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took me 73min


super great game concept
bone grabbing was a little buggy from time to time

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this is a title screen with no title, press a button to go to the game screen

It's probably almost too late, but maybe there are still a few willing people who can pull something together at the last minute.

Thanks a lot, for the template it has simplified my work extremely and I got to know something new in the designer.

Perfect!! Congratulations 🥳

Thanks for the play!

The implementation is great done. Nice graphics and good gameplay.

Congratulations for the game.

Thanks for playing my game. Here is a small gameplay clip to refresh your memory 😉

Your game was fun. I probably didn't get very far. Congratulations on your game.

🤩 Wow!! Super!!! Congratulations. I think you are the first. 🎉

Hint: Study the Zelda 2 map and you will find all three hiding places.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for playing my game to the end.

Thanks for playing my game and recording a video. It helped me to see where feedback is still missing.

Great game with a cool concept and a good theme implementation. Congratulations.

Unfortunately I didn't include any feedback... but I can tell you that you don't have to press a button to enter the house. 

Therefore you have probably found a secret but not yet all the ingredients for the potion.

As a hint, the Zelda 2 map shows you all the secret places I have built in.

You have noticed that correctly... depending on the surface, the running speed is different.

Thanks for the comment and for playing.

I really liked the game. You can tell that it was made with love. 

I would have liked that you could trigger the charging and the god power with the mouse buttons.

Congratulations on this super game.

The graphics are very well done. 
The moonlight mood is very well captured.
Congratulations on this great game. Please continue to expand.

great jump and dash game, was fun to play, the spikes especially on the edges need to be improved

a well implemented game, was fun, my score was 2530

I love it! So many little details. We're very well guided and learn very well the individual skills or gameplay elements. A very great game you have created there. The only thing I found annoying was the too big village at the beginning. You have to wander around too much without anything happening. Congratulations! It had the first 5* awarded!!!

Super great game was really fun to solve the individual puzzles. Congratulations on your contribution.

It is best to bring the 4 ingredients to the brewmaster. He lives in the hut.

Then you can also see how many secret hiding places you have found. 😎

It is great that I could enthuse you for gamedev in rust, then I have already reached my personal goal.😉

If rust is new for you, I can only recommend to read the official rust book first. It sounds strange but it is indeed so. 

You will learn the philosophy behind it and it will make your life a lot easier. 

As a game engine I can recommend you to start with tetra.

Thanks for playing.

Cute graphics and many features. It was a lot of fun to play it. Congratulations on this great game.

Top notch, it was great fun. Unfortunately I never reached the moon even with all extensions. Nevertheless a super great addictive game.

Top notch!! 🤩

Yes, I had a lot of fun creating my game. Unfortunately, I have spent too much time finding a game idea.

I still have a few ideas that I would like to implement and certainly still have suitable music and effects. 

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for your review. For the revised version I will definitely add more feedback.

Thanks for playing.

I always throw my players in the deep end and let them find out for themselves what they need/want to do. 😌

Now and then it works, but often it doesn't work at all.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the bonus points (rust is awesome) and the detailed review. I also wish there was a bit more.😉

Usually I always try to integrate music and sound effects, but this time there was simply not enough time.

The unlocking is a great idea but i wanted to have a world where you can go anywhere. Let's see if I can still integrate something similar.

Thanks for playing.

The cockpit is super cool. Moving the switches and knobs feels very good. I would have wished that in the beginning not everything would be operable and you would get an introduction. Super great game, congratulations.

A cool prototype. The challenge is very difficult but can be mastered. It was fun.

Unfortunately I did not get very far. I was not able to handle the controls. Nevertheless a great game with very fitting music. Vell done!

Very cool game and technically very well implemented. The mood comes out well and you take your time to take a good picture. Congrats for your entry. Well done!

I am very pleased that you liked it. 😍
The whole project is open source including all my sprite additions. 
Pull requests are very welcome. 😉
If you have PyxelEdit I can even give you the original tilemaps.
I really want to extend the project and maybe add some ghosts and slimes, music and sound effects are also missing.
I even had the idea to buy the Dream Catcher Tileset and create my own game based on the same style as Vollmond.

I hope you like it 😊

I use the Swiss-German layout. I just noticed that I was jumping with the Z key instead of SPACE all the time. ( Z J K )
At the beginning of the game I saw the hint with the key assignment. But I wondered how to use the _ to jump. I didn't try it and I was convinced that somebody used Z X C as action keys again. :-)

Top notch!! Apart from the keyboard layout for non-English countries I have nothing to complain about. Congratulations on your great game, I had a lot of fun.

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you liked it. I will definitely continue working on it a little bit more and then create a post-jam release. The passages are a part of the puzzle, but I noticed during testing that it is not logical in some places. I will certainly rework it.

Great game! What I really liked was that you put a lot of emphasis on small details that give the game a much more polished impression. Well done, congratulations on the game.

What I really like is that only 3 colors are used, which gives the game a certain charm. Gameplay is great for me personally just too hectic. Congratulations on a great game.

Very cool game!! Difficult to master but a lot of fun to play. 

Great implementation. Especially the indicator was a great help but I discovered it only later. Congratulations on the game.