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That's very fair; those words are both bending the rules slightly, since they're really loanwords from other languages (Latin and Irish respectively) which are only used in English in quite specific circumstances.

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Thanks! As far as I know mine is the first puzzle book to combine modern puzzles with exploration/adventure book gameplay - that’s why I wanted to try it!

For a similar style of “puzzle books with very light story” I can recommend Blaž Urban Gracar‘s “Lok” and “Abdec” books, both of which were definitely influences on this, but they don't have much of an adventure element.

Quite neat! For some reason it reminded me of "Riff: Everyday Shooter" - perhaps a combination of the music and the player/enemy designs?

The controls felt a little sluggish at first, but they were fine once I got used to them. The enemies were generally easy to avoid (even on hard mode), but the fact that one hit ends the game made it feel a little punishing? More seriously, gems would occasionally spawn inside walls; I think I've only seen that happen when a level starts, but I'm not sure.

But overall I had fun playing; nice entry!

Interesting idea! It felt like all the decision making was on the cleric side; all the warrior options advanced the fight, and there never seemed to be a reason to pick one over another at any specific time, just as long as you used the high-damage attacks more overall. If the dragon had bigger, telegraphed attacks that you needed to defend against, that could be a way of making the warrior side of the decisions matter more?

Overall it works well, and is a very decent first jam submission. Good job!

A nice little multi-agent puzzle game; the "line up adjacent" goal makes for some interesting key moves!

A couple of little technical suggestions:

  • Puzzlescript's default key_repeat_interval is really low, I recommend always bumping it up or players will find they get a lot of accidental double inputs.
  • Because of browser security changes the "youtube music" option works on basically nothing these days. Unfortunately I don't think any forks have a replacement music solution yet? I could ask around in the dev discord just in case.

Overall a well-made little thing, solid use of the theme. Good job!

The sense that "this level is obviously, trivially impossible" is always a goal in puzzle design, and I was pretty pleased to achieve it in such a small level here!😁

It's a little sneaky; if you still need a hint, I don't think it's possible to do spoiler tags in this comment markdown so I'll use rot13: Lbhe bowrpgvir va gurfr yriryf znl abg or rknpgyl jung lbh guvax vg vf.

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Fun! Fortunately I read part of Kobato's comment before playing so I had some sense of how the mechanics worked; without that I think I would have had some confusion about how the hero stock worked. It ultimately feels like a bit of a peggle-esque physics puzzle game? Some levels (particularly 10) felt a little finicky, but overall I enjoyed my time with the game; good job!

edit: Oh, one additional note: The game doesn't run on Chrome incognito mode, it fails with a "[UnityCache] indexedDB database could not be opened" message. I think on older versions of Unity you need to turn off "Data Caching" in the player options for that to work? Newer versions seem to have fixed it.

Definitely some ambitious ideas here, and the art came out very well! I particularly like the lion and the monolith, I could absolutely see those in a commercial adventure game.

As you say there's not much gameplay to evaluate at this point, but don't be discouraged! Hope your future work goes well!

The presentation is lovely, but I'm afraid I couldn't figure out how to do very much?🫤

I appreciate the very long move distances (since I usually find tactics games play very slowly), but it didn't seem like I could actually move the full distance because the camera wouldn't scroll far enough to let me select it? I was also very confused that clicking on attacks didn't do anything, and only realised after watching the video in the comments that it was queuing attacks to be applied after enemy turns. I think even just dismissing the attack UI when you select something would have helped me a lot with that.

Good luck if you decide to develop it further!

Simple and fun!

It was sometimes a little difficult to tell my health bar apart from the enemies (making it hard to keep track of whether I was taking damage); also some music would have been nice? But otherwise very playable.

Fun, and a pretty unique presentation! I feel like the one-handed version is let down a little by a lack of variation in the layouts; only two shapes that can come up are "hard", so it's mostly just about learning the keypresses for those two layouts and killing time in between them? (Though what do I know, I only managed to get to 124.)

The two-handed version is basically impossible.😅Good job!

Just a suggestion for the organiser:

If you run more jams in future, I recommend not having a set of rules that participants only see when clicking on the "Submit Your Game" button (which typically happens at the end of development); it's a bit too late for games to try to follow them at that point!😅

It would be best to make sure that all rules for jam entries are clearly laid out in the main text of the jam page.

(I've submitted anyway, and it sounds like other people in similar situations have done so too, but it's still worth bearing this in mind for future jams.)

Pretty tough for hunt-and-peckers like me; I couldn't get past 100 or so. I don't have much feedback on the actual gameplay, but I will say that I think the menu/front end presentation could have used a little more work, or just been omitted entirely? It doesn't quite measure up to the quality of the in-game stuff and it's not doing anything vital, so the game might have been better off just diving straight in.

But overall it's a neat spin on typing games with pretty stylish presentation; I enjoyed it!

I'm pretty sure I don't have enough hands to play this game with keyboard, but I was able to make it work on controller.😅I guess you can't rebind controls on Pico-8, but might you be able to use the player 2 controls to make the controls a bit more reachable? I think if every control is accessible at once you can potentially make the game more challenging.

Overall pretty pleasant, and the on-screen level progress bar is much appreciated; I had fun with it!

I'm afraid I couldn't get very far in this.😓Trigger buttons didn't work on the controller so I had to use the keyboard. Taking a hit sends you back a long way, and unfortunately I wasn't dextrous enough with double keyboard controls to overcome that. I did find (what I think is) the photocopier by scouting ahead with Pinkguy alone, but that knowledge didn't help much.

A more zoomed-out camera would have helped a lot, I think? There even seemed to be some kind of off-screen time display that I could only catch glimpses of.

I didn't really understand the enemies from the tutorials, but I figured them out pretty quickly in practice when the main game began. Pushing around the other character felt like an abusable mechanic, but in practice I found avoiding the enemies was much more difficult than figuring out the maze.

The visuals were simple, but had a strong style and were (mostly) easy to understand; overall a pretty cool entry.

Lovely pixel art arranged into a pleasant environment; the game's short but it feels like a complete experience. Good job!

Neat concept; it took me a while to figure out that the bottom row was a production line rather than a set of independent production stations. I wasn't able to get far, but the idea is very unique!

Neat multi-agent puzzler, nice weird atmosphere!

Very colourblind-unfriendly, though. Even with full colour vision there were quite a few levels where I just could not see what the difference was between the target colour and the colour I was trying for. I couldn't progress past the level with a single dark green target in the centre, so unfortunately I couldn't finish the game.

Lots of credit for implementing undo (it would have been a nightmare without it), but I would have loved a "reset" as well; waiting for the undo stack to unwind a lot of messing around often took a while.

Overall a great entry that makes a lot out of its fairly simple visuals; I had a lot of fun playing it, and I hope it was fun to make!

Was wondering if someone would go with this theme interpretation; very pleasant experience, well made!

It was hard to tell which colour I ended up with from the palette, and I sometimes felt like the resulting element didn't match the colour I thought I clicked? It might have been nice if the brush could change to show the selected paint colour. Also, full screen support would have been very nice.

But overall great job, very impressive for the time; hope it was fun to make!

Not much to say, really; very clean and polished! The different potato sprites were fun. Swerving felt good and I liked that the collision physics were pretty forgiving (not that that helped much by a little way in!).

A button to put it into full screen would have been very nice? I don't know how easily Bevy handles changing aspect ratios, though.

Ah, good old POLYGON Sci-Fi.😊This is a pretty good kitbash, you got a lot of nice clutter in there without distracting attention from the gameplay elements; not bad at all for three hours! I think taking just a little bit of that time for recolouring or postprocessing would have made it look really unique?

The gameplay was fun; I had no problems navigating the ship, never got stuck on anything. Navigation was sometimes a challenge with (in particular) the multiple engines, but the highlighting was very clear and the level had good sightlines so it wasn't much of a problem.

Overall, well-made entry, good job!

Simple but very polished and impressive! Great use of the limitation and theme, very pleasant experience.

The last line disappeared as soon as I finished writing it; not sure whether that was intentional or not, or whether there should have been something more afterward?

(This comment gives me a sense of déjà vu....)

Simple but very polished and impressive! I didn't really get any sense of the jam theme, but it was a very pleasant experience.

The last line disappeared as soon as I finished writing it; not sure whether that was intentional or not, or whether there should have been something more afterward?

(This comment gives me a sense of déjà vu....)

Fun use of the theme! Though I feel like the Knight wasn't really pulling his weight on the DPS front.

A little easy, but that's totally fine for a jam game; it proves the concept well, and that's what matters. The long approach time made it very parseable which spells were coming up, and I always felt like it was intuitive which spell would activate on click even when some had gone offscreen, so those worked well.

My only real feedback is that it deserves a name that takes itself a bit more seriously!😁

Just for the record: Yes, I know it controls like a rampaging cow; no, it's (mostly) not deliberate.

Turns out making good vehicle physics in 15 minutes is hard, who knew. 😅

I'll be honest, I don't really understand how I was interacting with this.😅But I somehow got all five endings, so I guess it's fine? Lovely mood.

Fun! Agreed that the feedback can be a little confusing sometimes, but the movement felt good and the environments and music had a nice style to them. The controls did feel a little stiff to me (both on controller and keyboard)? It's hard to be more specific than that, though; possibly a framerate issue.

Overall, good work!

I love the PS1 aesthetic, and the way you can juke the enemy! The audio works well too. Everything felt kind of spread out, though, so there was a lot of running.

Overall, really good!

I enjoyed this, though the amount of precision required made it feel a bit random, and it was hard to tell whether I was switching too early or too late; I wonder if it would help to have a timeline with marks for when you switched in your last attempt? That might make it easier for the player to tell whether they're making wrong choices, or whether they're clicking at the wrong time.

Overall, though, it works well and the communication of the current level state is good and clear. Good entry!

Excellent puzzle game, with a lot of very challenging and thought out levels; incredible for 3 hours!

As others have mentioned level 6 felt like a bit of an outlier; most of the later levels had some clear insights to have, but that one felt a little "bashy"; just do things until it works. Lack of undo also made some things tough (especially since sliding can have large, surprising effects), but undo is a tough ask for a 48 hour jam let alone a 3 hour one.

The graphics have a lot of charm and communicate the ideas well. Solid use of the theme. Overall excellent!

Thanks! Yeah, it ramps up very fast and I didn't have time to give the player any kind of power up mechanics to balance things.😅

I think anything above 30 seconds is a solid score, and I've personally only been able to get scores over 1 minute by cheesing the mechanics.

Neat! Using the flame effectively was a challenge; I wonder if my first run might have achieved a better score if I'd focused on not wasting any ice recovery time.

The controls generally felt good with keyboard and mouse, but clicking outside the window was a problem; I don't know how easy that is to handle on Unity web builds, I haven't tested CursorLockMode.Confined on web.

Overall nice, fun idea, well implemented!

Eugh, yeah, sorry; now that you mention that I can think of exactly where that is.  That 2x1 is part of a later section of the level that was never finished; I must have forgotten to put in a thin wall on the floor above where the window is, so it's possible to fall out into it. My bad entirely!

Thanks for the play and the helpful feedback, and hope the bug didn't spoil the experience too much!

The aesthetic feels very consistent, and I really appreciate the extensive use of objects and environmental details to make the area easy to navigate!

The sequence of things I needed to click to actually attack in combat threw me a bit; I ended a few turns early before I figured out what to do, though once I did the combat system seemed clear enough - at least for the combats I could access in this build.

Best of luck with the game post-jam!

Absolutely, yeah. Thanks, that's very useful feedback!

Thanks, and thanks again for streaming the game!

Of course I completely agree with all your points, and we talked about the first two on the stream.

Your third point is very interesting to me, though. The display at the bottom of the screen, which shows the guardians in your party and what their attacks do, was meant to be one of the most important elements of the game's UI and one of the main ways I try to communicate mechanics to the player - but I haven't seen any players talk about it, so I'm not sure whether it did its job.

Was it a display you consciously noticed or thought about while playing? I'm wondering whether I didn't make its purpose clear enough, or whether I simply made it too small and unobtrusive (my determination to have a "clean, modern" UI coming back to bite me)?

Thanks again for your detailed comments, and good luck with the rest of the jam!

And there I was foolishly worrying that I might have made it too easy. :)

The formation mechanic is definitely intended to have a lot of depth to it; unfortunately I didn't do nearly as good a job of tutorialising it as I wanted to, so it's pretty opaque to most players (and as you say, the game asks you to deal with a lot very quickly). It really needed more careful instructions (and pausing) to make sure players were ready before they moved on to the challenges ahead.

Thanks so much for playing, and good luck with the rest of the jam!

Good work across the board! The combat could sometimes feel a little slow, and it wasn't always easy to figure out what the enemies were doing, but the variety of different options from the equipment made thigs interesting - and of course the core of dimension-hopping puzzles was solid.

Hope it was fun to make!