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Top notch game. Great gameplay and very cool puzzle. My first 5* for Theme. Keep up!!

5 stars for innovative gameplay and level design. I had super fun. Keep going at all costs.

Super cool concept. The problems I had while playing the game have been reported by the others. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for trying to play my game.
I uploaded a new version with a significant fps increase. Would be great if you have time.

Great game concept, really like the style. Keep up!

fluffy and smooth, cool concept, great little entry

very special game, congrats for your entry

Superb, minimalistic and brainy puzzle game. Congrats to your entry!! 

Funny little game with a unique gameplay. Well done!

Great puzzle game, reale like the minimalistic style . Congrats!!

Visuals and sound effects are great.

Unfortunately it lacks the proper gameplay balancing, maximum score after some tries 140.  Try to improve the gameplay with an after jam release. I would like to try it again.

great game but the track design is too wild for my taste, nevertheless respect for the implementation

very cool game, catchy song, easy control and nice feedback, well done, congrats!!

cute little game, well done!

like the mixed gameplay style, well done

I couldn't really play the game. If the jumping worked, I got stuck on the wall jump and didn't get very far. Unfortunately Playstation Controller was not recognized.

(no voting, only a comment)

It's a great game. Good mood and beautiful graphics.

What I liked best was the good level design and the gameplay.

What I didn't like so much was the different fonts and that the graphics partly jumped during movements, especially visible at the background.

But these are only very small negative points, on the whole you made a really good game. The start for something big...

very funny and cool little game, congrats!!

cool little game , cute player animation

just perfect, a lot of fun, extend it and publicise it, what i especially enjoyed is the humor and the change between calm and hectic scenes. great entry!!

top notch game!!

There were some problems with invisible collisions (shot didn't go through) and ghosts shots.  Many details I only saw in the Godot Editor and was positively surprised. I don't know if you tried it already... but the VisibilityNotifierer2D Node can be very useful for such games.

That's exactly what I expect when a game is created with Godot. ;-)

I had a real good time. It took a while until I found out that you can manually boost and steer :)

Tutorial is not necessary. The problem is that there are already two puzzle elements in the first level. (rotate and block movement) 

2nd level is to easy compare to the first one.

My order (degree of difficulty ascending) 3, 2, 1 , 4, 5, 6, 7.

Fantastic puzzle game with some new twists. Great game.

Great idea to combine two game principles. The implementation is technically flawless. Great game, keep it up!

As the other testers have already mentioned, it starts much too difficult. Unfortunately I didn't even finish the left jump successfully. Still a good game.

Way to go! Exactly like that looks for me a great godot game. Cool gui, great effects and good tutorial. Congratulations on the great game.

The graphics, the animations and the gameplay are very cool. For me personally it starts too fast and at the beginning you are overtaxed very fast. But it's a well done game. I played the Android version. 

Cool theme implementation. Cute art. Well done! I like it.

Very, very cool game. The music and sound fx fits.

It's to stressfull for me, but I like the mood. Well done!

well done, what I especially liked are the effects when you hit something or die

I spent the whole afternoon creating a virtual Linux OS including a rust build route.

Every time I do something with Linux it's like going down the rabbit hole. But I made it!

You can download the rpm package now.

bluestreak0 thx for pre building the rpm

Thanks for the feedback.

I love to integrate the themes of the games Jam into the game mechanics. (not my first jam)
Nice that you recognized it. 

My ambition is that the player always finds out for himself how the game works and what he has to do. 

What I didn't do very well with this game due to a lack of visual feedback and time. 
I wanted to add it somehow in the last 2 hours. Yep! 

In the post jam version I'm currently working on. There will definitely be a tutorial available. 
If a few pictures are enough or if it needs text (which I always want to avoid) I still have to decide.

Thanks for notifying me. 

I uploaded and saved everything in the last second (3 AM) and totally forgot to unlock the download. 

 I just built the Linux build before, had to get some sleep first. 

Strange that I already got 2 ratings without providing an executable file. 

Great that you enjoyed it. I'm sure I'll expand it, perhaps into something more extensive.

In my head float still some puzzle elements around which I would like to install if possible.

I had a lot of fun and thank you for hosting the jam. 👍

It was a lot of fun and I made super good progress. 

Great that you are up for suggestions and adjustments. Thanks for your groundwork.

Let's see if there's another suitable jam for me in the near future.

Thanks for taking the time to play it.

thanks a lot for your comment, 

I thought nobody understands my implementation and that certain feeling when you don't know what the picture looks like and you still have to finish the puzzle. Very happy to have found someone. :)

I made my first game with Godot in 2015 and so far I am still very happy with the engine.

A great visual game. The best font of all tested games so far. Catchy music!!

A big problem for me is the usability (as already mentioned). 

This is my personal opinion .

game: at the start you get seeds but by default the sword is selected
me: where are the seeds, why is this a fighting game and why can't I plant anything?!?
me: Perhaps I need a hoe to dig.

game: I open menu go to hoe and press space (hoe flash)
me:  cool, I have selected the hoe, lets go out of this menu and dig

game: sword still in the left corner!?
me: why!!

game: It's getting dark. 
me: I need to go to sleep, I should go to my house. Why can't I go in?

For the beginning, I would place the hoe as the first item and the seed as the 2nd and the watering can as the 3rd or as already mentioned two quick switch menu.

The first night should only come when something is planted and everything is watered.

I think that would make the start a lot less jerky. 

Nevertheless a great game!! Congrats!

Super nice game. Easy introduction, cool story, what more could you ask for. 

The only thing that bothered me was the too repetitive background music.

Congrats, great entry!!

Love it!! Great little wormy puzzle game. 

It needs sound effects, crawling and eating noises etc. 
Try LarbChirp, I use it mostly to generate sound effects for jam games.