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There's a workaround for this. The issues happens cuz chrome is dumb, you can open up the HTML editor or whatever it's called with F12, restart the game and it should run for whatever reason.

Me not liking RPG combat normally but loving omori:
The perfect game does not exi-

My first blender file I'm putting on itch. Open for feedback :)

Hey there! Sorry 'bout that. I forgot that you can't download the run in browser file. It should all be working now. Download away :)

Thanks! I don't know what else to respond with.

Thanks! Everything is super compressed and most of the sprites are all around 8x8 or 6x6. A lot of the effects are just applied to the output. The cave lighting just uses layer masking to give it that cool effect.

They're different. Construct 3 is interesting because the coding is block-based. I can code normally, but it helps me get stuff together quickly and simply. It's more designed on the creative side of things. The block-based system does have quite a bit of depth, and it's great for jams. There's a free version, but if you want to do anything serious or longer, there's a 100 dollar license that gets you unlimited layers and layouts and stuff. I highly recommend it if you prefer the creative end of game dev. The engine also runs in your browser (although it has a download version for offline as well). I would at the very least recommend trying out the free version:

BTW the source code is 352 KB if I didn't make that clear. The rest is getting HTML to not run in the browser for the windows file.

OK, so in order for my engine to run on some platforms, it needs additional data as an install. However, the Engine is based on HTML. The extra data is converting the HTML to what can run on windows, mac, etc. For example, my current game exported in HTML is about 352 KB. The Windows file is 114 MB. You may have noticed the issue here. The HTML file (I'm pretty sure) doesn't require internet downloads. It just runs in that size. Can I just submit the HTML file and call it quits, or should I quit the jam as it needs to be installed on windows/mac. Can someone answer this quickly so I can figure out if I want to abandon the project or not? 


Your friends smile warmly behind you as you play the fangame

: )


I had just seen "Baby Driver" and was trying to recreate the frantic car feel while completing the game. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I spent more time on the drifting controls than anything else. I'm glad it feels great! Thanks!


I'll try to review your game when I get a chance :)

Thank you!

You get an "edge of map" notification on the screen. However, I may change rules regarding out of bounds.


Thanks! I am working on adding races and new cars, as well as possible new or different music. I was originally planning to do synth wave, but because I was running out of time I just threw together a drum loop. Thanks for the feedback!

In terms of controls, a valid point. The speed, however, was intentional. I will be adding car options later that will allow you to have different stats. I may add a seizure warning, but I like the effects and will probably keep them. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah! I'm working on adding multiple cars and an online scoreboard.

Thanks! I might revisit the music later. I was running out of time, so I just threw a drum loop together real quick.

Yeah, maybe making the circles more clearly evil might be good. That or a tutorial. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! The majority of my jam time was focused on making the drifting feel good.

yeah. When i put "like getting over it" in the description, i meant the mouse controls, not the difficulty.


Amazing level design!

I don't think I crashed.

Looks like アキラ

I love grappling games. The player controls felt a bit slippery and hard to control for me. That was fine-in air but a bit hard on the ground. I get that you want hang-time, but the jump was pretty floaty. Being able to fire the grappling hook in more than one direction would be nice, but these are smaller nit-picks. The controls take a while to get used to, and the pixel sizes on the art are inconsistent, which is a bit of a pet peeve for me. However, based on (failed) experience, I know for a fact that grappling hooks are very hard to code, especially the momentum. This is a pretty good game, but some room for improvement. Good job yellowbyte!

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It's still shades of green it's just less... ugly... I want to keep to the spirit of the console, but I'm wondering if I could enhance the art. Maybe this would work if I counted it as a super gameboy game?

friend request sent

Do you have discord?

Above is what I normally use for Gameboy pixel art. Below is what the Gameboy actually displays. Can you change the color pallet?

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I'm down if you want. Example of past work below



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Sent you a friend request. I am floatingtable101

I have a good idea too...

Imma go the meta route