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I agree with Maz that some indicator as to which thrusters are being fired would be good.

Is the acceleration physically accurate? Like, I understand that acceleration due to gravity does change based off distance but at a scale of hundreds of meters, it really should be constant acceleration, no?

I dunno, it was just weird how I had to use the spacebar much more as I got closer to the moon, when I should have been able to do impulses at the same rate as normal.

This was... interesting. I couldn't get the camera to turn, is there something I have to do besides moving the mouse?

The aliens were fairly easy to kill, the way the raycasting works meant I could do it from far away. I didn't have a problem with reloading, I just always had bullets. Not sure what the grey were... I guess they started the wave, but I had to jump around them for a bit before they'd disappear.

It's very ambient and spooky!

A fun little game with very nice visuals.

I wish there was a little more depth though - maybe a shop to spend the coins in, that would enhance your experience in future levels, for instance.

The control scheme was really unique in a good way!

I wasn't a huge fan of the visuals or audio, I feel like it was a bit too in-your-face. Also, was there no better place for the UI than the middle of the screen? lol

This was a fun game! I liked trying to figure out the perfect path to get past the stars. The maze was a little boring, but the way it used music to guide you to the goal was cool!

I liked the concept, but the execution was lacking. The visuals were just way too small, and the controls were too slow - instead of using the keyboard to aim, maybe we could have used the mouse?

The game is very smooth, and very appealing in terms of the visuals and especially the audio!

One thing that annoyed me was the progression curve. It never felt like the asteroids/UFO's hitting the earth were my fault for playing poorly, rather that my damage output never got high enough to handle them even buying upgrades wherever I could. Like, it did not feel like it was physically possible to actually clear most waves without taking hits, no matter how well I played.

Yeah the game is waaay too difficult as it's intended to be played, though pushing the moon around the level with your space ship is still a fun challenge even if it's slower.

I love the visual design!

A cute little game! It's very relaxing to play. Some notes - 

-I wish there was some audio, I feel like that would make the experience even more relaxing.

-The bright, flashing colors kinda hurt my eyes, especially on the title screen.

-It would be nice if there was some sort of score so I could know how far I've gotten?

-Maybe if instead of selecting the number of plants on the title screen, you get new branches as you grow?

I really wish there was a button that restarted a level after a game over. Having to sit through the tutorial explanation each time isn't very fun.

I also wish there was more visual feedback. Like, planets seemingly disappear when I destroy their moons, but that's not because I destroyed the planet. It would be nice if there was an explosion effect on the moon so I know when I succeeded.

The writing was very funny though!

The game has... somewhat of a clashing visual style. And the gameplay doesn't have that much depth.

I like the audio design though!

This game has a really cool concept!

A couple things that would have made it a bit better - 

Instead of each level being randomly generated, having a couple pre-set tutorial levels to introduce players to each type of reflection.

Also, a way to flag locations on the board that you're keeping an eye on, before you're ready to place your actual guesses. Similar to how in minesweeper, you can place down flags to remind yourself of where you know the bombs are, or how in sudoku games there's usually an option to note two possible numbers in the corner of a blank space.

Did you forget to include the actual levels? All I can find in the game is the "tutorial" level (which is just a road with nothing on it) and "level 1" (which is a box with some blue cylinders in it). No diamonds, none of the level design in the screenshots/trailer.

The hookshot/swinging mechanic is cool but I'm not sure what anything here has to do with the theme.

I liked the gameplay, but it made me pretty motion sick, especially with all the screen shaking.

The audio was kind of annoying and didn't really fit the tone of the game.

This was a really fun game! I liked the pixel art and the music, along with all the different stealth/grouping mechanics (once I got used to them).

Sometimes when I was running away from a horde, it would count as me having died even though the demons didn't touch either character. Not sure what that was all about.

The story and dialogue were also really cool to see!

I really liked the chill vibes and the gameplay ideas! The music was great too!

Judging depth was a bit too hard for me I'm afraid. I liked the graphics, but I felt like there were three conflicting art styles in this game, which was a bit weird.

What does the km number represent? It's not the distance to the goal, because it barely changes at all as you progress. What is it for?

When I started the game, it was just a black screen (with some bangin' music playing, admittedly). Does this only work on certain screen resolutions or something?

Yeah I'm not sure this was built correctly, I don't even see a .app file anywhere in the zip.

It's a very interesting story, tough I had trouble making sense of it.

For some reason the game won't accept my name entry, and it crashed during the office job part.

I wasn't a huge fan of this one. The controls were clunky - every time I let go of the WASD keys, the ship turned around. And it would have been nice if there was some option for diagonal movement, because the way it currently works just feels awkward.

I also wish there was any audio.

I couldn't figure out which was I was supposed to go for a while - it would be nice if there was an indicator, or if the camera was zoomed out far enough to see the moon.

I liked the look of the backgrounds!

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Where am I supposed to ask the creator about technical problems if I'm not allowed to comment, silly

Plenty of creators in this Jam have released games that straight-up don't work because they didn't include all the files. How am I supposed to know which case is which?

I did, many times, and nothing happened besides the 3D art rotating around by one frame every second or so.

Ahh it may have been the turn number.

I've only known Hayley for a few days, but I would kill and/or die for them.

Amazing game, seriously! The artwork, the sound design, the story, everything is perfect! And the tasks strike a perfect balance between easy ones and hard ones. I think you really hit it out of the park!

The only critique I have is that it's a bit TOO similar to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Even down to the visual design of the manual pages. I think with some slight adjustments, this game could really have its own identity!

Uh... is there a build? It looks like you just uploaded the source code?

Maybe it was just my computer, but everything was WAY too fast. i couldn't even react before hitting something most of the time.

Also, I'm not sure what the upgrades are for? They don't seem to have any labels.

Love the visual style though

This game had a chill atmosphere and an addicting game loop.

Not sure how to beat the giants though, lol.

The visuals are incredible, I wish there was some audio.

The controls... not the best. It feels like the main inspiration for the movement physics was Flappy Bird which isn't a great sign.

The random generation was super cool though!

This is very well put together!

I wasn't a huge fan of the gameplay - space is a bit too big to find anything on your own, and every time I tried to check the map the game lagged super hard. It was also fairly easy to just camp next to a friendly planet and spam bullets in all directions to get kills.

Why do meteors kill you in one hit? lol

Love the sound design!

Where is the Mac version? I only see a .exe in the download zip.

This was a great game!

I wish the game over screen would tell you why you lost. I got a game over once even though seemingly all my numbers were find - maybe I ran out of trust on the evil side, but I couldn't check after I got the game over of course.

I love the way the two different music tracks transition into each other!

I couldn't figure out anything going on. I'm not sure if the game is an actual slideshow, or if my computer was too slow to run it. I also couldn't get anything to shoot?

This game isn't running on my Windows 7 machine - did you include everything we need to run the game?

It's a fun little arcade-y thing! I would have liked it more if there was some more progression - for instance, different enemy types.

I really liked the story!

I couldn't figure out the password puzzle at the end... I couldn't figure out what the post-it was trying to tell me, so I just went through it with trial and error.

I liked the audio!

Just one of me, and not exactly a guy lmao

You can press Enter/Return to skip all the text, but yeah I should probably say that somewhere!

Hi! Sorry, I was asleep during the stream!!!

Thank you so much for playing! For the record, it tells you which color you need to match to complete the level in the upper right corner - but, I admit the game never specifically says you need to match 4 blocks to make a chain. I could add a little text that pops up with each chain that says how big the chain was and how many points that earned the player.

I'm glad you liked the music!

Nice! Glad to hear it!