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Thanks! The eye enemies attack definitively need some changes since you aren't the only one who had trouble with their attack.
As for the sound effects there wasn't enough time (wouldn't be a jam game after all ;-) ).
Since I am already updating the game for a post jam version after the rating period ends any feedback is of great value to further improve the game!

fun little game with good visuals and fun gameplay loop
great job!

Thank you!
Sound effects are on top of the long list of post jam updates along with the missions/campaign which were all cut due to time.
I though since the attack deal damage at the end of the animation (giant eye enemy) or when the enemy missile hit the play (enemy 2) the player had enough time to "see" the attack and have enough time to block it. Same thing about the enemy blocks.
Maybe an increase of the animation could do the trick... The sound effect could help here.

excellent game! simple mechanics with accurate nokia visual style!

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sorry, my mistake. I though that the follower starting points were portals.

very nice dungeon crawler.
I especially like the action-like combat where you have I actually hit the enemy and avoid his attacks instead of just selecting actions from a combat menu
I would have preferred if the enemies used a similar attack system to the one used by the player.
The enemies attacks could have used a little balancing since for ex. the ray attacks of the 2nd enemy type you meet are way more difficult to avoid that the bullets of the the initial enemy type.
Great job!

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fun little action game! nice mechanics with the followers and the towers.
but from the game's description I though you had to deal with the tower in order to move to next level.
Is it not? because even without dealing with the tower I can use the portal (?) to move on.


fun twist to deckbuilding mechanics!
well done!

awesome visuals and quite unique mechanics!
big plus for me is the Macross/Robotech feel with the transformation of the player's vehicle!
great job!

awesome visuals and very interesting concept.
The game definitely needed a map and text popup when the selected interaction couldn't be done.
In any case great job!

Wow, nice atmosphere!

really fun game with very unique mechanics!
well done!

fun little game!
love the kicking mechanics and the secondary mechanics (that shall not be named ;-) ).

Thank you!

really like the independent use of each thrusters.

excellent puzzle game with awesome visuals!
I really like the "guide the frogs" mechanics ;-)

Thanks! Actually in the original design (which I am in the process of implementing for the post-jam version along with the full missions structure and ship upgrades) the player's ship has different abilities/weapons that require different amount of energy.
The "powerup bar" it's actually the ship energy reserves that regenerate with time.

Great job captain @aburd saving the universe by the way!

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Thanks you!

Quite unique idea. I especially likes the part when buy upgrades change your vehicle visuals!
Is the rocket like vehicle the final upgrade of the jam version? After I bought that upgrade I couldn't buy another upgrade even if I had the money needed for the next one.

Very nice game!
Love the  switch between the two creatures especially the part that they have different movement style (for ex. the underwater movement of the turtle).
I think both creatures are missing the black lines at the bottom of the feet (it quite visible when they jump)

A very good and quite challenging game.
Awesome visual and animations.
I love the side view with depth perspective!

Very nice action puzzle game!
I especially liked the one way tiles that you have to think before  choosing which one to trigger first.

Nice! I will love to check it out when released!
I am using a similar mechanics to make a similar game to Star Trek game but instead of free roaming about the galaxy the player take missions (aka a series of sector encounters). Originally the idea was to be released at last year 7DRL  but I didn't manage to find the time, maybe this year ;-)
But the mechanics could easily work with the original style of gameplay with the player trying to find and kill the enemies before a date.

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I already tried the 25th anniversary version which is also excellent.
I still prefer this version since I like the simpler UI, not to mention it can be played only with keyboard.
As far the tactical element I was thinking (as a fellow game dev) about a more puzzle tactics mechanics similar to  Hoplite Android game where each turn in combat the player choose and do one action like
- move & attack adjacent enemies (this can easily be translated to move & fire phasers)
- shoot spear (fire a torpedo - limited in number)
- use abilities that require energy (, etc. (maybe some form of short range warp to get you out of trouble)
After the player perform his action each enemy either move (if not in range) or attack
- some attack in melee (or phaser like weapon in this case)
- some attack from afar if you are in range of their attack (each type has different paterns to determine range) (enemy could shoot their own torpedoes)
only the player has more than 1 health (or hull/shields in this case).
the enemies' movement don't need to use intelligence and the enemies could  just try to get in range (the reason of calling it puzzle tactics)
The player could use the different planets to avoid enemy's attacks (break light of sight) while launching his own.

Awesome remake of the super star trek game!
In fact it's better even my previous favorite remake (EGA Trek - yes that DOS remake ;-) ) with way better controls (especially the torpedo targeting) and streamlined UI.
The only improvement I could think is making the battles tactical instead of them be based on resource management (energy & torpedoes) something that, to be fair, even the original game lacked.

Awesome roguelike!
Love the dice mechanics and the excellent graphics.

excellent puzzle game!
quite unique game mechanics with the rafts

awesome game!
love the mechanics and the level design
great job!!!!

Great game!
Very nice atmosphere.

very fun action game!
love the different abilities.

Excellent puzzle game! Love the lemmings like feeling style!
Excellent retro art!
Great job!

Excellent action game! very polished!

Excellent game!
Love the minimalistic art.
The linux version works on Linux Mint 18.3 & 20.2

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Fun game! Nice retro look. Love the old Sierra adventure look!
Is there a way to find out all the interactables in each room?
Finding their names is quite frustrating. Similar to the 'look' command by only showing the interactables.

Awesome game! Excellent art/sfx!
Love the Wolfenstein 3D vibe!!!

very nice game! liked the upgrade mechanics (love this type of games)
good use of the low res
great job!

excellent tactics game with excellent audio-visuals!
love the HoMM battle style!
great job!!

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Excellent game with a charming story, excellent visuals (love the abstract shapes of player & NPCs and the beautiful backgrounds)
Great job!
Is there any chance for a desktop version (preferably linux x64 version ;-) ). I prefer to download excellent indie games since web versions can easily vanish....

Fun little adventure game.
Excellent art & writing.
Great job!