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Wacky game.

Nice music & the game looked good.


My full playthrough on this game!

My full playthrough! Please be sure to give it a view & a share, also consider subscribing if you like what you see! 🌙

i haven't played it & I don't talk through comments.


Yeah, I guess.

I made a video on this. Feel free to share it around & possibly subscribe too.

No idea what that is.

Is this still being worked on?

The character almost looks like Ness from Earthbound.

ok well sorry i don't talk through comments.

Cool I guess.

I don't talk via comments.

I'm confused. Is this one on here the real game, because this page on here has the game too & it says "released" on it too.

Huh, I also did a full playthrough video on this, right below your comment. :)

Thanks for the random follow, dude.


You should check out my YouTube video on the game, as it's the post below this one.

Ok, but it's helpful to know what the game's about, even if it's a demo.

Reminds me of the Kongregate game Don't Shit Your Pants.

You mean hands?

The guy reminds me of Bob the Builder on the cover here on the game's page.

What do you do in the game so far?

Also, there's no info on the game's page.

What's it about? There's no info.


Looks like it'd be good.

I made a full playthrough on this game.

My full playthrough video on the game! Please give it a view, a share & a like! Also please consider subscribing too!

I thought this game wasn't being worked on anymore, but I see it. Anyways, I did play the demo last year & I enjoyed it, (I also made a YouTube video on it, with it's link on this game's main page).

Why is development halted?

Will this be any more then just a prototype?



Looks like it'd be fun, but I don't have any money on my account on here.