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Also thanks you very much for the linux version.
I always prefer to play native linux version when available!!
Just so you know the game run perfectly on Linux Mint 18.3 (my main pc). In case you want to include this info on your game description.

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Excellent little deck builder!! Very nice!!!

In case you are still updating the game (since it's a jam game) a little feedback. Show on hover over each planet card the total resources (or even better also a more detailed summary) acquired when you play this specific card. As it is now you only see the new global total of resources if you actually play the card.

Finally it is possible to put (even untested) a linux version of the game? Since you are using Unity game engine.

nice little game!!
Is there a way to save (or autosave since it's a roguelike) so you can continue your quest from your last won battle instead from the beginning?

Thanks for the feedback, BeregAlto!

1) In which level you had trouble? Also you have trouble understanding the objectives or something else like how to move/push tiles? The tutorial in level 1 didn't help? If the objectives where the case maybe showing the objectives at each level start.
2) Again here in which level you had trouble seeing the borders of tiles? In most levels only the movable tiles (with white border) and the blacks (the dark ones) are important, the rest of the level's tiles for gameplay purposes is background.

This is an amazing game. Incredible dark atmosphere! Very nice comic style cutscenes!

Excellent choice about the numeric stamina! This would be my choice also! As far the different layouts are they really necessary? After all there are max 2 different layouts needed for a game. A desktop layout and a mobile layout. The current layout (desktop layout) can easily be used for the mobile version in landscape mode. As a fellow developer (I know the cost of different layout for different devices all too well) I think it is best to stick to one (current) layout.

Maybe I didn't explains correctly about the "exit" bullet (sorry, English isn't my native language). Let's me give you an example instead about the "action menu":

* do action 1
* do action 2
or choose a exit to move
[directions icons here]

if no actions except exit are available simply show "choose a exit to move" and the icons

In any case the exit bullet is a minor thing so...

As far the stamina cost it look to me like too many variables outside the player control that can affect the actual cost. I personally don't like at all the second reason you refer (the one about being a trick). Since this is a text game with minimal graphics how the player can deduce it's a "trick" cost instead of an actual one? In the first version of your game (which now that I remember it has a few of those trick costs) I always consider myself lucky of passing some check instead of realizing that is a trick cost.

I hope my questions/suggestions haven't offended you in any way. I really like your game.

Very nice improvements! The presentation of the text on the left of the window is much better than on the top. Also easier to scroll to see previous text. After all this is mostly a text game!

A few suggegions/questions:
- show a numeric representation of stamina. Now I must scroll to the last encounter requiring a stamina "check" to see my current stamina, which can mean scrolling the text just to see my actual stamina.
- don't put exit (the word) as an option (with a bullet on front). Just leave the arrows at the bottom. Everyone known what arrows do ;-) I have clicked quite a few times by mistake on the word exit.
Leave the bullets only for the choices that must be made by the player.
- how the stamina check is made? How it's affected by the player or any items it carriers? It's completely random? If you don't what to have that ingame at least put it on the bottom of the game page description for thoose of us that like to know such things.

Excellent clicker (I think this is the category's name of this type of games)!!! And with a proper end screen! Nice, very nice!
I also loved the use of images for button and labels instead of just a text buttons and text labels which this type of games usually have!

It is possible to make available an desktop version of the game? Preferably both windows-linux version :-)
While I love web games an offline version is very much appreciated!

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I have send you my email.
Thank you for your effort!

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Amazing game! A dungeon crawler with adventure game like descriptions! Very Nice!
Is it possible to move the text at the bottom of the screen instead at the top? Or at least put a settings option so we can change it... As it is now it seem weird with the graphics at the bottom and the text-interaction at the top!

I have tested your game on my Nokia 6.1 and it works OK! The main thing is that the UI problem that I have mentioned above is even more prominent on a mobile phone especially one with >5 inches since your hand must travel to the top of the screen in order to select a choice!

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It is possible to make available for download the android apk file for those who bought the game at ichio so we dont have to buy it again at google play. Personally I prefer not to use app stores so an apk file even with no support whatsoever is far preferable!


Amazing remake!! This bring back so much memories!!!!! But where is the download option???

Excellent game!! And a platform game also!!!!
Well done!!!!!

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Amazing game! the graphics are awesome for such a low rez!! Personally from view perspective only I would have prefered  a topdown view version like the previous games since this is the style I prefer but still an amazing game!

Great game!! The descriptions for most location objects is a very nice touch!!
The only objection that I have is the random combat encounters (I prefer chrono trigger type of encounters that you can see on the map and avoid if you want).
But all around a great game!

Excellent game! I especially liked the visual style, the well written dialogs and the well designed puzzles which didn't require some weird combination of items to solve (a fatal mistake of many other adventure games).

Thanks for making this game.

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Nice little adventure game! I especially loved the horror - x-files atmosphere!!
Also i liked the fact that it only require common sense to solve it and it didn't have some weird puzzles.
I can't wait for more 'Midnight Scenes' episodes!