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Turrets are a little too difficult, but controls and gameplay is good. Good job!

Nice try! As other people said, sound and music are a must! I see that you entered your submissión 2 days before the deadline... did you just submit a game you had already made or what happened?

Interesting gameplay!! I'd make bigger hitboxes for the white guys you pick up, to make it smoother and faster to actually pick them up; in my opinion, the gameplay would be faster and more fun.

The controls are quite smooth, what 3rd person controller did you use?

Also, the camera movement feels great and the stack of human people is funny.

I liked it!

Thanks a lot for your kind words! Some babanos are worth 5 points, but we do not explain it anywhere, so it is understandable that the number 80 sounds like a high one!

Thank you for your feedback, I'll play your game of course!

Thank you! Yeah, probably! Some of the items are worth 3 points and others 5, but I have to say that the main mechanic of the game isn't very good in general, in my opinion.

Thanks for playing!

What a lovely review! Thanks! Yeah, there is plenty of room for improvement. We are not especially proud of how the game turned out, but I am happy that some people played it^^. Thanks!

It was... odd hahah What I didn't get was... if I scaped or got to the goal after the time ended, why did I die? :S but it was fun 

Wow! You guys did an amazing job on a technical level! I think it is pretty original and every aspect from the voice to the graphics are great! I wan't very convinced with the controls, tho. But for  1 week work, impressive!

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I really loved this game. I think it is a very good entry for this jam. The twist gives it a different and original vibe, I wasn't expecting it. Controls are on point, they feel polished and the pressure is there all the time. 

I think that with more care into the level design and design of the world itself (there was no justification or interconnection between elements) and more time to develop the game, it could be an amazing game by itself. Also, a little hint (on the picture of the  entry, for example)  that there will be a dark twist on this game would help players to know that something it is going to happen; and you will attract people who want to play this specific type of game.

Good job!

I think that from a technical level your game is great! Transitions between powers are great, the jump and the tile creating thingy feels great. I couldn't get past the second scene, but yeah, great entr

Thank you! They just were programmed to run in a random direction with random pushes of force intervals too. But if you try to follow them It usually seems that they are running away from you.

Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for playing!

It is fun. I love the design of the little brother and the controls are good

Great job! Pacing is a little slow in my opinion, but from a technical or visual standpoint, it is pretty impressive!

Thank you! You are too kind, we didn't really have much time to finish it up so... 

now that the voting is over, shouldn't the results be public? 

Did you draw and design all the art? It's pretty good. If I had to improve something I would improve controls & feedback. Good entry!

Thank you! Wow! That's a nice review, ty! 

The boss mechanic is that the older brother is the boss/leader of the younger one. And our interpretation of 'on the edge' is that the atmosphere and situation that the characters are in is pretty much 'on the edge' all the time: both characters are literally a few centimetres away from dying.

Thanks again for playing!

Hi! I really liked the lighting system, music and overall atmosphere of the game! If I had to improve just one thing I would choose the feedback when you shoot your weapon and I would add a personalized mouse cursor.

But great game! It's one of the good ones!

Quite fun to play! Music is grea, and controls are good as well! If I had to improve just one thing of the game, it would be the feedback when you shoot or receive damage.

Good one!

Thanks! Yeah... I know. I think we tried to do too many different things, and, in the end, every mechanic was empty.

But thanks for your feedback. I'll probably make some changes on the game.

The highlighting when the player is speaking is prob. a good idea, or maybe just showing a sprite.


jsut asking, what link are you talking about?

Yeah a little hard to play, but interesting! I would add a restart function, if you fail plenty of times the jump, you don't really need to see the judge cards again! 

But quite original!

Hi! The idea is good, the implementation isn't perfect. I mean, it is fun to play for a bit. The main problem, I think, is the feedback of how long you need to make the characters 'work'. And besides, the tutorial is quite straightforward about left-clicking and right-clicking on the characters, it doesn't say anything about the little arrow and its meaning.

Anyway, it is a good game, and you pulled it off all by yourself, and that's a great accomplishment inf my opinion! 

Great work!

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback. More interactions between the 2 characters combo was the idea, but It was kind of difficult for me to program, and we had to choose. In the end, we decided to put that time into the last 2 scenes instead of in something more related with the 2 characters. 

I was programming everything but myself, and it is just my second game, so It was quite challenging.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! 

Definitely, there are some major mistakes with how we designed that puzzle! We'll change it after the jam, just to have a better and more enjoyable game.

Your lags weren't supposed to happen. I have no idea what could have happened, other friends and contestants that have played haven't mentioned that. There could be some crappy code somewhere, but it shouldn't, cause' all the programming of the game is quite simple.

And yes, the last puzzle was supposed to reset everytime you clicked on the eye. That was the main idea, that you had to simply 'give up'.  We may change that as well, maybe giving it a twist.

Thanks again!

Thanks a bunch! It was my second game as a programmer, and the first for the graphic designer, so it really was a challenge to pull out everything on time!

Definitely, the main puzzle could be easily improved. Puzzle design is not our strongest skill, and when we put everything together (the last day), there was no time for test or anything. But we learnt a lot!

Thanks for playing!

I've rated this game with prob. the highest marks so far. While solving the puzles the music is relaxing and everything works smoothly. I really enjoyed the time playing the game. Definitely, there is some Portal vibe. I didn't dig that much the anime face of the 'boss'. Just my personal opinion, I didn't find it to fit with the rest of the game.

Great work! here is mine. It's about two characters, the leader-boss, who is the older brother, and his younger sibling.

I'll play as many games as I can tonight and I will give honest feedback!

I would  really appreciate some feedback! So far, I only have one rating and no comments, beside my friend's.

Thank you very much!

Personally, I didn't understand the mechanic. I won't rate it for now because I didn't get it, and everybody seems enthusiastic about this game. It looks great, but I didn't manage to guess what I had to do.  

I love the visuals and the movement! It's easy to control. The boss up thing was a little confusing, for me. I think programming and graphic design is good, maybe level design could be improved

but great submission!

Hi! It was interesting! I like the graphics and the juiciness of the game.  The relationship to the boss thign was alright.

Overall it's quite interesting for a first game jam! keep improving!

Thanks a bunch for playing! And thank you for your feedback!

voy, perdona!!!!


I'm really looking forward to playing your games! And I hope that some of you play mine.

I submitted my project 10 mins before the deadline. We're literally exhausted.

Fun and interesting! It feels so juicy! Great game! Maybe a bit too much text. 

It looked so promising! But the theme of the game doesn't fit the gameplay at all, which is quite generic :(

But good programming!