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Do  you mean how you use it to animate? That depends on what engine/program you use.

Yeah snoopethduckduck did a lot of cool stuff with the code. The twitter thing sounds fun, might try something like that.

That's really cool! Glad you like it.

Glad you like em! I wouldn't try to understand the javascript version, it uses WASM and is automatically converted by Godot, so probably not readable.  But you could go trough the source code to understand it,  it's written in gdscript so you have to use Godot. Hope that helps!

Glad you like it!
You're right, the star was bugged a little. I think it's fixed now, but let me know if it's still broken. Thanks for the bug report!

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You can change the amount of pixels with the slider, but the export is always in a 1 to 1 ratio. You could use whatever image editing program to scale the export. Hope that helps.

Yeah sure, you can make that. I released it under the MIT license so you can do with the code what you want. I'm probably not going to add it to my version though.

Does sound like a cool idea, interested in seeing your mod!

Hey, glad you like it!
Yeah some seeds are bugged, mostly ones ending in 000. I don't really see it as a problem since there are so many others seeds to use. Thanks for the bug report though.
With configuration do you mean the planet type & color scheme?  Would be nice but I think it's going to clog up the GUI of the generator too much.

Glad you enjoy!

Nice, glad it was helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Really cool! Man I really got to learn some UI things from you. Also nice to see you managed to make a shader out of the cellular automata, should speed things up a lot. Well done!

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Alright thanks! It should work with other sizes than 200x200. Uploaded a new version that hopefully fixes it. If it doesn't work feel free to let me know.

Hmm, not sure. Is it something you can replicate? If so I'd like to know how. Thanks!

It's not a full tutorial, but made this reddit post some time ago and that covers most of how it works.  Hope that helps.

Cool! glad you like it.

Oh nice! Glad you like it!

Nice, interested in seeing what you do with it!

glad you like it that much!

Thanks! yeah it's really nice that it's all possible in godot without weird workarounds.

You mean randomizing a single layer? I guess that's possible, but I think it wouldn't look very intuitive in the generator. You could also save the layers you want with transparency, and then use whatever image editing program to merge them on top of each other.

Hey, took a bit, but gifs should be working now. hope you like it!

Yeah patreon sounds very interesting, I don't really have anything to consistently post though, would have to think about it. Also If you want to message me there are some contact details on my profile page.

Really glad you like my stuff that much! I don't really think that idea would work out, but I'm good keeping it a side thing for now. Thanks though!

haha, glad you like it!

Thanks! Hope your friends liked it also. I get you on the shaders haha, took me a while before I really understood how to write them. Glad you enjoy!

Thank you, glad you enjoy all of them!

Hey! Yeah you can use it however you want. Good luck with your game and presentation!

I don't think so. GMS2 shaders are written very different from these ones, so you would have to rewrite them all.

Hey, glad you like it! And yes that's okay. Post a link or something if you make something with it, would like to see it!

Yes that's fine. Interested in seeing what you can do with it!

Yes, good eye! I'll try and fix it sometime soon.  Glad you like it!

Thanks, glad you like it!

Thanks! Glad it could help you with some creative block, hope you got some nice ideas from it.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.

Lucky for you somebody already did that! Here's a unity port by hmc:

Sick! You made some really good improvements, I don't really have a good eye for design haha.

Nice work!

Hey! Yes that's a cool idea, I'll look into it.

Glad you like it!

Hi, yes feel free to do that! Would appreciate some credit on your itch page if you do that :) Interested to see what you managed to do with it.

Hi! Glad you like it!
Yeah it's pretty much GLSL with maybe some small differences. For learning that i recommend the book of shaders. Also take a look at this video, it's a bit older but holds up pretty well. If you understand the idea behind shaders it should be pretty easy to convert to godot using this guide.

I do want to add more stuff to the generator at some point. Those are good suggestions, but don't want to riddle it with too many options. I like the polar jet idea, might be coming at some point. And if you make some cool shaders I'll definitely consider adding them!

No complete speedruns as far as I know. I do consider the game complete but it was also just a game for a game jam.