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Nice! Good concept a'la Battle Royale. At level 5 there are so many animals that you can only run left and right and they kill each other. Managed to get to level 10. Will be good to have your LD url so I can rate it. Good job.

Same here, wanted to play the game because I really liked the pixel art, but got stuck.

Thanks Jupiter! I'm a big fan of your videos, they help me a lot to know what's cooking in the jam world. Glad you liked it! 

This may have been fixed with other combinations like "push tab for next category" or something like that. 

I need to find better control schemas for future jams.

Thanks for playing!

I felt bad at first for spamming the poor elderwoman, but then... well, money talks, that's the job. Nice graphics and fitted mechanics, reminded me of good old Atari's Paperboy. Great to see more Godot games in the jam. Good job!

Simple but good. The main character animation is great. About the gameplay, it's kind of painful to see spikes spanning just under your feet right after stepping into the spam button. Lost half my points with that, with no chance to avoid it. Nice to see other Godot contributions, nice job!

Holy s**t that was close!

Good job, a simple idea but well done. I miss some minimalistic music in the line of the game, but that's all. A great contribution. Thanks!

Great twist to the theme! And a funny one. The how-to-play is a bit overwhelming, but after a few seconds of gameplay it fits. Controls are a bit funky, it seems left-right rotates around a pivot point I can't understand.

Overall a good game, it's nice to see other Godot contributions. Nice job!

I miss some introduction before action, but it's a good game and idea.

Nice seeing other Godot submissions, thanks!

It's always nice to see the classics revisited and twisted, good submission. Thanks!

Intriguing submission, being a command-line game. I can't hardly see the theme in here, but I see the point. Characters were flickering in my computer while falling, it may be about vertical retrace. Nothing new to add to the classic game, but it's a good approach. I'll use the code to learn some Go, anyway. Thanks for your submission!

Good ambient, the upgrade-by-spamming theme is great. It's hard to keep aiming while constantly spamming the left button, but that relates better with the zombie theme. Good job!

Just got half a carpal tunnel with this one, but I liked pinballs so much that I can't blame you. Glad to see other Godot submissions! The theme's pretty accurate also. Nice game!

Got me an emulator just to play this game, I liked it. The dark side of spam is no place for me, though. Good job.

Yay, finally I've been "lucKey" enough to test the game! Liked the graphics a lot, but can't hear any sound or music. Maybe I'm missing something since I cannot make my fish swim at a good pace. Anyway I tried until eating all the shrimps, but nothing more happened? Is there an ending condition? The mood is great, overall, and plenty of open-source tools used. Nice job.

Glad you liked it! Kind of the point of the game is to make you feel overwhelmed by the amount of spam, I think the FN keys help to that, but maybe it was too hard... Thanks for posting

Glad you liked it! I admit that we had no time to create our own music, so we used two free tracks that fit the theme well enough.

Thanks for playing and posting a comment! 

More or less the same idea of yours, but also two well differentiated approaches. Who would have thought this could happen with that theme?

At first, the idea was that each envelope would have its own bar moving and you can only press that key on certain areas of the bar. This spammed the screen with rotating bars all around and made it crazy hard to play, so we went with categories. Much easier, just focus on classify as many envelopes as possible from the same category at once and then change to another one.

Confusion between look-alike characters was also intended, a pun to how spam tries to confound us with subjects and mail names. What may be more annoying is the constant open/close animation of the letters, this could be fixed in a following iteration.

I think I might add difficulty settings at start or make the curve smoother (this curve controls how much time elapsed between envelopes).

Sounds also play on a successful classification, but only when the envelope reaches destination. Now that I think of it it was not the best decision, will think something different.

Thanks for the detailed review!

P.S. Godot for the win!!

The good part of FOSS is that I can check the original source code, open it on Godot, and have a look at it.

Anyway, thanks for the game!

This demo works correctly, when I click the window it captures the mouse and keyboard, and I can move all around.

Glad you like it!

Spam needs to be classified faster because it's time based, but the rest of messages fill the screen also and when this happens (all 26+10 messages are on screen) your inbox will start feeling the punishment of spam until you free some space.

Thanks for playing and commenting!

Oh, noes! Two endings? Now I need to get back and get both!

Same here, can't get past the title screen no matter what I tried...

Really liked the game! Music and graphics fit nicely contrasting with the serious matter that's nuclear war. Once you get the game it gets too easy, but that's fine.

I'm also glad to see more Godot games!

Thanks and keep the good work!

Yes, it was a hard decision, since all the other keys are needed. Another option would've been to use the arrow keys to go up and down the list of categories.

Anyway, thanks for playing and commenting!

Almost broke my fingers trying to follow the rhythm.

Thanks, if that's ok and helps other people playing, I've uploaded an HTML version of the game, this will mitigate the virus problem.

Thanks to your suggestions I exported it to HTML, now you can kill all the spam within your browser! :D

Glad you had fun spamming the spam mails.

I know that not having a browser version means less players, unfortunately I didn't have the necessary template for Godot 3.1 alpha to export at the time given.

Thanks for playing and commenting!

Nice! Loved the tower defense + space invaders + spammy keyboard. My fingers hurt of playing this. Good job!

Urr, creepy... I'd love to see what the rest of the game will be. Nice work

That's a LOT of spam!

Nice graphics and sound, loved how you reach for the sky with your sandwich.

So fun! That's maybe the easiest bullet hell I've played, but also the most enjoyable. I started exploring like it was a fixed-size map until I discovered the infinitiness of this world. (sorry, I haven't read the game's description)

Stopped playing at 20K score but will come for more.

Thank you!

I'm glad you liked it!

I just posted in the forum about the antivirus... The file's clean, and I hope this won't be a problem, but thanks for letting me know!

Also thank you for playing and reviewing!

Hi there! Posted my game SpaMail just in time for the jam, exciting days!

Unfortunately, my game is detected by Windows 10 as a virus and will ask you for permisions on execution.

Worry not, maybe it has the word SPAM all over it, but it's not a virus.

Anybody had the same problem?? Thanks!

Also thanks to @ThisIsOficial who made me aware of this problem.

Here's what Karspersky thinks about the file:

Hi! Can you post the link to your LD42 entry? Awesome game! Thanks!

Thanks for the comment! I tried hard to set spin acceleration  and shot cooldown to make spamming not that effective, but that's all I got. I know it's a small game but I think it's a big step for me to start playing around again with game development, and it's all thanks to Godot. I just fixed some bugs and added a small intro too...

Wow, thanks for playing and reviewing! I like your videos, keep up the good work! ;)

I'm happy you liked it, thanks for playing and reviewing! ;)

Cannon rotation is where I put more effort, making it difficult to master but not too much. It gets better with an analog joystick where you can fine-tune your movement.

Happy you liked it! Thanks for playing and reviewing!