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Earth is lost... Can you find a new home in this simplistic, procedurally generated space exploration game?
Submitted by dsmith111, JoshuaSnow3, alex (@jeremylullaby) — 20 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#893.3913.391

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Theme interpretation
We interpreted moonshot as having a single chance; one chance to navigate to a new world and save mankind.

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Last minute review. ^^Great game


Great experience! I love the deep space exploratory atmosphere created with the music, the map and the scale, it is massive!

I truly enjoyed! Well done!


Really cool game! but MAN i sucked at it lol. Maybe have a mode where we have infinite fuel? or would that be too easy? I actually really liked this even though I was so bad at it haha. I think it could be cool to teach students about concepts such as escape velocity, etc :)


Interesting scale in the game - really felt like I was traveling long distances.  The background music did help set the right vibe.

If you like platformers, please try our game.


Not sure if I was missing something, but I tried playing twice and couldn't find any planets or anything else unfortunately, even with the zoom feature. I also tried flying around in different directions to see if I could spot anything. If this is due to the procedural generation, like mentioned below, maybe adding some extra conditionals would help. 


I played this game for way longer than I thought I would the first run. My first run I burned out of fuel immediately and had to restart haha. Then I a black hole and circled the Earth and was loving it. I liked the little hints as well in the form of the arrow. Was a really fun joyride haha.

Would appreciate if you checked out my game Moon Blob as well!


I loved the game, very KSP-in-2D feeling physics! I was cruising around the galaxy trying to get to a planet, cut my fuel, and all of the sudden found myself in orbit around a satelite. That's a fun little discovery. I did notice though sometimes the track indicator would change while I had throttle cut to zero, it was hard to rely on.


Great job capturing the vast inmensity out there, I need to work a bit on my fuel saving skills to get anywhere near a planet.


I am so confused because me and my partner didn't even get to see another planet or a satellite.

I don't know if we did it all wrong or if it was just a lack of chance.

Developer (1 edit)

Hi Snappy Sloth! When you zoomed out the camera there was no other planet in sight? If so that would be a game breaking bug and I’m sorry that happened to you. The game is procedurally generated so possibly pausing it and pressing new game (or pressing R) would fix it in the case that everything works but simply nothing spawned in.


You are going somewhere here. Well done.


Thanks! Means a lot.


Really interesting concept and well executed too. I loved how relaxing it was to just set a course and then watch the stars and planets fly by. The game is definitely too difficult though. I managed to figure out how to land safely and refuel but still didn't make it very far. The screenshots look incredible and I wish I was able to see some of the places for myself (especially the black hole!)

The visuals and sound are very well done and I really enjoyed my time with the game. Hope you'll make it easier in the future, I'd love to give it another go and explore the cosmos!


Thank you for your feedback! We’ll be sure to add a difficulty setting to our to-do list to make it more accessible to a greater range of people. Thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback!


Good job with the scale, you captured the feeling of space travel. I like the ambient music. I also liked the controls. Overall it was difficult until I figured out you can zoom in/out. Landing was also difficult - I agree that a small tutorial would work well. Or maybe a series of levels, with earlier levels being smaller scale and easier, and then slowly expanding as the player learns the controls and how to interact with gravity etc?

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you! I think that's a great idea. Once the jam is over I'll have to come back to that. Keeping in spirit with the game jam and not adding in any new features, I've been trying to leave tips and details on the game page to help everyone out. Glad you were able to figure some of them out and be able to have a better experience with the game. Thanks again for taking the time to play and leave feedback!

Submitted (1 edit)

Sorry, but I think you need more visual ques on where I need to go. Also some indication of how much longer I have until I reach my destination. It would be interesting to know wow can I determine an optimal route.

The gravity arrow was confusing too. It feels like it's telling me where to go. I'm not even sure what those orange balls were. They just went out of sight after going too fast or something.

I think you have something, I just think you need to present it in a way so that it's easier to pick up and know what I'm getting myself into. I'm sorry if this criticism is harsh, but I stopped playing this game with a lot of frustration.

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Hi Lewdev I’m sorry to hear that! We do plan on adding a couple more indicators but before I go further, a common issue some people have had was that a certain control scheme wasn’t made clear enough. If you press tab, you’re able to zoom out with the scroll wheel on a mouse. The orange dots actually represent your trajectory (Due to the size of the world, these will quickly extend past the initial presented camera size to predict your future position). The red arrow at the top left is a compass on where to go, and the gravity arrow simply points to the nearest gravitational body! We plan on adding in a tutorial which will hopefully alleviate this issue.

Thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback, we appreciate it!


It's amazing how simple pixels conveys such sense of vastness, nice job.

Flying the spaceship was satisfying and comfortable, but it was difficult for me to land correctly, it would be better if there were some simple tutorial levels.


Thanks bud, means a lot. We'd definitely like to expand on our project with more content, as well as correcting the landing concerns.