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Vasilis Chonianakis

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very fun action game!
love the different abilities.

Excellent puzzle game! Love the lemmings like feeling style!
Excellent retro art!
Great job!

Excellent action game! very polished!

Excellent game!
Love the minimalistic art.
The linux version works on Linux Mint 18.3 & 20.2

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Fun game! Nice retro look. Love the old Sierra adventure look!
Is there a way to find out all the interactables in each room?
Finding their names is quite frustrating. Similar to the 'look' command by only showing the interactables.

Awesome game! Excellent art/sfx!
Love the Wolfenstein 3D vibe!!!

very nice game! liked the upgrade mechanics (love this type of games)
good use of the low res
great job!

excellent tactics game with excellent audio-visuals!
love the HoMM battle style!
great job!!

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Excellent game with a charming story, excellent visuals (love the abstract shapes of player & NPCs and the beautiful backgrounds)
Great job!
Is there any chance for a desktop version (preferably linux x64 version ;-) ). I prefer to download excellent indie games since web versions can easily vanish....

Fun little adventure game.
Excellent art & writing.
Great job!

excellent game! balanced exploration (for resources) with base defense! excellent pixelart!
great job!

Excellent puzzle game! Love the 'sight' mechanics trying to guide the statues to do stuff! Balanced levels.
Amazing pixelart!

Awesome tool! One of the best planet generator (if not the best).
Thank you!

Very nice turn based rpg. I really like the match 3 combat mechanics with upgradeable tiles.
So much fun in such low rez ;-)
Great job.

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Actually Godot (the engine I prefer for game dev) use a very very python like scripting language.
Maybe in a future game you could try it. It has one of the easiest web export that I have seen.
In fact I use the web export in jams during development so other not technical members of the team (artists, sound designers) can easily see their art/audio in game.

The easiest way to avoid the warnings from OS is to release a web version as your game's main version (with most common game engines this is also very easy to do).
In fact web version is the recommended way to release a jam game since it allow far more players to play your game.

Thanks for playing our game!

Nice roguelike!
Love the room based map system!

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Amazing game! Love the Wolfenstein 3D vibe! Love the visuals-sounds! With quite a lot of content!

Except the main need for savegames (that other people also posted about - as the game is quite large) the game could use an improved mapping system so for example we can access map of other areas and not only current area map. Maybe a full screen map screen with notations about left over items, locked doors, etc.

You should put the game in a folder inside the zip file.

Thanks for playing our game!


Glad you liked the game mechanics!
We hope that the post jam updates will improve among other things the help instructions.
Maybe even add a mini tutorial - the east map was supposed to be the tutorial map.

Excellent puzzle game with excellent art!
Nice touch the fact you play as the bad guy.
Great job.

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Thanks for playing our game!
We wanted to try something unique for mechanics instead of another platformer type ;-). Glad you liked the end result!
We already have several ideas (cut from jam version due to time) for a post jam update.
A nicer game over/win scene is definitely a needed addition. Thanks!

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Thanks for playing our game.
The reason for the loss of sanity is the presence of Shoggoth (tentacle monster) in the map (you can hover over enemies to see their stats and abilities). each Shoggoth has a chance to drain sanity (that chance is reduced when you find the arcane book).
The way to regain sanity (along with health) it's to travel between maps (through the forest path card) and when you destroy a ritual site.
The help popup explain this
(you can press H or F1 to see it again).


Nice game! Nice graphics.
How do I move to next level?
I collected all gems, kill of enemies and opened the chest but the door don't open.

Then like Anakin you should come to the dark side ;-)
in the amazing Godot which has a very good and simple UI system

Very nice strategy-boardgame game! Love it (I am a big fan of this type of games)!
A very unique idea!
Great job!

Very nice game with excellent controls and very good graphics/sound.
Great job!

Nice idea, well implemented with nice visuals.
After 4 levels the gameplay is a little too similar to previous levels unless a missed something but still very nice idea.
Good job!

Thanks for playing our game!
Actually the game does have in the jam version downgrades (we just didn't have the time to put all the text to explain them in game - only the angelic council warning about the effect of the crystals).
With each crystal you acquire the angel lose his ability to slow down time (the game speed up and you also cannot turn that fast to avoid the souls). Also his visuals are downgraded (losing the glow effect, the "particles", etc...)
If more of the designed levels were in game the effect of the downgrades would have been more obvious.
Still at least the increased speed of movement (which in our game is a bad thing ;-) ) is pretty obvious after the 1st level.

Very nice game, excellent graphics! Great job!
I think that all the tutorial parts should have been optional, since you have a good default selection for controls. Allow the player to skip directly to the fight!

Thanks for playing our game!
Quick lessons are the best ;-)

Nice unique idea! At first it was a little unclear how the body parts moved but I understood it after a few levels.
Great job!

The team artist is very good at pixelart!

Thanks for playing our game!
The original design had far more variety and levels. Unfortunately we didn't have enough free time.
Some part of the original design (+ a few additional graphics made by the team artist) will be added post jam after the rating period.

Excellent game with beautiful visuals, very good controls and good gameplay.
Great job!

Fun game with unique gameplay and excellent theme interpretation!
Really a moon shot!
Great job!

Thanks for playing our game and for your feedback!
Seriously the god of dice must favor you! Even a couple of  bad "rolls" (both alien spawning & site destruction are rolls in the jam version)
can really escalate to an unwinnable situation if you just go for the sites without clean up the map.
The post jam version (the jam version was made very very late in the jam)  has a more infiltration like site attack. You have to acquire a certain number of exploration "points" in order to destroy each site so you really cannot afford to let the aliens go wild ;-)
A last minute idea (mostly abandoned due to no time) was for the story to be a prequel story to another jam game of mine!
That the reason for the ending text (the only thing left in the game)! You aren't done with the aliens!!
The game page description will be updated after voting ends for this!