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Nanashi no Gombe

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Escape a dungeon full of zombies in this rhythm game, made in roughly 5 days for the PlayJam.

The jam theme was 'Two button controls', so I decided to use the right arrow button to choose the direction and the left one to move. But the move must be in sync with the music beat.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


This plays very well.

I love the art and the UI.

Impressive work. Congratulations!

Nice shooter!

I just completed it and hope that you continue to develop more levels.

Love the graphics. Good job!

Very nice game overall!

It's a little bit hard to tell sometimes if an obstacle is close or not, due to perspective.

Loved the graphics and sound. Good job!

Really interesting mechanic.

Nice sound and graphics too.


Nice shooter!

I like the variety of enemy ships.

Presentation reminded me of good old shooters such as nemesis.

Nice graphics, I love the comic-like intro!

Nice graphics and gameplay!


Very well rounded game.

Love the story, graphics and level design! Congratulations!

Nice color palette, I love the minimap and the way you handle transitions from one room to the next. You got a nice zelda type game. With a little more visual and sfx flair it would improve the experience quite a lot.

Congratulations, it was quite enjoyable!

Hi all!

How are you doing?

My friend Enriik and I submitted our new game Zoom to the moon to the Game Off 2020 jam.

It's a 2d space shooter sidescrolling game for Windows.

Backstory in a nutshell is: the Moon has been destroyed by an invading alien species, and you are humanity's last hope. You will go on a desperate mission to wipe out enemies and rescue any survivors.

Please check it out and let us know what you think!

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Thanks for your comment, Xhrip! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Now I wonder what went wrong on your screen. If you could describe the problem or attach a screenshot, I would really appreciate it.

Great, thanks!

It seems that a lot of browser playable games are giving problems to some people. I guess that has to do with specific configurations / versions, because I was able to play them without issues on my pc.

I didn't want to make it too evident, and let the player discover what was needed on its own, but I see now that was a bad decision. I should have explained it on the game's readme or tutorial.

Thanks Prio! I'm glad you enjoyed!

Hi Mulberg!

The sorcerers try to prevent you from dying when you try to kill yourself by throwing yourself off a cliff.

I didn't want to make it so evident by describing that on the game's readme. In hindsight I see that was a mistake.

About the re-spawning time, you're absolutely right, it should get quicker once you're far away from the beginning of the level.

Thanks for your input

I just played it on Chrome without any issues, so I don't know what might be wrong on your end.

About the need to press the enter key to skip the text. My bad! I didn't explain this on the page.