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Glad you enjoyed the game, my idea was that there would be multiple types of checkpoints so you’re crossing a boarder and the guards are in checkpoints, the places where you check in with the other travelers are kinda checkpoints and I wanted to make checkpoints more of a game mechanic rather than just a thing you get so there’s more of a risk/reward because if you don’t get the checkpoint it’ll make you go back to the start if you mess up

The way to join as a team is to either make an account for the entire team or have one person submit the games and then you can add them as admins as seen here:

And for the second I'm not one of the hosts this but it seems like the only rule is to do an entirely new engine so I think its fine

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That is what itch does, if you see how it says raw score and score the, raw score is the ratings from everyone and the real score is ratings after being penalized if under the median, but the formula isn’t public afaik

Yay I'm glad it reminded you of sts because that was my main inspiration

Glad you enjoyed! I don't think I'm gonna expand on this any time soon but when I get the itch to do a long term project this idea will definitely be on the list

This is a really cool game, gives me some nostalgic vibes of playing board games with friends. Its really impressive how much content you were able to add in such a short time span. One thing I wish you could've added was more animations which would've made it a lot more clear what was happening. I also wished the map overlay was more high res because it looked a bit out of place. Other than that the game was a really nice experience, nice job!

Cool stuff, crazy impressive for a first game! The game was pretty good for a bit until I found the strategy of going to one side waiting until the wave ends and going back to collect all the coins after the waves end and even after I tried to play it a bit more risky it still got a bit repetitive. One of the main reasons is that there wasn't enough variety of enemies but I get that its hard to do a lot of content in jams. One thing that I found a bit annoying was the foreground elements got in the way seeing the enemies so it could've been good to have them be a bit transparent. For the art, the game world looked really good. But I think its really important to have consistency even if it looks worse so it was a bit jarring to have some of the upgrades at high res and some pixel art. But overall this game was really impressive, good job!

CDN media

I think turning this on is the way to fix it

I really liked the game and its really cool how many upgrades you were able to add which definitely helped me continue playing for longer than I would have otherwise. I will say one bad part was that I was super confused at the start for how to find the radioactive enemies, I also found a bug where you could end up getting over the level and going into space which was pretty funny. I also love the art style, its always super cool and impressive having the hand drawn assets and this is no exception. The music is really good and I remember bonking into something and there being a sound and visual effect that made me laugh out loud which is pretty rare for me. Anyways great job on this game!

Thanks for the review but giving a sentence review and asking me to rate your game makes me not want to rate your game ngl

Ok I added it, hopefully it can help some people

Yeah I probably should explain it on the page, in the past I’ve done that and it didn’t really help many people so I’ve just assumed like nobody reads the page lol

Yeah sadly the tutorial was the biggest thing that I wasnt able to implement

Hmm maybe I could've let the player reforge twice, I was afraid of doing something like randomizing the starting hand and making the game impossible.

Glad you enjoyed, thats really encouraging to hear!

Glad you enjoyed! I would also love a steam release but idk if I'd be able to stay on a project long enough do that lol

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Yeah the mouse sensitivity is weird on the web I've found so a downloaded version would probably be better. The black cards were a special move with the 3rd enemy, the idea with finisher was that it costed 4 so you needed to have one of the cards the give you more energy, glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for the rating!

Yeah I want to come back on a game like this in the future it as I love games like this as well


Yay I'm glad you enjoyed!

Yeah we had a ton of cards that didnt get implemented but I'm glad you enjoyed

Glad you enjoyed, yeah the music is great!

Yeah I got to a point where I knew I had to cut the tutorial in order to have enough for the game to be actually a game and I knew this would happen, where did you get confused so I could maybe add something in the description?


Thanks, I spent a bit too much time on the polish and part of me wishes I spent a bit more time on the actual cards because we had like 20 more card and 2 enemies designed that didnt get implemented but I think it still turned out pretty good!

Glad you enjoyed!

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Thanks for helping me see this, in the video it says to check the windows and doors again and some of them unlock/open

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Sorry for the late reply but in that one it says to check the windows and doors again and some of them unlock/open (I knew that would cause some confusion but hoped the creepiness would be worth it)

Cool game with an interesting take on the theme

Enjoyment: This was cool after I got the hang of it, at first I thought I was supposed to pull on the enemies when they had the "!!!" over their head but once I figured out what the actual timing was it got pretty fun! It was really cool at the end seeing the cards for the the hoomans and what score I got.

Creativity: An interesting take on the theme but I have seen this a few times in the jam so its not like crazy creative so its a solid idea.

Presentation: The art looks really good (as always) everything fits really well and is super polished, nice job!

Enjoyment: This game was really fun! The movement felt really good and polished, only thing with the movement was that the collision shape sometimes felt a bit small/the movement was a bit too slippery when trying to get onto small platforms. The game design in most of the levels is really fun, did a good job of teaching new mechanics, and had some really good aha moments. Only bad thing is a few of the levels seemed to be able to cheese which is kinda fun in its own way. Overall this is insanely good for a 48h jam especially with being able to get this many mechanics.

Creativity: Really great take on the theme and just a fun idea in general. I can see so many possible ideas that could come from this idea it is crazy. 

PresentationThe presentation is really good all the art and sounds are great, I dont really know what to say other than that as this isn't my expertise and I didnt find any faults lol 

Overall: Another hit from you guys, can't wait to see what you make next!

Thanks for the review!

Without the running start it was almost impossible to have the players be able to have enough towers down to kill the first enemies, and idk what you meant by not all towers firing when they are supposed to as some of them fire every few turns. I had tried to make a thing in the menu to show how often they fired but I was changing so many of the stats last second I just had to cut it.

Glad you enjoyed!

Enjoyment: I liked it, it was fun balancing the parts where you go slow and look for the finish and parts where you jump over the gap in a mad dash to get to the end. I did get a few spawns that had the end right in front of me which was kinda weird but I'll take it lol. But yeah it was overall really good!

Concept: Pretty good

Presentation: Overall I like the style but I wish you used a different font other than the default unity font. The music also fits really well and adds to the atmosphere

Use of the Limitation: I mean it fits

Enjoyment: Overall I enjoyed it a good amount, it was annoying having a few impossible levels but it I'm glad that you added the reset. I did get a weird bug where I went over an x and it didnt change the level and I  I thought it was fun learning the enemy patterns and trying to outsmart them.

Concept: A pretty basic concept but executed really well (just like a pirate lol) 

Presentation: I love the style and the music and sounds/music fit really well 

Use of the Limitation: I mean it fits lol

Enjoyment: This was pretty fun. The best of this game was how amazing the mechanics were introduced, as someone who has made a lot of puzzle games ik its really hard to introduce puzzle mechanics without tutorial text and you did that really well. The only puzzle that seemed a bit scuffed was level 7 where it felt like that was just a random thing that hadn't really been introduced at all so there would be no way of me knowing that I could do that, but other than that is was a pretty smooth experience!

Concept: Its not super original as I've played quite a few ice slide game pretty similar to this game but there are some cool original additional mechanics.

Presentation: The pixel art looks good, I really liked the pirate face next to the health thing ui. I didn't love the water bg but I get that water can be tough to get look good. Finally the sound effects and music were good and fit well with the style.

Use of the Limitation: This one wasn't super clear but it works so…

Enjoyment: I'm normally not much of a story guy person but the story in this game was really nice and I got invested in their problems.  The inventory management part was also interesting and was good to have along with the story part. 

Concept: Pretty interesting concept.

Presentation: The art is really great and is my favorite part about this game!

Use of the Limitation: I mean yeah it uses a grid lol