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No clue who you are or why you randomly commented on my post. Chances are you probably didn't even watch my video.

You're over a year late to even randomly reply to me, random person on here.

You're welcome.

My full playthrough on this game:

Might be a fun game.

I almost thought it was a game based on Squid Girl.

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Yeah sure, you're welcome.

My full playthrough video on this game:

Ramen's good.

You're welcome.

I don't think it's out yet.

I made a video on this game:

The demo looked interesting, but it was just a walking simulator, sadly.

My full playthrough on this game 😴🌛:

I made a glitch video:

My full playthrough on this game:

Life size Buzz Lightyear is odd.

Looks fun.

Weird game.

Weird. 😎

Or probably not enough water.

Wacky game.

Nice music & the game looked good.


My full playthrough on this game!

My full playthrough! Please be sure to give it a view & a share, also consider subscribing if you like what you see! 🌙

Yeah, I guess.

I made a video on this. Feel free to share it around & possibly subscribe too.

No idea what that is.

Is this still being worked on?

The character almost looks like Ness from Earthbound.

ok well sorry i don't talk through comments.

Cool I guess.

I don't talk via comments.

I'm confused. Is this one on here the real game, because this page on here has the game too & it says "released" on it too.

Huh, I also did a full playthrough video on this, right below your comment. :)

Thanks for the random follow, dude.