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Amazing! Really liked seeing how you discovered the few mechanics so easily. Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the review!

I designed this to be mobile first (you can play from the website) where fullscreen works and touch is the obvius way to interact, but I had not thought the experience will be so confusing on computer. I also wanted the player to discover the mechanics as they go, but it looks like needs a lot of work still. And I learned it the hard way, for future jams, sound and music is a must. (Loved that chiptune, haha)

I'll be updating this to a full-fledged mobile game, where it belongs.

Thank you for taking your time playing Vessels!

I'll have to think of a mobile release if you keep saying this, hehe. Thank you!

I'm a big fan of games where level design hints the player to mechanics discovery, so I try to reflect that on my own games and I'm glad you liked that. Hope you had fun! Thanks for playing and commenting.

Glad you liked it! I'd want to introduce the story into the game, not as an extern resource. Also rebuild levels with a bit more of polishing, sounds and music. I have a list of mechanics I want to add, like vessels exploding once you leave, timed vessels, and so on. I hope to finish it someday in the future!

Thanks for playing and commenting!

Just tried again and finished the whole game, nice story you have there. Hope to see some work on it after-jam!

Short survival game, once you understand that Right Mouse Button reloads. Nice ambient.

Liked the randonmess but truly feels unfair as black clouds approach at FTL speed and you can do nothing. Graphics are ace, would like to see some code.

The stone-eater rats and the rockcrusher bats made me feel like quitting the game. A bit unfair giving the slow movement of the statue. But the overall game is great, nice choics of sprites and sounds. Nice job!

Nice experience! As everyone said, it feels good to play and looks like a good foundation for a great game. Good job

Just played this good 8-bit conversion of Plants vs ZumBees. At first I just clicked play button and then nothing happened, I was like... Sh*t! Then I plant before clicking and had to stop playing after hoarding 2K munnies. Had some serious fun. Will be nice to have a lose screen. Also sound, flower descriptions, unlocking new plants... You name it! Great potential.

Original take on the theme. Simple game, but fun. Pad gives the ghost better chance to win. Good job

Loved the graphic and sound aspects, the ambient and the mood are great. It's a bit difficult to understand what you need to click and how (right mouse button). Nice job anyway

Enjoyed a lot this runner! Sound and visuals are awesome, the feeling when at full speed is amazing. Great job!

A nice story driven game. The different pixel densities in the art annoyed me a little, and I find the floor tiling a little repetitive. But for the most part, it's a great start for a good game. Loved the music, specially. Good job!

I wish I had a cave to hoard my wealth. And medpacks. Don't they have dragon-size medpacks? Good job.

I find hard to understand how movement works. Sometimes the character collides with something and just stop. Some characters aren't clickable, so I can't possess them, but I don't know if it's on purpose (they might be priests or something) Music is great.

Nice rogue-lite! Really liked the art of the characters. I wish I had a visual about how many souls I've collected. Music also remembers me slightly to Binding of Isaac, hehe. Good job!

The atmosphere is awesome, and the mechanics look great. I hope for some more levels in the future. Thanks and good job!

Great puzzle game! Loved the ambience music and the level design. If I had to complain about anything, with the perspective sometimes it's hard to know where objects actually are. Good job anyway!

Glad you liked it. Needs some polish still, specially audio. There'll be a post-jam edition for sure. Thanks for playing and the comments!

Nice puzzle game. Once you understand how turns work you can start miling your brain to reach the end of the level. Specially in the last one. Good job!

Great card game, really loved the mechanics and the graphics. A smooth and enjoyable experience, maybe I only missed some instructions/tutorial in-game. Nice job!

Glad you liked it! I wish I could have dedicated more hours to this project, sure there'll be a post-jam version and who knows. Thanks for playing and commenting

Hi! I've only uploaded the HTML5 version, so its playable from any browser, but for the sake of the rules I'll be uploading also win/osx/linux versions in a few hours. Thanks for the comment!

Nice! Good concept a'la Battle Royale. At level 5 there are so many animals that you can only run left and right and they kill each other. Managed to get to level 10. Will be good to have your LD url so I can rate it. Good job.

Same here, wanted to play the game because I really liked the pixel art, but got stuck.

Thanks Jupiter! I'm a big fan of your videos, they help me a lot to know what's cooking in the jam world. Glad you liked it! 

This may have been fixed with other combinations like "push tab for next category" or something like that. 

I need to find better control schemas for future jams.

Thanks for playing!

I felt bad at first for spamming the poor elderwoman, but then... well, money talks, that's the job. Nice graphics and fitted mechanics, reminded me of good old Atari's Paperboy. Great to see more Godot games in the jam. Good job!

Simple but good. The main character animation is great. About the gameplay, it's kind of painful to see spikes spanning just under your feet right after stepping into the spam button. Lost half my points with that, with no chance to avoid it. Nice to see other Godot contributions, nice job!

Holy s**t that was close!

Good job, a simple idea but well done. I miss some minimalistic music in the line of the game, but that's all. A great contribution. Thanks!

Great twist to the theme! And a funny one. The how-to-play is a bit overwhelming, but after a few seconds of gameplay it fits. Controls are a bit funky, it seems left-right rotates around a pivot point I can't understand.

Overall a good game, it's nice to see other Godot contributions. Nice job!

I miss some introduction before action, but it's a good game and idea.

Nice seeing other Godot submissions, thanks!

It's always nice to see the classics revisited and twisted, good submission. Thanks!

Intriguing submission, being a command-line game. I can't hardly see the theme in here, but I see the point. Characters were flickering in my computer while falling, it may be about vertical retrace. Nothing new to add to the classic game, but it's a good approach. I'll use the code to learn some Go, anyway. Thanks for your submission!

Good ambient, the upgrade-by-spamming theme is great. It's hard to keep aiming while constantly spamming the left button, but that relates better with the zombie theme. Good job!

Just got half a carpal tunnel with this one, but I liked pinballs so much that I can't blame you. Glad to see other Godot submissions! The theme's pretty accurate also. Nice game!

Got me an emulator just to play this game, I liked it. The dark side of spam is no place for me, though. Good job.

Yay, finally I've been "lucKey" enough to test the game! Liked the graphics a lot, but can't hear any sound or music. Maybe I'm missing something since I cannot make my fish swim at a good pace. Anyway I tried until eating all the shrimps, but nothing more happened? Is there an ending condition? The mood is great, overall, and plenty of open-source tools used. Nice job.