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Vasilis Chonianakis

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I have send you my email.
Thank you for your effort!

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Amazing game! A dungeon crawler with adventure game like descriptions! Very Nice!
Is it possible to move the text at the bottom of the screen instead at the top? Or at least put a settings option so we can change it... As it is now it seem weird with the graphics at the bottom and the text-interaction at the top!

I have tested your game on my Nokia 6.1 and it works OK! The main thing is that the UI problem that I have mentioned above is even more prominent on a mobile phone especially one with >5 inches since your hand must travel to the top of the screen in order to select a choice!

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It is possible to make available for download the android apk file for those who bought the game at ichio so we dont have to buy it again at google play. Personally I prefer not to use app stores so an apk file even with no support whatsoever is far preferable!


Amazing remake!! This bring back so much memories!!!!! But where is the download option???

Excellent game!! And a platform game also!!!!
Well done!!!!!

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Amazing game! the graphics are awesome for such a low rez!! Personally from view perspective only I would have prefered  a topdown view version like the previous games since this is the style I prefer but still an amazing game!

Great game!! The descriptions for most location objects is a very nice touch!!
The only objection that I have is the random combat encounters (I prefer chrono trigger type of encounters that you can see on the map and avoid if you want).
But all around a great game!

Excellent game! I especially liked the visual style, the well written dialogs and the well designed puzzles which didn't require some weird combination of items to solve (a fatal mistake of many other adventure games).

Thanks for making this game.

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Nice little adventure game! I especially loved the horror - x-files atmosphere!!
Also i liked the fact that it only require common sense to solve it and it didn't have some weird puzzles.
I can't wait for more 'Midnight Scenes' episodes!