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Ummm..... it's been months ago and I can't remember exactly what it was. I only remember that it was hidden on dark areas on bottom west part

Man, the gravity is faster in this game. I have to respond earlier to prevent falling in wrong spot.

Anyways, nice short metroidvania.

Nice short coop game

I almost got stuck until I realized that each character has his own unique traits.

Ah I found this game here! I played this game at y8 before but it's removed so I had to search to find it here :)

Anyways, this game can also be called Zooperation since the animals area cooperating to get out :D

I love cooperative games like this :D

That's a really strange title, I assume that's the plant's name or something similar

Anyways, the main game is short but with bonus content it become longer

Nice short one screen game!

It's less short than I've expected but it's good game nonetheless

I'm not sure which is the bonus stuff, I assume the flashback is the bonus stuff

BTW the king is a jerk just like his ancestor

Nice short exploration game

Bosses are too easy and don't give much challenge. However the exploration element of this game is great

That was tooo short

Too bad the story isn't complete

However the fun is complete and I enjoyed this run n gun :D

Great run n gun game!

I really have to pay attention to my power meter as it doesn't refill as fast as my shooting. But other than that, I can manage :D

As soon as I saw the briefing by the lady, I knew this will be contra game :D

It plays just as I've expected :D. And I know it was inspired by Hardcorps even it if weren't mentioned in credits

It was short but fun :D

Good game! the addition of costumes makes this game a metroidvania :)

However it looks like there are some bugs. These are what I've found:

1. TVON doesn't give any candy after completing his quest

2. Collecting Candies beyond 105 will cause candy counter to turn into Candy 0/5 and key image disappear. Key can still be used even though the image disappear

3. After the bug #2 above, accessing Home is impossible. Chat can touch it without any response

I know Home arrow is how to end the game cause I accidentally touched it before

Speaking of key, Spooky Blvd does have gate but it doesn't seem to require any key

That being said, it's a good metroidvania :). The secret path is really tough. I wish it has better reward at the end but it's rewarding to find it though :)

Good almost short metroidvania. It has basic stuffs for a metroidvania

It took plenty back n forth to complete this game but that's how metroidvanias are :). Good boss fights (I wish I could save near the boss before fighting ghost boss )

I accidentally missed some dialogues after defeating ghost boss since dialogue skip key is same as attack key

I believe the chest at the village is unused right?

Looks good, too bad it easily causes crash in my browser

Aside of that, it would be better if room locks only opens if player touches key to the lock while moving toward the lock, not just touching, to prevent accidental room changing

And it would be better if there's info or something to tell player what eachpowerup does. I had to ponder for some time before figured out what the first one does

Last, tell player that they can retrieve key at checkpoints

Hmmm... where's the sound?

Anyways, it was fun playing this :D

Kinda reminds me of the other 2D Doom game

Good short metroidvania :D

I still wonder where's the last missile guardian is.... or maybe the last boss was... oh well

That's a really short run&gun game :). It's fun nonetheless

Great run&gun game! :D

Too bad there's no enemies tobe beaten

But it's good short metroidvania nonetheless

A good short metroidvania!

Somehow I ended up getting the crown while missing one treasure causing winning scene to flicker a bit :D

Good short metroidvania!

The blood cost for final boss was kinda too much but fortunately there's a good place to get some ;)

Good and unique metroidvania! lack of jumping makes it challenging

Great metroidvania! I love the run n gun part :D

I had to trial n error to understand how the game works but finally got it

Now where's that bubble gun? I ended up getting best gun without getting that one...

Hmm... I'm surprised that there's no penalty for putting a room which links to void. If there were, it would add some challenge

But nonetheless, it's a good metroidvania with unique way of mapping and upgrades

It is a good metroidvania

However, I don't like how icy floor could be sticky instead of being slippery and how coins and keys can't be picked up if you move very quick while taking it

But nonetheless, I like the challenges and the exploration aspect of this game

Hmmm.... can you use numpads or arrow keys? I set those as default for this game

Have you tried pressing numpads or keypads?

Looks good but there's a bug which prevents character from jumping if he's too close to a platform.

Good metroidvania!

This game is lacking fighting with only one boss fight and less enemy variations but it is more to exploration. Can be judged from abilities which are exploring abilities

Thanks :D

I can see the game's idea however it needs many improvements to make it better such as putting game's rule in NPCs dialogue instead of beginning of game and better graphics for the "snakes"

This is great game, too bad it's short

Nice concept of switching soul to switch ability. Too bad there's no restart button forcing me to restart from beginning if I'm stuck in a level, such as level 3 where box first appears

Speaking of level 3, the arrow indicator is misleading. I pushed the box toward the arrows and caused game stuck since the box doesn't respawn

Also, in level 5 (I think) where there are magical boxes near starting point, it's tough to switch cause the magic box immediately moves after switching and not giving me enough time to control the second player to jump there

It would be nice game if those problems are solved