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Now the aiming with crosshair is the default and the old aiming moving the mouse up and down is still available in the options.

Hopefully you find it more natural to aim now?

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! I passed the text through a grammar checker and I hopefully fixed all the errors, although the difference between "shot" and "shoot" still is not clear in my head :-)

I'll see what I can do to make it more clear which moon is yours, which are friendly and which are enemies. I still have 4 days to figure that out, but it's in my TODO list.

Thanks for playing :-)
The game is still in development, but it should be ready in 5 days for the #GitHubGameOff deadline

Would you mind telling me what works, what doesn't and what you think is missing? The more feedback I get, the better.

Thanks for playing the game :-)

Although the latest versions is already 128x64 and with a lot of improvements since the game jam.

Very nice game!

interesting take on the graphic novel genre :-)

The game was so intense that I found myself not blinking for until I got overrun! :-D

I'm afraid that a 3D game doesn't qualify for this game jam, but good effort!

quite fun to play and the graphics was very nice!

Very good idea to switch to hexadecimal to shorten the numbers! :-D

Good start for a mining game. With more content, this can be great

very original physics based gameplay!

that was quite a psychedelic game! :-D

Very nice minimalist palette and art!

The world felt huge! ... but I got stuck somewhere around the bottom :-p

Very nice work!

I don't think that the game was using a strict 64x64 resolution: it looked like the character could move in-between pixels.

I got stack at the red bull :-)

The game is quite nice to play, but I think that it would be more fun to have the next food item randomly chosen to add some depth to the gameplay adding planning on top of reflexes.

For the rest, very nice work :-)

The game would really benefit from a tutorial, even written as text outside the game.

Pretty funny dialogs and signs! :-D

This a really solid start for an RPG!

my brain split trying to play both characters at the same time :-p

nice game!

Very original idea and fun to play! :-D

The only bit for improvement is the font.

Very original idea and fun to play! :-D

The only bit for improvement is the font.

Nice puzzles!

I really liked that I could create loops! :-p

quite fun to play around the small world :-)

Good start for a shoot'em'up :-)

With some more content it will be a great game!

Very nice and well polished game!

I got some strange flickering in the html5 version, but I guess that the executables are fine.

It was closer to super monkey ball than a golf game, but fun to play :-)

As other people commented, the camera should follow the ball better.

Very well polished and original game!

The gameplay is easy enough to catch without a tutorial and still fun to play because it involves memory, reflexes and planning.

If you extend the game with some achievement, you can easily release it and get some money for it :-)

I jumped towards the knife believing it was going to be an update! :-D

It's a good start for an RPG, but it needs a bit more sense of progression towards a goal and a story.

Nice job :-)

For a moment it felt like a mix between snake and pacman! :-)

Nice game.

very well polished game!

something that I didn't understand is: was I supposed to kill the dogs? :-|

Good start of the game :-)

I got quite confuse on what I should do in the game and how I should do it :-)

Maybe a tutorial would help.

The graphics and audio are good, but the character movement has some space for improvement, especially on the jumping part.

With some tweaks this can be a very nice game!

As other people mentioned, the readability of the test was quite challenging, but the story and  graphics were very nice :-)

Maybe you can up the challenge and use a palette with fewer color to increase the text contrast for the text above the car, or Maybe you can switch to a bigger font that scrolls horizontally instead...

I liked the atmosphere and graphics of the game!

good job!

The graphics was very nice, but I got a bit confused by the gameplay.

Now I feel like I should go back to check my farm in stardew valley :-p

Great game :-)

Nice idea with nice graphics, but it was quite slow until the 10th car then the controls weren't fast enough to avoid the cars.

I think that you need to use a different API for handling input: relying on the OS to distinguish between a single press and a repetition is not the best for videogames.