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Time frame was too short to add proper AI, but sure it would be cool to have it.

Thanks for playing.

Visuals and sounds are really nice. Certain levels gets laggy though, like the one with four spirals (3rd level iirc).

My finger is not that bad :)

Very clean and minimalistic art style and it looks good. Sounds are good too. Overall very simple yet interesting game.

One issue I have is my finger hurts from rapidly spamming shoot button :)

Quite interesting version of sokoban.

This has very good tutorial. Movement mechanics is very good. Very addicting game overall. The only thing is that the music is a bit monotonous after a while.

I don't know how to kill enemies :( Other than that looks quite interesting.

Unfortunately I cannot eat and repair beavers :)

It was a bit difficult to grasp at first, but then was pretty simple.

Glad it brings you some memories. Thanks for playing.

Managing energy feels very challenging. Nice art style and mechanics. Maybe the gravity is a bit too strong.

Simple, yet very creative. Super hard too. One thing I wonder is what the thing I'm controlling is.

The downloads are somewhat confusing with jam version and improved one.

Sound effects are really nice. Does this game have any objectives? It also feels a bit unintuitive that 'a' make you turn right and 'd' left, but maybe it's just me.

One of those games that makes me wanna throw my keyboard out of my window :) and combined with this happy tune.

But seriously, it's interesting game and not  frustrating. Very hard and unforgiving though.

Interesting mechanics and cool game overall.

Aesthetics are quite unique. Was unable to dodge attacks and died easily though.

Time frame was too short, but that's interesting idea. Thanks!

Thanks, gotta try moonscript.

Visuals are really impressive. It's not always responds to mouse clicks for me, but maybe that's just my mouse.

Care to elaborate on using moon files in your game and how that works with love?

Definitely I'd like to improve this game. Thanks for playing and for suggestions.

Memory game alone was challenging for me, but it's really cool game. The background music was somewhat distracting for me though.

Quite interesting mechanics and a bit challenging given the time limit. Too bad there is only 1 level.

Awesome idea and nice animations. I get rid of cards pretty quickly though.

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Interesting idea, but I don't understand how can I get resources? Does is replenish over time or do I have to get it from somewhere?

Also care to elaborate on what framework did you use and how did you create a browser-playable version?

This is quite a lot of fun. The physics is sometimes unstable, but it's not that big issue.

It's really fun and interesting game. Pretty challenging due to jumping mechanics. One weird thing is the physics - armadillo behaves pretty odd when falling and he can even stick to walls.

That's a very interesting, but very difficult combination (or that's just me being not good enough at platforming).

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Art style is really impressive. The story is interesting too. Couldn't find the last diamond though.

Loading time of switching scenes are sometimes quite long.

Awesome game! Had some difficulty beating the final boss, but finally did it. 

Yeah, who doesn't like cookies, right?

Doing a 180 turn was not really intended, but it just happened to be possible and I didn't bother to try to remove it. I think it's interesting abuse of game mechanics.

Thanks for playing.

Super fun little game. It's a bit hard to grasp initially though. Also would be interesting to combine more then two items.

Nice idea and visuals. I'd rethink mechanics, because now I can wait to change to shooting tank and take everybody down from afar. Also shooting enemies have very short range, which makes them easy to kill.

Love2d is pretty flexible. You can always draw your game at low resolution and then draw text using higher resolution.

Very nice yet simple game. Visuals and sounds are really nice.

Ye, that's why it's "inspired by snake" / "snake-like". Thanks for playing.

Yea, it might be somewhat intense. I'd have to think about adjusting some colours.

Thanks for playing.

I played on Antergos (Arch derivative).

Fortunately I could play Windows executable on wine.

Very challenging and complex jumper game.

That's a nice sandbox game, but really needs a tutorial.

Very unique combination, never had to shoot at blocks to make them rotate. That's probably hardest tetris I've played.

The ship is too hard to control though. Also it's unclear to me when a shoot will rotate block and when not.