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Thanks for suggesting larbchirp! I usually use bfxr, but with a 1 year old son, this time I didn't manage to find 30 spare minutes to generate some sounds in 14 days... :-p

that was a very tiny window, but playable :-)

I like liked the depressing graphics that fits the story.

Also I died of suicide almost straight away :-|

Very relaxing game, but I always was very bad at this type of puzzle and having images instead of numbers makes it even more difficult :-p

that's an excellent graphics for only 64x64 :)

That was very fun to play and the design of the levels was well balanced. Good job! :-)

Nice idea with some potential. :-) 

Cool and fun game idea! It was quite fun to play with it :-) 

I liked the take on snake, but there is something odd with the controls...

If I press too fast or keep pressed the left/right arrows, it ignores my commands and keeps up.

Full marks for this one! :-D

I didn't notice that the dirt comes back at first: having to be fast adds more fun to the gameplay.

It's a lot of fun after you manage to control the car! :-D

And the graphics and sound effects are really cool!

Also, I think that I killed some spectator... :-p

I had to give a couple of tries, but then I enjoyed it quite a lot. 

Good job! :-) 

That was quite overwhelming :-p 

Good job fitting all that complexity in the Pico 8 limits 

I liked the graphics and the gameplay :-) 

That was a good idea and a lot of fun to play with! :-D

Good job! 

Quite nice to explore the map and play the mini games! :-D

Such an high ration of creepiness over resolution! :-D

By the way, there seems to be something broken with the alpha bits of the trees in the html5 version compared to the gif, it gives it a unique style though...

This is the first game to which I gave full marks! :-D

Very fun and clear gameplay with nice music and animations.

The graphics and animations are amazing, but the game is broken.

Great work :)

It is 64x64, but I'm impressed at how the brain interpolates between frames. 

I'm more used at 2D pixel art games at a 64x64 resolution, but I must admit that 3D works quite well. 

Seriously good and well polished 2D platformer :) Good job!

Minimalist puzzle platformer, but the game resolution is not 64x64...

You should add some achievements for reaching some milestone: that would make it a lot more engaging.

A nice take on lemmings :-)

I really liked the color palette: minimal, but effective.

The only improvement I can suggest it to stabilize the camera adding some attraction on the spots where to place the blocks, since it's quite difficult to play on a laptop with no mouse :-p

There are books on what is a game and what is not, but I think that the book that got the deeper meaning is: The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses.

In the book, the author define game as “a game is a problem solving activity, approached with a playful attitude”.

What you missed is the "problem solving activity".

The most similar game to yours that I can think of would be Viridi, but there you need to water your plants once a day and plant seeds: even those very small activities create a problem to solve that engage the player more deeeply.

I really liked the challenging puzzles :-)

Original puzzle idea. I don't think I saw something like it before. 

I like socially useful adventures :-)

quite cool gameplay!

maybe it would be nice to be able to jump to dodge projectiles

very well done :-)

the polish in this game was excellent

nice combat system :)

it would be better with a small story behind

I named it after a worm because it was a snake-like with digging :) Just like snakebird is snake-like game where birds are involved...

As you and more people noted, the game misses the animations of 1 pixel resolution (the game has only 4x4 blocks) to show when the soil collapse and when the worm falls, but I really had not time to implement them with a small son to take care of :-p

More things I would like to add are sound (of course), falling bonuses to create more complex puzzles and a better font.

The current rules are: first the worm move, then the soil collapse, then the worm falls (all in an instant)

And the soil collapsing rule is that soil that is connected to rocks (the white ones) by a 4 connectivity won't fall.

Thanks for the review! :)

I remember wasting a lot of time on a similar game on linux! :-)

very nice game! after I managed to kill some monsters I got myself killed by the spikes in the floor...

Maybe the area in the bottom left could be used for gameplay as well and allow a more long term planning of the pieces

it would be nicer with a turn based combat system where you choose the attack to perform, but the base is quite solid

quite tough to predict when to steer with such a small resolution, but it works after you memorize the path ;-)

Quite interesting how continuous motion allows you too see much resolution than the 64x64 restriction :)

Very nice graphics and animations!