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Yes, Impy is my main man!

Awesome, thank you so much for the great feedback. I totally agree on all accounts.

Completely agreed! I spent too long building the building blocks of the game, and not enough time on level design. I started the latter at the 2 hour remaining mark, which was painful. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks! The art is from Kaishido (here on Itch), and the movement is from my recent obsession with state machines (I used to hate them, now I love them after finally figuring out an implementation that works).

Thanks! I felt like there was a lot of potential too.

Yes, completely agreed! I should not have left level design until the 2 hours remaining mark. :D Thanks for the comment!

Yeah, we wanted to come up with more evolutions, but it was a crunch for sure. Thanks for the comment!

Thank you so much!

Normally yes, but I have a bigger game with this theme in mind that I knew I couldn't pull off for the jam. 😏 I'm likely to go with that one, which has very similar ideas, but is much more interesting. Thanks!

Cool, will check it out!

Thanks! did the art, and he's always got fun stuff in mind!


The absolute master of puzzle platformers strikes again! You are second to none, sir! Making this in such a relatively short period shows your library is impressive and your skills are sharp. Incidentally, the sound the lil' spiders make when they notice you're there is actually a sound one of my cats makes when she notices you're there, and I love it!

Jam's music makes this game so good - not that the rest isn't cool! Very simple game, but quite enjoyable! I honestly cannot think of any significant improvements/advice.

Thanks! I'm pretty proud of it.

Absolutely good criticism, and we're working on it! :) Thanks for playing!



I use a Kinesis Advantage 2 LF.  I get absolutely brutal carpal tunnel otherwise!

Thanks! Yeah, Kai did an incredible job with the art.

Love this game! Very cute. Once I got up to a massive ton of orbs, I didn't think I could lose, and then I immediately lost after getting to what may have been the boss. It was hilarious. :D But in general this game plays very cleanly, great idea and well executed.

Very reminiscent of Lemmings! I loved it, very creative idea and could definitely be expanded to have a really great, complex game. Love the use of 3D-in-2D for the gnomes.

This game is extremely hard for me because my spacebar isn't anywhere near my left hand - it's on the right side of my keyboard, while my left has WASD and of course I have a mouse. I think cleaning up the controls and making it so it works on more keyboards is a generally good idea, since you have an otherwise incredible game here, really well done. The concept of hot potato is really well executed as well.

Interesting idea! Really challenges the idea of what a game is, in a very good way (I promise I mean that positively!). This is exactly the type of game I'd love to play on my phone when sitting and waiting for something, with maybe some little achievements when you fend off enough characters. 

VERY clean game! I loved this, and think you should immediately have someone create new assets for you (so it's original stuff) and publish it for Steam and you'll have a strong game that people love. Seriously. I love how deep the puzzles can go just by having things disappear in some test cases. This is really a unique and incredible take on the entire genre. 

Absolutely stellar audio and visuals as mentioned before here. I enjoyed this game a lot though, really interesting little take, and I'm impressed you were able to get an export for Android in time, that takes a lot of effort! I really liked this, you should definitely expand it afterward if you have time/energy.

Thank you so much! I will experiment with your suggestions.

Yeah, that's definitely something we will fix in the future, thanks for calling it out! And thanks for playing. :)

You could call them mushsprings!

Pretty hard but fun little game! Had a little bit of trouble figuring out how to make things function in the way you intended, but once I got it, it was more just harder to control than I had hoped, so that's an area for improvement. But, overall, it was pretty fun!

Puns maketh the man, as they say in Kingsman. Pretty enjoyable game! And impressed this is your first submission - nice work, and keep it up!

Very interesting take on the theme! A lot of platformers did something similar, but I feel like yours probably works the best because of the relatively forgiving nature of the mushrooms. Pretty impressed by your first submission to this jam! Keep up the good work!

There's quite some concept here, very interesting. I didn't think pong could really be made more fun than the original, but this may come close, and you could add in a bunch of little things too to make it slightly more interesting, such as rogue paddles and such. Overall, nice work!

This is really cool! Very addictive game and well-built. I was confused at first because I didn't do the tutorial, but eventually figured it out and enjoyed it - impressive you built a server for it that works in the timeframe allotted, considering the game itself couldn't have been very simple. If you could figure out a way to get this to have gesture-controls, I guarantee you'd make money in the Google Play store, probably Apple too.

Fun for a short game! As mentioned below, pretty hard to get better than low 20s. It would be nice to have a progression of difficulty levels and things like "harder" china shops. Good work!

This was really impressive. I loved the climbing aspect of it, did not expect that. Very well done!

That was fun! Very cathartic, which I definitely needed today as early as possible. I was impressed with the "auto-righting" logic, where if the bull gets flipped upside-down, it automatically rights itself - I imagine that had to be written/figured out after realizing the bull would spend most of its time on its back otherwise. :D Nice work!

I enjoyed this! Pretty good game and I think it can be expanded to have a ton of interesting levels. Very mobile-friendly. Only thing to improve it I think would be to maybe make the resolution a little bit better so things are more visible - not sure how that'll work on mobile, but hope it would work out. I highly recommend developing this further and publishing in the Google Play store. :)

Awesome, thanks for playing! And yeah, the rear cars were Kai's doing and incredibly smart. They also let me make the cars look smarter than they are with their "I'm going to go around this slow-poke" A.I., which isn't really A.I. at all, just a simple greedy algorithm.

Thank you for the feedback! That is the intent, once we're ready to go mobile (already started implementing gesture controls :P).