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Well, that's the thing with art (game development included), there are no strict rules. Therefore I agree that Roguelikes and roguelites can have their own rules.

 I agree with creativity part. With roguelikes, player will have to like the core gameplay they offer before player could get deeper, literally. While with roguelites, player can also be creative and upgrade their characters to fit playing style.

My opinion: platformers are great when player doesn't have double jump nor coyote time. This not only forces player to be more careful and think before jumping but also forces developers or at least level designers to design platforms, walls, traps etc properly. The goal is to ensure player can jump from platform to platform (if it's intended to be) safely while keeping the challenge.

I'm getting sick with platformers giving double jump and coyote time as default features.

Well, there are similar movable pillars in Lufia 2 so the pillars aren't enough.

However, moving pillar over a pit is unique to Golden Sun so that's the key reference :).

Makes me wonder what other elemental skills you'd have.

It sounds like someone having serious trouble installing hardware for his gaming life/work/sport/anything that he is horrified by it.

Last Life

 Phew, after some confusion and brainstorming, I finally able to complete all levels here.

  I have to admit this one is harder than previous sokoban typed puzzles you've made. I had to undo my moves couple times to fix small error I've made to allow going further.

  That being said, it was fun. I'll be waiting for your next games :)

Since I love platformers (metroidvanias and run n guns mostly), I'm looking for platformer asset packs.

However, in order to create a good game, I need complete sets which is compatible with each other. I mean, background stuffs must look good with sprites placed near the former.

Also, I don't like having limited characters like only one or two enemies in the pack. I'd end up editing them to create more of them. It would be nice if enemy sprites can be mixed and matched to create different combinations. Each combo could become a unique enemy with its own moveset.

It's still unclear to me even with hint turned on. I don't understand why a line is considered correct even though the hint says so.

Speaking of hint button, I clicked hint button after it ... gives hint to turn it off and click it again to turn it on, and the hints are gone. I didn't change anything on the board at all.

You really should add tutorial levels at first showing game's rules from basic.

The rule is very unclear. 2 different clues in same row or column are confusing since it's unclear which clue is for what.

And there's no indicator showing if player has filled a row or column correctly or not .

 You should give very simple puzzle at first showing game's rules. Start with two grids with one clue then two grids with 2 clues then 2x2 with 2 clues and so on.

Just let other players play your game and let them judge it.

Robz Rush

 Participating in game jam also helps you to learn fast decision making. When jam is about to end and your game is 80% complete, you have to make quick decision to ensure your submitted game is complete.

So my suggestion if you're not sure about joining game jam yet, is to join game jams with long duration: one week for shortest and one month for decent time. Make sure your game is COMPLETE before submitting. This small suggestion should be enough for you :).

Nice short game!

I think the game could be played faster if opening chests and unlocking gates could be done simply by touching them instead.

Hmmm... what about Tic Tac Toe and Reversi?

Ugh, that makes me recall other board games.

Hmmm... after reading your answers what about this: you are regular person tasked to retrieve baseball bat from basement. Everything is fine except for some spiders and rats + some traps to hinder you.

However after baseball bat is taken, everything changes. The basement is darker and spiders and rats have been replaced with deadlier enemies. You must return to entrance in one piece armed with the bat.

Sausage or Pepperoni would be nice.

Then add cheese and black pepper.

 I can see how this game is inspired by Celeste. Unfortunately, there's major inconsistency here: double jump.

There are times I could perform double jump but on other time, I just couldn't perform it at all.

Walk in the park game with beautiful park scenery.

If that's too boring, you can add task such as collecting coins scattered in the park.

Thank you :)

Let's see:

A platformer with coins to collect and health items and powerups. Player must collect all coins before exit door is opened and must go to that exit.

However, there's a twist: after collecting certain number of coins, level will be darker and enemies will appear. Some only deal 1 or 2 hit points damage while some could one shot player. The less coins to be collected, the more enemies will appear and the darker level will be.

Here are some games I've made for you to play:

Robz Rush : Boss Rush with upgrade feature

Langit Lands : Platformer with 5 secrets

Cherry On Top : Short metroidvania with food theme

(2 edits)

From placing candles, to throwing win.... weak holy water and to placing seal breakers.

Anyways, after some confusion finally managed to beat this game.

I might need to replay the windmill again cause I haven't solved that one yet.

[couple hours later]

Ah so that's how you solve windmill puzzle. It was simpler than I thought before.

As for secret room, I'm not sure if I've found it but I found unrelated area with unknown symbol.

(2 edits)

Hmmm... it's tough to say since different game genres usually require different set of SFX.

So I'll just post generic SFX that I usually need when creating a game:

1. Menu SFX : click, move from text to text/option to option

2. Explosion SFX : small, medium and large explosion

3. Shooting SFX: this could vary depending on number of weapons but at least player's and enemies' should have their own shoot SFX

4. Action SFX: jump, land on ground, step

5. Fight SFX: generic hit FX, slash hit FX, non-slash hit FX, death, block

6. Shop SFX: caching, buzzt (purchase denial), coin pick up

7. Breaking SFX : broken wood, broken metal, broken rock etc

My main reason to read dev log is my interest on the game's progress. I almost don't care about developer's name.

Even if I forgot developer's name, I still remember game's name and I can search that game. I'll acquire developer's name from game's page later.

So, make sure your game is interesting so people would love to follow its update. And to relate your question, don't make too complex name for your game.

Well, why don't you start learning how these coins work then? :)

Then you'll understand better why most of us hate cryptocurrency.

How do u perceive this new changes

 I'm surprised actually however not to NFT stuffs but to people reaction. For me art market is messy (even with real money involved) already and I don't like making profit there.

how do u think its gonna change the game/ assets development scene.

 I think it might change the scene.... to prevent anyone from stealing assets and create NFTs from them.

Yes, something like that, thank you :)

Though I wonder if there's a way to choose it with clicking options or something, instead of typing it manually in the link.

I can see your idea of 1vs1 game. However, if you want to focus on the title : Physics , I highly suggest allowing only physic related weapons. Machine gun, laser gun and blaster aren't fit for physic IMO but grenade launcher might work ;).

I have to agree with this. I wish there's a way to exclude horror game from my search request.

Otherwise, I'll just do the ignore-what-I-don't-like method while browsing.

That sounds sweet!

Ouch! collecting last coins is lot harder than clearing Kitty Temple and Shipwreck Bay. Still 1% to go but it's so hard.

Oh well, at least I got these :) :

I'm not a fan nor a hater of episodic video games. Episodic and non episodic could be great video games if done properly.

About developing episodic games, it depends on game's story. If it's complete in one game, then that's it. Next game is either sequel or spinoff or totally new game.

I plan to make my half-small project an episodic one where you can play on the web and that this is updated every so often. What do you think?

Oh so that's what you meant by episodic. I can see pros and cons of this:


1. Stuffs get updated over time, making things more interesting and or have more stuffs.

2. Bugs could get removed over time, making the game more stable.

Cons :

1. If the game had save game feature, the update has high chance to break previous save game forcing players to replay the game again.

2. New bugs might appear after the update.

It's missing downward shooting so I can't put it in my run n gun collections.

That being said, it is fun short game. Had to get used to slow jump and movement at first but I made it to the end and defeated the boss.

 Thanks for sharing this sprites.

Unfortunately, the spritesheet in zip only contains movement animation. I copied the image you posted above for complete sheet ;).

I know of Kitty Temple but need to find remaining 2 bells.

I didn't know about Shipwreck Bay, thanks for the info :)

Just completed this game but only with 88% .

I must be missing many things for the remaining 12%.

Nonetheless, it was fun and unlike other games, her shield is totally versatile. Not OP but very helpful in most boss fights.

Hi DebbyDares :)

If you want free non horror game, you can play one of my game : Puzzle Puss.

After bugfixing and balancing, the post jam version is complete. Get it while it's hot!

 Here's the link: Langit Lands


 This is post jam version of my entry to Vim Jam 2 whose theme is : On The Edge and requires Boss

Story: Blobo is taking a good nap until a band of demons attacked. He decided to get rid of those demons for good so he can resume his nap.


- Continuous shooting by holding shoot button.

- 8 directional shooting.

- Health and Shooting Powerups.

- Secrets (2 for jam version and 5 for post jam version).

- Challenging bosses

Langit Lands

That was fun!

I literally had to go in and out to destroy mothership pieces (not just for upgrades) for my safety but it was worth the trouble ;)

The final boss was unexpected. It acts differently! fortunately not something I can't handle.