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Great that you enjoyed it. I'm sure I'll expand it, perhaps into something more extensive.

In my head float still some puzzle elements around which I would like to install if possible.

I had a lot of fun and thank you for hosting the jam. 👍

It was a lot of fun and I made super good progress. 

Great that you are up for suggestions and adjustments. Thanks for your groundwork.

Let's see if there's another suitable jam for me in the near future.

Thanks for taking the time to play it.

thanks a lot for your comment, 

I thought nobody understands my implementation and that certain feeling when you don't know what the picture looks like and you still have to finish the puzzle. Very happy to have found someone. :)

I made my first game with Godot in 2015 and so far I am still very happy with the engine.

A great visual game. The best font of all tested games so far. Catchy music!!

A big problem for me is the usability (as already mentioned). 

This is my personal opinion .

game: at the start you get seeds but by default the sword is selected
me: where are the seeds, why is this a fighting game and why can't I plant anything?!?
me: Perhaps I need a hoe to dig.

game: I open menu go to hoe and press space (hoe flash)
me:  cool, I have selected the hoe, lets go out of this menu and dig

game: sword still in the left corner!?
me: why!!

game: It's getting dark. 
me: I need to go to sleep, I should go to my house. Why can't I go in?

For the beginning, I would place the hoe as the first item and the seed as the 2nd and the watering can as the 3rd or as already mentioned two quick switch menu.

The first night should only come when something is planted and everything is watered.

I think that would make the start a lot less jerky. 

Nevertheless a great game!! Congrats!

Super nice game. Easy introduction, cool story, what more could you ask for. 

The only thing that bothered me was the too repetitive background music.

Congrats, great entry!!

Love it!! Great little wormy puzzle game. 

It needs sound effects, crawling and eating noises etc. 
Try LarbChirp, I use it mostly to generate sound effects for jam games.

I find the overall impression very coherent. Great pixel art.

I wish I'd had some more sound effects. Very good implementation.

Your game has a style all its own. Minimalist yet challenging.  Love it!

The physic still needs a tuning but otherwise it is well done.

the end

Too bad it's all on the ground. I would have liked to have climbed around and jumped around to possibly discover another hidden place. 

The mood's going well, great job.

devlog is ready,

I'm using vivaldi. Try to check for drag instead of mouse click. 

If you want to learn it I can recommend this page. It explains it in great detail and step by step.

Have fun and enjoy :-)

Super game concept, puzzle, shooting... 

The Space Pig is also very well animated. 

As already mentioned, sound effects and background music would top it all off. 

For jam sound effect you can use LabChirp.

Super atmosphere, the control feels really good and allows precise jumps.

With time you even get used to the low resolution.  (view from a robot)

It's a great game, congratulations.

It took me a little while to find the start of the story, but then it was great fun to find out how to solve the pictures completely.  The background music may be a little less repetitive. 

Great game!!

Great arcade feeling, love the upgrades. 

The level transition and zooming into the level has given the whole thing an extended size.

Very well done, really enjoyed it.

It's great to realize a tube game in such a limited space. I had technical problems from time to time while trying it out.  (suddenly everything rotates, tubes in the main menu, sound glitches)

Perhaps it's my browser fault :(

Still had fun solving the puzzle.

I like the sound effects and the fonts very much, there are well implemented.  Cute Chameleons!!
Well done, great entry!

It was intended from the beginning not to show the final result. 

The player should find out where they are placed together with the visual feedback and the tile transitions. 

I have to confess that it makes the 15 puzzle a lot harder to solve. 

Thanks for taking the time to play it anyway. 

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I started to write a little dev log. Should be ready in the next few days. 
Creating a 64x64px game in Godot is not difficult. Thanks for taking the time to play the game.

I was thinking of implementing a cheat mode. This gives you the possibility to switch to the final image while puzzling.

I like it a little more challenging.  :)

I love the pixel art and the catchy music. The whole gives the game a great atmosphere. 

Great job, well done. 

To push the blocks friction/resistance would be needed.

Danke!! :)

Fantastic graphics!! You really get the feeling driving in the night on a wet road!! Well done!

Well done! Choosing witch minigame you want to play is a good idea. 

Cool little game. I like the mood created with the background music.

Nice one! Sad it has no sound.
Totally forgot to rotate the blocks at the beginning but the white one help me to survive the first round.

Nice little game. Multiplayer on the same keyboard would be cool. Keep up the good work!

Great gameplay conzept. Like the different puzzle styles and the chosen art style.
Collision box is to narrow for me.

Great little game!! Like the implementation from different sound for each line. Well done!

Amazing arcade game!! Love the style  and the color chosen. A top game!!

I like the visually presentation.
The light effect give the game a nice mood.
Unfortunately there is no sound.

Keep up the good work!

I like the graphics. Unfortunately there is not so much gameplay.

No matter! It's a good base to start a great game.

Well done!

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no it was here :)

after killing the priest, climb up passage (now roof) with a way to the left 

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Cute!! Don't see where to jump... for me its like the challenge in this game and I like it. It's not total unfair.

Great game, keep up the great work!!

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I like the graphics and the sound. It give the hole game a nice mood.

At some place you want to [hide] but player [crouch]. It make the game unnecessarily difficult .

Well done! Keep up the great work.

Great game concept. I like the sound fx. Showing hint during start is also a good idea.
Sometimes you think you can move but its not reacting and then you see you haven't any AP left.

Congrats!! This is a top game, Love the theme and the created atmosphere.
Great for speed running. 

I accidentally jumped, while speed wall dashing  trough the none existing roof and ended behind the map. :)

Keep up the great work!!