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What game engine will you be using?

Thanks!  Yeah, I should have gone with another control scheme for sure!  Something to keep in mind for next time.  Glad you thought it was fun!

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Sorry about that!  Any feedback on what control scheme would have worked?  I really wanted one button per engine, and the layout of the numberpad was a natural fit as the keys are arranged in basically the same orientation as the thrusters are.  Would using the keys around WASD been better?  And do you (or anyone else out there reading this) think it's OK to add that control scheme at this point?

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank!  I had many more ideas, but just ran out of time.  Hopefully next time I'll find someone to team up with and get more done!

The source code is freely available on github.  You can access it here.

Sure.  The source code is on Github.  Enjoy!

I would join discord and ask there.  Maybe DM a moderator or Bakenshake.  They'll either be able to point you to someone else or can make the decision themselves.

Not sure how anyone else would feel about it, but another option could be to join the jam you want and ask questions on discord.  Or even jump on the godot discord server.  There are lots of resources and people to ask.

Good luck!

I used Godot.  I've never heard of corona.  I'll have to check it out.  Thanks!

The sound adds soooo much!  Very nice!  It also seems like you modified the levels a bit to make them easier, which I agree with.  At least in the beginning levels you want people to learn and succeed before ramping up the dificulty.  And did you add the part where the zombies can break down the walls?  I  really like that!  It's avery nice tough, adding some urgency to get through the area.  If this isn't a new add, then it's the sound that clued me in that it was happening.  So, very nice update!

10 seconds!!  I couldn't even do it that fast!  So you are promoted to chief toy assembler!  Keep it up!!

Kind of like sokoban but on an extreme timer!  And while I like the idea, it's too fast and doesn't allow people to learn what to do and how it works.  So, if you expand on this, think of how to teach the player to play with some simpler, slower levels at first, and then go crazy!  Could be a good mobile game!

It's a simple but fun little game!

Great art and I liked the story idea!

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This is a GREAT game!!  It seems to be one of the most complete experiences of the jam for me!  From great graphics, sound, voice over (is that you?) and fun - it ticks all the boxes!  And I'm a bit in awe how "simple" the idea is - yet that simplicity keeps it from becoming a muddled mess.  (That's one of my game dev issues.  My ideas are always too big for the time I have.)

Anyway, congrats!  Hope you keep it up and look forward to seeing more game from you!

Oh, and forgot to mention the trailer is awesome!!

Now this is a game!!  I loved it!  Made it with 25 minutes to spare a few francs :)  Really, this is very well thought out and put together!  Bravo!!  In fact, I can't think of anything it lacks for what it is!  Great presentation!

I had similar issues to Ereborn, but also had the sound cut out on me as well.  A linux issue?

Anyway, the game looks like it could be really good!  Hopefully some fixed builds will be made available and we can play it through!

I thought the tire mark effect was really neat!  Overall the game is pretty good.  But just imagine how cool it would be to hear the engine rev, and the tires sqealing when skidding!  That's the #1 thing I would add.  Thanks for the linux build, btw!

This game has some potential and is very good for your first Godot game!  If you work on the game a bit more, to take it somewhere or just to learn some more, I would add sound effects next.  There are many places online to find free sounds, or you can record your own easily enough and edit them to make them even better.

Hope to see more games from you, and thanks for the linux build!

I really appreciate the Linux upload!!  This game is really good!  Fits the theme really well and the graphics are nice.  Following the adice I read in the other comments I was able to enjoy the sound track.  Some sound effects would have been cool too.  But it's a nice "adventure" game.  Reminds me of the old school tames like Maniac Mansion a bit.  Good job!

Hey  thanks!!!  Yes, I wanted to add more tool types and different toys.  Like a hammer and sewing for putting together wooden toys and sewing together dolls and stuff.  Maybe later.  We'll see!  And you're right about shortcuts.  I should add those too if I get time later.  Thanks again!

What platform is this for?  Windows?

Hey, what platform is this for?  Linux?

The art and voice acting are good!  Keep it up!

It's like playing a character from Cuque Du Soleil!

Nice chill little game!  The graphics were good and the choice of color palette is interesting.  It could do with some more sound effects somehow.  Maybe some variable wind in the back ground - not too loud though.  IDK.  And I felt that the clouds were going the wrong way where I thought I was sinking rather than rising.  Hey maybe add some birds or Baby's in clouds or something!  Just some ideas.  Thanks!

Such an odd and wonderfully original idea!  I really enjoyed my short time playing this game!  The controls were pretty good and the effect of the shrinking rabbit really worked!  And it's kind of subtle, like when I would eat a carrot and suddenly be much bigger again.  For some reason it was surprising.  I just gotta' ask, is the rabbit wearing a belt or something?  Anyway, good game and good job!

I didn't have time to play this game all the way through, but what I did see I liked!  It follows the theme very well and the graphics are cute!  I did run into a bit of an issue where pausing the game didn't seem to pause the countdown.  And when I was in the middle of a dialog and the time ran out, the dialog continue after being "reset".  I think an update to fix these issues may help others enjoy the game even more.  Thanks!

I like the idea, graphics and sound.  I really like the use of speeding up the music too to let me know I'm running out of time.  I actually didn't notice the timer/progress bar at the bottom at first, so maybe changing it's color to make it stand out better, and maybe switching it's color when time is running down?  To fit the theme, also this bar could be a candy cane or something.  And the controls weren't the best.  Maybe if I had used a game pad, it would have been better.  But overall, this is a great game with a lot of other great touches!  Good job!

I like lookup up the definitions of words in the theme to see if there are any obscure meanings that could be helpful.  This theme didn't yield anything like that, but here's what I came up wtih in case it helps anyone out.



Jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.

Move quickly or suddenly

Jump across or over

Make a sudden rush to do something; act eagerly and suddenly

Accept (an opportunity) eagerly

(of a price or figure) increase dramatically.


A forceful or quick movement.

A dramatic increase in price, amount, etc.

(in place names) a thing to be leaped over or from  (E.g. Lovers Leap)



A leaping movement upward.


A territorial limit; a boundary.

A place within certain limits; restrict.

Hey!  Thanks!  And good luck to you too!

Thanks!  You are too kind!

Hey, I want to find a team for this jam.  Could the organizer(s) of this jam add it to or some other team building website?

I could do this myself, but I feel funny doing so since I'm not an organizer.  If someone official wants me to, though, I can.


Nice little game!  Good game juice!  You could expand this one with different weapons, enemies and such!  The only ding is the theme, but this jam's theme was a bit difficult imo, so I would still be proud of this one!

Very nice little puzzle game!  Everything about it is great!

The idea and game are really cute!  But, like a lot of people, I had a little trouble with the controls.  Still, pretty fun!

The graphics and sound are good and the game is cute!  Too bad I'm a lefty and found the controls very hard to use.  Please consider supporting arrows along with wasd keys when you make a game.  Or even better with this type of game, add support for a game pad!  Still, it's a good start.

Really like the amount of polish and juice this one had!  Really fun!

Darn it!  I really like the atmospher with the music and think this could have been good.  But I couldn't get out of the first room.

This is very well done!  In fact I can't think of anything that really needs improvment!  Good job!

As a general game, this isn't bad!  The graphics are good, though the light level is a bit too low, and the background music isn't bad.