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Εισαι ο ιδιος χρηστης με εναν στο GDA discord server;
Εαν ναι ριξε εκει (εχω devlog σχετικα με το game) την ερωτηση να σου απαντησω εκει (βολευει περισσοτερο απο itchio comments).
Εαν οχι πες μου και θα απαντησω εδω.

Κανοντας left click στις καρτες στο χερι τις παιζεις (σε post jam version - μετα την rating περιοδο - θα μπουν και μια σειρα απο εφε που θα κανουν πιο ορατο το "παιξιμο καρτας").

Οταν παιζεις μια καρτα απο το χερι αυτη σου δινει resources (explore ή/και attack) ενω πιο advanced καρτες που αποκτα κατα την διαρκεια του παιχνιδιου εχουν και αλλα abilities. Τα resources φαινονται στην καρτα του παικτη πανω αριστερα (κοκκινο - attack, πρασινο - explore).

Υπαρχει ingame help που μπορεις να το δεις οποιασδηποτε στιγμη πατωντας το αντιστοιχο κουμπι.

Τα resources τα ξοδευεις (αυτοματα) οταν κανεις click σε καρτες εντος του παιχνιδιου για να τις κανεις explore ή defeat (αναλογα την καρτα) αρκει να εχεις αρκετα resources (τα resources που απαιτουνται φαινονται στο κατω δεξια μερος της καθε καρτας).

Οτι resources περισευουν χανονται στο τελος του γυρου ενω ο παικτης τραβα 5 νεες καρτες απο το deck του.

Δεδομενου οτι το βασικο deck ειναι αδυναμο στην παραγωγη resources (ειδικα σε attack) πρεπει ο παικτης να αποκτησει καλυτερες. Αρχικα μπορει να αποκτησει μερικες adv.explore καρτες (μεση δεξια) που κοστιζουν 3 explore αλλα δινουν 2 explore οταν τις παιζει και σιγα σιγα να αποκτα νεες ισχυρες καρτες που του δινουν οι exploration cards στο πανω μερος (νεες exploration cards εμφανιζονται οταν κανεις explore το ιδιο το location - πανω δεξια).

Ολες οι καρτες που αποκτα ο παικτης πανε στο discard pile και ανακατευονται στο deck οταν χρειαστει να τραβηκτουν νεες καρτες και το deck ειναι αδειο.

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- Add the game's version to the zip filename (you can optionally also add it to the game filename or even in the game itself, for ex. in the game's main menu)
- Make a post each time you make an update which include the new version and what changes/fixes that version contains. You can use the devlog posts for these posts to avoid putting everything in the game's main description. itself ask you if you want to make a new devlog when you upload a new file.
- Add a text file in the zip files that contains a text listing of all the versions & their changes/fixes.

There are plenty of example on alone but if you want an example of the first 2 points check a previous game of mine

Also it's best to keep the previous version up, at least for a couple of weeks, in case the new version introduce bugs.

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Excellent adventure game.
The professional voice acting is a very nice touch.
Is it possible to include a version and an change log with each release so we know what was changed or fixed?

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no problem.
In the original but very basic engine (which was use in my Books of Power game) you had to click on the action after selecting the dice and then click on the enemy. Players complained that about too many clicks so in this game I made the selection of the action automatic after selecting the necessary dice which worked quite well.
I will check in any case the page/ingame help for possible text improvements. Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi, the action graphics just show what action will be activated when you click on an enemy. you don't have to click it (in fact if I remember correctly they are just images not buttons).
You have to click on an enemy to activated the attack after you selected the necessary dice.
In my tests the crippling strike works correctly. I select the dice, the icon light up and when I click on the enemy the attack is performed.
I will check further. Do you happen to remember the room that this softlock happened?

(2 edits)

Thank you! Will fix it in the next update.
Loved your game by the way. I will post a comment on your game's page to that effect! I think I only rated your game (5 stars of course ;-) ).

Thanks for the feedback. will add more checks in the next post jam update.
You can use Q to return to main menu instead of refreshing (which also works in the downloaded version)

(2 edits)

Thank you! Glad you like it!
The game is under development with plan to add all the original regions that were cut! 2 are in the current jam version with further 3 regions to be added in the next post jam update next month.
I think the mountains region was made a little too difficult in the jam version so maybe decrease a little the difficulty in that region.

Very nice game. Love the idea of combining the changing of player's mode with changes of the level itself.
Very nice art & music.
Great job!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!
There were more stuff to do (upgrades, buildings) in the original design. Unfortunately most were cut due to lack of time.


Awesome game, especially the Bigmode part!
Excellent gameplay, art, audio!
Great job!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!

Very nice game. Especially one using a favorite genre of mine the Wild West genre.
Great job!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!
Thank you for the the feedback.
Based on player's feedback we are already testing a couple of methods to allow better handling of the player's vehicle at higher speed.
As for the blending of player's vehicle and buildings using a 1px black border around the player's vehicle seems to works quite well to prevent the effect.
Both changes will be added in a small post jam update when the uploads are unlocked.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!

Super fun shooter, well implement the mode theme and very nice visuals.
Quite difficult as it should be. Great job!

Very nice game. Mowing grass is quite fun. Good controls.
Funny thing is that at first I thought that the main menu was a actual level and I was wondering why there wasn't a timer or a score label even as I was mowing the grass there.
Then I realized that I had to step on the level areas in order to start the actual levels.

Very nice shooter. Nice variety of enemies & upgrades to keep player interested.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!
I really like the "simplicity" of the CGA era visuals not to mention some of my favorites non adventure games (Sopwith, Alley cat) were using this visual style.
Another jammer suggested using interpolation for speed something that could help with the higher speeds.
This along a few small other fixes can easily be added to the game post jam.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!
Ι really like your idea with the interpolation of speed from 0 to max. Since most of the time I do at least a small post jam update that definitively is going to be on the list of changes/fixes. Thanks!

Very nice game. Interesting use of the phasing mechanic not only to go through platforms but to avoid obstacles that will kill you provided you time it right and don't phase into the void below ;-)
Great work!
ALWAYS assign both WASD and Arrow keys to movement actions not just one of them! It's very simple to do and allow the player to use the controls scheme he prefer.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!

Solid shooter with excellent art and good controls!

Very interesting idea.
Really like the different minigames not to mention the excellent art.
I just wish I could skip the VN parts (I am not a fan of VN).

Excellent very polished platformer with excellent art & audio.
Really like that each area of the game required different tactics.
Great work!

Excellent puzzle game!
Very nice & clever levels (I just wish the game had a skip button for those "tutorial" levels so someone with some puzzle games experience could immediately move to the main course ;-) )
And of course my favorite art style, low res pixelart!!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!
The black outline was indeed on the ideas we were testing but run out of time to implement.
The idea was for the engineering building to allow many more upgrades not only to your vehicle (similar to your ideas) but to also allow upgrades to buildings.
The initial idea was similar to the one you suggest with meteorites spawning all the time. Unfortunately this made the initial version of the game far more difficult and without time to tinker the difficulty we preferred for a simpler wave style of gameplay (at least for the jam version).
Thanks you for the suggestions about the meteorites.
Maybe some of those can be included (along with the necessary visual fixes that are definitively will be included) in a small post jam update after the rating period.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game!
There was a plan to fix the visual overlap between player's vehicle, buildings but unfortunately we run out of time.
It wouldn't be a jam game after all ;-)
One of the ideas was for a small 1px black border around the player's vehicle and if it worked use it on the meteorite as well while also adding the missing explode animation to it (another visual dropped due to time).

Very nice game! Polished, well written.
Certainly not for people with weak hearts!
Great work!

(1 edit)

Don't give up! You can do it!
Which part did you find difficult? Shooting down the meteorites? Collecting resources and creating buildings?
You don't have to shoot down all the meteorites especially if shooting one down move you out of place and prevent you from  shooting down other incoming meteorites.

Very nice game! Love the horror atmosphere and the visuals.
Always assign both WASD and arrow keys to movement!

No they didn't turned red when I attacked them (even at close range).
But I still had fun trying to avoid all the attacks thrown at me.

Very interesting game and the enemies were certainly quite unique (flying dolphins, cooks, etc..) not to mention their projectiles ;-) .
Since I couldn't know whether I hit an enemy (there wasn't a visible projectile or damage indicator) I survived by carefully running in circles around the enemies.
Still a very nice jam entry.

Thanks you! Glad you enjoyed our game.
Thank you for the feedback about the mode switch.
Probably a bug in the mode switch controls. Easy to fix when uploads are unlocked after the voting period.

Very nice game! Interesting mechanics. Was quite fun when I understood the mechanics.

Excellent puzzle game with very interesting mechanics (the changes on the environment when you switch from present to past).
Love the the mystery/horror atmosphere.

If you make a post jam update you should probably switch the flash light controls (Left click) and the interact controls (E) or at least have an option to switch them.

As it is now it can be a little confusing when you are in front of an interactable object (hand icon) and you use the left click expecting to interact with it and instead you trigger the flashlight.

(1 edit)

Very nice shooter. The simple abstract art style fit quite nicely!
Since the health packs spawn quite frequently and the player's speed in the main mode being quite good you don't have enough incentives to "go" to survival mode.
Still the shooting part is very good!

You should avoid combining the pak file with the executable. It is known to trigger false alarm with AV.
And always make a web export since It's so easy to make one with godot (speaking as a fellow godot game dev ;-) )
The absense of web export can really hurt in game jams.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game.
Thank you for the detailed feedback. In the original design the were more upgrades and the waves have many more and harder to destroy meteorites. Unfortunately due to time restrictions (started working on the game late in the jam timeframe) they were cut from the final game.
Similar thing happened with the art since the player's vehicle. The current art is the original design before any buildings were created and I was in the process to redraw it but run out of time.