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Thanks for playing!

I enjoyed the video! Thanks for playing through our game. :)

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Awesome video! Loved the editing. Glad you enjoyed it :D

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Whoa, thanks for featuring us. I like how you highlighted each of the areas in the game. Very cool!

Lots of really good feedback! Thanks and it means a lot that this was your favorite of the jam. It’s funny that you thought it was easy, because we’ve gotten the opposite feedback too. Either way, this is a lot of good stuff to carry forward into our next game. 


Thanks for playing! I’m glad you liked it. 

You don’t need to press a button. Just jump onto a wall. 

Thanks for all the feedback! Some of this was simply cut for time, while other stuff we hadn’t even considered. I’m glad you enjoyed it and really appreciate you taking all these notes while playing. 

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the tomato spacing is a known issue with certain resolutions (such as the non-fullscreen web version) which we may fix after the jam ends. 

As far as getting the third ability early, that was totally intentional! Congrats on finding that! Going that route should have made the Swamp easier too since you could break through the rocks and take shortcuts. 

That's some great feedback. It's so tough to judge the difficulty of your own game, especially when you begin to memorize the patterns as you're making it. I tried to make every save point a safe area, but I think I messed up on one or two of them. :/

Thanks a lot for playing and I'm glad you liked our game. :D

Eu não falo português, então usei o Google Translate para este comentário. Estou feliz que você gostou do nosso jogo. Eu gostei de assistir seu vídeo. Obrigado por jogar!

Thanks for all the feedback! We definitely intended the story to be silly. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Great job on this, everyone. First of all, the lore. I really liked the story where you are going back and forth between time period in this knight's (king's?) life. You did well using the way the characters controlled to express their differences in age.

I also liked how each time you got an upgrade, the character demonstrated in what situations you would use it. It made it super clear what each upgrade was for and even may have made you recall what area to go back to.

However, it was very tough to control. The jumping felt unnatural and all of the actions felt very slow. Maybe this was intentional in a classic Castlevania type of way, but it made exploring and backtracking tedious.

It was also easy to get lost. A lot of the interior areas looked similar, so it was difficult to get a mental map of the world until I had gone through it several times.

Overall, I think the team did a great job. It has a solid story, great art, and the final boss was really cool.

You found all the collectibles!

So glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback. We definitely wanted to fit in some kind of prompt to show you how to use the upgrades, but just didn't have the time. I'm so glad you enjoyed the platforming challenges and the chill nature of the game.

Finally beat the master samurai on my second try! That was awesome. The voice over was a nice surprise! You don't often get VO in game jams. It was well done and had funny dialogue.

Gameplay was fun, but I felt like it could have been tighter. The jumping was a bit slow and floaty, which I guess fit for a ghost. Also, it was difficult to tell whether you were in range of the enemies and were going to hit them or get hurt. I think a bit of feedback like hit/hurt stun would have helped here.

 The art was really good, and I enjoyed all of the characters -- especially the masks and the final boss. He reminded me of something from TMNT.

Overall a great job!

Thanks for all the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 

Glad you enjoyed it! I dropped a comment on your page. 


This is an awesome prototype. I played through it a few times. The pixel art is incredible. So bouncy and full of life. I love it. 

The screenshake and camera movements are great too. However, I would probably be a bit more selective with the screenshake. It works great for when the player is shooting or gets hit, but I feel like it is disorienting when the screen is shaking because an enemy off-screen is shooting. Maybe limit it to only player actions or only things happening within the camera's view.

Other than that though, it felt really nice to play and looks beautiful. Keep it up!

This was a fun little game. I liked collecting all of the little food items and walking around as a pop-tart was hilarious. Great job!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This was fun! I enjoyed getting the upgrades and final boss was great! I loved the different attack patterns and it felt satisfying to beat. I also really liked the music.

If I could give one piece of feedback, it would be that the ranged weapon felt odd. I think it was mostly the controller mapping. Since you're using d-pad to move, it wasn't super intuitive to move your left thumb to the stick to aim. I felt like it probably would have been better on the right stick. Even better if it was on the right stick and all you had to do was aim it and then flick the stick back to shoot. However, I did like the slowdown while you were aiming. That was really helpful, especially when shooting the buttons through those narrow passageways.

Overall, great job! I enjoyed playing through it. Oh, also the portrait art and the mid-air attack animations were really cool.

I’m glad you liked it and I appreciate the feedback. I’m not primarily a keyboard player, so I feel like a learn with each jam how people prefer to play certain genres on keyboard. 

The music was awesome, and I enjoyed the hand-drawn animations. I think you may have been able to tweak the jumping so that you didn't fall so fast, but I enjoyed playing through the game. I have to admit that I was not able to beat the second boss, but what I did play was fun.

That was incredible! The polish on this game was off the charts. The sound and art were both great. Little flourishes like the screen shake and the particle effects made it really pop. I especially loved the sound of that sword.

Gameplay-wise, it was so satisfying to play. Especially once you unlocked the sword, it was so much fun wall-jumping and dashing around everywhere. I died a few times, but the game felt fair.

If I could offer one piece of feedback, it would be to try to think of a way to give the gun more usefulness. Once I got the sword, I never switched back.

Overall, this is a stellar game, and I had so much fun playing through it. Great job!

My condolences for the passing of your grandma. I’m sorry you had to experience that. 

Wow, thanks. I'm so glad you liked it!

Yes! I love that song!

I’m so happy this game connected with you!

Don’t mind me, just chopping onions. 

Awesome, thanks for playing!

I really appreciate the feedback! The transitions and facial expressions were simply things we ran out time to include. However, the QoL suggestions like text speed and a back button are not things I would have considered. Good to know for our next project! Thanks again. :)

So glad you enjoyed it!

So glad you enjoyed it. That feeling of remembering the good times is exactly what we were going for. Thanks!

I loved it! Thanks for playing through our game.