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Woah this is a great idea for the game!

Glad you enjoyed!

That’s probably because it’s a build for windows

Yeah I’m having the same issue so I tried to decompile it and build for mac but the multiplayer had a bug on mac so it’s not as simple as just building it for mac

Also I think theres mod support so you probably dont need to do that

Decompiling the game

This looks so cool! Any chance of a mac build?

Woah that’s crazy, seems like the most important part getting a sub 70 is not messing up on the longer levels

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Yeah, I think that couldve been fun but not really what we were going for lol

What’s the problem?

That was a bug but it's fixed now

You need it

I beat it, though I'd bet you got a new pb since then

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True, I was mastering each level before I tried full game runs (I just started them)

I did that time manually, took like 30 minutes

Bet you cant beat this time

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Thanks for the review. I used this shader for the crt and the videos had crt effects that’s combined with the shader

Chill gameplay and nice story, I spent most of the game trying to find rocks that could be ramps lol.

The audio glitch is an issue with Godots web version, use a downloadable version for better quality

Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for the review!

There is a bit performance heavy especially for the web so if you want it to run smoother use a downloadable version

Thanks for the review!

Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for the in depth review.

I think you’re talking about level 4 and I taught bridge building in the last level so I wanted to ramp it up a bit but when I was doing playtesting everyone said they got stuck on that level and had to reload the game so I said r to restart to make sure people know to do that.

Also I found when the player was able to move while placing it was more confusing to figure out when you could use the bomb and it was also annoying trying to make it so people couldn’t draw over themselves.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the review!

I didn’t add the space bar as an option to jump because I thought it’d be hard to use it while also using the mouse.

Thanks for the review

Thanks for the review.

Most of the issues you had should be fixed if you do a download but it’s probably not that much if a problem. With the levels, I had trouble finding interesting puzzles with the elements in the game so I decided to go for a short but polished game.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the review

Thanks for the review, I’m glad you enjoyed!

Yeah, I was inspired by those games and noita

Thanks for the review!

 About the limitation I couldn’t think of anything that fit both the things that well (and pre-jam I knew I wanted to try out sand) so I decided to go for a bit of a stretch for Multi use because I felt like setting wood on fire would be really interesting and he said as long as you can justify it it’s all good.

Thanks, I really hope so

Oh I just saw your devlog, it was good

Thanks ❤️

Watch the video here:

Saying please rate my game doesn’t make me want to rate your game. I’d suggest writing a lot more and having actual feedback if you want people to want to rate your game