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After a wave (or every couple of waves) give the player an option to buy upgrades. You could potentially assign monetary values for hits (or multiples hits) vs no value for just crashing into the asteroid.

We wanted to upload a web version! Unfortunately in our Tuesday morning testing, we ran into some issues… Notably in some controllers, the A and B button were swapped for some controllers (which was odd because it worked correctly in the downloaded version…). The other thing being the “Return to Main Menu” option in the pause menu would just crash the web page (likely due to scene tree reloading). If we had more time, we probably could’ve addressed it - but the crunch was real at that point!

These were the best times I achieved!

Team, just two of us!

That was a really great game! It sucked me in and I found myself playing it for quite a while - which is always a sign of a good game! I had a lot of fun going between the different moons and trying to find the blobs. I feel like you could have a lot of fun with a multiplayer version of this (either cooperative or competitive). The mechanics were simple and very intuitive! It sometimes got hard to find the blob when there was only one left, but I guess that just sorta happens!

I like the arcade style shooter concept with the theme - it was on point! Adding a little end screen with your score would be really nice! It would be cool to raise money (since countries will just give you money for saving the earth of course!) and buy upgrades for the moon/satellite. It would be cool to see fire quicker, more shots, maybe a mini-moon that helps shoot asteroids. Overall I found it pretty enjoyable!

I really liked the artwork and the music! They were really well done. It was a little hard to turn around and shoot the owlmen when they were following you, but otherwise was a fun platformer! Would love to see more enemies and levels!

I really liked the sprites, the way the dude’s hair moved was pretty cool! It was really nice to see some characters with personality, and using the platforming sections to change people’s mind was really cool! The multiple endings offers some nice replayability

Thanks for playing! We’re still thinking about doing a post-jam version. I think it would be cool if we had spikes/enemies below you, so you’d have to place wells and navigate through them!

We’ll see what happens post-jam! We have some ideas floating around that we might explore

The graphics and music created a really nice atmosphere in the game! It was a really pretty visual novel.

The pig sprites were really cute! It would be great to have some ability to change something after the pig gets launched into space or a minimap to see what obstacles exist in the air to try and time the launch appropriately. Good job on your first game!

This game was really fun! It took a little bit to get used to the controls - would love to see a tutorial. The graphics were really good. The movement based attacks and hook shot was really nice. It was hard to get to the enemies - some level design (at lest in the beginning) to help find/get to enemies would be really helpful!

The bunny model was super cute! The camera was a little hard to control, I used the browser version and kept moving my mouse out of the game port to help move the camera around.

The earth model was super cool looking! Progression felt kinda slow in the game. Having to use fuel throughout multiple runs was pretty interesting! Good job!

I wish the game had a tutorial to help explain the movement. It seemed a little rough to get going. I have not really seen many controls like this which was kinda cool!

It was really fun to play! I liked the bullet hell aspect to it, and liked how the music lined up with the levels! Graphics were really good. It was a little hard to determine where my health was for a particular life.

The artwork was really cool. I could tell it was Boris. I liked the jump animation, however I did have some troubles jumping at times. It was a very timely game with everything going right now.

Great job on a first game. I liked the concept! It was a little hard to see the werewolves at times. Also, I’m not sure if scoring was working correctly, as I got points for shooting into the night.

I really liked the art style. It was cute game that you played as a dino! Cool to see a PICO-8 game

That was a fun puzzling game! I liked how it showed the previous path and that the angle line is extendable and in a bold color. The two player aspect is dope!

The art and music were super cool! It was a little hard to control the ships at first. The powerups were pretty cool. I liked that it was a PICO-8 game!

I really liked the jetpack mechanic! The art and sounds were really well done! It was fun to fly around. I think there’s a lot that could be done with the level design to make good use of it. The game felt a little slow at times, as movement and recharge took a little bit of time. It was a little hard to hit the enemies when they were right next to you.

This was a fun puzzler! The controls took a little bit, but once you figured it out, it was pretty easy to get going!

It was a fun golfing game. I liked the gravity aspect. I did get stuck on an asteroid once, but overall was pretty good!

The sprites were all really cute! I liked the angry clouds once you got up in the atmosphere, added a little bit of difficulty.

This game is amazing! The music and artwork are incredibly well done and polished. It is really cute and fun. Just the right balance of difficulty and playability without aggravating the player. The shop upgrades are all great and thematic. Excellent Job!

I really enjoyed this game! The level progression was great. I immediate got sucked into (heh!) the gameplay mechanic. The more you play, the more you start to master the shooting of the moons. Winning feels great, losing feels great. Absolutely amazing! One of the best uses of oribital physics!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, we are aware of the ability to “fly”. It was a conscious decision to try and allow the game to be made more friendly if needed. Kind’ve like how Super Mario World has a cape. You could fly over the entire level (if you’re stuck or really need to), but can also play the level as intended. Obviously, if we were to make more levels, the level design could factor in a lot.

There are probably some optimizations with the rock monsters we could do to clean things up a bit. We did notice some issues with too many rock monsters in the epilogue, and did some efforts to clamp the numbers. But yeah, it’s definitely something to look at - thanks!

oh, WASD! I was using the arrow keys! I’ll give the game another go!

Glad you liked it! Did you use an analogue stick for movement? We noticed it’s a little extra slidey with a stick compared to a d-pad - probably have to adjust sensitivity to make it better. Thanks for playing! - I hope you like precision platformers!

Just finished playing your game! Feel free to check out our submission:

The little angry moon was super cute! I liked the very straightforward gameplay! The music was really good! Great job! I only got to a high score of 18.

Were the rooms procedurally generated? It was super cool that everytime I went in the room configuration changed! It made every run through feel very unique. The movement through the rooms was really good. It took a minute to figure out how the sword worked, but after I figured it out, it was great!

The graphics were amazing! The animations and everything looked really cool! The lighting effects were a nice touch. In the interior, it was sometimes hard to see the platforms. The music was really good. I liked the notion of having multiple players affecting each other. It would be really if this had a multiplayer mode (splitscreen) where multiple people could play at the same time.

The game is really beautiful, the pixel art was fantastic! The music choice fit incredibly well. I unfortunately got stuck talking to the old lady and couldn’t manuever myself out. Sometimes interacting with the layers was a little bit tricky, but I got used to it in the end. The day/night cycle was a cool thing to see in the game!

Really liked the art style and the music! I had some troubles moving up with the keyboard, not sure what was going on there…

The punching was really fun! The robot model was super cool. The game’s a little hard, would love to see it more fleshed out!

It’s a cool and new way of doing a platformer! The music was good and fitting for the game!