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Hi there, I'm a mainly javascript dev too, and searched for an opportunity to do more games with the language. Do you have any ideas about this jam already?

no problem, good luck with the jam!

Hello there, I like your style and I wonder if you'd be up for a samurai/yokay themed game? Not sure how it'll fit you style, but maybe you can visualize it?

If you were thinking java, for backend, things are more like it :D

No troblue anyway, good luck with teaming up and jamming

No problem, I wish you rwo the best of luck! :)

To be clear: I'm looking around in case the theme inspires me, and looking forward to make a pure javascript (plus threejs if 3D) game. So I'm asking just in case here and there

Rigging and simple animation too, I suppose? There isn't really much to threejs in particular, so it's not really a problem. I'm thinking about doing something javascript+threejs, but it'll depend on theme and other circumstances. For now I'm just looking around and you being europe-time like me is a perk. Have you already found a team?

Bizzarre, I use it most client-side. Anyway, where you use it doesn't really count: are you proficient with it (or feel like it, I'm not putting up myself as a big expert :) )?

Hello there, web dev here too. Have you any experience in coding a game in vanilla javascript?

Hello, do you have experience with rigging and maybe with exporting from blender to threejs?

Oh... I forgot to take it out, it was for testing purposes :D

Thanks for playing the game, quix it's something I get back from time to time as a simple concept to build on, for fun (working right now on a version where you tilt and turn the phone to direct the player). Glad you liked the spherical one!

Thanks for playing! Models had to be a bit (a lot) sacrified and stop ad dev art level because... Game jams :D

Glad you found it good!

Pretty game with some character, like the board mechanic very much and ending up in the ocean more than enough times. Camera jumpiness is the only complaint here

Thanks for playing! Coder here: mouse was my doing, with web in mind I don't like to bind it to camera. Plus at start it made more sense... but we are happy we got to something (almost) playable. Glad you liked the pickmin vibes, I had so much fun trying mhy hand at tha

Thanks for playing it. You are perfectly right about it, I got so used to the controls during testing, and focused so much on joypad controls, that the keyboard layout ended up in this sorry state.... Fire keys just under movement ones is a crime

Thanks for the clarification, I'll take note of it. I quite like the clunky "classic" limited turret, but as things move much faster, it could be a nuisance

Thanks for playing and for the detailed comment, expecially the critique is appreciated, as a solo dev having things pointed out is great. Second and third point aren't a surprise, and the problem arise from lack of time.

I'd like to ask about the first point, out of curiosity: you mean you'd prefer a 360 turret, to keep aiming independently of the legs direction? Or you mean that the aim should remain stable when turning the legs at least until hitting the turret swing limits?

From text panels to terrain to the weapons effects, this reminds me of another world (or out of this world if you like). Good game!

Small funny thing, maybe slow it down just a bit? First time I didn't even get the thing was starting and it was already over. Slower gameplay could do it good to, but it's a personal preference. Love that you took the time to add the cities under domes in the background!

Thanks for playing and for the comment. Hitting things is difficult by design, as I wanted fast paced combat, but the lack of noticeable audio/visual feedback and too small collisions makes it the wrong kind of difficult. I'll look into navpoints, they could very well be a bit buggy. I'm planning to add to this project for sure!

Didn't see that coming (despite the title) after the first day of work, nicely done and written. Like the art, expecially the good ending, it made me laugh

One of the best retro game of the jam, without a doubt. Turning the mech feels a bit floaty (the mech keep turning a bit too much after you let go the key), and mouse sensitivity over the top... untile you find the menu to lower it :)

But those are minor flaws, pointed out just to give some useful feedback next to a well deserved "great game"

Don't know if it's done out of necessity, as jams give you less time to polish graphics, but I really like the sketchy look of it. Sadly, I'm a particular kind of bad in rythm games, expecially when there is something to look at in the background... nicely done!

I don't think many people give more thought than that on font :) I'm on a pretty common (for a laptop) 15.6, with 1366x768

A narrow vertical slice of a game, so it's hard to evaluate. But what is there is good, so keep it up

I got a character who couldn't aim if their life depended on it, but that came in handy when the boss was covering the entire gun spread :D also, the boss couldn't hit me bacause of a too limited fire range. But the game is a bit of fun nonetheless, and weapons upgrades help keepeing it enjoyable. Good work

Great entry, with some really polished ad pleasing things, like the cockpit. Only thing I miss are larger spaces to make a better use of turret swing and classic circling, and ability to trump down the trees. Opening the cockpit is a bit futile (or did I miss something) but great fun nonetheless, helps with the immersion

Nice entry with good graphics, only thing the resolution for browser plays is horribly large, and scaling down the page makes a mess of the ui. Maybe because of this it took a bit to go on with initial startup: I selected the character with the keyboard but then had to use mouse for the stage... Other than that pretty solid, keep up the good work

Didn't expect the mech to wake up like a person :) but nice and relaxing game. As it happens in "contagion" games you could add a mechaninc with the green stuff expanding if not properly cleaned up, but it wuold have made for a much more pressing game cycle. I think it's better this way, but could be an alternative game mode. Great and original entry overall

In a more relaxed release the plot could unfurl a little bit slower and make this a great game to play till the end, even with this short span the story is enticing. Flying "by jump" seems strange as the mech is alway hovering anyway, but creates some nice attack pattern nonetheless. Good entry for the jam

Nice and a bit addictive, love the wilhelm scream. Maybe the font size could be a bit bigger or more contrasted (I have a small screen and had to resize the page, writings got uneasy to read at times in the shop), but a well made and fun game

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Great starting point judgind by controls and movement feel, hope you'll keep working on it as even with limited tweaking on graphics and enemy variety/behaviours it coud become a fast and fun arena shooter.

Only one little thing, if you keep it browser play (you should, it's smooth and easy to get into): disable forced full screen, as it cuts out a good margin of visual for me, and resizing isn't allowed

Cool idea! It took me a bit to get a grip of the layout, so small and rich in details, but that was a problem for even in te real flipper machines in the arcade, so a testament to a perfect execution. Great game

I like the style, it's really plausible as an original classic and the low-fi particles remind me of games like lhx. Mech design has a playstation era vibe, and dithering background was a great touch.

Not shitty as the title suggest at all :D

Nice idea and well executed, the music with the sluggish movement really help to put you underwater, and the cappuccino touch is something :)
Only things missing: mouse capture (even if the system adjust in a second or two when crossing frame borders, so it's solid) and maybe the guns could be a tad bit louder. But these are minr concers, great game

I'm hoping to keep working on it after vote ends, and I'll make sure to add even more buttons to press :D thanks for playing it

thanks for playing! I'd love to expand this too, hope to get back to it after voting and a bit of code cleaning

thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it and expecially relieved to hear about the aiming system, it was a bit of a gamble in many ways

thanks for the comment, and glad it revived memories just alike the ones that inspired me when making it. One driving, one using the turret was the way to go :)