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This is a very interesting concept but there are a few bugs to buff out.

here are the bugs I had:

first as many others have pointed out, when you restart the game the previously dug holes do not get filled back in.  this is only fixed by quitting the application.

in terms of visual glitches as another comment pointed out, you laser(just the visual representation) is stuck activated after the fuel hits zero. another thing I found odd was the blue laser effect disappears if you get the gun's muzzle too close the ground. Also the tornado seems to be spinning very very slowly Not sure if this was an fps Issue with my PC but the rest of the game ran pretty smooth so I don't think so.

As for Gameplay, Initially I tried digging to escape the asteroid but that didn't seem to work, so i just sprinted away from it that worked. In my first successful run I sprinted toward the boat till the tornado appeared then just made a straight tunnel to the boat. On a second run I noticed that the tornado follows a set path so I just waited a bit for it to move away form the boat and walked over to it. So you may want to make the tornado chase the player. Also I got the warning about mines but never managed to step on one in over 10 runs.

I felt the camera shake and the footstep sound effect were a bit too rapid while sprinting, you may want to slow them down a bit.

anyway those are my observations. This game is very good considering you only had 2 days, I am very much looking forward to trying you post jam version

here's our submission:

very nice graphics and UI. 

Gameplay wise the camera was disorienting as mentioned in other comments also the turns were too fast on the car. another noticeable visual glitch was the golems walking on air.

Otherwise, Nice work especially for staring late.

here's our submission:

Very interesting idea for for a puzzle game. The puzzles were properly challenging without being difficult to the point of frustration which made it very enjoyable to play. The Art, Character animations and music were really good.

I would have liked a bit of a tutorial but I figured it out pretty quickly and I like the aspect of learning through gameplay trial and error.

Great work!

Please check our game out too!

Fun game to play. I really liked the camera effect and the graphics 

Also not sure if this was intended but I managed to simultaneously pick up as shot gun and a machine gun, so was able to shoot both at once. that was very fun. If this is not intended , I highly you make this a feature.  

the enemies don't seem to pursue you beyond a certain range which makes it easy to stand just outside that and kill them. You could consider making them chase the player more.

Overall a good game, I am interested in trying out an updated version of this.

I'd really appreciate it if you could play and rate our game too. 

This was very fun to play. I really like the wide variety of options you have to cause chaos and the game is well polished for a jam entry.  The art is a bit too retro for my taste but that's just me. the music was upbeat and calming. 

I suggest making the npc movement less random and maybe give the player a way to influence them by making them investigate whatever the player has messed with. Also it would be nice if the player could mess with the npcs themselves like spill water on the floor and make them trip etc.

I'm really interested to see where you take this game if plan in developing it further.

I had a lot of fun with the grappling mechanic, that is very well implemented. the wall climbing felt a little slow but was mostly fine. I got to the exit but couldn't go through it. Do I have to kill all enemies before exiting?

I suggest adding a way jump off a wall you are climbing. that will be nice to combine with the grapple swinging mechanic.  

The art gives a nice retro vibe and the music fits the theme.

please check out our game too

Thanks for checking out our game and the feedback. 

Regarding highlighting where the ship has to land, when you have a ship selected it's landing zone will flash(clicking and dragging on it). The effect is a bit too subtle to notice right now. we are planning add a more visible highlight effect

As for having visuals where ships will collide we will think about it but I feel it will make the game a bit too easy. there is already an indicator when ships are about to collide.

Regarding the pause button there is already one in the game. But I think you mean without the panel so you could see where your ships are going. we will definitely consider this too.

Really nice graphics and music. Like the other comment mentioned I suggest adding a different button grab books because it's difficult to switch between WASD and E. 

Overall nice job. I enjoyed the game.

I'd appreciate it if you could check out our game too

Visually this game is awesome. The is well polished and I enjoyed the music very much. The game play is simple but smooth. I did have a bit of difficulty picking stuff up but its was  a very minor issue

I feel the tutorial should mention you can stack stuff by running into the pillar, I kept trying to throw the blocks at it. Another thing that will be nice is if had to dodge the stuff falling on me but I guess that will be too hard with the amount of stuff that's falling right now. just something to think about.

Overall This an excellent and underrated game. Nice work!

Nice game. The main menu was very polished. Camera and movement is smooth, The pickup mechanic is not working though. that kinda prevented me from progressing. Looking forward to try the game once that is fixed after the rating period.

Ok that worked. I really like the idea of having minions do the killing, while I just have to make more minions. I just would like to have more control over them than just follow and attack. Another thing I had trouble with was the pickups vanish very quickly so I often couldn't get to them in time. this problem is kinda compounded by the fact your minions scatter and kill randomly so you don't know where the pickups Appear. The graphics and the music are very good. As others have mentioned there are few bugs but that is fine in jam game. Overall I like this concept and I am looking forward to see where you take it

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hmm.. this is weird the menu doesn't seem to be working for me. I can't start the game. only quit works. any idea what could be the problem. I really want to try this game.

Thanks a lot for playing our game!

Great Idea! fits the theme perfectly. The game is very well polished< I like that you paid ayyention to the little things like mirror animations and distance blur when the phone is pulled up. The music fits the game very well. The problem which I had was the hitbox (clickbox?) for the phone, I could  only pull it up by dragging on the left side. Overall excellent game

Great Game! Your intro idea of taking the player through the bugs is really good. it made me feel part of your process. the Gameplay is simple but quite smooth and fun. Nice Job!

Actually we just had to find royalty free music online because we couldn't find a sound engineer.  here's the link if you're interested : 

The low poly  graphics look really good, I Liked the cutscene in the beginning. it doesn't really feel 'chaotic' but I liked it.

Nice Concept! I liked the graphics and sound design. My only issue with it was the colors being a bit finicky, esp. the purples.

Thanks for checking out our game!

Regarding the controls I agree with you that I felt they aren't both fast and precise enough. I'm thinking of updating the control scheme to just use clicks to snap the turrets to where you are clicking

Thanks for checking out our game! did you try the 3rd level I made it quite hectic... (maybe too hectic ... ha ha ha)

Thanks for trying out our game

Hi sorry for the late reply and thank you for trying out our Game!W ell the 3rd level is a huge spike in difficulty(I would suggest playing the 4th level before it). I should have made more mid difficulty levels. That level is basically a test of your ability to keep track of whats coming towards both cores . basically the idea is to have one source node pointed at one of the 2 diamond node clusters. and re orient the nodes in the diamonds as required. also you are limited in the number of lasers you can have in all the levels as indicated by the laser icon in the HUD (forgot to put this in the tutorial). Also you can lose the game in two ways letting 3 viruses(red) hit the cores or destroying 3 data packets (green). To win you need to get to the score indicated in the HUD for each level. Hope that answers your queries. Let me know if you have any more doubts

I hope you check out the game and give us some feedback! Much appreciated!Here's the trailer/guide of the level editor of our game  Core Assault.

I hope you check out the game and give us some feedback! Much appreciated!

Hey, can you please check out mine :

Your game looks really interesting. I'll be playing it later today.

A  well Implemented and challenging game.  it would be nice if you could indicate the gravity wells  and the boundaries of the visually in gameplay. I was mainly using fortuna's power to move things around  and couldn't see how far I could move things. 

Overall great Game! Having a level editor is great feature.

A very interesting twist (pun intended) on bullet hell, I really enjoyed it. The story at the beginning was hilarious. The graphics and audio suited the game very well.

Only con for me was it was a bit hard to judge when you can catch a bullet in your orbit and when you get hit but I guess I would have gotten used to it the more I played.

Overall Great Game!

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Excellent graphics and music. I really enjoyed it. I really love the idea of idea of using the moon as a power bar for your shots.  I only managed to clear the boat level. The jumps were too hard to time for me in the 2nd area

Gameplay wise I understand that you are going for minimalistic ui but I would have really liked some indications of health , level progress etc

Also the jump felt a bit clunky to me but that's just my opinion.  

Overall really nice game. Looking forward to play it again once you guys update it after the jam

Thank you for taking the time to play the game and to comment. I am very glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Thank you for taking the time to play our game and providing feedback.  I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I will look into the audio bug and improve the UI post jam.

This is a very fun game. The punch's knock back and the enemies flying is very fun to watch.  The enemy spawn rate is a bit high in my opinion. Also it would be great if you could add some invincibility frames during dodge rolls and punching the fire ball to the moon.

thanks did you try out the level editor

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I think we got too hung up on the one second theme and made the controls a bit too hard. There's actually a brake which stops you but we removed it because it felt too easy

Nice game! I reminds me of my first game ( I even had the same bird sprite). I feel the controls should be a bit more responsive but that's just my opinion.