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Cute little game. I would love to have bonus points when eye also match. :)

What a great little game!! I like the art and the sound fx. The theme is well implemented. Keep up the good work!

Funny hard to master little game! Sound is great! Congrats for you entry!

Very funny entry with great sound!! Theme is well implemented.

Great visual entry!! I really like the sphere effect. My team won :)

Very cool entry!! Art and sound is great!

Congrats!! Your entry fits perfect into the theme. Great entry, well done!

Great game but hard to control. I like the art.

The art is great. Cool entry!

Great entry. I like how you have implemented the moving sound fx. Thanks for the mention :)

Very cool game. The theme is well implemented. Congrats for the great entry!

Great entry. I like the mix of shooting and jumping. Jump Buttons should react on pressed not on released.

Great game, I like the art and the puzzle gameplay. Well done!

Art and sound are amazing. Very relaxing game.
The stars should not destroy the balloons. Add a more peaceful ending.
Well done!

Very cool little game. I like the gameplay idea.

@cdesca Thank you for reporting the bug.
It's fixed in the last version.

Very cool entry. Jumping feels very smooth. Sad it has no sound. Keep up the good work.

Absolute cool you game! Really love the sound and gameplay. Great entry!

@MaxODidily The music was made with KORG Gadget App on a iPAD by https://soundcloud.com/andydnet/andy-dnet-nasty-sl...
@sararyCow To get the 90° curve done I needed to use some tricks. There is some open problems need to be fixed, especially when driving slowly. Sorry you got this experience.

Thank you for all your comments and votes.

What a great game! My youngster have had fun to play your game, Congrats for your great game!

Love this game! Simple, tricky and addictive. Keep up the great work!

Like the art and the chosen color pallet. Size of the rooms are to small (no time to react). Keep up the good work!

12'350m :) - It's a cool little game. Love the atmosphere. Keep up the good work.

Whoo!! What a great game, Love all the pixel animations! Keep up the great work. +1 for godot engine :)

Really like the chosen color. The art is cool. What I don't like is when I need to start over and over again after dying.
Great entry!

Lovely art and great gameplay and soundtrack. Sometimes I've had problems to go up or down with my xbox controller.

Gameboy feeling is great, very cool soundtrack and art. I don't like how the player slide on the floor.

Cool jump and run. Restarting level after dead is good. Sadly it has no soundfx. This is a good page to generate simple soundfx for games http://www.bfxr.net. Keep up the good work.

Very cool!! Great graphics, sound and gameplay. The gameboy feeling are top! Keep up the great work!

I like the gameplay, weapon change and the blood effects :) Very cool entry congrats!

I like the gameplay. Keep up the good work. Sound is cool.

great atmosphere, like the puzzle style, great entry

cool art, great arcade style sound, great entry

Really like the art style, great entry

Very impressed, great entry. Love the jump and jetpack gameplay mix. The recoil force it to high for my opinion.

Very cool little one touch game. Got some error when opening in editor "missing font ressource"

Cool two color art style. Like the ship moving animations. The asteroids could have some animation variety. Great entry!

Like the dark claustrophobic atmosphere. Great entry!

Very cool sound. I also like the particle fx. Great game!

thx StraToN for your comment. The light and the box had a fixed position in the room for testing purpose.
I have change it to a random place depending on seed and room pattern.
This update is only in the in the newest source code commit. Builds are not changed.

At the moment when you start the prototype your are always in room Vector2(0,0).
The room are generated with this coordinate.
You can walk around from room to room and you get always the same room on the same place.