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Thanks and sorry!

Aw, thanks a lot for your kind words! =)

Ah sorry for that, I think a few other people had this problem as well but I haven't been able to figure out what causes the bug though. Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment =)

Hey and thanks! Originally you had to solve the fountain to be able to mix but my beta tester (that is my wife and kids) also tried mixing before solving that and felt it was weird how it was locked behind the fountain. So I ended up keeping the puzzle as a sort of hint but if you figure it out on your own that'll work as well =)

Wow, lovely game! The sfx for their speech was super cute and the difficulty increased at a very nice pace. Great job!

Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment! =)

Thanks for playing and commenting!

The comments are also the hint section I guess  =)

Thanks for playing and commenting! Sorry about the bug, I think someone else in the comments had the same thing happen to them. Something for post-jam to fix perhaps =)

Lovely platformer, the progress was very well paced. Great job!

Love the look and feel of the game. It's probably me being slightly slow on a Monday but I hard a hard time getting into the game. I think I would have appreciated some form of tutorial that went step by step in some way. But I can see that a lot of effort went into this so super impressed all in all!

Loved it, remind me of my childhood playing Gradius =)
Great job on the graphics!

Very cool look! Shooting the gun felt very satisfying and the add a box mechanic made for a nice change of (thinking) pace while you're being overrun by enemies =)

I played with a keyboard but I can imagine that playing it with a gamepad would have made it even more enjoyable.

Thanks! =)

Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment =)

And great feedback about the text, the one you missed is kind of important and since there is no way to re-read it might make you stuck. Will keep that in mind for next game!

Great sounds and very fun take on a 2d/3d platformer. Really enjoyed all the dialogues and when i get a jet pack I was really sold =)

Fun platformer! Was slightly hard to shoot at time, maybe being able to shoot while jumping would have made it feel a bit smoother. All in all I had a great time playing it, great job!

Love the idea with the "dark side of the moon". I usually am pretty crap at strategy games but I had great fun playing this one. Great work!

I love how much expression you managed to get out of the pico-8 engine, super cute. The walking animation made me chuckle =) Fun with such a big variation in different game elemnts, very impressive!

Thank you and glad you found a way around the bug. It just struck me now that that would have been a great thing for just this jam (since the github connection), to be able to complete the game you would need to look through the source. Nice meta level =)

Thank you! Okami looks very much like a game I would love, will need to check it out! =)

Thank you! Loom might be one of the only Lucasarts game that I haven't played,  will need to check it out! =)

Have you tried combining more than 2 colors?

Ah thank you for taking the time to play and comment =)

So beautiful and effective artwork here, super impressed!

Fun gameplay and the lightning effects were beautiful. Daytime was a bit too challenging for this boomer APM =)

Lovely look at the voice acting added a lot to the atmosphere! I was a bit confused at what to do at first but slowly I managed to piece it together.

Haha I love the concept of a bullet hell where you actually need to stay close to the bullets in order to play the game, very smart! Great job!

Such a cool look an idea, really love the art style of this game. Like previous comments I think a checkpoint system would have been a great addition.

Aw thank you for taking the time to play and comment and for your kind words!

Thank you for your kind comments! =)

Haha what a fun idea and execution!

Very nice look and feel and lots of attention and love to details. Great job!

Fantastic game, love everything about it =)

Thanks for taking the time to play and comment!

At first the mixing "ability" was locked behind the fountain-puzzle but my beta tester felt it was weird so I changed it so that if you discover that you can mix before solving the fountain it's all good, otherwise the fountain can work more as a hint of you will.

Aw thanks! =)

Beautiful game, took some time to get use to the jumping but once I had got the hang of it it was a very enjoyable game!

So impressive for the month time frame, graphics are beautiful and it was fun looking for the safe codes. Great job!

Thank you! And great idea about the glow, wish I thought about that earlier =)

Thanks for taking the time to play and comment! =)

Addictive gameplay but a bit too hard for me at times. Wish there was some form av booster that you could use (with a cooldown) to control the direction or emergency brake. Very good music and overall theme!