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The Mystery of SeleniteView game page

How young selenite outwitted the astronauts
Submitted by DragonMesh — 2 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#1413.1433.143

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Theme interpretation
I wanted to look at the arrival of astronauts on the moon through the eyes of the inhabitants of the moon.

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I Beat The Game! Fun! Creative! I Liked This Experience. Thank You.


Really nice exploration experience! I like the concept of seeing through the eyes of the Selenite. Models and environment look great as well as the music and effects, that set an immersive atmosphere.

It would be great to tweak the camera a bit to be able to stop its movement easily.

I enjoyed the game! Good job!

PS: I made it all the way through the end! yay!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for your feedback. Maybe, you are one of the few who made it to the end. I've already sketched out a roadmap for the game to make it clearer and easier to use.

Me too!

It's ok.


I got a bit dizzy from the camera rotating non-stop, but then I figured out that I had to move the mouse to make it stop :-)

Very nice 3D game and very fitting music :-)


Good job for this 3D exploration game :)

I was a bit lost at first but I could complete the game :D


Beat it!  Nice 3D exploration game!  I had a little help knowing what to do by watching other play but was still able to figure out all the parts I hadn't seen.  Cool environment and characters!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Fun short game! I couldnt manage to find all items though! Video below:

47:46 Mystery of Selenite


It was so funny! Thanks!


The model of the alien is really fun, and smooth :)
The camera never stopped rotating - made me kind of uncomfortable looking at the screen for a long time
I would have loved if you have put some instructions in-game as to what should I do. I ran around the the moon, until I got caught by the astronauts, and I was like, huh, did not know I shouldn't interact with them


Thank you for playing! I'm going to make a description and hints for the game in the future.

The main rule for communication: talk with astronauts only in a spacesuit and a helmet, and talk with other moonman without a spacesuit.


Had a lot of fun just running around and the models are great (nice job on the lunar lander especially!) but I was  little unsure what to do. I found something that looked like equipment I could pick up near the astronauts but I couldn't interact with it

I hope you keep working on this!


Thank you for feedback. I plan on making hints in the game to improve it in the future, like "Press Enter to pickup."


I always struggle with finding that balance between holding the player's hand and letting them figure things out - a "press enter to pick up" notification would help but it would also pull you out of the game instantly so I don't know which I'd prefer :D


I saw that now we all do not have a lot of time to understand each game during rating games, so we want to quickly understand and complete the game. But if you take a separate game, the process of cognition and research means a lot.


Yeah, I think it's a problem with game jams  :( The ratings really favour short games over longer ones because people just want to try something quickly and move on to the next. It's all practice though and making a whole game in a month feels so good, even if not many people play it!


So here is what i think

game should be more clear about what we have to do

the camera movement needs some fixing 

great environment 

great sounds

great character controller


Great work on making the environments and all the characters, I really like the aesthetic and animations. The controls were a bit unintuitive though, and I wasn't sure exactly what to do at the start.

Maybe your alien and the other alien at the start can have a short dialog where they about what they're going to do. That way the player can have their objective in a natural and intuitive way. Also when you're over a pickup, it would be nice to have an on-screen prompt for the pickup button.

Great job on the human AI too by the way, they work really well. I was able to sneak around and it never felt unfair.

Also, I don't think you're supposed to upload after the deadline, even for bug fixes. It's not in the spirit of the jam :(


Thanks for the detailed review.


nice game, played the webgl version

+Good graphics for a game made in such short time

+Good Sounds

+NPC's are good

-camera rotates a lot

-objectives are not fully clear

-not able to see the controls if skipped the first time


Thank you, very important remarks.


It will be great if you can critique and review our game as well


Of course, I need some time for this.


I agree that camera position wasn't comfortable for players, also stopping NPCs was hard for me :D there are small details like this that needs to be fixed. Audio, animations and design were great. 


Thank you for the feedback. I will consider your opinion.


Slightly reworked the camera rotation, now its behavior has become more predictable and obvious.


Ultra detailed graphics ! I also had to google selenite :) fun game 

Developer (1 edit)

Big thanks!

This is probably my mistake. Selenite should be understood as an inhabitant of the moon. Selene is one of the goddesses in ancient Greek mythology  :)


Seems like the Mac export is broken. :/

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for feedback and sorry for that. I have no way to check this version. But I just uploaded the HTML version. Hope you enjoy the game.


Really liked the atmosphere to this game!  The music is excellent too, sets the mood of the area perfectly.  My one issue was the camera, it behaves pretty wonky and gets too close to the player, making it difficult to orient yourself and know where you are.

All in all, nice job!


Thanks. In the future I may add dynamic arrows along the edges of the screen, indicating directions to the main points of the map ...


That would help, but I'd actually recommend altering the behavior of the camera.  I couldn't figure out what exactly affected it, but if I clicked with the mouse, the cursor would appear, and I could sometimes drag to the top and keep it there so I could see everything in front of me, but it wasn't consistent.  It wasn't clear to me if the mouse affecting the view was by design or not.

In addition to the fact of orientation, you did beautiful work on the moon graphics, but at certain times (particularly walking towards the foreground), it zooms in and you can't appreciate it, so fixing the camera issue would help orientation and this at the same time :).

I'm not sure how you handled the following, but a few ideas that come to my mind are limiting the angle to a shallower one so it doesn't look so much "down" on the player, or keeping a minimum distance from the player or minimum amount of world space in the viewport, that type of thing.


Thanks, I will work on it.