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As long as you are able to publish a game with a public repository URL at the end of the jam it's fine Although it's good practice to make it public from the start :)

Hey there Game Off jammers !

For the last 6 years we have been running a Discord server for Game Off as it is a nice tool to chat and find team members. 

Don't hesitate to join here to chat about Game Off :

Good luck to everyone and I can't wait to see what you guys will end up creating :)

Thanks again Lee for organizing this awesome event !

Of course ! Thanks for organizing this jam year after year 🎉

Good catch, it has been renamed :) 

Hey there Game Off jammers !

Since 2017, we have been running a Discord server for Game Off as it is a nice tool to chat and find team members. 

Don't hesitate to join here to chat about Game Off :

Hope you will have a great time for this game jam :)

Thanks again Lee for organizing this awesome event ! 

Thanks for organizing this event ! Looking forward to the theme 😁

Haha, quicker than me

Doesn't seems like a problem :

As long as files are not huge binary blobs it should be fine, Defold uses Lua as a programming language and that works well with git !

Hi there Game Off participants :) 

Since 2017, we have been running a Discord server for Game Off as it is a nice tool to chat and find team members :)

The link is here if you want to join :

Good luck to everyone participating in the jam and I hope you will have fun :) 

Thanks for playing ! We will probably remove the login screen which was just a gimmick to match this year theme even more (since MMORPG is a genre that is not achievable by indie devs) 

Thanks a lot for this in depth review !

Yeah the horrible scream will be replaced haha.

Our artist was experiencing with animations as it was the first time doing that kind of stuff and there was a lot of assets to do (everything was made from scratch).

I do agree with the fact that the game lacks some polish haha, there was so much work to do in order to make the game engine support the platformer genre that we lacked time to work on the rough edges, I did not think about visual cues but that's a good idea and definitively something we should focus on if we want to release a new version.

I've seen a lot of people complain about the camera, that will be the first thing I'll fix haha.

Collision bugs are my nightmare, this is the work kind of bugs to fix.

I should also add an arrow that shows the direction the projectile will take when shooting.
Thanks a lot for playing the game and leaving such a detailed review :D

Great game ! The art style is really cool and it was really fun to explore the whole map.

The mouse sensitivity could be a bit lower though :)

Really cute game ! I love those little "lumas".

The little details about their colors and names is a nice addition too haha.

Great game ! There's a lot of depth and content for a game made in one month, you definitively made a great job !

It was a lot of fun to deal with all those events :)

I love the core mechanics, it is very smooth and it feels responsive.

Punishing the player when it misses a shot was a good idea too, it forces the player to aim precisely.

Homemade SFX are the best too :D

Interesting game ! It is quite hard to play at first until you learn to manage your ship.

I couldn't get a "real" victory but a posthumous one is enough right :D ?

Great potential, lot of features, big map.

Sadly there is a lot of broken stuff, still playable as an exploration game, I want to see what the finished product is like !

Glad you liked the game, thanks a lot for playing :) !

Yeah the login screen was definitively a confusing idea haha 

Good job for making it to the end :D !

Did you have 6 puzzle pieces to unlock the easter egg ?

I know about the camera glitches :( Definitively something I'll try to fix once the jam is ended

The game is a really cool, polished and innovative experience.

Bold move making it multiplayer + Twitch.

This game was haaaard, but I did beat it so... well done myself !

The gameplay is quite cool and I'm a fan of absurd genre of the game :D

Really nice game :) (And definitively the best sfx).

The air control is perfect, and there is a complete adventure to play with a boss, good job !

The controls are hard to get at first but once I understood them, the game is a blast :)

Really soothing experience :)

The art and music are really cute !

Definitively one of my favorite game of the jams.

The art and music is top-notch, controls are hard but fun, multiple ennemies and bosses with interesting patterns ? How could I ask for more ?

Really innovative game !

The cockpit is quite complex at first but once you get the gist of it, you can really enjoy the game at its fullest.

I can't wait to play this game in VR :D

Good job for this 3D exploration game :)

I was a bit lost at first but I could complete the game :D

Quite cool !

I would love more platforming parts, the hiding feature is pretty interesting too :)

Except for the slight confusion about the UI at the beginning, this game is really cool.

I want more of those puzzles, I feel like there is so much potential :)

The amount of work on this game is amazing, there's a lot of narration, levels, elements to it :)

Excellent job !

Quite bold to make a multiplayer game like that for a game jam !

The goal is quite confusing at first but it's pretty fun to play with other players, good job :D

Amazing art ! The game is a bit too short, I would love to see more of that.

It felt very pleasant to play :)

What a nice feeling to complete a puzzle game without any solutions haha.

The puzzles are pretty cool, the lazer beam one was definitively tough because I unscrewed every plate and tossed them everywhere.

Really good job !

You're definitively part of this helpful community :)
Thanks a lot for helping me debug my game on Linux !

Good job :)
I ALMOST made to the end, like 10s from the moon :'(

Wow, this is probably the game I spent the most time on :D

Mixing story and gameplay in that way was kind of genius, it motivated me enough to get to the end.

The gameplay seems to have a lot of depth to it with the different kinds of circles but often you don't have time to think about what would be your best move (maybe a turn based game would fit more ?).

Also there isn't enough visual feedback about board movement, making it quite confusing sometimes.

Otherwise, great game !

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Super glad you left a video review :D

It was frustrating to watch because you were sooo close to get it. The fire must be extinguished by the waterfall.
Problem is, you opened the bridge with the fire underneath before making the waterfall on the bridge on top go down.

What you must do is :

  • Collect the bonus that allows you to shoot through bridges
  • Cross the bridge with the fire underneath without activating the targets
  • Bo back to top to the waterfall floor
  • Aim at the target next to the bridge FIRST then aim the target underneath FAST (you have less than a second to accomplish this move)
  • Now you can open the "fire bridge"

Usually you could still jump over the fire even after you disabled the bridge. But for some reason, if you have low FPS, you don't jump as high as expected.

There's a whole second level with the core mechanic of the game (moons) just after the fire if you feel like coming back to the game :)

Thanks for the review !

Great polish for this game :)

This pixel art is super cute and the music is catchy !

The upgrades are a good idea but you can max them all pretty fast :( I would love more upgrades / hidden stuff / trophies.