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Raider & Reaper

Great work! I can imagine how the game would play out from this mockup.

There's no definite answer cause PvP and PvE are for different type of players. I think the real question is : who are your target players?

Updated version has been released and it can be downloaded in the link above.

The update features:

1. Longer level.

2. Updated boss.

3. More enemies and a subboss addition.

4. Better UI.

Enjoy this game!

Thanks for playing.

As for your problem with aiming and jumping, I've put warning in Controls.txt not to use keypads since they prevent proper aiming and jumping. If you've used Numpads as I've recommended, you could aim and jump properly :).

Cats Co-op

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Steampunk Raiders

Most of the time, I listen to youtube videos especially podcasts.

However, during night or evening, I switched to listening Anime tracks.

I follow someone here just to see if they release a new game.

Barshen Breakout

I could only help adding couple things to your story. Maybe others could help your better. But you still need to mention the goal of player to give general idea on how story should be.

I think you need to give some kind of goal to the player, no need to reference to GTA2 nor any game, just pick a long time goal to reach for player.

My suggestion is this: TK wakes up in a shady apartment and is immediately greeted by the landlord. He claims that he has treated his injuries and allowed TK to stay in his place for some time. He demands TK to pay up for his services. Not having any money to pay, TK is offered shady work by the landlord. 

The first works would be tutorial for player to get used to the game. Despite that, player must complete them to pay TK's debt. After debt is paid, landlord informs player that he has more work to offer but also another person who could offer work like him. This is where player can choose what and where to go next.

That's from me for now.

Barshen Breakout

If you're still into endless runner, what about endless runner with these:

1. There are random ingredients that you can pick on the road/track. Picking any of them will give you just 1 score but you can avoid all of them.

2. You have shopping lists with random ingredients request in each of them. One list could have only 3 items but one could have 7 items. Picking correct ingredients based on certain list will reward you with big score. The longer the list, the bigger the reward, ex: 3 item list gives 10 score while 7 item list gives 60 score.

3. Picking incorrect item will cancel and remove a list and the list will be replaced with random list couple seconds later.

Yes the goal is to earn highest score as much as possible by fulfilling the lists. You can choose the limitation : traps, timer or something new?

It can't be helped. You might want to wait for reviews for expensive games first before deciding to buy any of them or not.

Alright, I'll use email then.

Barshen Breakout

Ah thanks, can I request a boss music for free?

Do you have examples of your music work?

I've made many games but for you, you should try Raiders Rush. It's cool boss rush game with upgrade feature.

Thanks for this, maybe this explains why my submission to a gamejam was gone before. I did submit my game after uploading it for first time but after that I deleted and reupload it couple times with assumption that it won't be gone from gamejam submission list.

I think we need to discuss more about what you actually mean with good plot . But as starters, why not start with something simple? something like A warrior enters dark tower to defeat evil wizard which has destroyed villages with his spells. You can then modify or even twist this to make it less cliche.

Barshen Breakout

Robz Rush

This is my entry to Boss Rush Jam 2021whose theme is Self Destruct.

Blangkono, hero of this game is a robot similar to Magito and Dukuro minus magic spells. He's traveling to Planet Robz in search of an elemental orb. His travel won't be easy cause there are many alien bosses he has to defeat. Can he win and find the orb?

If you're really new to gaming but want to expand your horizons, you should play more varied games.

Here are some simple games which aren't visual novel nor UT fangame:

Witchcraft Tower Defense

Marble Merger

Coin Champion

This one is not simple but should be good enough for you:

A Palace for Fools

There are more genres but I couldn't think of decent example ATM.

Barshen Breakout

This is my entry to Ludum Dare 55 whose theme is Summoning.


You play as Berko, Blue robot armed with gun and axe who is trapped underground. Defeat enemies while using summoning power to breakout.


- Can move and shoot in 8 directions.

- 2 weapons : Gun and Axe.

- Summoning diagrams which summon enemies which could drop gems.

Yeah, for some reason keypad is not compatible for this game. Use Numpads instead.

Raiders Rush

You know, it would be way better for you to show your artwork first. Don't ask people to inquire about the latter, you show us instead.

Glad you enjoy it, You should play the updated version once I'm done with that :D.

Thanks for playing.

This game was made with OpenBoR engine :D.

Raiders Rush

or a word that describes the state of the world.

What about Tattered and Torn ? that should describe the state of the world.

Raider Rush

You could offer your service here saying something like: Free composer for game jams.

Of course, you need to show your music work for devs to consider to recruit you.

Great, can you make boss music for me? it should have serious yet upbeat vibe in it.