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Merci! Glad you enjoyed it and I hope it helped blowing off some steam ;)

Hey, thank you for your feedback! We are currently working on a new demo where things are hopefully a lot clearer, stay tuned!

Ok thank you for sharing, we'll see if we can find what could cause the crash

Hey thank you for your comment, that's unfortunate indeed! We never encountered this issue, did you try the windows or the mac version?

Sure thing, keep up the great work!

Such a great concept, I really enjoyed figuring out the different routes for all the characters, well done!

The only thing I wondered about was the long waiting period before you can go for another security breach. At some point I just had to wait a minute without having to do anything else, even though all the guards were back at their positions which broke the flow a bit. So I just wondered if that design decision had a specific reason regarding gameplay?

Thank you very much!

Thanks ;)

Hey, thank you very much for taking time to play our game and for the great feedback, glad you liked it!

It would sure need some more polish - thank you for pointing out the UI readability, definitely something to consider for any game.

We won't have time to further explore this concept anytime soon as we are currently working full speed on a different puzzle game called "It's a wrap!". If you're interested to see what we're up to you can also check out our twitter where we regularly post updates:

Hope to see you there! ;)

Thank you for the detailed feedback, this is great food for thought, much appreciated!

Thank you, a comparison with Limbo sure is the best compliment we could hope for ;)

You're right, unfortunately we ran out of time before we could polish the movements.

Thank you for your feedback, glad you liked it! Yea, this game brings out the bad in us :P

The buggy stairs definitely gave us more than one headache but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to completely fix them

Hey, thanks for your message - we're still looking for a sound designer so if you're interested come join us on discord:

Hey Mike! We are participating with a team of 3 and could need a sound designer. Unfortunately we only have time to participate for 2 days from 22nd 8:00UTC to march 23rd 21:00UTC so there will be quite some time pressure to finish something, but let me know if you would be interested to join for two intense days!

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We are a 3 (Programmer, 2D Artist, Game Designer) and we'd like to find a 4th member, preferably a sound designer, to join us.

We have an extra time constraint, as we  will only participate from march 22nd 8:00UTC to march 23rd 21:00UTC. So it will be intense!

That doesn't sound like a problem with the game itself, could it be some firewall or antivirus?

Otherwise you can always play the browser version!

Sure thing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Try if you can translate the words to mathematical symbols ;)

Hey Munliath, thank you for playing!


Yea, the glass panels turned out to be a little confusing for everyone, you are not alone with this :P The color of the panel and the color of the room should give a hint as to where the panels belong. You'll need to make use of Q and R at some point to correctly place them though. This will make more sense after you found the code with the symbols. The hint for the code is in the same room, you might wanna look for it in the dark though ;)

Let me know if you need more help!

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Contact us!

Thank you for playing! We are working on the polishing right now, stay tuned ;)

I rated your game and wrote my feedbacks on your submission page :)

Good job, it's a very polished game! I enjoyed a lot.

Some feedbacks:

  •  The inspiration from "keep talking and nobody explodes" is pretty obvious, a bit too much (I think even the font of the manual is the same?), You could try to give a bit more of your own personality. 
  • Navigating through the manual was a bit annoying. I understand that it's designed to make it stressful and in that sense it is effective, but after a while it was tedious. I wish there was a way to get better at navigating through it, so that it is hard at the beginning but gets easier with experience. Here, even after 2 hours or so, it felt pretty messy, although I sometimes got lucky and clicked and the right page right away, I mostly had to swipe around to get through.
  • I didn't finish the game, so maybe there is, but I felt a lack of consequences for failing (or taking a long time to finish) my tasks. After a while, it didn't bother me so much to be stuck for a long time and the "stress effect" wasn't as strong. Maybe add a time limit to each day?
  • Finally, and maybe my most important feedback, I think it was too long. I pushed through because I really wanted to see what would happen, but a bit after hearing I had to continue until day 20 or so I gave up.  The mechanics of your game works very well in short sessions, but they quickly become redundant IMO. That's what KTANE do very well, the sessions are short, and since it's a multiplayer game it's always fun to try again later. But honestly as a solo player I wouldn't try to go back to finish it. If I had been able to finish the game in max 1 hour, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Or maybe find ways to change the gameplay throughout the game, like in Papers please, that allows you to enhance your UI to make things easier when the challenge gets harder. Or embed your mechanic in another kind of less stressful gameplay to give time to breath to the player.

Hope I was helpful and that you keep working on it!

Thank for your feedback!
True, we didn't have time to add any hint system, but if you want any just let us know where you're at and we'll give you some :)

I played Dark Space and left my review on your game submission page, thank you for doing the same with ours!

Very nice graphics and sound, good atmosphere.

  • A few bugs, in the enemies movement.
  • Sometimes pressing the trigger or the run button didn't do anything
  • I ran out of ammo very fast and then could only run away from the enemies
  • It's hard to aim correctly since the laser is often covered by the character
  • The character feels heavy, except when he jumps, then he has no weight. A better balance would be nice.

Good job overall, I hope you can work on a more polished version :)

I left my feedback on your game submission page, looking forward to read yours :)

  • I wish the ship would tilt towards its direction
  • Moving the moons along the edges of the green area is a bit buggy, they get stuck sometimes
  • If I put a moon on top of the other, impossible to detach them without deleting one, I couldn't even see there was 2.
  • It would have been nice to show the commands on the game screen rather than only in the menu, there is enough space for it
  • The physics of the ship was hard to predict...
  • ... and so successes mostly relied on trial and error. Rather than feeling clever for solving a puzzle, I mostly felt relieved that I could move on.

I think the mechanic is interesting but needs to be tweaked a bit along with more level design ideas to make the game great!

I wrote my feedback on your game submission page :) Please do the same with ours.

As it was said before, your game really needs a tutorial and a softer introduction of the mechanics. Even with the explanation video, I wasn't sure how to do some things and what some of the towers role was.

Having to manually collect mineral, apparently only 2 at a time, was a bit annoying and distracting from the rest of the action. The minerals are also quite small and not so easy to spot.

I think the beginning should be less difficult to leave time to learn the basics, but I'm not a big tower defense player so maybe it's just me :)

Good luck continuing to work on it!

I rated your game and left a comment on your game page :)

Thank you for doing the same with ours!

The particle effects were nice :)

When the UFO appears, they are already very close to the character, it might be nice to have a larger field of view and see them coming from afar. If we miss the enemy, we can only run away from it to survive, but then it we can't shoot in its direction. Could be nice to be able to shoot backwards.

It was a bit disturbing to see UFO flying in the foreground and background at times.

Done, I left a comment and rating on your game page.

Hope you can do the same with ours :)

Nice art direction, good level design. Overall a very good entry for a game jam.

For me the controls didn't always feel very good, too slippery or something with the inertia, I didn't feel like I could control the character as precisely as I wanted. This combine with a very demanding level design made the game frustrating at times.

Thanks for playing :)

I tried yours and posted my feedback on your game page.