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Hi folks!

I think it would be great to be able to use the banner image as link preview for the user's profile instead of the last game (I know the profile editor is not as big as the one for games, but the selection could be just a checkbox under the banner selector).

I hope this idea fits well and get some dev time to do it.


Thanks for playing it! The shield was added at last to have a bit of variety, it wasn't my greatest idea haha.

That sounds great, keep working on it!

Great game, the art style is awesome and the movement feels really good. Congrats!

Cool simple game, I loved the background story (it really keeps you motivated to continue playing).


This is pretty interesting first game. Very creative, congrats!

This is an interesting submission. I think the perspective it's a bit weird (probably because of the tiles angles) but it's a cool idea.

It's definitely a solid base to expand it to something bigger, congrats!

This submission is awesome. The art and general polished feeling is incredible. Congrats!

Nice game! It feels great to think new layouts and then try them on space.

Amazing game, lovely art and music. The movement and dialogs look really polished.

I think you should add a few more steps to the tutorial to understand better how to play it and master some of the mechanics.

Congrats, this an incredible submission! 

Thanks for playing it and for your comments, I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks! That one was a last minute addition, glad you liked it!

I loved this game! I think you could add some path choices and that would be great.

Also, I feel like the UX for rolling and choosing to roll again or move could be polished a bit more (I'm not sure how, but I found myself doubting about the buttons and making errors a few times).

But once again: congrats, it's awesome!

Great idea! Sadly, it was quite hard to click on stuff (except for the Earth). Maybe you could add some shortcuts with the keyboard? Like pressing O will select the inner orbit and with every new keystroke it will go to the next one.

Also, adding a full screen mode would be awesome.

Great idea, cool game. Congrats!

I think the rotation of the ship is not restarted when you died. Also, I was able to get off screen by the right side (but never come back since the camera doesn't follow me hah).

Hey, cool game! the visuals, sounds and aesthetics are great!

Sadly I don't have a VR thing but on browser it feels good too.


Hahaha, thanks for playing it!

Nice game, congrats!

I think you could add some blinking (and invincibility) when taking damage, that could be great.

Great idea and good execution! But I had to agree with the other comments: it's really hard haha. Maybe adding a hint system? or removing the 4/4 letters rule (or even adding more letters and combinations available for each word).

Very addictive and fun game, congrats!

Pretty fun and big game, congrats!

Lovely game, amazing art and puzzles. Congrats!

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Pretty fun game, congrats!

Maybe you could add some simple points system and a combo multiplier (counting the consecutive hits  to enemies until missing one).

This is just fantastic, congrats!

BTW, the web build works like a charm.

Thanks! November was quite a busy month so I tried to keep the scope as tight as possible. I'm really happy with the result.

Yeah, I have a spaceship shooter game from another jam and making the movement and fire logic for enemies was really hard (and I don't think it was really good hah).

Nice game, congrats!

I think you could make it a bit fairer if the enemies have friendly fire. Also, consider adding an explosion for those ships, damaging the surrounding ones. 

Cute art, nice game! Congrats!

I think you got a really nice and original idea but the final game has some issues, because it was quite hard to play (too many things to understand and learn at the same time). I think you should see some people playing it for the first time to evaluate how to improve it.

Anyway: you made a great submission, congrats!

I really enjoyed playing this game, even though it's not my kind of game. Congrats!

Great submission, congrats on your first jam!

If you wanna work on a post jam version, I think you could add more sprites for the character (for falling, jumping, jumping at high speed, dead, etc). Also, the distance to the Moon on screen could be great to have a sense of progression. Finally, I'm not sure but maybe the background could get improved by using some layers and parallax.

Once again: good job! Keep motivated and working!

Thanks! I think I could make changes on the orbit every few waves, that could add a lot of dynamism.

Nice game, good job!

I think it could be nice to have more info on screen, and also give some feedback when receiving damage.

Great idea, the aesthetics are great!

I felt a bit confused at the beginning because I didn't see the nets to capture the wolves and I thought the game was like a tower defense where you had to position the traps moving the rooms. I think that you can work a bit on the onboarding, separating the actual game from the opening narrative audio and then trying to make a guided tutorial for the first wolf.

Good job!

Yeah, I need to check that, for some reason the responsive template I used is not that responsive :(

Thanks for playing it!

Nice concept! I like the keep moving up/down mechanic for the rocket, good job!

As feedback: did you tried making the screen 16:9? It would allow the player to see the spawning objects for a bit longer and prepare a better strategy.

Great game! I really like the aesthetics and the level is huge, congrats!

The layout kind of remind me to some Sonic levels (because of the multiple levels and leaps of faith).

Some feedback: 

1) The hook cooldown is too high and it needs some visual indication. 

2) With a game as long as this one, you need some kind of checkpoint. I died really close to the end (I think haha) and it took me to the very start, which is very frustrating.

3) It could be great to have some sense of progression. Maybe saying that the launch should be done at dawn and see how the Sun starts to appear while you reach certain points.

Great game! I think reinventing sports is an incredible idea and you did a good job (even though I don't know anything about baseball hah).

It was really fun to play, but I would try to do something to feel it a bit faster.

Also, on the first level (third ball, I was really bad at that point lol), the trajectory was too high to hit it, so I had to restart the game.