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Pretty cool game, seems quite polished as well :) Only criticism is that sometimes when I moved to a chest my character was facing away from me and I couldn't see what I was holding or if I'd clicked the chest properly.

Thanks for the feedback, I agree the images definitely would have been cleaner if they were there own levels. I think that was pure laziness on my part for overlaying them over the main menu hahaha 

Rebuilt as version 1.0 to include music credits that had accidentally been  deactivated for taking screenshots/videos.

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Sorry for the late response, thought I'd check out your game after you left a comment on VacPac! Really liked the idea, animation, everything was very smooth. Couple of small points I wasn't the biggest fan of the camera zooming in the centre and I wish I had less health or the game got more difficult quicker as I ended up quitting before I lost. I would have also have liked a button press for the tutorial text I kept forgetting to press the continue text, a button would have sped this up. Good game though!

Thanks! I may be tweaking the difficulty and physics post game jam. IL try remember to check yours out tonight (UK time)

Thanks for the feedback I'm glad you thought it was cool, yeah it could do with some more friction :)

Loved this game! Really liked the idea of it being a drunken mans thoughts and the whole story behind it, unfortunately I also got stuck at the second black screen and I was unsure whether it was an intentional black screen

Not easy but found myself playing this a lot longer than other game jam games. Very glad you gave us a chance to get familiar at the start before making the character invisible. Will rate high :)

Really cool idea, like others have said the way of teaching the mechanic on the menu was a very good idea. The gameplay was solid, I did get confused whenever the level reset itself though, I also managed to knock my light off the bottom of the stage on the first level by pushing it with another light by accident

Concept was cool, was kind of confusing trying to figure out what my aim was and I managed to get out of the map in the bottom of the area when swapping in the narrow passage.

Yeah that's a good point, I was thinking of adding a capped max velocity to it, thanks for your feedback!

Glad you like the concept, I agree it could always be easier to pick up and play and be refined more

Glad you enjoyed it! It's definitely tough, we originally started building our ideas with the hope of adding easier levels and shuffling them around at the end, but had to end ours early.