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Hey!  Thank for the feedback, Erik!  Yes, I realized that it was possible for the enemy spawner to get tricked like this, but didn't have time to fix and didn't want the game to be too difficult anyway.  At the beginning it was basically impossible till I nerfed some stuff.

Again, thanks!

I really liked the wall jumping.  Once I figured that out, this game was quite fun!  Good job!

This is a good game jam game and has great potential for further development!  I really like the computer theme too.  Would this be a mac vs linux vs windows for the three races?? hehe  Adding to my collection in hopes that it will be developed more.  Good job!

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I forgot to put in a bit of detail about what went into making my game.  Here is the open source software that went into making this.

  • Godot 3.1
  • Blender 2.8
  • Inkscape .92
  • Audacity 2.2.2
  • Ubuntu 18.10

Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the game.  Any feedback is helpful!  Even if it's something you didn't like.


Fun  idea for a game!  Seemed like if I was forced to jump somehow, but do it "just so" maybe that would make it more challenging.  I like the sound effect.  It seemed to change dependent on the size of my snow ball.  Cool.

Hey!  Great game!  Especially for your first Godot one!  I managed to kill everything in the level after I figured out how things worked.  Would have been cool if bullets would have been included.  Were the bad guys shooting too?  In the first (only?) court yard area the baddie seemed to kill me before it actually touched me.  That's why I ask.

What system did you build this on?  I'm using Ubuntu 18.10.  After installing libsdl2_ttf-2.0 I get an error about a missing  I have liblua 5.3 packages installed, but the file is called on my system.  So, I figure the difference is the distro or something.

Nice game, but how does one play it?  I'm not at all clear on the mechanic.  Some more instructions would be great.

Can't launch game on Ubunut 18.10 with amd.

/usr/share/libdrm/amdgpu.ids: No such file or directory
Error: [string "boot.lua"]:481: Cannot load game at path '/home/jason/Downloads/linuxgamejam2019/3some/main.lua'.
Make sure a folder exists at the specified path.
stack traceback:
[string "boot.lua"]:637: in function <[string "boot.lua"]:633>
[C]: in function 'error'
[string "boot.lua"]:481: in function <[string "boot.lua"]:311>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'
[string "boot.lua"]:645: in function <[string "boot.lua"]:639>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Tough but fun!  Some golf clapping or crowd sound affects would really help with the feel of the game.

Hey!  Gotta an error trying in Ubuntu 18.10.  Here's the command line output.  I tried various resolutions and graphics settings but still got core dump.

Set current directory to /home/jason/Downloads/linuxgamejam2019/alien-abduction-linux/alien-abduction

Found path: /home/jason/Downloads/linuxgamejam2019/alien-abduction-linux/alien-abduction/alienabduction.x86_64
Mono path[0] = '/home/jason/Downloads/linuxgamejam2019/alien-abduction-linux/alien-abduction/alienabduction_Data/Managed'
Mono config path = '/home/jason/Downloads/linuxgamejam2019/alien-abduction-linux/alien-abduction/alienabduction_Data/MonoBleedingEdge/etc'
Preloaded ''
Display 0 'Acer XF240H 24"': 1680x1050 (primary device).
Display 1 'VX2025wm 20"': 1680x1050 (secondary device).
Logging to /home/jason/.config/unity3d/Editor/Player.log
Aborted (core dumped)

Nicely done!  Once I got the hang of it, I got kinda good.   Would have liked some sound though.

An interesting idea with some cute graphics!  Could use a wave system where successive waves bring more and tougher enemies, so the game last a little longer. 

Liked the music and graphics!  Fun!  Could use some enemies maybe.

Does this have a linux build?  I didn't see one.  Ambitious though!

Those little animals didn't stand a chance!  Just needs a laughing dog in it :)

This game has a lot in it!  I just wish it were a little more balanced so I could get further into it.  It could be I'm just missing something, though.

Thanks for including my game!  You just gained a subscriber!  :)

Hey!  Thanks for the feedback!  I'll try to clear up the tutorial so people won't get confused.  Glad you liked it well enough to kinda forget what you were doing!  :)

Yes!  More game play on the way!  Adding a few new elements and 5 more levels, for a total of 10!  I have even more ideas, but the next project is always calling!  Still, if enough people seem to like the game, I could always add more.  Thanks!

Thanks, Figy!  My thoughts exactly with the mouse/keys issue.  My after jam release will fix this.  Plus add levels/game play.  Great to have something worth polishing a little bit after a jam!  Thanks again!

LOL!  I think I was going over 500 mph at several points!  Maybe even more!  Just about when I was wondering how long the race was going to be I ran off a cliff an won!!  Funny!  Good job on your first multi-player game!

Cute little puzzle game!  Only wish it had a bit of music in the background and also supported arrow keys for we southpaws.  :)  I can see more levels being created with this one!

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My game had problems on Chrome too.  On my latest version (I'm working on a release for after the voting) it works when I remove the Particles2D.  I plan on replacing it with animated sprite since that will work with my game.  If someone has found any other node types that don't work with Chrome, maybe they can reply to this post. 

I plan on creating a bug report after I've made sure it isn't already reported.

Edit:  The issue with Particles2D and Chromium browsers is a known issue.

Like everyone, I like the art!  It's well put together for your first Godot project!

I like this game!  Would like to see it polished a bit!  The art and sound go together to create a nice feel.  If only the control was a little better.  Good job!

Like the art and sound!  But the game window was so big I couldn't see everything and really couldn't play.

Excellent graphics!  So colorful and fun!  Sound is nice too!  Great first Godot project!  You must be an artist to have created all that with Inkscape!

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Yeah, I would go ahead and upload a windows version.  But till then we can download the source code and open the project.  You could also do an html export.  Just be aware that it might not work on anything other than Firefox.  Mine didn't.

Awesome job for your first game!  My first game was a bad version of tic-tac-toe.  LOL  I think next time consider adding some sound.  Sound does SOOOO much for a game.  There's lots of free sounds on the net that you can use, or make your own.  Anway, good job!

I got the hang of it after a little game play.  I really like the graphic!  The little dude-ball is animated well.  The sound is pretty good too.  Good job!

Thanks!!  Glad you liked it!

You're right on about the art: to save time I started with the block style but then decided to keep it.  You may have noticed that the helicopters don't share this style either.  I'll probably change it to match.  And the landing zones too.

I've gotten enough feedback about this one that I'll be making an update.  I really wanted to make more levels for one and I have other game play ideas.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback!!

Love that you did 3d!  And the idea is very good!  If only the steering were less finicky.  Oh and some sound would be great too!

It would be OK to upload a windows build after the deadline.  Just as long as it doesn't contain content or game-play changes.  Even bug fixes are OK to post afterwards.  Just FYI.  Not like we don't have the source :)

Hey!  This is pretty good!  Could use some tweaking on the difficulty.  Maybe figure out a way to start off a little easier and get harder.  Do something with waves perhaps?

Hey!  Something isn't right with the linux rar.  On Ubuntu 17.10 it says "Parsing filters is unsupported" when uncompressing it.  Anyone know how to get around this?

Thanks, @pandahead!  The trick with the big tree is the really lay on the burner to gain the height!  Then you can coast back down to pick up the next passenger.

The difficulty curve on the game definitely needs some tweaking!  I'll work on that while the voting is going on and post an update afterwards.

Thanks again!!

The rules state:

  • Contestants can partake alone or as a team. Reusing existing code and assets is allowed.


@Nobelix, based on your posts on this site, you seem to be a Linux user.  Unity does not officially support Linux, so unless you want to jump back to Windows/Mac, I suggest you embrace the awesomeness that is Godot!!

That being said, using anything other than Godot defeats the purpose of the game jam.  ("The main purpose of this jam is to have fun together as a community of Godot users.")  Perhaps the organizers should put in an explicit rule stating that games must be created using Godot.