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Thanks! The code is free. You can try whatever you want as long as you don't claim it as your own game or sell it (this means profiting in any way, like ads, cause it's still my work you're using)

Hey, thanks! It gets a bit busy with so many candies on the floor, haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'd like to update this game some day fixing all the issues (like maybe movement, enemy non-determinism, level design, etc.), but life gets in the way.

If you do end up playing co-op, gamepads would be ideal, as two people on the same keyboard can feel a bit cramped. Though I think it's also nice playing shoulder to shoulder.

Thanks! Will watch the video when I have some time :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks again! Watching you play was fun too! 

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Hey, thanks! You could ask your question here if you're comfortable with that, or you could send me a dm on twitter if you prefer some privacy. My username is the same as the one I use here, and there's a link on my profile.

I won't be able to respond instantly though. So keep that in mind.

Not sure what you mean by "customs", but thank you very much for your support!

WanL, I'm really happy my little game has brought you joy. 

I'm aware of the issues you mention (and many MANY more!), but I don't have the time to fix them. Paralunar is a game made for a game jam, so I'm not even sure if I'll continue working on it. Gamedev isn't my day job, so unfortunately I can't dedicate 100% of my time to it.

I thank you very much nonetheless for your kind messages, your feedback and of course for playing!

I'm glad to read that :)

Hi! I'm terribly sorry you're having a hard time trying to beat the final boss. 

Some tips: 

  • Use the "brake" key (F) anytime you can to position yourself better.
  • Move away from the corners, spikes hit you harder than Hekatok's magical bullets.
  • Staying on the ground (whenever you can) tends to help some people. Like, the spiky spinning bullets just crash into the ground and disappear. The only bullets that don't collide with the ground are the green arrows. You should dodge these with dashes.
  • Keep shooting! A lot of people tend to neglect shooting during the last bit, focusing on dodging all of Hekatok's attacks. Her attacks don't deal that much damage, so if you reach the end with a couple of lives, keep on shooting!

I hope that helps. I can make a small walkthrough video if you'd like, but you'll have to wait til after I finish my shift.

Thank you very much for playing! 

No, thank you for playing :)

Haha, it happened to a lot of people so don't worry! It's my fault. I should've added in-game control descriptions :P

Thanks! Yup! It was made with Godot. You can even check out the source code, since it was made for the GitHub game jam :)

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Thank you very much! A lot of incredible games were made during this jam :)

Thanks! The web build gets a few frame drops and hiccups on my machine + a few bugs, so it's nice reading it worked for you without any issues :)

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Finished it, but couldn't find/reach all the puzzle pieces.

There's a lot to like here: the music's really good, the sound effects fit (though please leave that horrible scream when the mc gets burnt to death out of the final version), the moon orbiting mechanic's cool, and the puzzles feel good.

The artstyle of the world feels a bit like an old mmo, so I guess it fits, but it's not that good. It's not bad either. It just feels a bit unprofessional. I like the main character's sprites, though her face is weird, and the animation feels more like sliding than walking (I'm not complaining, I prefer that, haha). The UI is a bit ugly too. 

The game feels unpolished too. There's a lack of visual effects for simple things, like water splashes or moons hitting things or getting a key or stuff like that. The camera work is the worst offender of this, where it kinda snaps into a new position (or transitions abruptly). Also, you have some bugs with collisions, moving along slopes and such, but I didn't find anything game-breaking during my playthrough.

There are a few puzzles where the player will most probably die, like shooting targets while falling into spikes. This doesn't feel quite right and may frustrate some players. It didn't bother me, because of the infinite lives. However, the death counter feels a bit insulting, haha. 

Pointing the orbiting moons feels a bit counterintuitive (I expected them to shoot out in the direction they were pointing at), though it makes sense.

All of these issues don't really matter. The level design and puzzles are good and that's what's important. I had a good time figuring them out and enjoyed the background art and music too.
I'm not factoring in that you made this with your own engine, cause players don't really care about that stuff, but I commend your hard work! Good job to all who worked on this!

PS: an in-game cursor instead of the mouse would be neat!

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I love the aesthetics of this entry! I couldn't get to the Moon; only reached the exosphere. But the music, sounds and little robotic "ENTERING THE STRATOSPHERE", colours and mixture of styles are all great.

The game has the right amount of challenge, though sometimes it's hard to perceive where the debris is depth-wise. If there was something to work on, I'd focus on that (and also making the intro skippable, haha).

I was pleasantly surprised by this entry. I would really like to make stuff like this stylistically.

PS: The batteries' collision box is too small!!

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Hey, I'm just leaving a comment to let you know I don't have time to play and rate any more games. I'm sorry if you play my game and I can't return the favor. I really appreciate your time, and if you need ratings and such, don't hesitate to skip Paralunar. You can always play it later if you like, when the voting period ends :)

Also, I want to thank all of you again for playing and leaving all these nice comments and feedback. I was overwhelmed by the positive response to the game and I'm really happy people liked it, even when I couldn't add all the things I wanted to it during this jam. 

I played a lot of great and interesting games during this jam and I barely scratched the surface of the sheer amount that were made for it. I encourage you to play the games by the other commenters here, as there's a little something for everyone, including some incredible high quality games.

Again, thank you very much! I wish you all the best on your gamedev endeavours!

Nice. Really simple, but the music is incredible, hahaha.
Graphics are nice and consistent, the sfxs sound good.
Gameplay is a bit boring. You can move almost all the way to the right and you're mostly safe. Didn't play like that, but it's something to keep in mind. I didn't see any enemy or bullet variations.
Overall, it's a good game, though it kind of reminds me of those tutorial games that come bundled in game engines to teach you how to make games or the flash games of old.

I’ve just realized that I even finished the game without using not only the “brake” but also the “dashing”. I basically made it through the end shooting with the left mouse button.

wait, what?

hahahaha, you were playing on a self-imposed "VERY HARD mode". How did you even dodge the final boss' attacks without dashing? Playing with all these limitations and you still pushed on! You're incredible!

What I meant about the rotation, is that if we were able to control the rotation of the character (with left and right arrow keys for example) when is bouncing through the air and walls it will allow us to land properly and get the running control back faster, instead of waiting for the bouncing to stop.

Yeah, that doesn't really matter. It's not the angle, but the speed of the character that determines when she snaps to the ground. Another player suggested some kind of "ground pound" or something like that to snap faster to the ground. If I continue working on this after the jam, I'll try that. Slow "ground snapping" seems to be the biggest problem the game has according to these comments.

Thank you again for playing. I'm sorry the controls weren't clear enough or that there wasn't some kind of tutorial level to get to know them better.

Thanks a lot! 

What do you mean with "rotation"? If you couldn't shoot at any direction you were pointing with the mouse, could it be that you had a controller/gamepad connected? Since the gamepad code couldn't be tested, it kinda overrides the keyboard+mouse controls :/ 

If so, it's really impressive that you finished the game without that or the "brake"!

Anyways, I'm glad you liked it and thanks for playing!

Thank you very much! 

The brake was kind of an afterthought. It does help a lot to control the character more precisely, but it's also not strictly a necessity. You can still maneuver with the dashes and shots. 

I'm happy though, that even without it you managed to beat the game and that it didn't affect your experience :)

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Thank you very much for playing and streaming the game! :)

It was good fun watching you struggle against the last boss and I could observe some issues that other people commented on but I couldn't replicate. I'm really happy you liked it too despite the difficulty!

Thank you very much! I'm happy you had a good time and liked the game so much!
Thanks for the nice comments and for taking your time to play it :)

Glad I was helpful. Sorry if I sounded harsh

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The game was both incredibly cute and just ominous. Like you have this constant feeling of impending doom, interspersed with cute fluffy bunny moments.
I really like the writing style. The characters felt believable (to me) and the dialogues relatable.
Art's really nice too. I liked Mira's and Lune's design. Especially the latter's expressions. The text boxes and fonts fit well too.
The backgrounds are pretty, but maybe some other artist can comment on them. Like, I THINK there's something off about them, but it may be intentional (serving the tone). Like, probably they are zoomed-in to make them feel claustrophobic or something. Or maybe there's some issues with the perspective, idk. I didn't study art and I'm not a professional, so I can't comment on that. And also, art is functional to whatever you're doing, so I think they look really good, the artstyle is interesting and they work for this visual novel.
Sound design and music are really good too! Every track fits and helps build that strange mix of cute and dark and mysterious.
I was immersed in the story but it got cut short after opening the cabinet/mirror/thing (excuse my English). I couldn't read what was on it and then the game ended.
Anyways, I hope you finish the whole story and release it some day!

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I'm not a writer, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Also (as you may notice) my English is rusty, so that may affect my experience.
The main character's dialogue during the first part felt artificial. Maybe it's the choice of words, or the character's attitude. I believe it's because the character responds to their own thoughts with lines like "I don't care", "Enough of that", "None of it matters now."
If the character doesn't care, why should I? Why mention it even? I know it's denial, but there should be some other way of expressing that, so I don't lose interest in whatever the text is saying.
Hope that answers the questions. It's quite hard to express things when it's not in your area of expertise.
I like the world you built, the places seem almost out of a horror film/game and the plot/story is good. What's happening is in the back of your mind, but you don't quite expect it. And I like that you're not particularly explicit about what happened to this person after the event. Like the body modifications impacting memory. I probably missed some things during my playthrough though.

Although I mentioned it, I'm not sure whether another ending would work, cause you kind of wrap everything up nicely there.

The writing seemed kind of bad during the first part, but I got hooked when I got to the basement. 
The sounds and music fit really well. You created a haunting atmosphere. The character isn't that believable during the first part, but there are some little bits that are quite poignant, like the section that music starts to play and the character comments on it. That was nice. The story is a bit depressing though. I'm not sure if there are different endings, but I hope that if there are, there's one that doesn't end so sad.
Anyways, good job!

Thank you very much for your kind words and for playing!

"Why's he shooting backwards? ...Oh, I get it, he's moonwalking."

I'm sad this doesn't have more rankings! It's a solid entry: It's 3D, has a nice and consistent aesthetic and a simple gamplay loop. You even managed to add upgrades and a boss fight (or bosses, I don't know cause I couldn't beat Saturn).
There are two things worth criticising here: One is that controls aren't explained (except on the pause menu that I've found while writing this!), so you may not immediately know how to point, shoot or dash. The second one is about readability. You may have noticed this yourself, cause enemies have a white glow/trail. It's hard to see where the player, objects, enemies, etc. are. I'm not sure how you'd fix this, since I'm no artist, but maybe change the lighting or adjust the contrast between objects and background.
Anyways, this was a good game. Not incredible, but REALLY underrated. And it needs those ratings to stand a fair chance against the other entries. I hope you get them in these days. Make some noise!

Game's really ambitious. Making an online multiplayer game for a jam is incredible! And it even has destructible terrain!
Gameplay-wise though it's a bit boring. There should be some indicators when you hit someone (or get hit yourself), cause the only way you know it happened is with the cheese drop. Aslo, the goal isn't immediately clear and people don't tend to find each other often enough for combat. Bombs are really tiny and hard to see and the green cheese is hard to avoid.
Overall, a really good job. I commend your hard work. However, it doesn't quite fulfill its "fast-paced gameplay" promise yet.
But maybe that's a matter of the number of players (I played with 3 other only).

Oof! I've seen this entry a lot of times and thought it'd be popular enough, cause it seems you worked hard on the game page and trailer, and the game itself looks really polished from the video and screenshots.
I'll play it later today and leave a comment. Try writing something on the discord server too.

Gracias, me alegro que te haya gustado! Saludos desde Argentina!

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Great job then! It's still a finished game and coordinating with a team (especially now) on a game project is really hard. I hope you can keep working on it (if you like it) and if not that you can keep making stuff together!
Hope I didn't sound too harsh too. I try to write my feelings immediately after finishing the game so you get an idea of my experience. Take what's useful to you and discard everything else I said, hahaha

This is kind of a barebones platformer. There's no sound nor music, almost no horizontal control when you jump, you slide when you land and you can't climb ladders. Not even sure if you can win the second level. It doesn't even have a title screen and you jump straight into the action without any context.
The backgrounds look really good and the character sprites are alright. I believe the latter are procedurally generated? If so, that's a cool use for procgen in a jam context.

Incredibly polished game. It looks really professional.
From the art to the sound design and gameplay, I can't find anything to criticise here.
It's fun, simple and cute, 5/5

Ok, graphics are nice. I like that you noticed that your character wasn't readable in those backgrounds, so you added the glow. It's impressive that said backgrounds are so detailed.
The jumping animation (if it exists) kinda looks the same as when you're walking. That gives it a low quality feel.
I like that it has an intro. The text boxes repeat themselves and don't pause the game. The timer keeps moving while you're reading.
Music's ok, I don't know. Hearing the loud steps every time you walk is kind of annoying.
Another thing I don't like is the lava that damages the player. It does so without something to show (except the sound) that you're getting hit, and some of those little lava bits are really small to see and most probably unavoidable.
It'd be nice if the game over screen and the winning screen didn't look so similar.
Overall, it was ok. I had higher expectations because of the nice screenshots, but the game isn't bad really.

I played a lot of levels until I realized it was randomly generated. That explains why some levels are stupidly easy while others are ok. As it is, the game's focus is more like "waiting for the orbits to align" than "using the gravity to steer your rocket to the goal".
Art's pretty. It's simple, but the lights and trails make it shine (heh). Music was well picked. I appreciate the nod to SUPERHOT.
The only thing that felt weird to me was that I expected to launch the rocket kind of like a slingshot, moving opposite to where I was pointing at. But it's not like that changed anything from the experience. 
Overall, it's ok. It could use something like a score to compete with other players or something like that, to add some level of challenge.

Thanks! The "shooting to move" was the thing I started from and then branched from there to make the game. It was hard to get right (and still needs some work!). 

Thanks again for playing!

Thank you!

"Earths spaceship is lost in space with no fuel"

Totally missed that! Sorry! Consider then maybe a trail of some sort?

About the deleting moons controls, I'm not really sure. It just felt weird to me. Like, I'd expect that moving moons was with the left mouse button, and deleting with the right one. But then, adding moons could get messy. Maybe use something like CTRL? I'm not sure. I'd say ask people that work with software that does similar things (like artists and such) what they usually use for those functions. It's something really minor, so I'm not saying that you should go out of your way to change it.

when I found something wrong I had to change it for every single level

This is really concerning! I don't want to know how you're structuring your code and levels, hahaha