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I updated the game to the newest version with 16 levels and more polishing!

I got a play store link, but the game is still under review there.

Calling it gravity is quite a stretch, but the result is realistic and stable enough 🙂

You can send me an email at my name dot my surname at gmail

Very nice idea and graphics! :-D

Having the controls switched at every room is quite confusing, but I will manage to escape the spaceship in less than two minutes before or later...

For this first edition, everyone gets a prize.

Please contact me by email at my name dot my surname at arm dot com to choose the color of Pokitto and the delivery address.

I managed to seduce 21 frogs on my first attempt :-D

Very funny game concept and graphics :-)

For this first edition, everyone gets a prize.

Please contact me by email at my name dot my surname at arm dot com to choose the color of Pokitto and the delivery address.


being this the first edition of Game jARM Noway and since there have been only two great submission, we decided to buy a prize for both developers :-)

Please contact me by email at my name dot my surname at arm dot com to choose the color of Pokitto and the delivery address.

I'll send you the same message in your game page so that you can receive a notification.

I think it's a good idea if whoever can vote will vote, otherwise we would have a single vote competition :-)

It's pretty awesome to see the submissions start coming in! 

Great job!

Remember to submit your game at least 30 minutes before the deadline to avoid any possible problem with the website. You can always update your game later with a justification if you are still ironing a bug, but the submission must happened on time.

The theme is "you only have two minutes".

You are free to interpret it as freely as you want: you can make a game where the player has only two minutes to complete the level, you can make a turn based card game where each player has two minutes, you can make a superhot or braid game where you have two minutes but time flows at different speeds or even in reverse!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the forum.

Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback!

Was the screen shacking causing headaches, or the fact of having to aim while moving?

The game is indeed very timing based indeed :-)

I ended up playing it too much while I was developing it and I made the levels quite difficult, but I'm planning to fix the learning curve, so that the more chaotic levels come after enough training and feel more strategic.

Thanks for the feedback!

thanks :-)

I'm actually planning to work on the game more next year, fixing the feedback from the game jam and adding more levels.

I think that doesn't support teams that well, but when you submit the game, you can state that another user collaboted with you. So both people should register, or at least have an account in 

That said, teams are allowed, but we only have one prize :-)

That was a very original gameplay! :-D

The pixel art, animations and music were all very well done as well!

Nice job! :-)

I really liked the graphics, music and gameplay :-)

It reminded me a lot of geometry dash

Nice graphics and very cool narration! :-D

Sometimes it was confusing distinguishing foreground objects from background ones: maybe using a different set of colors could help.

I really liked your game, but I must admit that I have been a meteorfall addict :-p

The skill system worked well, but I managed to win without buying anything else than the welder...

I liked the graphics style and the ingredients hunting :-)

It would be nice with some more animations for the top-down mode.

I really liked the music and the graphics! :-)

The gameplay felt quite good and smooth as well.

Nice puzzle/platformer game! :-)

The graphics, music and gameplay are all quite good

It was quite a lot of fun to make and pilot those spaceship! :-)

And the 1 bit art was very cool!

I got a bit dizzy from the camera rotating non-stop, but then I figured out that I had to move the mouse to make it stop :-)

Very nice 3D game and very fitting music :-)

At the beginning I was like "this is easy", but 5 minutes after I was avoiding bullets coming from all directions! :-D

Nice shoot'em up game :-)

Add a few more particle effects for explosions, a bit of spaceship steering animation and it's going to be a lot of fun!

Very nice and funny graphics :-)

Looking items wasn't too hard, but those minigames were a bit strange and it would have been nice to allow you to retry straight away after losing the first time.

I really liked the puzzles! :-D

The graphics and sounds were very nice as well

I really liked landing on the planets and landing materials :-)

Quite a nice game

It reminded me of sonic jump :-)

The graphics and sound were good, but you should spice it up a bit with some polishing and animations: check the "juice it or lose it" video for some inspiration

Amazing platformer! :-) I really liked the gameplay, but I couldn't make it pass the first boss fight.

Polishing, art, music and sounds effect were all very well done

That made me remember how little I miss windows 95 :-p

Great and addictive game! :-D

I really liked the graphics, polishing and music

Nice tower defense game! :-)

Something that was a bit annoying were enemies shooting at you while hiding below the HUD.

Nice game! :-D

I managed to escape in the spaceship and saw the final surprise

The graphics and audio were nice, but I couldn't manage to get pass some of the 45° slopes...

Very nice story! And I like the way you framed Ink with images and frames: it really works well.

Thanks for the feedback! :-) I updated with your comments and I'll try to fix them after the voting period.

About aiming at high speed, did you try the non-cross-hair mode in the options? That was the default before people told me that it didn't feel natural, but I think it's better for more accurate aiming. I'm still a bit on the edge on which is better...

I found myself quite immersed in the gameplay, but I never let go of the spacebar or teleport.

The graphics and audio were quite good, with some polishing it could be a great game :-)

It reminded me a lot of Eufloria :-)

I was expecting that a planet conquered by your ships would start producing more of your kind.

the idea has some potential, but it need to be developed a bit more to see what it can achieve :-)

The game was very nice and smooth, but you should really make the "change universe" button blink when there are no options left for crafting! :-p 

I tried and tried, but I didn't manage to beat the second level... :-(

But I really liked the idea, the graphics and the audio!