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Now the unzipping works, the unity launcher starts, I can choose the resolution and the game  crashes :-) 

I left you a rating from the nice looking screenshot and description, at least. 

The problem is that after unzipping the app, when I open it, it says that it is "damaged or incomplete". Maybe there are missing files in the zip archive? 

I liked the graphics and the music. The gameplay feels like it can offer the possibility for some interesting puzzles...

Very nice graphics :-) However the mouse seems to rotate the camera only on the y axis: it would make it more comfortable to have the mouse making the camera look up and down.

the mac file seems to be "damaged or incomplete"...

I didn't manage to defenestrate Bob on my 10th attempt, but I really liked the graphics and music!

Ah! O forgot to mention that the game is best played with dual analog joysticks like Xbox, ps3 or the Android touchscreen. There you can regulate speed much better. 

The graphics was made by Joan and Leif-julian, all from scratch :-) 

We tried to apply the theme several times: throwback to Nes games, throwback to the viking era, story with throwback to a defenseless state, throwback bullets to enemies and even whirlpools that throwback the player to early stages of the level. 

The timeouts are too strict, I agree. I'll tune them better for after the game jam. For the boat acceleration on windy areas, I have an idea for making it feel better, also for after the game jam :-) 

Don't worry, I'll get access to my Ubuntu machine later this week, after I complete relocating to my new apartment 

On Mac OS 

Thanks for the feedback! 

I'm aware that the level design is very much rushed. Not having enough time to tune the levels, I took the decision to have a few more enemies on some points to create areas of high conflict, followed by an hidden health restore bonus (the beer) to create an appealing interest curve and motivate players to kill all enemies and barrels in quiet zones. 

After the game jam is done, I'll upload new binaries with more fair, but still interesting levels :-) But for now I keep what is there to be fair to the game jam spirit. 

About the glitches, if you played the html5 version I apologize as it wasn't tested at all during development: it was just added to allow more people to rate the game during the jam on the assumption that it would be good enough. However it looks like many people prefer the html5 version over the downloadables, so I'll take better care of it next time and playtest it continously during development. 

Cool concept :-) 

I can't run the game, but the graphics looks nice from the screenshots! 

ASCII art games are always charming :-) 

Simple, but functional :-) 

Which emulator should this run on? 

Quite a cool looking meta-tamagotchi :-)

Nice graphics and CRT shader!

Fun to play. Is there a way to recharge the health bar? Levelling up seems to keep the same health as before...

having the game with a side view makes it quite though to hit the enemies, but some people like a challenge :-)

nice shoot 'em up :)

cool idea!

however one can walk while keep pressing and releasing the space bar and safely kill all monsters...

maybe you can give the light focusing some time to recharge after a usage to discourage such tactic?

Quite short, but it surely resembles those good old spaghetti western :-)

I see that you have a webgl game: did you forget to mark it as "run in the browser"?

Very nice puzzle game!

It took me some time to understand which gear was positive and which was the hole and also which tile was safe to walk in or not :-p

I think that having levels with an increasing difficulty to introduce the users to a couple of new elements each time would help the game play.

Cool game, but my Italian and Spanish is not enough yet to fully read Portuguese :-p

And I learned the Label.set_percentage() Godot method from checking your source that would surely come in hand to enhance my projects!

Good graphics! :-)

However it looks like the shooting is not happening every time a click.

Very elegant graphics and cool waves :-)

Sometimes it's difficult to understand where the grass from an higher plane ends due to the flat shading. Texturing would help, but it would break the elegance... Maybe you can try to enable "screen space ambient occlusion" if unity supports it.

I can see that it works from the game page now: I'm sure you'll receive more ratings :-)

Thanks for the cheering comment! :-D

I added the timer quite late in the game and I obviously forgot to read to check if there was enough time to read the story :-p I'll add a todo note and fix it next week. 

About the cursors, you have a good point and I'll fix that as well: I ended up playtesting the game mainly in Android or with a ps3 gamepad and neglected the mouse/keyboard setup. 

A fully functional 3D Godot project! :-D

Cool work!

You should tune a bit the ball physics (it's a bit too slow) and add some classic pinballs combos.

very simple, but very much in theme :-)

nice double snake :)

(Edited 1 time)

very nice gameplay, clean graphics and good animations!

it would be nice if the ship could shoot in the direction it's traveling.

finally, I had to play your game from source code: you should export the game for more platforms (especially html5) since godot support that pretty well and people are quite lazy about scoring :-)

very nice mix between Simon Says and a dance game!

Funny game, but you should change the camera mode to have a margin in Godot so that the enemies wouldn't pop just in front of your nose.

Solid start for the next moral kombat! :-D

Nice solid base for great RPG :-)

It surely remind me my unbreakable nokia 3310...