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The tiles are clean, animations very nice.  Overall interesting to play.

Later levels are nontrivial and requires some thinking. It would be relly good if the game explained button mechanics and how restarting affect the level, because I had some issues with understanding that.

Considering no godot experience and only 3 days, it's really good game. Gratz.

Sure, no problem, take your time. Yeah, I have issue with installer, that's why I think it's some wine package missing, or maybe system package. Also I'm using Arch Linux.

Unfortunately, running `setup` in 32bit wine doesn't work. Something opens for a split of a second, but close immediately. Maybe I'm missing some wine packages, but unsure what to install.

Hope the game doesn't require vulkan, I think I have some issues with it on my system.

Here the stderr output

I like the story and music. Very touching.

The first part was somewhat annoying to play, but the 2nd part was something so unexpected and different. Just couldn't resist to go on a date :)

It's really fun, but also pretty easy to die. initially I was trying to collect key while being a ghost, but after a while I figured it out. These screens that appear at the beginning of the game and after changing into a knight are a bit long and I think there should be option to skip them. Sprites are really nice.

This game is fun, and with nice graphics. I love the ending.

Super cute player character and awesome audio. The platforming was also very good, but a bit difficult for me.

Nice artstyle and concept for grandpa telling a story. There's small issue with music not looping seamlessly.

This has lovely style. In the beginning I was a little confused about which dog goes where, but got it after a while.

Nice concept and I like that when you touch a trap, it becomes visible. The movement is not precise enough for me. When I release the button, the character keeps moving for a while. That makes it much harder to precisely control the movements.

Chicken invaders, I know that game, it was hilarious. Thanks for playing.

I was controlling the spaceship, it was stage 3 or 4. And I think I hit the asteroid when that happened.

Understandable, there was vevry little time to do what basically is a two-games-in-one-game.

Sounds interesting. I might've been hit by that bug too, I got stuck on one of the levels.

The difficulty rises pretty quickly. Unfortunately the game just froze. I think it was when I died, but not sure.

Quite fun to play. The graphics and sound are really nice. It's pretty difficult though. I always lose like half of HP on the falling down part.

Yeah, I did press 'R', but this restart the game from the very beginning, which is unfortunate.

Like the music. In the beginning the damage is very low, but it's super easy to buy max damage upgrade and one hit kill everything.

I like the concept. The platforming part was a bit empty. The card battle was pretty nice. It would be awesome to have more card types.

This has some unexpected moments with the changing gravity/perspective. Could you explain your interpretation of limitation a little?

Well, you managed to submit a fully playable game for your first jam. That's something. You could add some more platforming.

The change to 3D was surprising. I like how it refers to memories from 2d. Unfortunately I fell from rocky path after change to 3D and didn't know how to restart.

I like graphics and sounds. This is really fast paced platformer and I'm way too slow for this :

There are some pits with spikes that I can't get out when I fall there. That's pretty annoying.

I like the mechanics of good memories reflecting bullets. Some more sounds would be nice.

That's really cool mix. I like how the mood changed when switching to 2nd mode, was pretty scary.

Thanks, hope it did bring some memories for you.

Thanks, glad you liked it.

There's no boss unfortunately. Waves keeps alternating until the player dies. And yes, it is one hit kill game.

Ah, ok. Thanks for explanation.

I don't understand how this relates to limitation of the game. It a bit weird that enemies don't hurt you. I like the player character sprite.

This sure is a very unique entry, but I don't think I understand the purpose of the tetris part if you can just skip it.

Pretty fun and it looks really nice

Thank you for playing, I was a bit afraid this can happen in warp mode. Not sure how to fix it though.

Pretty fun, but there are some open rooms full of monsters that are a bit too hard I guess.

Thanks for playing

Game mechanics works quite well. I think the character is too floaty - he jumps a bit too high and fall too slowly, bit that's not a big issue.  The music loop is a bit short and gets repetitive after a while. I like mushroom sprite.

The "quit" button in a web game is a bit odd concept.

Oh, but there is an end scene - at the last day. It's just kinda implicit and open - doesn't say what happened exactly. I consider this as a advantage, because you are free to give it your own interpretation.

That's more of a interactive story rather than a game.

Try read the poem, maybe it'll shed some light. Thanks for playing.

I did notice. Probably it's just me being awful at platforming, My reflexes are really not that great.