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Nice solution! Really liked it. If you want to check the new portal implementation, it is already merged into 3.4 branch, and the details can be checked in this PR.

Wow, nice! I really dig puzzles in impossible maps, and this one is amazing! Are you using the new Godot portals or it's a hand-made implementation? Good job anyway!

Woah! Amazing, I started playing without reading the description and then I was like... what? This turn is impossible! OMG, great job. The game's as hard as it gets and melted some braincells here and there. Congratulations!

Woah! Amazing implementation, will take some time to play against the bot, and check if I'm worthy, haha. Great job! And thanks for sharing the code and your learnings with everyone!

Wow, 44 deaths until the yellow flag. That was hard but fun! Nice tiny platformer, good job!

Wow, nice entry! Really liked the music and the sfx! I'll visit tomorrow after jam deadline. Good job!

That could help a lot bringing more people to the official Godot discord. Maybe there could be a specific channel for the jam? 

I'm on that train also, I've been playing with Godot since 2.6 but never did anything 3D, that'll be my focus in this jam. Good luck! 

Pitfall checkpoints were in the to-do list but unfortunately I had to cut due to time limitations, but I might implement it someday. Glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for your feedback!

Wow, your kind words means a lot to me, I put great effort in the game design and the sense of progression of the challenge, building up to the last level. The camera is an experiment that I'm regretting now, will fix soon. Thanks for playing and commenting! 

All the game is just a prelude for that last level, I'm glad you  suffered and enjoyed it! Thanks for playing! 

Thank you! 

Happy you liked it! Thanks for your kind words! 

Glad you liked it! The background wasn't planned until the very end and it's based on multiple shaders. The camera is a well known bug I'm hoping to fix soon before jam time. Thanks for playing and leaving a comment! 

Oh! Thank you! That means a lot, really, I'm glad you liked the experience 😍 And knowing the difficult level is enough but not too much is a relief. I know the wall jump is a bit odd and can be improved still. Thanks for your feedback, and I'm glad you liked it!

Hello! Lots of great submissions on this jam, kudos to you all!

I'm posting this to ask for a little favor, because I don't know if anyone played my game to the very end.

I put so much effort in that last level, I would love to see someone posting a screenshot trying to overcome what I named "the final sacrifice".

Any adventurous soul wants to cross the final red door? It would mean a lot to me! Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

Nice twist in the match three franchise, the music and art fits well, good job. 

A great "casual" game, the music is amazing and relaxing, although the gameplay starts slow and turns a bit frenetic if you want to win. The art is on point for the task, I really liked the experience. Thanks for a great submission! 

Really liked the idea, simple but powerful, I can see the potential modeling a social network with complex interactions. Impressive for the time invested. Congrats! 

Nice concept and good game for a first jam, I really dig the graphics and loved the geeky references and humor. The game's a bit complex and needs a lot of polish, but looks like the start of a great experience. Good job!

Can't get past the menu, don't know if I'm doing something wrong.

Nice animations and feeding the cat until it reaches the size of a t-rex is funny. Would like to see where it goes, nice job.

Glad you had fun with it. Yeah, the camera bug is on the list, will fix it after the jam. Thanks for playing!

What's wrong with the name? Maybe there's something lost in translation? (English is not my first language, so...)
Anyway, thanks for playing!

Thank you, I tried to balance the difficult from zero to hero, but maybe the steep is too high... I don't know if someone has seen (and finished) the last level!

I'm really excited reading your comment, thank you for playing. The problem with the camera is something I'm aware and will try to fix in a future release post-jam, I hope this doesn't make it unplayable. Glad to know you liked it.

Wow, I'm glad you liked it and had fun with it, your words mean a lot... And I really meant it. It's been very hard times and I put what little energy I had into making this little game as intereseting as possible. I'm kinda proud of the results, but reading your comments gives purpose to what I do. Really, thank you for playing, commenting and for your kind words.

The controls are difficult to grasp, but once you do it's a nice experience. Love the ambient of robotic voices, mixed with the forest theme, it really feels like you're lost somewhere. Good job

Wow, it reminds me of old board games where you create the path by moving tiles, amazing memories. Really liked the story and the games art is amazing. Good job!

The art is awesomelly gorgeus and beautiful, I wish for more gameplay in the future, I'd like to see how the battle with the birds ends. Good job

It took me a while to win the final boss fight, like the story and the mood, the atmosphere. Good job

Wow, just wow, what I have just played? Amazing spin on the good old snake, with a lovely twist and amazing singing as a soundtrack? Shut up and take my money. Really awesome take, congrats on a round entry.

I like my dungeons to be procedural generated, but the RNG is harsh with me, there's always a rat nearby to kill me fast. Nice pixel art also.

The art style is amazing, really love the slime-chicken squad haha. Nice work

Nice start for an adventure, I hope to see more in the future. Good job

The art style and music created a nice atmosphere, the mechanics are great, although the movement can be a bit weird if you expect to drive it like a tank. Anyway, a great entry. Good job!

Great puzzle mechanics, it's really hard to control multiple blobs of characters at once, but that's part of the fun of the game. I'd like the concept of "Safe Zone", will build myself one of these at home, hehe. The music and sound are great, but puzzle design is the icing on the cake. Good job!

Nice puzzle game! Really liked the mechanics and puzzle design. The music and sfx also fits very well. A round entry, good job!

The pixel art is top notch! I like too the slash sound and the overall humor of the game. I can kill a black dragon, I hope that's enough to move on. Good job!

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Nice job! I'd like you to play my entry "Grow by Sacrifice"
It would mean a lot to me seeing someone finishing it on live stream!
Thank you!