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Really apreciate it! Thanks for your hard work! 💪🏻

This font is amazing! Could you let us know what kind of license it has? Thank you!

Amazing initiative! Thank you!! I'm borrowing these for my games intro. Let's beat the machines with our human pixel art!!!

Qué maravilla de juego, mis dieses por el humor, el gameplay y el arte 🥰
¡Viva la revolución obrera!

Thank you for playing and for your kind words, it means a lot!

Thanks for playing, Ferran! You always cheer me up, hehe. F*ck capitalism

Merci Ferran!

Fun concept! The game is cute but the gameplay mechanics could use some fine-tuning as you said. A web build would make it easier to rate and share. Overall, the game has potential. Congrats!

Interesting concept. I find the asteroids way too interfering with the gameplay, but that might be my doing. It was really fun trying it, though! Congrats!

The art is splendid and the sound fits nicely. I would have loved to have more to do in this universe. Got my 10 potions, now what? I'll be waiting for news. Congrats on your entry!

Very interesting game, I finished all 6 levels but can't find how to access the extra ones. Anyway, I played it for much more time than I thought! It's entertaining and engaging. I would have made the "manual" accessible from in-game, like the console, with page markers for faster access. The music fits really well for me, reminds me a bit of Hacknet. Congrats on your game, very polished!

Why something so simple in essence could get so complex and hard to master? The level of polish of the game is astonishing, congrats. I often feel like I'm not understanding what I'm doing or what should I do to overpower my cards, but the concept is interesting and feels amazing at play. Will play some more runs later to get it fully, but this is all 5 stars to me, sir. Congrats on an awesome entry, thank you!

Quite an engaging coordination game! Almost feels like a rhythm game with that amazing music. The sound fits really well and the graphics are top-notch pixels, congrats! If I have to say something, the controls feel a bit unresponsive sometimes, but it might be due to the html build. Kudos on a great game!

Hmm, just got the same bug three times in a row, when resetting or restarting a game, the spoiled egg does not get removed. Instead, there are two eggs on the screen, and when I hit play, it resumes on the spoiled one. I really liked the concept and the game, reminds me of The Incredible Machine. Could not play a lot of it though. Keep up the good work and stand Godot! 💪🏻

Fun little maze game, I like procedural generation although it was not clear to me the rotation of every room was part of the mechanics, I just rushed through the maze to find the runes and leave. Well, maybe "rushed" is not the word, yes, the movement feels a bit clunky. Really liked the music and how it evolves (when you get every rune?) Nice game, congrats

Interesting concept. The tutorial feels a bit rushed and might have been introduced bit by bit, or in a progression. Nice to see more games made with Godot, I'm a big fan. Congrats!

Nice puzzle game. The progression feels a bit hard and had to try some things blindly. Levels are really hard, that's great but maybe not for all. Interesting concept, kudos

Nice setup and a good twist, the first seconds after changing are a bit clunky, then the game stabilizes, but the overall experience is interesting. Nice job!

The hacking minigame feels a bit unfair with the collisions and the controls, but the general vibe is nice. Keep up the good work

I can't rate it since it's not working for me, it stays on the loading screen forever, sorry.

It's easy to get lost in the labyrinthian level design, not knowing where to go or what to do. Has potential but still a lot of work to do. Keep up the good job!

The references are nice. The game feels a bit... carpal tunnel unfriendly, hahaha. It's easy peasy until the boss comes, then you're out. Music could be a bit more variated and also enemy spawners. Good job anyway.

Interesting concept for tower defense, it was hard for me at first to understand what every piece you can place does, except the first one, which was obvious. I would've liked more difficulty, like different elves, faster or stronger, branching in the paths, etc. This way, the first wave on every screen is the only one that's dangerous. With a bit more of polish could be an amazing game, keep up the good work!

Interesting game, the atmosphere is amazing, and the models and the music add to the general mood. The controls feel a bit weird when the camera changes, maybe I'm just not used to it. I enjoyed the lore a lot, although the first piece of info you find is a bit large for my taste, might as well split it into different locations. Nice entry, kudos!

This is getting the quest system of AAA to another level of stress! The graphics are amazing although for nearly 1Gb of download I expected a lot more detail. Tasks are difficult to follow on the map without zooming, and those with multiple stages are quite impossible if you don't know where everything is located (the store room, the new desk for stinky, the staff waiting for coffee...) I'm sure playing a lot will help me get better. But the gameplay feels smooth and the music fits the stressed mood with a happy twist. I don't see the credits in-game or on the site, I hope to see more from you. Kudos on your work!

Great pixel art, really loved the art. The gameplay is nice, although the jump feels "floaty", and I can't tell if this is character design (using the bag as a parachute) or just coincidence. Mixing different "pixel sizes" (the boxes vs the rest) feels a bit off, but I think that's just my preference. The winner screen at the end made me smile, haha. Glad to see more and more games made with Godot, hope you enjoyed making it and keep on. Kudos!

Is Crimbo the elf cousin of Clippo? I said yes, although Crimbo at least is making itself useful, haha. Funny character design, and the level design is nice also. I had to play twice since any failure is merciless and the jump sometimes feels a bit off. But as you can run again in less than 3 minutes, it's not a big deal. Had fun with that, kudos!

In the end, it's always the butler, isn't it? One of the most clichés reinvented. Really liked the whole adventure, the most difficult part was to get the mechanical eye, but it was worth it. The art style is "simple" but fits very well, love all the walk loops, especially the cleaning lady one. Music and sound is great also. An interesting adventure, kudos!

Interesting game! The graphics are cute up to 11 and the gameplay is interesting although easy to grasp. The introduction of new mechanics makes adds lots of variety. I had a lot of fun with the story also, so many squires out there working hard for their heroes, haha. I love to see so many great games this year made with Godot. Congratulations!

The concept and the progression are really interesting, and the graphics and sound are on par. I had a bit of trouble understanding that you must drag & drop fans to unlock the points, once you go past this point, everything goes smoothly. That is until the point you achieve 2000 and sound starts crumbling, haha, it scared me! Nice entry, kudos!

I couldn't stop until I maxed everything, and I finally did it! Awesome game, kudos again 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Wow, amazing... Experience? Adventure? I don't know, really loved it. Found the last of the five notes, but still half of the seeds I can't grow past the second level. Easy to grasp, hard to master. The music, the voices, everything works. It's the most polished and round entry of the jam, easily. I'm glad to see it's been made with Godot. Congratulations! And thank you for this gem

Good adventure. The idea is interesting although the interface lacks a bit of clarity, especially when the text overflows the dialog box. The art fits very nicely and mixed with the music it creates a nice noir ambient. Congrats and keep up the good work!

Interesting concept, some of the doors trolled me, haha. Enjoyed it. Kudos!

Nice entry, it required me three runs to understand what was happening there, hehe. Sorry, I'm a bit slow... Good job though!

Buff, talk about frustration, this gets to "Getting over it" levels easily. Once you can only walk left, I got lost. The concept is interesting though, I would have seen more of the game. Nice entry!

The scenario and visuals are amazing, and the sound is great, but I find the player lacks a goal, a purpose... Good foundations for something bigger, for sure. Put my eyes over here to see where this is going. Kudos for your entry!

I think these are good foundations for a bigger game. Total respect for making it playable through the network. But with a bit of sound and art, this would've been on another level. Keep up the good work!

Everything is überweird and I liked it. Gimme some more.

Nice foundation for a bigger game, I think this looks promising, would like to see where it goes. Congrats on your entry