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Thank you for playing my game!

I'm not planning on expanding on this game because i don't really like the concept itself (but it was good for the jam), so i don't think i will post it anywhere else.

Good luck with the jam!

nah.. don't think I'm sad!

The only reason is why the things in my game is a bit rushed, bc i spent 5 days of the jam for an idea that i coudn't pull off.

So after that, i spent two days and two nights trying to make this game (which is very similar) with all the textures i made in the past 5 days, and some very basic code (ui buttons, character moving, etc...).

They spawn spikes in every 4-8 seconds, so yeah. It's quite random :P

Thank you for playing my game!

The appearing spikes are made by the shadow enemies. You don't need to jump over those guys.. they can't hurt you, but their spikes CAN hurt you.

I already know about the frozen-spikes bug, but i just didn't had the time to look into it (checking it later... it would take an entier code rewrite of the shadow enemy) but thanks for reporting it.

And also like my menu design, the third level was really rushed, bc i needed time to figure out how to export a game, and then publish it here!

(also.. i think you are the first one who understands really how to play this game :P ).
I hope you enjoyed playing!

Yeah ik about all that!

The tutorial i made is a bit bad (i have that clickable "how to play" window in the menu screen), and the game is also too hard.

I had a plan to add different difficulities into my game but i just run out of time before i could finish it :(

Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed it even tough you failed the first level (tell me if I'm incorrect)!

This is a very nice game!

The only thing i want to point out that i coudn't get the last text to disappear ("this is almost the end"), and so from that point the game was a bit unplayable :P

Very nice game you got here!

Thank you for playing my game!

Ik about the invisible player bug. It only occours when one character dies.

The reason why you did not really understand how the game works, because it's pretty complicated, and the tutorial i made is really bad (you can find 4 tutorial pictures on the "how to play" window, inside the menu by clicking on it!).

I'll check out your game too :)

The menu, intro, and the outro was the last things i did before the jam ended (i had to count with difficulities that could have occoured trough posting up my game), so i didn't had enough time to make it any better (my original plan was to add more pictures and less text in the intro...).

The checkpoint system was stolen from the first five days that i used for a similar game like this (but it didn't worked out so i had to start again and made this game), so changing that would been a real nighmare (i already spent more than 4 hours trying to get it to work). So the reason i didn't made it better is because i was afraid to even touch it XD
It worked fine, so i just went ahead with my other plans!

Thank you for playing, and i sure will check out your game too!

You put everything into the description... except "what to do?"...

I see that the game is good but there are a bunch of collectibles and none of them seems like they are doing something :P

Some explanation would be nice!

I coudn't get anywhere in the game bc all of my presents flied trough the fences...

But the game idea is still good :)

Fun little game, but i coudn't get past 37%....

I'm propably missing something...

Very nice little game!

The AI was pretty good (not just the follow and shoot style), and so the gameplay.

I liked the character style, but it was a bit funky when started walking backwards lul

Very nice game you got here!

This game is very good!

The only problem i noticed that sometimes the collectibles spin out of the screen, and i have to wait until it comes back.

Very short but still fun! Nice game you got here!

Hmmm... the web version doasen't seems to load :(

(And i can't download it bc i only have linux)

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The biggest thing i learned from this jam, is to test out the core of my game (for example: character controller) with big numbers before you make anything else.

I made the mistake (ofc), and so i had to start everything again (except for the art)... i really hope I will remember this in my next jam!

Also here is the game (sent the link bc everyone else does lol):

Oh.. :(

Well... i hope you enjoyed making your game at least!

This is my absolute favourite game from the ones that i played so far:

Spent hours just playing this :D

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You are an absolute genius!!

I always wanted a game like this! This is my dream game truly!

Please continue this game with more levels and stuff :D

EDIT: My god! This game is soooo hard.. :P
Ill try it again tomorrow :D

I had an easy tactic: Get a +5 meter upgrade, and then buy everything you can EXCEPT for the +meters, and the reload shop upgrade. When the game becomes enough easy with all of your upgrades, then start buying EVERYTHING including the +meters, and the reload shops.

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The only things i could figure out is the word "konami"..... idk if this is helpful lol

Found another important thing in the description: "(only for the strong minded)"..... That's not ME!! :P

Yeah ik.

I needed some gamemodes with different difficulities, but i didn't finished it in time, so then i had to throw that feature out.

Thank you for playing my game! :D
Really hope you enjoyed it, even tough it's way too hard!

Yeah... i didn't quite finished the tutorial, so the only thing i did was a clickable "how-to-play" window in the menu, whichs shows some very basic gameplay.

Thank you for playing my game! (and i already played your game and rated it! It was fun, but the controls were a bit glitchy :P )

Thank you for playing the game.

The reason why one guy had smaller gravity, because the story said the two guys are actually the same but he teleports beteween two locations, meaning it teleports onto an another planet with smaller gravity.

Thank you again for playing!

The game is very nice and cute.

The only thing i want to say.... well... the controls are terrible............ im sorry for the terrible word, but controlling the characters was really really hard!

Nice game otherwise!

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The reason why my game is buggy and empty of special stuff.. is because i originally made an another game in 5 days, but then i realized its not working with bigger maps... so then i had to make this game 2 days with premade textures (i was able to use the textures i made in 5 days).

I even worked on the game nighttime  and i only slept like 4 and a half hours on the last two days! :P

Thank you for playing!
Sorry but i can't play your game... i don't have windows. I only have linux. :(

Thank you for playing my game!

The menu is a thing i made in the last seconds...

I haven't actually tought of making where safe spots are (there are not a lot of them tough...) but its a good idea! Thanks :D

This is very nice little cute game.. a bit hard after day two but still fun!

Very nice game you got here!

This is a very fun little game! I am really bad at it, but that doasen't means the game is bad.

The really good thing about this game is the level design! You made a really great job with that!!

The music should also played inside the game and not just in the menu because its really nice and relaxing imo.

Good job on this game! I hope you had fun making it :)

You have to throw the boomerang to them until they fall down. When they fall down, they die (and they make a horrible sound imo) (the sound kinda reminds me of the minecraft endermen, when it dies)!

Well.. i haven't got far in the game... i am really bad in these kind of games :P

I really wish i could polish my menu a bit more... for example sometimes the buttons are not working, people don't know they can click on the "how to play" window to see more, and also there are some buttons that are just plain text.

I also wanted to make the game's intro not just text based, but also add some screenshots.

Into the game, i wanted to add a paralax background (i think thats the correct way of spelling paralax). I already got the code but i couldn't finish the texture itself :(

Better and more maps was also my dream into the game. The current maps are repetitive and bad.

Difficulities. That's what i missed out a bit too much. I need easy, normal, and hard mode (hard is the current mode lol).

Collectable one-time-use powerups! I love the kind of platformer games where you can collect one-time-use powerups and then use them when needed!

My game also needs some music and sound effects. Sad thing i couldn't find any fitting music, and didn't had time to implement sound effects into anywhere.

More and better enemies was also just a dream... i was planning to add a cloud-ghost enemy, what you could use to jump on it and then jump down without dying.

A better story. The current story is a bit too short and too funny to take it "seriusly". I wanted to make a story that you feel while you play the game... well... it didn't go like that. :P

I also taked up on one of the challenges, but then didn't got the time to put it inside. I wanted to make a way to speedrun this game with ease! Which means it would include, a timer, notes-to-self on different parts, quick death (no dying animation, and more quick screen fading), and of course a leaderboard type of thing.

A joke at the end. My original plan was, when you are on the last level, instead of going into the portal, you walk back to the start you will see a cake there... but of course when you touch it, it will disappear and gives you a fake achivment "The cake is a lie".

better teleporting transition is what i want! I tried to implement a very quick screen blur when you change location, but then he code got too messy, and it also didn't work al the time. I had to delete the feature and go on with other stuff!

Make the endscreen a lot better! Just like with the intro, the outro is also bad. It's better than the intro, but still bad enough to upgrade it more!

Multiplayer mode! I love when a game has a multiplayer mode. And i also wanted to include one... too bad GDevelop doasen't yet supports multiple cameras :(

Level creator! I also love when a game has a level creator (sandbox mode is my favourite feature of any game). This feature takes ages to make into a game so i didn't actually plan this to be inside the game in one week.

Better save and load system. Currently when you die then you just teleport back to the last checkpoint. This is kinda bad bc nothing else changes back to the saved time (enemies, keys, and doors). At the end i kinda liked that you can just die after you collected a key, but i think it still would have been better if everything would change back to the saved state.

Fix all the bugs. There is nothing else to say (i got a pretty big list of bugs.....)

Other stuff to make the game more juicier! I don't think i had anything else in plan/ideas, currently but sure thing i will come up with more and more cool ideas!

I just vote three stars most of the time in these cases.

idk.. it was just my first impression of the game!

Still fun it is... but it's a bit repetitive... like you die, and then you start again with some white boxes and red rectangles...

I don't really know what i mean by "empty", but that was the word i feeled like when i played your game.

But i still enjoyed your game :D

Ok.. i think i got it now! :)

Very nice game!

It was a bit too hard for me (i am really bad at top-down-shooter games), but i still enjoyed it even tough i didn't finish.

Very cool game you got here!

There might be a memory leak, after a while the game filled all my 8GB memory and 1GB from the swap (on Linux). I played the game in Firefox.

Also here is where i got before my pc freeze (sry for the big resolution):

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The idea is fun, but, well... the gameplay is a bit empty (imo).

Nice game! :)

The game is very fun, but the controls are very very glitchy.

I couldn't get past lvl two bc i always glitched the pushing/pulling system.

Nice game overall!

Woah! I am very surprised how you pulled this off in one week!

The only sad thing, is that the game has no current goal. And it also does not has too much to do with the game jam theme :/

Nice game you got!

Very cute little game!

Honestly... i could play this game all day long!

It's just so cute... :D