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Hmmm.... can you use numpads or arrow keys? I set those as default for this game

Have you tried pressing numpads or keypads?

Looks good but there's a bug which prevents character from jumping if he's too close to a platform.

Good metroidvania!

This game is lacking fighting with only one boss fight and less enemy variations but it is more to exploration. Can be judged from abilities which are exploring abilities

Thanks :D

I can see the game's idea however it needs many improvements to make it better such as putting game's rule in NPCs dialogue instead of beginning of game and better graphics for the "snakes"

This is great game, too bad it's short

Nice concept of switching soul to switch ability. Too bad there's no restart button forcing me to restart from beginning if I'm stuck in a level, such as level 3 where box first appears

Speaking of level 3, the arrow indicator is misleading. I pushed the box toward the arrows and caused game stuck since the box doesn't respawn

Also, in level 5 (I think) where there are magical boxes near starting point, it's tough to switch cause the magic box immediately moves after switching and not giving me enough time to control the second player to jump there

It would be nice game if those problems are solved