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There is camera shake when you crash into the back of the trains... it probably is just not enough to really feel it, but I didn't want to go overboard because some people really dislike it (and I def didn't want to spend time making a setting for it)

I agree, some more effects for speeding up would have been nice, but I didn't have time for that.

And the red flash, it only happens when you don't have enough speed. I was way too late at implementing this, so that is all I could do :P

Glad you liked it!

What kind of missing feedback are you thinking of?

Happy you liked it! :)

(1 edit)

Uunfortunately even with my new found knowledge, I still couldn't do anything.

I think I managed to make one sword once, because my highscore is 1000, but other than that, I couldn't get a single sword made.

My attempted swords always looked so different than the ones requested. Especially the handle part. I have no idea what to do there.

I like the concept though. I just sadly couldn't do anything with it.

Edit: Nvm!! I figured it out. The handles need to be two tiles long, and not just one!

Glad you like it! :)


I'm really glad you enjoyed!

The music was made by waterflame. If you enjoyed it, you definitely should check out his other songs as well! they're amazing.
You can go into the credits, and press space at waterflame which sends you to the song used.

"Choo, choo, here I come"!

I love that! Exactly the kind of reaction I was aiming for.
I did make the game a bit too reflex heavy, but I'm glad you could still enjoy it. :)

Thank you!

Happy you enjoyed!

I'll try to adjust the difficulty balance for my next jam :)

I'm happy you enjoyed. I spent a lot of time trying to make the explosions.

It looks like I still need to improve my game's description :)

Glad you enjoyed! :)

I couldn't figure out what to do.

If you would explain it to me in detail, I will gladly return to this game and rate it.


Pretty fun I game. I enjoyed it

I do have to say, its really hard. I didn't spend much time on this game, but I couldn't get basically anywhere. The moving enemies always move together with you, which makes it almost impossible to hit them, and not take damage. My energy is drained very quickly. Though I probably would have got better with time.

The upgrade/score mechanic sounded nice, though I have no idea how to access the repair station. But it sounded nice still.

I didn't really like that you could only shoot using the arrow keys. It doesn't give me enough precision. I much prefer shooting with my mouse which is way more precise. Other than that, its a neat game!

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed! :)

Input buffering and sound effects were on the list, but low priority. I simply didn't have the time or the energy to add them in. I probably could have whipped some sound effects up in the last two hours, but I was too tired to do it.

Background decoration was also a thing I wanted to add, but I didn't feel like drawing anything. And I couldn't find anything on the internet that I was sure I could use. Copyright and this kind of stuff is way too confusing to me, so I'm only using stuff if I'm 100% sure I can use it.

And lastly the camera got accidentally messed up. Usually the train just stays at the bottom (though it depends on your screen. If your screen is tall, then it won't be at the bottom. Still something I need to learn).
What kind of destroyed this was when I tried to move the camera closer while speeding up... this sadly didn't work out the way I wanted it to. The timer that resets the camera (so your train stays at the bottom) is too slow, and I just didn't notice that it was an issue. This happens when you are too good at your own game lol.

Really glad you enjoyed! :)

Really cool game! I didn't understand like 1/4 of the stuff because my english is is pretty bad when it comes to words like these.

But I enjoyed the game anyway.

The peep sound got pretty annoying very quickly, but turning it off didn't change the experience too much.

At the end it kind of asked things that I could have never answered correctly, and I had literally no idea if the witch should be burned or not. Oh whatever.

Again. Very fun game!

Really really cool puzzle game!

The sounds were super loud, and I don't think I heard any music, but later I noticed there were settings for those. Whatever!

I really liked that last puzzle. The whole game was really enjoyable.

One thing that I want to say, is give the player a bit more space to walk around. These one tile corridors on much larger scale puzzles was kind of annoying. I would suggest either reducing the sizes of long pipes, or making the player be able to walk at least on two tile wide corridors.

I liked the tutorial as well.

Very nice game!

The controls are really weird and I got like a huge input delay about every minute, but the game was still pretty enjoyable.

I couldn't get any of the advanced movement set, probably because I just didn't feel the controls.
I bought the water bounce three times for example, and after the first bounce, it just didn't seem to let me move. So it didn't really help me lmao.

I liked the music, though it was a tiny bit repetitive.

I also found a bug where it would show you the "paid" text in red, and doesn't actually let me buy that row anymore, so there goes two of my dash upgrades.

And one more thing, I absolutely love that you could control everything with just the keyboard (and with a controller as well, if I can read the controls menu correctly). Not many jam games (or games in general) do that, and I prefer kb over the mouse most of the time.

Interesting game. I don't really see how it fits the "multi-use" limitation or the "turn up the heat" theme, but whatever.

The game is really difficult. Like really difficult. Your best bet is to just restart the map until you get lucky, and you don't need to put the little balls through a middle path.

But I enjoyed my time anyway! I also liked the little sounds the balls make when they hit a wall. That was pretty cool

Really nice game! I really liked the the animations and the music.

I have to say I died around three times before I finally realised that I can hold space to give myself some easier timings, but it was still quite fun!

I'm honestly impressed you even made an easy mode and a hard mode, though I do suggest having easy mode unlocked from the start, instead of unlocking  it after your first death.
It feels like the game is just saying "ey yo, you suck! here have easy mode lol" even if that wasn't your intention.

(1 edit)

Yeah I left the instructions a bit unclear, because I was too tired to take anything seriously lmao.

I will update  the game page now to include some better explanations and instructions.

I kind of didn't have time to properly implement your bazooka, so I left it in a secret since it was brutally overpowered. If you collect enough power (the line needs to go way above your screen (about two times as much)), the line turns dark blue, and you can activate the bazooka with the space key.

Glad you enjoyed :)

Edit: I changed the page, so there is now more clarity on what to do.

good luck

good luck to you too

The game is interesting. I like both the art and the music to the game.

The gameplay is a bit boring, but I really like the giant countdown.

Also you can just cheese the entire game, and spam all three buttons, but I'm pretty sure you already knew this existed. My highscore is 263624.

Good luck everyone!

Thank you for playing! I have to agree with you very much on that.

The thing is, that the mirror textures got changed in like the very last day of the jam. Before the mirror upgrades (you can see the old design in the menu backgrounds), it was a lot more clear on what mirror does what.

After the mirrors got changed I had no time for playtesters and so I couldn't change the mirrors or change level 4

oh okay

While making our game, I tried to focus less on the limitation, and instead I just did what I thought would be fun.

That is why the "boss" only ended up being the very last level of the game.

Glad you liked it!

Have you tried pressing the arrows?

I didn't have time to implement drag and drop, but you can get access to the items/blocks by pressing the arrows on the top-right side of the level.

Can you please explain exactly what isn't working? you press the button and nothing happens, or you couldn't figure out how does the sandbox work, or what? I'm trying to figure out what could be the problem, but only you and someone else reported it and I don't know anything about the issue yet

There is nothing gained from isometric perspective, but I don't think that's actually the point. Isometric view is just a different art sytle, and because I've never done it before I decided to make one now.

The mirrors are introduced at level 4, and you probably got confused on level 5. There is no better way to explain this, other than it's just isometric, and isometric can be confusing for some people.

Can you please explain the "sandbox not working" in a bit more detail? I had two people (including you) saying that it doesn't work, and three people (including me) saying that it works.
Please provide some pictures if needed, or just simply explain the problem in a little more detail so I can avoid it next time I make a game.

Thank you for playing it!

Really fun game. Both easy and hard were very easy, but that might be because I'm just a pro gamer.

Love how much you guys managed to tell with only black and yellow colors.

It was pretty fun!

Thank you!

I've already replied to so many comments that I don't know what else to say here, other than thank you for playing :P

just tested it, and it works just fine... I don't understand what you mean by sandbox is a lie

it doesn't work?

I'm pretty sure I had it working...

Thank you for playing the game.

I am indeed very proud of my first few levels as tutorials.

I also enjoyed making the music, so that's def something I'm going to try to improve on, in my/our next few jams.

Glad you liked the game!

I couldn't finish the game the first time, cuz the first thing I did was finding a bug lol. I picked explosive things upgrade, and the second boss just stopped attacking, and taking damage after I took down his shields lol.

I'll try the game again now

Happy you enjoyed the game.

Most of these problems were already listed in the "known issues" at the bottom of the page, but it doesn't really matter.

The game is fully playable on mobile, and you can come back to the game at any time, cuz it saves your progress.

thank you for playing! They do get really complex after a few levels. This is mostly because the game didn't have enough mechanics to actually make more simple but still challenging games.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing, and good luck with the rest of the levels ;)