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Thanks! After reviewing is done, I'll push a fixed version.

Great game!

I'm getting this error a lot:

game.js:54 seed: 6601925067800575
mob.js:31 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'occupied' of undefined
    at Mob.destroy (mob.js:31)
    at Mob.act (mob.js:49)
    at Engine.unlock (rot.js:6924)
    at Player.handleEvent (player.js:361)

Glad you enjoyed it!

PS Thanks for the bug report, I pushed a fix.

Thanks for the report! It was detailed enough to let me find the bug and push a fix.

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Thanks for taking a look. You caught me before I had the chance to write any instructions or description.

What browser are you using?

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>I apologize that the feedback was unclear/unpolished, leaving you with a sub-par experience. I hope you at least enjoyed yourself somewhat!

Don't apologize for the "experience". Everyone here is here for seven day jam games. The experience is playing a game that was thrown together at the last minute. A raw, unpolished micro game that tries something interesting, something new. This game isn't subpar, it's the best of that experience.

Did I enjoy it? Who brute forces a game they don't enjoy? :)

Ah, got it. Awesome!

I brute forced it too. Even after finishing it, I'm not quite sure why any one particular thing was advancing the story over any other thing.

I'm not able to scroll the screen. Have you tried allowing the game to be maximized?

There was an old series of adventure games that worked with two panes of words, kind of like this does. Being based on combining items instead of pairing verbs with nouns gives it a more modern vibe though. I like it a lot.

Here's an example of one of those old two pane games:

Intriguing concept with a lot of space to develop. I'm not sure how deception actually comes into play, but I love when the little adventurers shoot up panic lines and run out.

This was really fun! The physics of the projectiles was unusual for a shmup, which lends it a lot of charm. I like the glitchy, homebrew vibe too.

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Very original concept and great execution. The slipperyness of the player character made the platforming a little frustrating for me, but on the balance, it was very good. I loved the semantic tie ins, like "down" and "push", but I think the dragon at the end would have been more effective in the abstract -- i.e. without approximating a particular shape. Check out the entry "Dragon Souls" for an example. 

Wow! Well written and genuinely moving. No easy thing.

I enjoyed this immensely.

The voiced dialog system singlehandedly elevates this above the spare, but original, concept. Better than Keno.

Yeah, the input is bugged. I think the UI is basically good, it just needed some testing on the platform that people will actually play it on.

Beautiful game! It's a perfect size and tone, and I love, love, love the art. The only thing I would consider changing is the screen layout. Could the actions be fit on the screen without scrolling?

Very atmospheric. The total abstraction of the graphics works really well with the amount of detail in the environment. (I wonder if it would be even better black and white?)

I loved when the dragon swooped by.

You can't go past the bricks, right?

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Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, looks like there's a few bugs.

Re. being overwhelmed, I was going for an in-media-res kind of thing. There's maybe ~5-10 minutes of gameplay total. Might as well jump right in.

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Yes, these are both bugs. Because they don't make the game harder (or un-winnable), I've decided not to fix them until judging for the jam is complete.


Here's the repo:

I was so excited to reimplement that game over screen in ascii! I ran out of time literally right as I started it. Still might do it...just for funsies....

Good to see PS1 era homages with a strong presence.

All done! The completed game is up on itch:

Prototype of the core gameplay loop is up on itch:

Here's how it looks so far.

Inspired by a recent thread in r/roguelikedev, I'm going to try my hand at some stealth mechanics. Gameplay will probably be very minimal.

I'll use rot.js.