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I'm a linux user and have always had success exporting to Windows and Mac using the Godot Engine.  So, don't sweat it.  It will more than likely work.

If you do an HTML5 export, I would suggest either testing it locally somehow, or uploading it early to and making sure it works.  I've had interesting surprises in the past where something didn't work quite right, so now I always test it in the browser.  You don't even have to make it public on itch if you  don't want people to see it before submitting it to the jam.  you'll still be able to test it yourself.

Also, a reminder, you MUST use the Godot Engine for this jam.

Yeah.  Definitely need to balance physics settings.  Thanks so much for the like!

Thanks!  Yeah, I didn't get things working till about an hour before the end.  That's the way it goes sometimes.  I did have ideas for more levels.  I may add them after the game jam voting is done.

Thanks again!

Would you be willing to add the code for the slower way (using nodes) to the Github repo?  I tried to duplicate the slow way and could not replicate a performance issue.  I'm probably missing something.  (See my fork of the repo at  I do see a massive difference in the number of objects being created and maintained but, at least on my system, both methods hum along at 144 fps.  I would love to figure out what makes our node implementations so different.  Thanks!

LOL.  I hate to be that guy, but not enough to say:



Thanks!  We worked really hard on it!

This was pretty fun!  Great idea!  I didn't check, but this might be more fun with gamepad support.  Thanks for also supporting arrow keys for lefties!

The art was good and the sound was good when there was some.  I like the concept too but wished it could have been more interactive, like deploying moons and weapons while the attack was happening rather than having to sit and wait for the attack to be over to do anything.  It was also very annoying that as soon as I went over my credit limit, the game was instantly over.  So, that "feature" needs to go!

I like the graphics and the sounds, but the controls need a little work.

Great game!!  The progression, the writing, the controls!  I just got hung up where it seemed I needed to control both characters at the same time???  I probably missed something, so I'm blaming myself on this one!  Seriously, very good, very thorough!

Bonus points for innovation here!!  And the graphics aren't bad either!  Was there sound, though?  I saw options for it but didn't hear any.  I'm using chrome on linux, maybe that's the issue.  So, a few suggestions.  One, the game is a bit difficult at points.  I wonder if maybe having a health bar would be good to be a bit more forgiving.  And maybe a way to replenish the "breath" (at least that's how I interpret it).  This could give the player options to explore - maybe choose a different path.  Also, I'm reminded of a jam game from someone a while ago where they told a story of sorts as you dove down into an underwater cave and discovered the remains of previous divers.  Could something like that be used here?  But then sometimes game are more about the mechanic than anything else (I'm imagining Bit.Trip Beat - though honestly I never played that one - so what do I know?).  Anyway, it's a very good start, and like I said, I like the innovative gameplay here.

I liked the art and visual affects.  Shooting something and seeing it explode in a shower of particles was satisfying :)  The the music was a good choice.  However, I didn't get very far, unfortunately.  You see, I'm left handed and using a and d and space to move along with the mouse was very akward.  This game would have worked well with a game pad.  May I suggest that as an option next time?  Or maybe allow for arrow keys along with the usual wasd key compbination for movement.  Also, there are some countries that use something other that wasd for their righty key combos - so maybe support that too.  But really, it seemed like a good game from what I did see, so good job!

I like the writing and the graphics.  Could have done with something more in between fight sessions.

You did really well for not reading the instructions!  And appologies for having such long instructions, but as I said in another post, we didn't have time for a tutorial.  For those wondering how to repair tiles in the game, just right click on the tile to get a popup menu.  There you can repair a tile.  You can also reclaim it to get back some ore if you need to, or even disable/enable the tile.

Thanks for trying our game and the feedback!

Great feedback!  Yes, usually I have a tutorial in my game, trying to "show" rather than "tell" how the game works.  This will be one of those post-jam changes we make to the game.  Thanks!

Thanks!  Any feedback is welcome!

Once I figured things out it was a good game!  The graphics are good, the the music too.  Was the music not set to loop though?  It didn't for me on linux via wine.   But it did start up again on a new game after I finished.  It would also have been nice to be able to exit the game via a menu popup on escape.

In case you get through all of the rest!  Ha, ha.


Oh!  Try ours!  Any feedback is appreciated!

Like the the concept, graphics and music.  Some sound fx would be nice.

I like the effects and the physics.

Now this is a puzzle game I can get into!  Very well done! 

I like the art and sound, but the controls didn't work too well for me as I'm left handed.  If the arrow keys could have been used as well, I would have spent more time enjoying the game.

Sound sould have really helped this!  I do like the colorful graphics with some of the visual effects.  Perhaps if they had been moons or the little "guy" in the middle was a moon it would have fit the theme a bit better.

It's a good idea and is well done.  The graphics and sound are pleasant too.  You should be proud of this one!

The idea for the game is good, as well as the presentation.  If only there was more to it, like pehaps actually aiming the rockets toward the moon in a scene of an overhead shot of the solar system as planets and moons are in motion.

What OS is the download for?

What OS is the download for?

What OS is the download for?  Should mark is so people know.

I liked the concept and the writing, but it's just too long at 55 levels.  If something amazing happened along the way - like a new mechanic or twist to the puzzle was introduced -then I  might have enjoyed it.  But I got my fill of solving the puzzle at level 28.

It's an interesting start of a game.  The music and sound are so far the best part of the game so far.

This was very good.  I liked the atmosphere created with the sounds and choice of rendering.  I also liked the controls - the way the camera tilted as you ran.  I also liked the point where something is introduced suddenly.  (Trying to be vague to not spoil it.)  I guess if I had a small critique would be the mouse look was not sensitive enough for me.  But I quickly forgot about that after getting into the game.  So, good job!

The voice acting is off the charts on this one!  And I love the humor too.

Oh, I forgot to mention the eavesdropping mechanic.  I really liked that too!

This is a pretty good game.  I love the way the story unfolds through dialog, which was well thought out and written.  The dialog system could use some work, but maybe that's the engine used or the lack of time available to work on it.  I also like the pixel art and the way you navigate through the building.  Usually I like a bit of sound effects in the game and ding games that don't have it, but I'm not sure that would help here, which sounds odd (no pun intended).  With only the soundtrack I'm left with the feeling of watching a silent film, which I rather enjoyed this time.  Good job!

Very poor form charging for a game jam game.

Got stuck at a point.  I figured I was supposed to do something similar to what I did to progress before, but couldn't find a way to do that.  (Being vague not to spoil it for others.  Hopefully the creators understand what I'm getting at.)  It's probably just me since others seem to have gotten it.  I did like the game, even if I couldn't finish it.  The sound, the graphics, the idea.  It's pretty good.  One thing I'd ask for is that I could invert the y for the mouse look.  It's how I play all fps.  But it's definitely not a deal-breaker.  Cool game!

I like the art and the lighting effect.  It took a while to find the satellite, but I eventually did.  I thought I heard a bit of a sound effect of some sort, but it was very faint.  Overall I think there could be more sound effects anyway.

Thanks!  Cute wasn't what we had in mind on day one but after we came up with the name Curbita, well, it just had to be cute or "spoopy".

Being the programmer I'm a bit proud of the maze generation.  Glad to see that people noticed it's a different maze with different item placement each time.

The corners won't bite you, btw.  At least not much.  ;)