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Hey! Thank you for playing and your feedback!

Glad you had fun :)

Thanks for the feedback!

The mushroom bug should be fixed now 😅

Good to hear you had fun :)! Thank you for the feedback!

We just released an update which addresses the enemy behaviour (among other thins) and makes especially the bats stop chasing you after a while 😅

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Thank you for the nice review!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

We just released an updated which addresses most of the things you mentioned!

The choice of music sets a greate ambiente, and the music transitions in during boss fights are great!

Movement felt a bit strange and bouncy at first, but I very quickly started to like the goofy movment 😁

It seemed a bit empty in some places, this was great for the atmoshpere sometimes (e.g. the worm cave) but some other places could be filled a bit more (with background elements or enemies). 

Speaking of the worm cave, wtf is up with the worms 😂 the first one almost didn't let me go and I was running around the cave in fear another one could appear... an impressive amount of fear... great job on that one! 😁

The camera transitions between rooms were a bit wonky at a few places (it seemed to be triggered a bit late sometime, but this could also be me), but in general the worked pretty good!

All in all great job! Had a lot of fun playing!

Skull mode make a great and innovative gameplay feature (additionally to looking funny)! Very nice idea!

The jumping didn't feel quite right  for me and could use a bit improvement in my opinion. But the hilarious death animation made up for it every time i jumped into the spikes 😂 (Fun fact, had a pretty similar idea for the death animation in my game Bone Runner for another game jam a few months ago).

Congrats to this nice entry! :)

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Finally got to my windows pc to play this 😅

The graphics and sounds are sick, great job on that.

The controls and the inventory where a bit confusing to me, took me  quite a while to get going, until I found the controls menu. Nevermind, I just realized, I didn't even get to the proper itch page with the controls table, because I downloaded it directly from the submission page🤦

Also an impressive amount of npc's to talk to, which is nice!

Great game all in all!

Thanks for the feedback!

I agree, it's too difficult in certain areas. Save points and better enemy balancing was definitely at the top of the todo list at the end of the jam, but sadly there was no time left...

Glad you liked the game anyway :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Nice game, looks great!

I had a bit problems, with the drill mechanic not working and sadly got completely stuck with the instakill fans.

But I really like the game concept, jetpacks are great 😁

Great job on this entry!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Good to hear, loosing the bombs had the impact we wanted it to have :)

And yes, the slime enemy turned out  much tougher than we intended 😅

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Thanks so much for the nice review!

Glad to hear that the bomb throwing is intuitive for people.

I can see how the difficulty can be a bit offputting... Some of the enemies have a few bugs, where they can make an insane amount of damage at once. I have some fixes for that ready as well as checkpoints, but it wasn't ready for the update/bugfix deadline sadly :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the thorough feedback!

Good point with the clockwise selection. Now that you mention it, I cannot think of why I did it like this.  😅

Also I see what you mean with the transitions. We‘ll keep that in mind for future games!

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun. 
Nice idea with the square bombs 😂 we haven‘t thought of that one.

And sorry for the mushroom thing. We weren‘t able to fix that one in time. But usually you should be able to destory the mushrooms with the other bombs or otherwise game progress is preserved if you reload the game. 

Quite loved the graphics and animations! Looks great with how the floor is shaped!

The platforming felt a bit unfair to me at some points. A few things I like to consider when working on platformers:

  • make sure the character does slide as little as possible on the floor (strong deceleration or high friction, don't know how it's called in unity :) ), so you don't slip from small platforms even if you made the jump
  • use a rectangular collision shape on the bottom of the character and on the top of the platforms, so so can't slowly slide off the corner
  • Make obstacles which damage you more visible (I hit so many spikes and the hook thing on the ceiling, because I didn't see them) -> make them have have high color contrast and large sprites (sprites can easily be larger than the the hit box)

But I have to say, the placement of the platforms felt very natural and good!

I hope this doesn't sound to negative, I really, really liked the game!!!

Great job on this entry!

Graphics and sound are very impressive. Well done!

Nice astethic, really like the colors!

The platforming was quite good, but there were a few very harsh jumps, where I wished I had coyote time 😅

Also I didn't know to proceed when I got to the trampoline...

All in all nice entry! Well done!

Great idea!

The controls (keyboard) are very hard to manage and the stakes for jumps are pretty high sometimes 😅 maybe it would make it easies if the jump direction would stay the same if you release the direction keys 🤔

Nonetheless, I had fun playing it! Congrats on this entry!

Great game! Love the dialog art style!

Took me a while to get through the holy water drops with the dash... the drops seemed to get out of sync over time somehow and built a pretty weird pattern 🤔

Eduard making you shine like  a diamond made me laugh hard. Great humour overall!

Congrats on this entry!

Wow, thanks 😅

I don't know, there are some pretty good entries out there :)

I really liked the sound effects. Some simple background music would've been great!

The jumping felt a bit floating to me, but it wasn't that bad either.

The laser robots get into action  very fast, which is nice and took me quite by surprise with the first one 😂! Also really liked the bosses!

Damage indication on the bosses could help to make a bit clearer whats happening (like sound effects, modulate sprite to red shortly or even a health bar).

All in all a solid and well rounded entry. Great job!

Thank for playing! Glad you had fun!

Thanks for the elaborate feedback!

Some parts definitely became a bit harder than planned. But I'm glad to hear people still manage to play the game through!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Glad you liked it!

And I'm honored that it pleased your ears 😁

Nice game! Haven't made it through yet, hope I'll find some time to continue it.

I was impressed with the jumping puzzles where you need to destroy the blocks and then wait for them to reappear to continue, simple but great idea :)

There were a lot of rooms with no enemies and no obstacles in them, those should be made more interesting or not be there at all as they don't bring much value to the game IMHO.

Anyways had fun playing it, and nice job on the saving system, did not expect to be right where I left when restarting the game 👌🏼

Congrats on this entry!

Hey! Thanks for playing! Good to hear you had fun with the mushrooms.

I can see how having all the bombs in the beginning can be a bit confusing. We discussed this while developing actually, but then decided to leave it in to give a sense of loss after the goblin raid and as 4rdi already said, in honor of Castlevaina :)

Also, good point with the soundeffects, they could need a bit of polish/balancing!

Anyways, thanks for all the valuable feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you had fun playing the game!

And yes, the bats got me as well a few times while playtesting 😂

Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it!

We knew there were shortcuts, but that is a wild one we didn't expect, thanks for sharing that 😅

Haha, yeah chillies are pretty OP if you can catch all the cupboards 😅

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun.

PS: what was the dice for?

Great example of taking one game mechanic and doing it well.

Had a blast playing!

Congrats on this entry!

Thanks for your feedback!

You're right, we didn't have that much time left to balance the prices!

The fruit inflation is real 🤣

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Would you mind elaborating what bugs you encountered. So we may be able to fix them?