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To anyone with questions join the discord
everyone in there is willing to help with whatever problems you may have

you should be able to find out how to do this online if you cant ask me and i will find the link i used

If it says that the author of the game is not known and wont let you open the game then there is a way to disable that safety setting in your settings which will let you install and open the game.

What part of it are you struggling with?
if you are having trouble loading in after creating the chassis that is a known bug you have to just load it over and over again till it works. something I think could be used as a quick fix is adding three layers instead of two that usually works for me. if its something else I would encourage you to join the discord as the people there are incredibly helpful.

super fun gameplay

it was fun

graphics were great death screen was very cool.

it was very fun there were some glitches you could exploit on certain maps with the gravity these were fun to find and i feel added another layer to the game

took me about 3 tries to beat the game enjoyed it immensely the only thing i would add would be an animation of some sort that shows your character taking damage 

it was a little short for my taste but fun overall

it was fun even if it was kinda easy. But the animations were great as well as the noise

the graphics were blinding and it would be cool if the farther you got you unlocked power ups of some sort but overall it was fun

the audio was rather enjoyable. the game reminded me of shiny hunting in ultra moon.

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fun however the fact that the bosses health did not resete when you died made it kinda easy

reminded me of an old game

puzzle game arent really my thing i still enjoyed this one.

it was fun i got to the boss battle and then lost my slash tho.

you are correct i didn't notice this when play testing it but it seems if you use a self damaging spell and "die" you are able to use spells after that. 

press any key to start the game

thank you shady dave for supplying the music for this game

go to screen size 50% to view full screen

thanks all the characters are great i'm using them in a game i'm making ill be sure to give you credit. this made it a-lot easier for me.