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Very interesting gameplay. wasn't sure what was happening at first but once i got it, it's pretty fun & original.
And absolutly love the menu transitions <3

good job :)

Really fun game ! love the art & the puns !
Maybe a tiny bit too easy (didn't die that much ^^) but feels really good and kinda addictive, kept playing for a while even though I didn't have anything to buy anymore. ^^

Tiny tiny bug report. Got stucked like this on a platform ^^(but I was able to restart the run. so not game breaking)

Apart from that, really realy solid entry ! great job :)

Thanks ! glad you liked it :)
And thank you for sharing it :)

A little buggy but pretty nice game ! I liked how you used the checkpoints.

The transition (black) screen did not seem to scale properly and only displayed in a corner of the screen. And I indeed got stuck in the ground at some point ^^

Apart from that it a really nice entry. good job :)

Thanks ! Yes, the game can be a bit nerve wrecking XD 

Really cool game ! lots of levels & clever puzzles !
and you even made a level editor !

Great work !

Thanks ! :)
yes the difficulty curve can be a bit steep ^^
for the cars stuck I tries to put a counter mesure for it but it still get stuck from time to time.
Hope you managed to enjoy it anyway. Thanks for the feedbacks :)

Thank you for the feedback  :)

Thank you very much ! :)

Thanks a lot ! glad you liked it :)

Dude !!! How do you make a 3d platfomer that good and that polished in 10 days !! If you have time machine, please share it with the rest of us !

But seriously, just amazing ! take all my stars <3

Really cool game with some very clever puzzles !

You really pushed your concept to the fullest.

Great job !

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Yes it can be very stressfulf XD
Thanks for playing :)

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Thanks :)

Actually checkpoints are not only respawn points. In racing game they are points/places you need to reach before the time run out.
So I took that direction to implement the focus as the coloreds cars need to reach their checkpoints before the time run out. But I understand it can be seen as a stretch on it.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

Really cool entry !
Very polished, with a great take on the theme.

Great job !

Very smart use of checkpoints ! & very cute art !

would have loved to play a few more levels :)

Great job !

Insane amount of content for a jam !

Great job !

Really cool game ! Love the art style !
The movements are very responsive & fun. I liked the checkpoint system.

really good work ! :)

Thanks :)
The cars actually have turn signals indicating their next turns. for the traffic lights the bubbles indicates which ways have green lights. (might need to make that clearer in the tutorial ^^)
The intersections can indeed get soft locked for a short while but not for long.  Cars that are blocked in the middle of intersections will change direction after a few seconds.

Thanks for playing & for the feedbacks :)

Fun game ! Loved the voice acting XD
having to sacrifice life or ammos to unlock a checkpoint kinda hurt the fun of it though.

Cool entry ! the visuals are nice & I love interactive menu :)
The gameplay is a bit confusing & hard to grasp though.

Still nice job ! it's a cool entry :)

Thank you :)

Very cool entry ! 
The art is very nice & the gameplay is interesting :)
I had a bit of trouble enticipating the enemeis movements (wasn't very clear when they would move)

But apart from that, it's a very solid entry. good job :)

Thanks for playing & for the feedback ! :)

thanks ! glad you liked it :)

Really cool game !! and very clever use of chekpoints !

My only little nitcpick would be the timing on the jump seemed a bit off (like there's a small delay or something) but you get use to it.

Good job !

Cool game !
The fact that you managed to put a level editor in there is very impressive !

great job !

Thank you :)

Wow ! Just wow dude !
This is gorgeous... the visuals, the whole ambiance, the fact that you put a whole backstory and ambiance without even a word... and that ending.... just wow...

Great job !

Thanks ! glad you liked it :)

Wow ! the amount of polish on that game !
Love the art and the transition animation <3
The puzzle are clever & very challenging (didn't manage to beat them all)

Don't have much to say in term of feedbacks... It's very solid & polished for a jam game
Great job !

Really cool entry ! I enjoyed the card system quite a lot !
The minimalist style fit very well with this genre.
The music is nice, though a bit repetitive after a while (and the honking sounds can be a bit annoying in the long run)

Not sure if you went with a fully random generation for the cards, there's been a few occasion where I was completely missing a direction and weren't able to play anything without screwing myself. might be a good improvement for after the jam to condition your card generation to always give at least a direction that you're missing the most so you don't get stuck.

Appart from that, it's a really solid & fun entry, especially fo a first jam !
Good job ! :)

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I was planning to remake some of my old unity jam games to learn godot.
Is it ok if I submit that, if it fit the theme ?
Also planning to remake the art so I would basically just take the same game idea and remake it from scratch.

Thanks ! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Cool game !
Not much to say in term of feedbacks.
Would have liked to be able to pan the camera with WASD or the arrow key instead of the mouse.
But appart from that it's a really clean and soothing entry. good job :)

That's a realy cool idea ! and very neat take on the theme !

My only little nitpick would be that the submit button is a bit small and it took me a little while before i noticed it... (or maybe it's just my tired eyes ^^)

Great job !

Cool game !
The shooting feels really good & the light is very well used.
Maybe a bit too easy as the game is very generous with loots. I never really got into any risk of running out of bullets or life.
Also the facts that the ennemies are displayed on the map kinda ruin the fun a little bit as it would bring way more tension to not know where they are. Especially with the whole spooky vibe and limited view.
Last little nitpick : The sprite for the bar on top looks a bit streched. you should 9-slice the sprite and switch the ui-image to sliced mode :)

Appart from that's it's pretty solid & fun entry. Good job ! :)

Thanks ! Glad you liked it :

To be honest I had the drag & drop planned but  with the tight deadline I prioritized other stuffs instead and didn't want to risk changing the controls last minute ^^

You can indeed unselect a room with right click and if you still have space  in the hotbar it will go back to it.

Thanks for playing & for the feedbacks :)