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Thanks for playing :) The controls are taken from the game Boxhead, on which I was trying to base my entry. But mouse control would have been a lot nicer to play with, yeah.

Thanks for playing! If you mean pressing ‘r’, it should not rotate, but revive other incapacitated players.

At the moment, only chrome is supported.

The number of players is not limited. I would be interested in how many players technically work ^^

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Yeah, I didn’t get to the parts that make them important. The plan was to make the player slower with more combines, so that it is worth it to switch parts and walk them to the exit individually. Thanks for playing!

The web build is currently broken. I’ll try to add it later if that is allowed.

Thanks Those where fun to make ^^

Thank you for playing! Yeah, there really should be a secret last combination… next time

Thanks for playing and sorry to disappoint with the secret unlock ^^ FYI: yes, the timer is clamped at 1s

Thank you. The background music is from All other audio is from me.

Does the game have an ending? I played from your GitHub repository (because Linux) and continued until the 11th level. It was fun, but got repetitive because (as far as I know) there is no way to lose? Funny interpretation for “unfair advantage” though ^^

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It’s definitely ready for games of this size. And fun to work in, too.

Nice colours and animations, especially for a first try with pixel art. I think some sound effects would be very good (walking, attacking, taking damage). Those should also make the short background loop mentioned below nicer to listen to.

The game kept me on my toes, nice. For the games pace I would have liked some easier controls. For example reducing the number of spells to two and putting them on ‘q’ and ‘e’ would leave 1-4 for leveling up skills. Maybe that would make it a bit easier. At least I barely used my spells because the controls are further away from WASD. Appart from that the already mentioned effects for getting damage or attacking would really go a long way. But like this it is already a nice acomplishment and fun to play!

Oh, I didn’t realize that I keep parts of my soul after dying. The weapon switching I found and used.

Lack of time is of course completely understandable. You sure got a lot done for the jam period!

This is awesome. I love the idea and both characters are really funny. The twist with the hero going for the chests first makes the levels very interesting and you get quite busy dodging all the incoming attacks. I thought the last level got me… While the hero was busy I was down to one heart and surrounded by spikes. The surprise saved me :) Nice job!

This is a fun game. A bit hard, but I played a few runs. I am pretty bad at using the Scythe though and usually would die later when just paying for spells with life directly ^^ I am not sure if there is anything you can do with the souls that you collect?

Yeah, we are for sure missing some explanation there. Thank you for playing and giving feedback!

Ninja :D I found the controls quite confusing in the beginning and would have liked keyboard controls after all the clicking. The music fits well and the art is nice, good job.

I like how giant the demon queen is; just lazily sitting around pointing where to send her goons ^^ Is there an end to the game? I played until I had more than 500 souls, but nothing happened.

Worked fine for me. I definitely was not a hero ^^

If we add some additional game mechanics (like pay for a switch) we could add another item kind. That should make the game harder. Thanks for the idea to add effects on matching, that would be nice!

Thank you for playing and the feedback! One idea we had, but simply lacked the time to implement, was to be able to switch any two items across the board for some money. The main goal should be more potions and the money a means to an end.

Funny idea and nice art. I like the puzzle element with the borders and buttons. I think eating the last level takes a little bit of luck because the hero did not always take the same time from the bolder to the enemy, so timing the button was not possible. Thank your for the submission :)

Very funny game idea! It took a bit of guessing to find the “little ability from neighborly Uranus”, but that was a fun process. I am not sure if it’s possible to host java games on itch, but if it is, that would be nice to do. Definitely an awesome achievement for a first jam, thanks!

Great idea, nice art and funny bits of story! I ran into a few issues with the controls (e.g. how to connect items with lines; I couldn’t connect the end of a line and had to restart), but a restart fixed that. For me, as a memory game noob, it would have been helpful to be able to reduce the number of items per hero and/or the number of pre and suffixes. But of course, settings like these are not really in scope for a 1-week submission. Very neat game, thank you!

Nice art and fun to play! I am not sure if I missed something, but I escaped a few times with different puppets, but every time the game said that I am doomed?

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the colour scheme is a bit problematic, but I am really bad at choosing/recognising colours. If you have a nicer pallette in mind please share :)

Thanks for that idea. I guess I could add some logic to check for almost complete towers and help out a bit.

Not sure what is happening here, but I still cannot download anything from that page:

For me, there is nothing to download on that page.

This is a great game! I can see that a lot of work went into this and it looks and plays really well! It’s a shame that there are only two ratings so far, I hope you will get more people to play it.

One thing that might help: The “you can’t go back” rule is an interesting mechanic, but I had to read the p.s. on the game page to find it. I was confused since I kept losing without running out of courage. It also makes you lose fast sometimes because you don’t know that the next step will not reveal new adjecent islands, so how do you know not to do the step(please correct me if I’m wrong)? Maybe you could outline the edges of the world?

Nice interpretation of the theme and cool idea to fulfill the limitation. Good job!

Thanks for playing! I agree about the theme/story. I will keep that in mind for the next jam and try to integrate the story more into the game.

Quite unexpected, but nice interactive story. Perfect fit for the theme! Good job.

I can’t find a file to download. Am I missing something?

I think it would be very helpful for people to play and rate this game if there would be support for WASD / arrow keys controls. Multiplayer games sadly already get played less, but the controlers give another restriction (I am for example one of those weird guys that don’t even own one ^^). From what I saw the game looks interesting and the concept sounds fun!

Nice spaceshooter. This feels very complete with fitting sounds/audio and art. Good job!

This game plays really well appart form the snatch trial beeing too hard. I love the controls and how the player is lavitating in his dream. The background, art and sound fit well together and also fit the theme perfectly. Good job!

This is awesome and very unique! How do you keep coming up with so unique game ideas? ^^ Solid candidate for winning this jam.

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Very cool minimalistic pixel art. After some initial trouble I checked the previous comment and saw that one can wall jump. I managed to get the first coin, got back to the spawn point, but then I was unable to use wall jump to get up to the goal area. Not sure what I was doing wrong…

Looks very nice and if you can help me on what I was doing wrong I will for sure play again :)

Nice game with very beautiful 3d art. I especially like the spaceship zooming around in the background. My only issues are with the controls since you regularly get stuck on objects and cant jump to the next one. Nice submission, thanks!

Short, but fun! The art is perfectly fine for a jam game in my opinion and the music also fits well. Maybe the asteroids could get some sound effects, too?

I had two minor issues: I was able to move out of the screen and I think the position of the fuel was not optimal. It was so close to the right screen edge that I died a few times from an asteroid without the chance of seeing it coming/evading.