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Hi! Can you post the link to your LD42 entry? Awesome game! Thanks!

Thanks for the comment! I tried hard to set spin acceleration  and shot cooldown to make spamming not that effective, but that's all I got. I know it's a small game but I think it's a big step for me to start playing around again with game development, and it's all thanks to Godot. I just fixed some bugs and added a small intro too...

Wow, thanks for playing and reviewing! I like your videos, keep up the good work! ;)

I'm happy you liked it, thanks for playing and reviewing! ;)

Cannon rotation is where I put more effort, making it difficult to master but not too much. It gets better with an analog joystick where you can fine-tune your movement.

Happy you liked it! Thanks for playing and reviewing!

Sorry, I wish I had more time to fix this (should be easy, I hope) will do in a few weeks.

The mechanics should be obvious after some runs, the main one is "don't get hit". The less obvious is "if you can't avoid being hit, shield it at least". Maybe I need to put some effort in making this more evident.

Thanks for playing and reviewing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I'm pretty impressed with what can be achieved with Godot in a few days, also loved its open source nature, making it an easy choice among other engines.

Pity I had to leave out sound effects and menus from the game due to time restrictions, but there'll be a more polished 1.2 version soon.

Thank you for playing and reviewing! It's nice to be part of this jam and hoping for more! 

I tried to be minimal but not simple. Still need some tweaks, but I'm kinda happy with the look and feel. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing and reviewing! 

Amazing! It got me for 10 minutes playing, forgetting I was playtesting a jam game. Really liked the atmosphere, the mechanics and the sense of humour, hehe. I want more!

The overall feeling is nice and polished, liked the mechanics, even having half of the screen to show the current ability. Can find some similitudes with undertale and FTL, nice work!

Reminds me of Dungeon Cards, hehe, liked the graphics and the atmosphere. Pretty neat easing in the UI, looks very nice. Last level is hard, timing well jumps and buttons. Pity the temperature is almost missing.

Nice! Went fast to download source code to check how you implemented thermal currents. I like the mechanics and found it pretty original. Thanks!

Looks that having power over heat and cold doesn't do much service, just moving a feather around, hehe.

Liked the effects and the exploration, found all the elements, can't see the relation with temperature, though. Enjoyable, nonetheless.

Looks like you missed to upload the .pck files? I can't download but the executable files.

None, that's why your screen is cut, losing half the information (fever alarm and ºC degrees)

Will try to fix it for "small" resolutions, thanks!

At first I was only throwing coal and blaming birds until I tried to move with the arrow keys, lame of me, haha. It's kind of fun, hard when unlimited flocks of birds keep throwing kg from nowhere. I left the train at 69km and started a farm. It'd be easier. Nice job!

Engaging, discovering the mechanics is part of the fun. Simplicity and relax, nice mix.

Fun! This far is the best I tried, hehe. It's hard to grasp the controls, but when you do is easy to get a clean relaxing shower. Thanks!

Very original idea and beatiful implementation. Don't worry about difficulty, some times games should be hard, hehe. 

Funny concept! And quite difficult also. BTW, not fair... I like my drinks subzero.

A bit hard to understand what to do, even with all the (over)information, but a nice experience, liked the crafting and how it blended with the theme of temperature. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for gathering all this, much helpful.

Uploading to your project page a zip file with the whole directory of your godot project should be enough to follow the rules. You can also post a link to github, gitlab, bitbucket... You name it.

I can't rate those without code, I think its breaking the rules and it's not fair. Sad, I like to learn how others face and solve this same problems.

Hmm, if you compare with the screenshots, this is not how it should be... Left bar is temperature, the right is health. Strange, in what platform are you running the game?

Funny sprites and music, but after some runs I start hating the voice, haha. Nice for your first game, keep up the good work!

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Funny! Nailed the first four but killed the fifth in a lava shower, hehe.

I like breaking the fourth wall, had some laughs with the end. There's potential in this game!

Nice! Had fun discovering the mechanics. Cruel level design though, hehe. Waiting for more levels! ;)

Really enjoyed playing, quite casual. Nice graphics and music, it's a pity you can't share the code with us.

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Nice graphics! Loved the grinning sun, haha

I first tried in web, it lagged a lot and the camera wouldn't rotate at all. Better running the compiled binaries. Would've been nice a bit longer gameplay. Liked the water textures.

Sure thing, those are shields! If used correctly they can block half the damage and temperature effect. I think I should have put more work in make the mechanics evident, will improve this in future work.

How is the thermometer broken? I don't get it.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing and reviewing!

Yes, I was hoping to have some extra time to add a "How you play" introduction, but the deadline was too narrow for me, I'll be addressing this and some more things  in the future, after the jam is finished.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing and reviewing!

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I've based temperature limits on this wikipedia entry about body temperature, but you're right that 35ºC feels too high to die of hypothermia. Think I'll be tweaking this and that for some time, hehe.

Thanks for playing and reviewing!