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No, unfortunately because of the way the planet is generated you can't rotate it that way. however if you want to change the lighting you can just click/hold mouse on the planet where you want the light to be.

Glad you enjoy, this project is more just meant as a fun simple tool, so probably won't add that. But good suggestion though!

haha no worries


Hi, glad you like it! So you mean a way to import/export colors? Yeah I think that could be a nice addition, I'll put that in a next update.

Yeah feel free to edit the source. I think the limit might be set via one of Godot's UI settings, not sure.

Thank you! Yes it's really cool what can be achieved with just some simple noise and coordinate transformations. I guess the asteroids don't really fit because they don't looks as 3 dimensional.

Thank you for the nice comment, glad you enjoy it!

thanks, glad you like it!


You're welcome, glad you enjoyed!

Glad it's been useful! Congrats on making a game, looks great!

I think you're looking for this project?

Yeah feel free to use this, would love to see your game when it's finished!

Oh like that lol, yeah they should be tileable. I guess you're right that makes it double infinite,

Hmm, but is infinite infinity not the same as a regular infinity?

Ah okay, well if you ever revisit it I would love to see it!

Nice, looks awesome!

Haha, I still have a lot to learn with shaders. In order to get better at them I would say just practice a lot and try to make new stuff with shaders, you'll pick up a lot of tricks along the way. Also thanks for the credits, congrats on making a game!

Glad you enjoy it! The reason the animation is slow in the program is because it's rendered through a shader. So it actually just renders a new sprite every frame. If you want that same smoothness you probably have to use the shader files themselves in whatever engine you are using, they are available in the source. Otherwise you have to export a high number of frames in a spritesheet, and then loop through those at 60 fps.

Glad you like it! There is currently no way to batch export a bunch of planets, I'm not sure if I'm going to add that either. However you could use a macro program or something to automate randomizing and exporting a bunch of planet. Hope that helps!

Thank you very much! I hope it's useful in the game jam!

Thanks, glad you like it!

Awesome, would love to see the game when you complete it!

Glad you enjoy it!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed!

Glad you like it!

Awesome! Would love to see it when your game is finished!

You're welcome haha, hope you like my execution of it.

Unfortunately you can't change layer settings from the GUI. I could implement that but I wanted to keep the interface somewhat simple. But it's very easy to change settings and layers if you use the source project.

Hope that works, cheers!

Hey, yeah feel free to use it. If you want to give credit you could do that either in game or on your game page with a mention to this project. Thanks!

Lol, well all the description were written by an AI, and since the AI I had access to wasn't that good I guess some descriptions are like that. I guess it makes the monster a little bit more creepy that way haha.

No worries, probably just some weird platform specific bug.

Weird, I tested it from my browser and phone, both work. Not really sure how to fix it.

Thank you! Glad it was helpful. You made a really awesome game with it!

You're very welcome, glad you enjoy!

Hmm, not really sure. It works fine for me, should show up in your downloads.

Thank you, glad you like it!

Thank you! Glad al the options are helpful, hope you find a nice use for it!

Happy you like it!

Thank you for the nice comment, really glad you like it!