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Thanks for playing it through! If you wish to send me the feedback privately, you can send it to my name.surname at that would be very much appreciated :-)

The game is excellent in every aspect: graphics, audio, polishing, gameplay.

Very nice job and I hope that you'll make it longer :-)

cool prototype! it remind me of  "you must build a boat"

I like the game idea, but the controls felt a bit hard to master.

I really liked the visual stile and sound effects! Very nice game :)

That was quite an original and fun idea!

It was quite fun to play and the AI was rather challenging!

Maybe you can add some of those logs in the river lanes that you need to cross at the right time with the ball to add more of the frogger experience :-)

I run out of time to compose more music, but I'll definitively make more after the game jam :-)

Very original idea! :-)
I likes the visual style and music.

Well done and polished platformer!

Did you make the art and music as well?

nice graphics and relaxing atmosphere :-)

The gameplay was very entertaining, especially when you manage to aim back the ball to destroy an incoming ball.

A possible suggestion to make the game even more enjoyable would be to have the balls cast at you from an enemy that moves, forcing you to aim at the enemy to kill it and giving you extra points for faster kills.

The graphics was nice, but it's quite though to understand how much damage each object needs without a progress bar.

Quite an original idea :-)

I really liked the idea and gameplay! It was a lot of fun to play :-)

Very nice graphics and settings, but I'm not sure that I understood what I was doing...

One of the best games of the game jam!

Very good idea, graphics and sound.

The only point for improvement is the characters selection and routing. I accidentally sent a warrior down the platform because I sent it to another platform on the same level in one click instead of sending him first upstairs :-)

It felt a bit too difficult, but I liked the graphics and gameplay.

Good job :-)

Inky has a system of tags to associate html div to different pieces of text, but I had no time to try it, since I got a lot of fun composing the music. Surely I'll fix the layout and fonts after the jam :-)

Thanks for playing!

So refreshing to play after 8 hours in the office using vim and bash! :-D

It reminded me of "you must build a boat" where the minigame affects the RPG.

Good implementation, but I noticed that when the ball's direction is higher on the X coordinate it goes fast: did you forget to normalize the velocity vector after changing the direction?

Amazing art and music!

cool ascii art, and fun way to learn regex!

The graphics turned out quite good and it works fine on mobile.

The idea and graphics are very good, but the paddle's inertia is very annoying :-)

I had to remap my keyboard to us_en to play it, but nice idea

It felt a bit like playing domination (a Java risk clone) :-)

Quite cool.

Very nice graphics and gameplay.

It was quite hard, but the graphics and music were enjoyable :-)

The graphics was very good and the gameplay original.

Good job!

The graphics was really good and I enjoyed the music as well.

However when I reach the end of level flag, nothing really happens...

Thanks :-)
This is my first try at making music and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

This is the best game I've played so far in the game jam :-)

Very nice graphics and game mechanics!

Nice game!

You should try to make the columns emerge in time with the music notes to make it more immersive

Thats was a fun and nice visual novel ;-)

The drawings and music were very entertaining.

That was a challenging puzzle!

Simple and enjoyable :-)

It was quite fun to play and I liked the cartoon graphics style :-)

The base idea was nice, but the unpredictability of the boar's direction is a bit frustrating...

I liked the graphics and music. Good job :-)

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That was a nice psychedelic experience! :-D

I gave a try to ink as well for this game jam: it was an interesting language ;-)

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I began to play without reading the description and I encountered a few "WTF did just happen?!" moments. :-D

Very nice graphics, story and game play! Good job.