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Robz Rush

I love run n gun games like Contra, Blazing Chrome and Cuphead however I can't seem to find sprite set for the hero for such games. The best I could find is character who can shoot horizontally only.

I wish to find decent sprite set for above games.

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Succubus, mandragora, alura une, banshee, sea hag, siren, lilith, kuntil anak, manananggal, arachne, witch, alien queen, queen bee, scylla.

Robz Rush

Someone is looking for play tester in this thread here.

Nice coop game! It doesn't start with friendly beginning but they are work together in the game so that should do.

Nice coop game! I love this kind of games :D

Did complete the game and watched the ending. Too bad Bop Bop had to meet new friend there. Oh well, at least he's still in one piece.


It's hard to suggest furniture without knowing the purpose of the room. I suggest searching for images of living room, kitchen or whatever room you're going to create then examine the furniture there. You can pick furniture you need based on the images.

Can you show us some of your music work?

I've checked my FAQs collections and found a game using tides as mechanic. Here's a playthrough video to show what I meant:

At around 9:00 of video, tide is low but at around 11:00 tide is high in the same room allowing party to get items from higher platform.

Breath of Fire 3 has a mini game in which team must race against time to get all treasure in area which will be covered by tide water. It's tide for sure but more like timed mini game to me.

The first image I see from viewing the page for the first time is the header.

TBH the header is not interesting at all, even if you fix the mushroom clipping tree on the right side. You should design your world better first, make it look cool and enticing to explore. Then get some shots from the game and pick the best one for the header.

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The only time I ever see tides in games in 1 game: Fire Emblem : The Binding Blade for GBA. There's one mission in which a path will appear after some turns allowing you to assault enemy's base through that path. I don't know if the path will be submerged some turns later cause I had won the mission before that.

There's another game with rising water which prevents you from returning or accessing certain area if you are too slow. It's called Riviera for GBA. The water level never drops though.

I seem to have seen tides mechanic in other game but can't remember the game's name or even how tides work there.


I wish the cauldron won't hurt her but other than that I can manage. Nice combo of shmup and delivery (and survival also if you will).

 Fun game as expected from Sinclair Strange. At first I feel threatened by the timer but as game progresses, the timer hardly fall to critical state IOW it keeps adding up. And with some passengers respawning in same spot, it's possible to play this game forever.

Not saying it's a bad thing tough, with no threat from timer I could spend time exploring the game visiting aquatic biome (which was never chosen as destination from passengers I've picked).


I think Cyber Crash would look better although I'm aware that Cy and Cr are pronounced differently.

As for game itself, main attraction of Breakout is well breaking blocks. It is fun and engaging when you see a block breaks after you bounced ball there. However, in your game the blocks are too far ahead making it hard to see and feel the fun of breaking a block. Also with 2 balls bouncing around, you'd be focusing your view on them instead of the blocks.

That opens up serious question: what is the focus of your game? prevent balls from passing you by bouncing them? or destroying the blocks?

If the answer is the former, you should reward player for each ball bounce (at least play SFX). If the answer is the latter, you should place them closer so player could see the destroyed blocks.


This is my entry for Ludum Dare 53 whose theme is : Delivery.

Story : GoBat is a delivery service with bat. You are white bat working for GoBat, your task is to take gifts from Gifthouses then deliver them to bunny clients. Gift's color matches bunny's color so deliver the gifts to bunnies with matching color.

Beware of pest who can hurt and kill you! Shoot or avoid them completely!

 Survive as long as you can in this gift delivery survival game. How long can you survive?

Get the game here: GoBat


My answers to this question are always the same:

1. Create a game that you like

2. Start small, such as game with one level/stage/map

Robz Rush

Robz Rush

Good looking FXs, thanks!

As for suggestions, what about these:

1. Magic projectile + reaction animation when it hits something

2. Ice projectile + reaction animation when it hits something

3. Flame, smoke and poison cloud you've made but blown horizontally

Do you offer your skills for free or for pay?

Robz Rush

That's pretty hard to find. The closest I could find is this: which has ladder animation but no wall cling/slide.

Oh about that link you quoted above, what about this one: ? that one has ladder animation also.

I think it's not the color which should be changed but rather, how many colors player see at certain level. Right off the bat, there are so many colors and lines, making it look complex and hard. My suggestion is to start with fewer lines and colors first, then as game progresses increase one of them to increase difficulty.

 OTOH what makes it not appealing to me is lack of reward or reaction from swiping correct lines. There should be effects played when player swiped correct lines and other effects when swiped wrong lines. 

Third person for me. Being able to see fully how my protagonist looks like is great way for me to connect with him/her.

Robz Rush

Usually when it comes to game jam submission, developers post both versions: jam version and post jam version in game's page. This way, anyone who accesses the page could see both versions and choose which one to play.

For me it's QWOP by Bennett Foddy. I couldn't hold my laughter seeing the athlete moves based on my input.

Fruits Survivors

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What would make you buy a soundpack? What would make you not buy a soundpack?

I'd buy soundpack if it has most of sounds that I need. If the soundpack sounds too generic, I might not buy it.

Do you have a hard time finding the right sounds for your games? If yes, what kind of problems do you encounter?

I have hard time finding sounds for unrealistic cases. Ex: monster shooting, enemy tossing grenades and monster spawn. Usually grenade toss doesn't produce sound if it were thrown by hand but I need to give sound to notify player that a grenade is being tossed.

I'm not sure what parameters I should insert in search box to find those sounds.

After adding more features, doing fixes, creating more enemies and bosses + rebalances, I've decided to release the updated version (link in first post)!

This version has:

1. Fixed strafe shooting

2. Extra mode called : Cursed Crystals. In this mode, cursed crystals appear on the field. If touched, crystals will appear and so more enemies.

3. More enemies and palette order to show their HP.

4. 2 more bosses.

5. More upgrade cards, including extra shots: Banarangs, Semangka Shots and Rambobans.

Enjoy the updated game!

what about the advanced stuff?

Is there anything more advanced than no red herrings and a catch to the puzzle?

as close to a perfect one as humanly possible

Can you elaborate more about perfect ?

My favorite game is Contra Hardcorps. It's run n gun for Genesis.

There are other games in Contra series before and after this one but this one is the best cause it features 4 heroes each with different set of weapons.

I love the challenges presented by the game and the boss fights are great! Even better, the game has 4 different main paths which leads to total of 4 different endings. Well, actually there are 6 endings in total, but one of them is joke ending while the other is bad ending.

Are silent, impersonal heroes really better, or do you prefer to play the role of someone more alive?

To this day, not even once I could associate myself with the silent protagonist in games with story heavy. In some cases, there are some questions which require answer from players and those are best chances to link myself with the protagonist. However, due to story heavy structure, the link is broken, multiple times thanks to protagonist acting on his own against my will.

TLDR silent protagonists just won't work with me. I prefer playing as someone more alive.

Fruits Survivors