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Amazing! Haven't looked at the code but it's working well, with documentation and all!  (and free!)

Do you plan to transform it into a paid asset in the future?

Really well done! There are some really nice touches, like the buttonless sleep/boat, or the very simple effective chest. I like the fact there's no farm/hunt/fish but it focuses more on plants and gathering. I'm not sure about the name, since it was Stardew first title? However, best of luck with the rest of the production! I will grab it on Switch if you ever do a porting ;)

great work! I really dig the Zelda awakening vibe! It looks so ambitious! This is really super entertaining and I'll definitely keep an eye on it! I love that you chose not to go for the dungeon theme, which I start to get bored by.

A few bugs here and there but it's pretty solid for a demo (the heart UI got stuck, my character stopped attacking and I had a UE fatal error)

I also love the character switching idea.

I think the light "head" ram punch is a bit slow. I understand why you did that but it gives the feeling the controls aren't responsive. Also, I would speed up the rotation speed just a tiny bit.

The music is so repetitive it got on my nerve at some point but I understand it's just a demo.

The current version is designed for PC/Switch :) but who knows, I would like to try to port it, but it means major changes for the UI and the interface

No, this game was specifically designed to play on a gamepad sorry!

I have seen you 2 other posts about it, Linux version has been removed

thank you!!! It means a lot :)

hello! have you tried the version called "post deadline"?

Hey, that is a promising project!

I've practiced boxing a lot, and the 1st thing I tried was "jab/cross" but I see the character "tired". I think I understand why you did that, you probably want the game to be a "funny casual" game instead of a combo, fast paced versus fighting game. Being able to throw lightning fast punches would make a different game.

However, that's an interesting question to debate wether not you want to make a fun party game or something more complex to master, because the controls are pretty hard to get used to. Not everyone can grab the pad and have fun in 5 min.

I personnally love the "realistic" aspect of it, but with the visuals, it looks like you want to go for the party game.

I'm curious which path you will choose.

Good luck!

haha many thanks! Well It's not planned, but my next project will be a full length game, so hopefully you might like it too :)

awesome! thanks :)

now I'm in a good mood too then haha


Thanks!! Well it's super easy, just out of the box unity post processing effect (vignette, Bloom and grain with a tiiiiny bit of chromatic aberration)

Ah! THX for the feedback i'll check this when I Will have access to a Linux pc

Thank you!


Thanks so Much!!


oh and you had this visual bug too where we see on the sides. yeah, I wish I had more time to refine the controls :/ maybe in a later fix


Hey thanks a lot! yeah it was a lot of work haha! 

hahahaha your video was super fun to watch

I'm glad you liked it! The video is a bit dark for some reason, it increases this "old movie" feeling hehe

mmmmh... 你OS


I had a great time! graphics simple and effective, addictive gameplay. I played a fair amount of time and the difficulty seems to plateau a bit. But it has some potential for sure

It's simple, pleasant, the theme is nice, I had a really good time with that game!

the core mecanic is really nice, adding a timer adds a lot. I'm not sure if I was supposed to bounce against the corners but it helped me a couple of times!

I'm proud I finished it without hitting anyone!

Maybe the level is a bit confusing, because the distance we have to travel is pretty long.

Keep it up!

okay, I was reaaaally not expecting this after the intro ahah! super fun though! I like the super wacky/katamari humour in it

music and graphics are fun and wacky, overall a really refreshing game! Has this 90s vibe I couldnt really explain

Super fun! probably the "gravity golf" game with the best level design I played in this jam. The sound gets realllly annoying at same point though

I enjoyed it a lot! I have to admit the "loading" weapon mecanic become a bit frustrating against the final boss, but overall it was super fun

Good idea, gameplay not super easy to pick up. Sometimes the ship was flipping on itself. cool game ;)

it's so hard to aim at enemies. I like the overall feeling, moving/firing. The intro was cool! but I feel the tension drops when we starts playing

that is surprisingly fun to play! Really cool idea! It just misses some really satisfying sounds effects and more levels ;)

haha same, I was like "is the game frozen?" I think I clicked a hundred times on the game

Music is great but I missed some sound effects. I really enjoyed the puzzle action mixed gameplay.

I really enjoyed it!!! simple and sddictive gameplay. A bit too easy /too slow maybe. Music reminds me Streets of rage :-D

that's a nice first game! I enjoyed watching thousand of asteroids dropping by clicking :-p