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Hello guys !

Github GameOff 2018 is starting soon, for anyone who wants to have a chat or find a team, you can join this Discord server :
It's the same Discord server than last year so you might already be in !

Have a nice day :)

Also is there a port to open or something ? I checked online mode and there was no rooms.

Hey :) Thank you for your nice feedback :)

Nice game :D Maybe the amount of ghost should depend on the length of the tail rather than the time spent playing :o ?

Nice game ! However the hit detection seems to be broken sometimes, is there something I missed ?

Hey nice game !

Concept is pretty original but damn, the pacmans are moving fast !

What a shame ne veut pas seulement dire "Quelle honte" ou "c'est inacceptable", mon propos ici était "quel dommage".
Si je voulais vraiment être insultant je n'aurais pas dit "This game seems to be really good".
Je critique le fait que le saut ne se déclenche pour moi qu'une seule fois sur 6, il me semble que c'est un simple rapport de bug.

J'essaie d'être positif dans absolument toutes mes remarques faites aux jeux, je n'ai jamais essayé d'être insultant envers qui que ce soit.

I think you guys misunderstood me, I didn't said that is was a shame that the game was unplayable, I said it was a shame because I really wanted to play it and I couldn't complete it. English is not my native language so I thought "What a shame" could fit here as "too bad I can't play it".

Pretty nice game !

I like the ambiance :)

Aah damn, I wish there was more of it :(

The game is really cool ! (Is that a modified version of the wilhelm scream though ?)

I'm not sure my electrical installation is safe.. But I'm shaved !

Nice concept ! 

Wow damn, the art is gorgeous, I wonder how many hours of works it represents :)

It's really well thought I loved it :D

Damn, nostalgia is strong with this one :)

Pretty nice game but there was quite a lot of bugs !

Invisible collisions, boss that doesn't start (it keeps playing a looped animation), hole where you can't get out, you can't exit the game when it's in fullscreen.

What a shame :( This game seems to be really good but unfortunately the jump is triggering 1 out of 6 times which makes the game unplayable for me (there was another game with the exact same problem).

Nice game !

As @pfail said, power-ups could be a nice idea !

Really nice game !

It's smooth and pleasant to play :)

Glad you liked it ! A fixed build where you can actually end the game will come soon, stay tuned :D

This game made me want to kill my cat, I tried assigning buttons on my mouse (Enter and space) to be able to use two fingers on the click so I can tap faster but it wasn't enough. The sound of the cat makes it even more frustrating, I couldn't even accumulate 1/3 enery :(

Nice game !

I wish all games with a score would have a leaderboard :'(

Nice game !

Shuriken trajectory feels a bit random sometimes :o

One of the game I spent the most time on ! Truly a great game !

The only downside of this game is the lag, on big levels the lag is horrible and the player keeps moving even if a key was released :/

Nice game !

But yup the hero moves waay too fast !

So close to 100 !

Haha same for me, my fingers hurts

Thank you for your feedback :)
This game was supposed to have a goal but unfortunately we were a bit short on time, I'll probably update it soon so it contains the rest of the game :D

Nice game !

I feel like punching is more efficient than kicking which is slower, and the fact that you can't hit when invincible is a bit weird :o

The game wouldn't start at first, so I inspected the page and got to the url of the subdocument, and then it worked !

Short but cute game :)

Is there something else to do after going back in time ?

Can't play it, I get a "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException" :/

Nice game, the computer is a spawnkiller though D:

Wow, I could almost feel the real hardware :D

Too bad difficulty doesn't truly increase :/

Is there an end ?

Nice game anyway :) Art and music are cute :)

Nice game ! I wish it was longer :(

I had a fun glitch where Shell just fell under the floor

Nice game !

Never used blocking as it was disadvantageous :p

There is a line of pixels under the feet of the player, is thing normal by the way ?

Nice game !

Only problem is when you are stuck under a stone :(

Arg, the sound of the jetpack is drilling my eardrums D:

A little time of invincibility after hitting something would be nice, as a wall can drain your whole healthbar within a second if you run a bit too fast :(

Except that, nice game :)

Nice game :) I tried to make the other cars explode but I couldn't :'(