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Thanks! And yeah, we wanted to go back and tweak the enemy strength (gamma did such a good job on this and made it very easy to do), but we ran out of time! Very annoying, because we recognized it was just a little too easy.

Ahh, that's sad! We thought we had fixed that issue just before submitting, guess it was just that we couldn't repro it consistently. Sorry about that! Glad you enjoyed it!

Move stoppage when attacking is very common, due to not generally having a good way to have the legs animate while attacking without having an extra set of animations for it. Time constraints were such that we cut those and went with stopping. 😅 Great feedback overall though, thanks for playing!

Here's a version you can try: This is unchanged from the current version, no fixes or anything for the very few bugs that have been found. Keep in mind I have disabled comments and unlisted it, so you should come back here to give it a rating. :)

Yeah, Mac doesn't love Godot 4 html exports. I have an export for it. I don't think we can upload it here, so I'll make a separate project and upload it. It's gonna take me a hot minute though.

Even though our games end up pretty cool usually, I don't think we've ever received such a powerful comment. Thank you so much. Bringing tears to my eyes. That's the exact type of feeling we were going for. We really miss going to arcades.

We have that coded and wanted to add it in as an option in the settings and I just didn't have time. Definitely a good call out, thanks for playing!

That's fair, and we want to add a few new mechanics if we can after the jam, but kept scope small in order to execute on the rest!

Thanks, we really appreciate the kind words!

Thanks! Means a lot!

Generally a pretty fun game, if somewhat difficult to figure out right away. I'd say as improvements, always make sure to turn down your main audio bus by ~20 db when you have sfx that loud to begin with, so that it isn't as painful on the ears. 

Great animations. Had some difficulty with the keyboard, but I didn't really mind that much, considering the game was so fun. (Just clunky to hit space while moving and needing to use the mouse to fire.) A very solid submission!

I hear you! I had a different method of movement implemented that was better, but forgot to put the option for it in the settings, doh! Thanks for the suggestion and kind words!

Yeah, we had a different mode for that implemented but I forgot to put it into the settings, would have made it better. Thanks for playing though!

We had several debates over it! That was definitely one of the options. Thanks so much for the great feedback!

Thanks for playing! We searched for exactly that announcement in a sound clip, but couldn't find one in time. Glad you liked it!

We do have that! But no visuals to denote it. Doh. Thanks for the suggestion though!

I've gotten burned a bunch by the SharedBufferArray issue with games myself, so I always try to add that warning! Thank you for playing, your kind words are much needed this morning!

Thanks, that really means a lot to us!

Wow, really?! Dang! We tried to make it *much* harder if you did that. I wonder if there's a bug, very well could be! Thanks for the compliments!

On the contrary - if you'd not skipped the enemies and picked up some pickups, it would have been a much easier fight, to the point that depending on how much you do with the lug-knight, you can get different patterns in the final fight! But yeah, it was a bit tough to pull everything together in a more cohesive way like we needed to do. Thanks for the comment!

Yes, agreed - we didn't tie it together well! If you tried to skip everything and just go straight to the boss, the knight was *much* harder to beat, if not almost impossible. If you kill a moderate amount of things and pick up a number of potions, you have a mid-range knight and a different attack pattern that's easier, and then if you kill a lot of stuff and pick up a lot of potions, the knight is so bogged down with crap that he's relatively easy to just stun-lock in a corner and kill. :)

Agreed! Of course, as soon as the jam ended, we had a similar idea (instead, you play the boss and grow it through the entire level, just pummeling lug-knights).


You're definitely right! It was a slight miss on our part, focusing on everything _but_ the theme. Good call out!

Because the theme was role reversal, so by playing the boss in the final battle, the role is reversed!

I take it you didn't play it far enough to take on the role of the boss? :)

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You make visual designs from the early 20s?! That's so cool!

j/k of course! Looked at your stuff, great stuff! We have an artist already, otherwise would def. pick you up in a heartbeat. Good luck!

Thanks so much! That means a lot to me.

I was not expecting a comment on this! Thank you for playing, glad you liked it!

It's not letting me comment on LD for some reason. Great game! Art was superb (as expected), and everything really came together. As it turns out, being a really good typist *sucks* in this game, which makes me laugh so hard for having my hands beaten with a ruler so many times as a kid. But I digress - very solid entry!

Thanks! Yeah, I might extend this and/or turn it into a mobile game, in which case I will add quite a bit more content. :)

Thanks so much!

Actually, I took a look and something smells funny. The link you linked to has a lot of wrong information (the jam page), and it's clear you just copy-pasted it, so I'm worried about the requirements and stuff themselves. We will not be submitting to it, but will instead keep our game here and allow kids to play it freely. We also do not intend to ever give away the project files like that.

Cool, thanks!

I will take it back to the team and see what they want to do! I think they'd like this sort of thing.

Thanks! Yeah, we ended up putting some help in the help menu for it, but I think tooltips would have helped better, and we just didn't have time for them. But we're glad you liked it!

Hahaha! I think you're using the right engine for old people who played with pogs. :D It seems like it's all older folks!

Thanks! Def. a big inspiration for us!

That means a lot to me, considering I made them all! 😁 Thanks for the kind words!