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Thanks, Kyle

Happy holidays!


Nice! =) Thanks

That's great that you decided to turn it into a full featured game. I'm looking forward to it.

What would you recommend to read/watch about developing a card game (or any other chance-based games) for someone who is thinking about making a game of a similar genre?

This game is awesome! Very addictive (is a good way)

Did you come up with the gameplay idea by yourself or is it a remake of some existing mechanics? 

That is the best LDJAM46 game I've played so far =) 

Thanks! 🤗


I've wrote a postmortem for my game Hades3310

Also, the game is open-sourced now (MIT license). 

Where can I find the source code? It'd be interesting to poke around :)

Btw, I believe your game deserves a much better score

I love your game! Fun twist, in the end =) hehe

You have everything here: a little bit of fighting, a few puzzles. That is impressive how a lot you've managed to finish in the given time!
Also, the graphics are very well implemented. I especially liked the color inversion effect. How did you do that? 

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm fixing some bugs and gameplay issues. In 1-2 days I'll upload an updated version as well as the source code of the game. 

I'll try to add a bit of sound as well =) 

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That is so awesome! Wow! 
What is the technology stack? (I've never wrote anything for Arduino or similar )

Fun game, and very nice animation! 

Saw you post about running it on the real Nokia - impressive! 

Your game deserves more attention!

Very good management game! Love how did you overcome visual restrictions. 

My 2 cents, though: 

- the character itself seems redundant. The cursor is enough. You could just draw an avatar somewhere instead

- The "shop" is not very intuitive. At first I couldn’t understand what these messages on the top of the screen even mean


Very good use of theme and nice cutscenes  =) 

Nice game =) 

It is really nice that there some sort of checkpoint system. 

However, it is easy to get stuck:  =D

The game look very good! And it is fun to play

Nice idea, but controls feel stiff. I barely understood how to pass the first obstacle

Very often pressing Ctrl seems did nothing 

Very fun little game. Good design

I really like the game and the way you implemented a theme! It may be a good idea for a small full featured mobile game, I think

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Thank you, pal!

I really appreciate your feedback! 

Btw, I'm going to open-source it sometime this week

If you're interested, you can follow me @AndreiMulberg 

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Visual design is fantastic for the Nokia game. I like the way you emulated this retro pixel-screen look and feel!

Love this little funny game =) 

Very clever idea! Love your game

You've put so much effort in it! The game is definitely underappreciated. Good use of the theme

Game is fun! Don't quite understood, though, how it is connected to the theme

The game looks nice, but unfortunately, it is quite hard to understand the mechanics

Very clever usage of the theme =) 

I think this is a great idea for a Nokia mobile game! Simple design. Good time-killer

I believe this game deserves more rating

Very nice looking game! I like the overall visual design and different abilities the player can use. 

I don't understand, however, how exactly it is connected with the jam's theme. 

Hi adolfozt !

I didn't understand what these wizard-like creatures are meant for. Also, the re-spawning time is too slow, IMO (once I died quite far from the beginning of the level, and had to wait more than 10 seconds for the camera to return).

Hi Jesse

It feels like you had some ambitious ideas but not enough time to implement all of them. =( 
Hint: you could set up a default resolution for your game in the itch project settings. Otherwise, the game resolution is either too small or too large (in the fullscreen mode)


Anyway, you made it! And that is the most important part. Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback! You're right. I wish I had more time to playtest my creation more))

Thank you! 😊

Agree. The game needs more balance

Thanks for the review!

Thanks :)


You're right

However, a part of the reason is that the game runs 2 times slower, than it should :( I need to profile it, and optimize it from WebGL.

+1 for this request

I see. Thank you, but I'm not interested.

Hi! What app are your talking about? 

This is a really small non-commercial game, so, honestly, I wasn't going to publish it elsewhere specifically.