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Thanks a lot ! Glad you had fun :)

Thank you ! :)

I agree for the scoring, it's indeed often a must have for thoses kind of games but I couldn't figure out one that would be relevant. Since every play is identique It would always end up with the same score and a timer score didn't seem very fun so I just discarded it.

For the tailwhip, it's not really a cooldown, it's more like a recharge (you need to hit ennemies with your bullets lollipops to recharge). And the limited range is actually on purpose. I didn't want a full screen clear & rather encourage a skill shot. With the right placement you can often clear most of the ennemies with it.

Thanks for playing & for the feebacks :)

Thank you very much ! :)

Indeed appart from needing to get use to the backward layout it doesn't change the gameplay that much. That's why I added the bosses that you have to fight before the minions to make it a bit more interesting & incorporate the theme a bit more in the gameplay.

Glad You enjoyed all the sfx & little polish I added. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out :)

Thanks a lot for playing !

Really nice game ! 

Could use a more soothing & relaxing soundtrack to complement it.

In terms of feebacks & bugs, I don't have more to add to what has been said bellow.

(maybe a scoring system to reward you if you draw properly, some mouse event registered a bit weirdly, etc..)

Appart from that, It's a cool game. good job :)

Well that was short, but fun ^^

The visuals looked neat and the music fit well.

You should consider displaying the controls  somewhere, even just on your itch page (it took me a little while to understand I had to use the mouse to shoot)

The collissions felt a bit weird some walls were solid others I could go through.

if you want to push the game a little further maybe try to make it possible to aim with your mouse. :)

Not much more to say. It's a game, it's finished & it's playable. so, well done :)

Nice Puzzle game ! The mechanics are really cool and fit the theme nicely.

I only wish there was an undo button to cancel your last move. I soft-locked myself quite a few time in the last levels with the boxes & had to restart the level (which can be a bit frustrating)

I would also have prefered using the arrow keys (usually wasd is for when you need to use the mouse at the same time)

appart from that. very solid game. great job :)

Thanks a lot ! Glad you had fun :)

The bosses are bigger, and have their own life bar that pop in the top left of the screen. They have more complicated shooting patterns &  It's also the first time you encounter each animal type.

The minions are smaller & spawn in waves.  :)

Going for a jrpg for a jam was pretty ballsy & considering the amount of time this is really impressive, even if unfinished.

Absolutly loved the scenario ! Made me go like : "wait... are we the baddies..." XD

The art looks neat given the palette we had. everything looks coherent & easy to read.

The squid was a bit (a lot) overpowered :p 

Overall it's a really fun game ! Great job :)

Cool mechanics ! The game is a bit short (which is a compliment, because I wanted to play more of it) :)

I agree with daid for the health. it seems a bit uncessary since you have the time rewind. I would have loved to see it used/needed in the platforming (maybe some kind of traps that block the way and you need to rewind it to get the right timing or something ?)

Appart from that really solid entry. good job :)

Really nice for a first jam !

The concept is easy to get & bring enough challenge.

Little bug : The menu scaled weirdly for me. (you can fix that by setting up your canvas to scale with screen size).

Appart from that, solid entry. good job :)

Was expecting to be frustrated by the controls... was not disapointed XD

The game is really hard but quite fun :)

Got stuck a while on level ! until I realized I could use the side of the screen to wall jump (not sure if it was intended to be possible)

Great job :)

Very nice game ! Works well with the theme.

Everything plays smoothly. The difficulty is well balanced and the random shop is a very clever touch.

If you want to push the game a bit further after the jam, I would recommand to add a button to speedup the rounds (it can be a bit long to unfold near the end).

Great job !

Thank you very much :)

Nice twist ! :)

Loved the jump sprint ^^

The boss fight is a lot harder than the rest of the game but still fun.

Good work :)

Thanks you very much ! Glad you liked it :)

Well... that was an unexpected dark twist... ^^

The game is reallly amazing ! You guys put up a lot of work. Not many jam games have voice over. kuddos on that :)

The vacum mechanic is very satisfying & fun.

little feedback : I had some difficulties identifying some of the junks (sometime cup are junks sometimes they're not, same for mugs) which mad me go around the levels several time trying to suck everything to find what I missed.

Appart from that, the game is really solid, polised & fun to play. great work ! :)

Thank you ! Glad you had fun :)

Indeed, the winning condition could be more clear. I'll fix that after the jam. thanks for the feedbacks :)

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Absolutly loved the idea! Wished it would have been longer :)

This mechanic can make for very interesting puzzles. cant wait to see what you make with it if you decide to iterate on it.

Great work ! especially of a first game :)

Thank you :)

Really weird but nice game. The visuals are lovely & the music fit the ambiance nicely.

Few feedbacks:

The attacks name are not very intuitive & you kinda have to try them all to guess what they do.

Also the ennemies could really use a health bar. (but that's more of a personal taste than a must do :) )

Appart from that, a pretty solid & intertesting game. great work :)

Thank you very much :)

Very disturbing... I liked it :)

Few issues when clicking on some objects but nothing game breaking.

On the first level some text where displayed behind the player which made them hard to read ^^.

Appart from that a pretty fun game & interesting experience. good job :)

Thank you very much ! :)

Nice concept. Loved the dr who ref with the angels :)

The camera movement felt really weird and uneasy though. Also felt that the ennemies where very fast & hard to avoid & maybe too many of them ? (in scary setups less is often better to build up tension ;) )

Appart from that, realy neat game. good work :)

Thank you ! much appreciated :)

Actually already played and rated your game. pretty neat too :)

Thank you very much !

This was a solo work (but I guess a 1 person team is still a team ^^)

The visuals and animations are really neat ! & sound design & musics match the whole thing perfectly. kuddos on that ! the whole thing feel very polished.

I'm usualy not much into story driven games but it still managed to keep my attention. :)

Great job !

Thank you so much ! glad you liked it :)

Agreed, the scoring/winning conditions needs to be clarified (and will be updated after the jam).

Thanks :)

The radius expand when you kill magical (unreal) characters, and it shrink over time & when you take damages. sorry if that wasn't clear. :/

Cool concept. But not sure I understood fully what I was supposed to do. I only know I was suppose to avoid the grey dude. but kinda hard since he's walking faster than me.

Thank you very much :)

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Really cool game ! Loved the art.

The puzzle where a little bit easy but still smart (especially the very first one <3) & making puzzles in such a short time is hard. :)

Tiny feedback : on the lava room i was kinda caught by surprise as i thought it was still part of the cinematic.  and by the time I started moving the lava was already there. Maybe give it 1 more second before it rise so people are not taken by surprise ? And you can definetly make it rise faster.

Apart from that really good game. good work :)

Thank you :)

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Cool game ! The visuals are neat !

Need a little bit of balancing on the enemies spawns (sometime the red ship spawn right next to you making it impossible to avoid)

Appart from that, it's a really neat game ! congrats :)

Thanks ! glad you had fun :)

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Loved the idea ! & the art is absolutly lovely ! the only thing missing is a nice soundtrack :)

Got a hight score of 56 !.. & died when a monster literally spawned in front of me :/

Search every corner of the map but didn't find any easter egg though.

You guys did a great work ! kuddos !

Very fun concept ! Kuddos on the voice over !

i wouldn't  call myself an artist but I'll take the compliment :) Thanks !

I'll go play yours :)

Really trippy & original.

Usually fedex quests are not the most apreciated part of games but you managed to made it fun :)

Good job :)

Thank you very much