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No, I used the linux binary version.

Awesome game and with a ray tracer! There's a lot of stuff for a game made under a month.

I like the music, it really suits the game.

The mouse pointer is not captured, I had to disable my second screen to be able to play.

Because of the above I found an issue with health. I got reduced to something like 1HP and then became basically immortal. Then not collecting a heart became sort of a challenge in itself. Unfortunately I was forced to in the void. I don't consider this a good idea, what if I wanted to have a no-hearts-run?

The final boss was pretty easy and predictable. It doesn't move, I can just hide behind a pillar.

Some other issues:

  • space is used for both shooting and speeding up the dialogues
  • the crosshair is missing, I can't see where I'm shooting
  • it's pitch black in some corners
  • in few places I got lost, but maybe that's just me. I don't play this type of games
  • after credits, there's just a black screen and nothing is happening

Congrats on the game.

Which system are you on and which file you having trouble with? If on windows then just download zip package and run the exe. If on linux you need to install love executable and either drag'n'drop on love executable or execute `love` in terminal

This games is played by keyboard. Your chromebook doesn't have one?

Was playing on keyboard on Firefox.

Thanks for the tip.

This doesn't fit on my screen.

It's pretty fun, interesting mechanics. It's getting somewhat repetitive after a while though.

This is surprisingly playable. I like the announcements about entering different sections. Dodging debris is somewhat hard especially in later stages when it's pretty tightly packed.

Hope space isn't such a mess. That'd be awful.

This game is really funny. Also really difficult, too difficult I guess. It's very hard to control the rocket to go where I would like it to go.

A moon shooting moons at other moons! Woah.

It's super fun and really challenging if you want to achieve 3 stars everywhere. Friendly moon adds  an extra complexity.  The black hole animation was awesome. Great game.

Why is it so easy to hit myself thought lol.

Poor lumi, it's so cute.

Jump height isn't consistent. Each time I jump it reaches different height. I can hold space and Lumi will continuously jump and the timing isn't consistient either. I feel like sometimes the jump starts before landing. Double jump activates automatically, which is annoying because it's hard to reach full jump height. 

I like 1st level tutorial. Unfortunately the 2nd level was super confusing for me. The "Red Cell" was red square for me. You should be more explicit about what you mean, e.g. "red bar on the bottom of the screen" or maybe draw an arrow pointing the bar. Another confusing thing was that sometimes if I click on the bar nothing happened, sometimes the time was rewound. I had to go back to level 3 to understand it. It's explained, but the level doesn't require understanding it to pass. I'm still not getting the game as I can't pass the 5 level, because the time I can reverse the belt movement the block is already on the floor. Maybe I'm just too dumb to play it. The game looks really interesting and unique, but I'm just unable to grok it.

I love the artstyle. The gameplay is not very complicated, but enjoyable. I got stuck in a few places, but managed to complete the game.

What do you mean I can't have 2x big bertha?

The cannon moves in a funny way. It's quite an enjoyable mix, mining gets quite repetitive though. The fools gold is very annoying, because the detector gives just a slight glow and instead of mining I need to keep staring at the screen and wonder if it's safe to mine or not. 

It's also quite annoying when I hit the lowest asteroid just after launching and there's no way to avoid this.

The exploring part runs very slowly on my machine. The day summary runs quite quickly and then can't see it, bucause the font is too small. Exploration feels like there could be something more to it, but I like overall atmosphere and strategic aspect.

Awesome interpretation. My main issues are that the hole is hardly visible and that I got gravity bonus 4 times in  a row. This modifier is not fun, but all other change game in an interesting way. Music suits the game very well.

Had some issues with groking the controls initially, but once got it it was really fun. The way you move the ship (or whatever it is) is super unique. This makes the game much more challenging, but also more interesting. It's hard to dodge incoming bullets though.

Falkon 3.1.0 browser on FreeBSD 11.4. Not very common setup I guess.

The acceleration upgrade does make it harder to dodge obstacles. The other upgrades are making the game easier though.

Yeah, I was a bit afraid it might be somewhat unintuitive, but I hope it's not too hard to get it.

The game is made with love2d, which is lua game framework. love.js allows to port it to web. It's quite lean, but fun framework. Try it out, it's good for game jams IMO.

The keys used to movement shouldn't trigger the dialogs. I missed many  of them due to that. I like the part where you control two characters, but the zoom was somewhat too close. In the part where demons are coming from left and right, the second character got kinda corrupted and was lagging behind me and was captured by the demons. It was very annoying that I had to see the same dialog each time I died at that level. Other than that it has great atmosphere.

"Bad news pluto" lol.

It's pretty challenging, but fun to play. I had some issues with understanding how to attack enemies, but once I got it it was really solid game.

This is super fun to play. I like that the words arrange in a poem. Too bad I didn't have time to read it, cus it just vanished after completing the level. Sometimes the keypress was not properly caught, but maybe it's just my keyboard, I played it on laptop.

Tower defense, but with less usual mechanics. Towers don't directly harm enemies, but produce units that do so. That's a nice variation and it makes the game more challenging.

My main issue it that I have to use middle click to pan the view. I really hate using middle click. That could be done with left click. Besides that the text is quite small on the default zoom.

It's somewhat annoying that I need to click each time to shoot, but it's a nice start for a game.

Shooting cats, yay. Super fun to play, great game.

The clickable area was not the same as image. I think it's mostly visible on upgrade dialog. I played the browser version, Falkon browser - it's QtWebEngine based. On firefox it doesn't seem to load.

This is super cool, but is way beyond my level of skill.

It's really fun to play, but there's just not enough of energy to support all buildings. Only two of them are producing energy, and none of them on dark side.  The second issue is that the click area is off.

It's very annoying to click 3 times each itme I want to build a ship, but I like the idea of the game.

This is fun to play. There's a nice variety of obstacles.

I was able to do shortcuts in a few levels by abusing game mechanics:
- I can start another jump when falling down, not easily reproducible though
- I could climb the wall and then jump over it

Nice background. I like the music, but the kick is a bit too loud.

Initially I didn't know what to do and the character was pushed offscreen. 

The game doesn't seem to have any goal and there's not much challenge.

All was going great and suddenly aliens attacked me, what a twist.

I had a little issue finding out how to launch missiles, but then wiped aliens out without an issue. I little bit too easy I guess.

The graphics of earth and moon are really nice.

It's fun little game framework, try it out.

I'm running the itch version, but it seems it was just one time thing. It was a bit annoying though to be kicked out in the middle of the game.

Was just kicked out cus of "old version", but there's no new version.

The tiles are clean, animations very nice.  Overall interesting to play.

Later levels are nontrivial and requires some thinking. It would be relly good if the game explained button mechanics and how restarting affect the level, because I had some issues with understanding that.

Considering no godot experience and only 3 days, it's really good game. Gratz.

Sure, no problem, take your time. Yeah, I have issue with installer, that's why I think it's some wine package missing, or maybe system package. Also I'm using Arch Linux.