movement patterns, but the different firing patterns and player upgrades help keep the game interesting!


    Thank  you  :)  I have been trying harder to "finish" projects in the time give for game jams.  7-day jams seems to be best for me. This was a fun project to make over the week! :) TY for playing