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Nice! Glad the generator was helpful.

Awesome, good luck with the game! I'll look into how doable some city light planet is.

Seems like that doesn't work. I'll look into it.

Wow, your game looks really cool! Love the UI and the ring. Good luck!

Thank you, glad you like it so much! There might be a seed out there that makes it look roughly like earth, although I haven't found it yet, who knows.

Thank you! You're very welcome.

Really creative movement with the moon, I like it! Managed to get 44.3 seconds on keyboard after a couple tries, so less than 45 seconds is a nice challenge. Well done, fun to play!

Awesome, I'll definitely take a look!

Looks awesome, I'll definitely keep an eye on it. Good luck with the release!

Thank you! Appreciate the credit. Good luck with developing your game, hope it goes well!

Thank you, glad you enjoy!

It should appear in the download folder of your browser.

Awesome! And nice job on your Dungeon Cleaner game, it plays super smooth!

Thank you! And thanks for the suggestions. I can't really implement a rotation for all axes because this is just a 2d image simulating a planet. But rotating the image like that in an animation should be doable, I'll consider adding that.

Good luck on the mod! Would love to see it when it's done.

Looks nice! I always love those open world type space games, so pretty excited to see where it goes. I'll definitely keep an eye out.

Thank you! Glad you enjoy. I don't see any random squares on the no atmosphere planet myself, but I might know what causes it.

Unfortunately I updated the app to Godot 4.x some time ago, but their web exports are a little broken right now, so I can't update it until they fix that. But once that is fixed, I'll definitely try and tackle that bug.

Thank you!
The gif and spritesheet export does actually record a full rotation of the planet.
And I'm not really sure what you mean by population. Just a number, or something visual?

Awesome, you're very welcome! Would love to see what you're able to make with it.

Thank you, glad you like it!

Awesome! Glad it all worked out. Looking forward to seeing your game when it's all done! Definitely share a link here or something.

No worries, hope it works out!

Hey, I currently have no plans for anything like that.

Strange. I have never used the itch app, so I'm not really sure what that means. But also there isn't an android or iOS app for this, so if you're using your phone that might be why.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed!

Thank you! I really like the way you did the parallax effects on the background, looks awesome. And nice job on making a game, thanks for sharing!

Yes, but it requires a little tinkering. You can use the scene files from the source code, and use the random functions in those to generate a random planet. Just set it up to do that on a scene load.

You're welcome! Hope it can still come in useful, and thanks for the future credits!

Of course, feel free to use it in your game! Would love to see a link to it once it's completed. Good luck!

Wow, very nice game! I like the theme and especially love the artstyle. Well done!

Awesome to hear! Would love to see your game when it's done.

Nice! Glad to hear it was useful. Would love to see that in your game when it's done.

Hi, that's really cool to hear. Nice job on making a game, and hope it stays useful!

Thank you! There is no background color or anything like that, the sprites all have a transparent background.

Aweome! Glad you like it!

Awesome! Hope it looks good on your site.

Thank you, glad you enjoy! I hope it will be useful for you.

Also, you can change/move the lighting with your mouse if you're on desktop.

Hey, I'm currently not planning on supporting an apk file for this, but thanks for the suggestion.

Ah, that's a pretty good idea actually, would be more intuitive. Thanks!

Wow, that's really cool! I would love to have seen that lol. Glad you (and the other people) like it!