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Looks like we had a similar take on the Jam! Awesome job! I really liked being able to program each bot individually and send them on their way. I also appreciated the multiple tutorial options

Loved this entry! This fit the theme super well, and I loved the squash and stretch on your characters, the music and sounds were also super nice. Great job! I made some of my jams in GDevelop too, love to see it getting some love from devs

Thanks for playing! And thank you for the in depth feedback

Thanks so much for playing! Very glad you liked Ben the Cat!

We’ve got some ideas for some more tile types we may end up adding after the jam. Thanks for taking the time to play and write in depth feedback!

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

For sure, had fun playing it!

This was super polished, love the spooky music and art! Having the keys on a blind drop was a little punishing at points, but the cute sound affects and responsive controls kept me playing. Solid job y'all

This was a really cool take on the jam. I think highlighting the not the player should be aiming for would help a lot with accessibility. Also found what I think may be a bug, where if I just let the AI player do its thing and dodge all the notes it lets me breeze through the song. Cool take, and good execution

Thought the zombie was going to try to attack me, so when he decided to hang out with my brother and I it was a pleasant surprise!

Solid job, whew this one was a brain scratcher. Spent a long time overthinking the third level before realizing there was a simple solution. Way to go with the minimal approach to things, would love to hear the addition of a background song if you add more the the game.

The color palette was a solid pick for this game, I think this is the strongest shapely diversifier I've seen so far. Things really escalated from level two to level 3, whew! Overall solid job, the scene transition added a lot of polish, and the song and sound affects were spot on

Way to go hitting all of the diversifiers, first game I have seen do all three! The song was a great pick for this game. The timing on some of the levels was a little punishing, but the layouts of the levels were really solid

The art for this title really sets it apart. Love the puzzle mechanics, and solving them felt really satisfying. The camera controller is also really solid, tho not being able to see both characters was sometimes a little mind bending. I would also love to hear a different song in the background, the current one got a little repetitive by the 5th or 6th level. Overall a super solid entry to the jam, congrats!

Love the lighting, and the ledge grab mechanic was a nice touch. Would love to see another character frame to give some feedback to the player for it. The submarine sound in the song added some solid atmosphere as well!

Thank you!

Solid job, I ended up playing for over 300 seconds because the mini map on the right kept enticing me to see what was at the bottom. This game definitely sucked me in and kept me interested, great job

Great job with this one. The polish for rewinding to the last checkpoint instead of just killing the player was a super nice and much appreciated touch. I also really enjoyed the upgrades system, great job yall!

Solid showing! I love the character assets you made, and the idle for the main character is super cute and bouncy. Would've loved an option to invert the camera controller on the y axis for mouse and keyboard. I thought it wasn't available for a bit until I stumbled onto it on accident. Overall really great job, the music and sounds you chose were really solid

Enjoyed this one! The controls took some time to get the hang of, but the song you made for the jam is an absolute banger, and the variety of enemies and bullet mechanics were really solid

Thanks for playing! And thanks for the awesome feedback!

Solid job with this one. Picking up and moving the checkpoints was a nice touch. Was not expecting multiple enemy types, so kudos on that! Great choice of music and sound to fit the 8 bit aesthetic

This is one of the most impressive entries to a jam I have seen in a long time. Limbo and inside are two of my favorite games period, so I may be a tad biased. But nailing the aesthetic, scale, tension, and mood of those games in 10 days is a huge achievement. On top of that you hit a diversifier, and did the whole project solo. Kudos, awesome job with this one

Fun little puzzler! The tie in with snake was a nice touch too, the flat simple graphics were very effective. Sort of reminded me of the old IOS game where you had to connect the dots on the black background. Great job yall.

I hadn't heard of "Star Wars Pit Droids," but looking it up I can totally see the comparison! It's awesome that we went a similar direction with the jam theme and restrictions!

Solid job with this one! Fun little puzzler, but very solvable and satisfying when things clicked into place!

Thoroughly enjoyed playing this one, the music was great, and the color palette was spot on. Would have loved to be able to take back moves or rearrange tiles. Also the message at the end was hilarious hahaha, great job!

I could see this expanded with a couple of more tiles and a touch screen swipe feature into a very re-playable phone game! Great job, the song y'all chose was very fun

Great job with the music, sound design, art, and polish! Love the scrolling background. Overall a fun little puzzle platformer. Felt a bit punishing to get reset all the way to the start. Solid job, and congrats on submitting a game!

I love the stinger for when you finish a level, and the animations are amazing! Got a little stuck placing the cassette, but soon realized I needed the mouse. Level 7, 8, and 9 had super intuitive puzzle design and felt super satisfying to solve, a great achievement y'all.

For sure! Cheers on finishing the jam!

Solid job with the two-button restriction, and I think not being able to cross your own path was a creative take. Definitely a little on the tougher side, got stuck on one of the levels with two buttons! Had fun with it, and the music was solid and didn't get grating after playing for a while!

Great job! Loved the little particle affect you including for the death. My only criticism is I kept trying to jump with space bar, so the controls through me off a bit. Also, really liked the option to choose any level from the start

Thanks! And heard, Coyote time can be such a finicky thing to fine tune, the platforming felt solid overall, just something I noticed

Great job! Definitely saw the tie in with the theme, and was impressed with the story (I love that you went big with it). Would love to see the addition of Coyote time and fine tuning some of the jumps if you continue the project

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback! We may work some more balancing after the jam wraps up!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for taking the time to play, and for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!