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I really like the concept!

Just a tip: I think you didn't select macOS as platform for the macOS build (it doesn't show me the icon and it's not listed as available on macOS on the filtered list).

Oh, sorry, I just updated a new build for Linux.

Yep, sadly I didn't have enough time to explore the graphics of the glitches.

Thanks for playing it! :)

Yeah, I didn't notice that thing about the `AudioStreamPlayer2D`, I just defaulted to it since it was a 2D game hah.

Thanks for playing it!

You had great mechanics in there, but too many keys to control them (I would suggest moving the aim+shoot to the mouse and the gravity change to press n times W and S, for example).
Really good work!

I just uploaded a new version for Windows. The .pck file was missing.


Wow, great tip! That should be on the documentation (or maybe I just skipped it hah).

Thanks for playing it.

Really nice idea!

Awesome game, congrats!

Weird, that should work. However, I just included some binaries too.

What a trip! Sadly, I got stucked in front of the castle too.

Nice work, I like the concept and style. I know it's hard to keep a clear scope on these jams, but I would love to attack and to be attacked by the enemies.

I like the respawn animation! However, it's weird because I respawned but were unable to move again.

Cool! I had some issues with the export but I tested on several OS/browsers and in general it works.

Thanks for playing it!

The HTML5 export is kind of a mess. Which OS are you using? I tried Firefox on macOS and a friend on Manjaro (Linux) and it works fine.

Yep, I thought about putting some warning arrows to indicate the screen movement but I felt it was going to be hard to balance (I kind of like the surprise effect).

Thanks for playing it!

Hey, thanks! 

Yeah, I was tempted to add some visual indicators to warn about the screen movement, but I felt it was going to be a bit hard to balance.

Thanks again for playing it :D