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Great to hear it!

Can you describe exactly what keys you press and when? Be as descriptive as possible.

Exactly what keys are you pressing?

Go to this page and press the spacebar:

Does anything happen?

What browser and version are you using?

How you tried using the mouse?

Do you know how to see the javascript console? If so, check to see if there are any errors shown there.

Press and hold the letter key on the keyboard corresponding to the engine icons in the lower left. You'll know it's working if you see a pink dot appear over the icon. Alternatively, you can mouse click the icons themselves.

Glad you like it!

That's def a bug. Thanks for the report!

Thanks for the bug report! I've pushed a fixed version.

I loved the combination of the perspective and the gameplay. Really fun to play. I thought the pixel graphics clashed somewhat with the 3D models.

Really fun! The concept is very cool and well executed. Gameplay is very chaotic though. It seemed like the same strategy in the same level would sometimes result in 3 stars and sometimes a game over, with a microsecond difference.

It's awesome to see another game where you build your ship! The building part was intuitive, although it took me a while to understand that the red shaded ship parts mean they can't be built. I also could never figure out how to make the fin for the right side. The graphics in the level itself are gorgeous, particularly the animations of the cracks appearing. It looks almost like film animation. It had a throwback 50s space vibe to it (that reminded me a little bit of Earthworm Jim?) I don't think it was too difficult, but it does require slow, careful flying that players may not be prepared for.

If you want to see another take on ship building, check out my entry.

Glad you liked it!

It was really refreshing to see a text game in the mix! It drew me in slowly. I wasn't completely sold during the dorm section, until I got to the spiral. Then I was hooked. I loved the terminal puzzle. It was the perfect difficulty for a jam. The whole thing was just really cool.

I love that big beautiful ship!

Looks like there's a problem though. Your ship should be way too big to fly nicely with just one heavy rocket. Turns out there's a bug with the mass of containers. I've pushed a fixed version, in which -- sadly-- your beautiful monster ship no longer has enough thrust to get off the launch pad. :(

If you want to experiment with ship design in the fixed physics, typing 'idkfa' on the shipyard screen will pad your wallet. ;)

Reminds me of some of the old non-traditional DOOM maps.

The garden areas in particular are very cool, and the kind of thing that would be seen as a "waste" with a textured environment. It would be interesting to see some experimentation in this vein with a much more fine grained height map.

Two that I recall:

  • In one area, I died and was restarted continually on a spike trap until the game ended.
  • Sometimes, when on the edge of a moveable block, the player sprite would move left and right rapidly.
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Thanks! Lol, after the 10th person said "add keyboard controls", I got the message.

Thanks for the feedback!

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback! Good note re Arrows vs WASD.

A really incredible game! The puzzles are thoughtful and the aesthetic is gorgeous.

Very cool concept. I like the focus on managing the crew over, say, shooting. The graphics and UI are basic, but perfectly convey the info the player needs. Once I figured out how the game worked, I found myself just setting the crew to the optimal response to the event and rolling the dice. I would have liked to be putting more thought into the assignments or to have engaged in more risk taking. I also found the medium and hard missions to be very long.

I really enjoyed this one! Sounds and graphics are perfect and the gameplay is deceptively deep. I hit a few bugs here and there, but nothing major.

It takes a bit too long to understand what the actual game is, but it's very fun!

I like the idea of a pig hang gliding, but I couldn't get it to go anywhere but down.

I also get the "the file has been damaged and should be moved to the trash." message. :(

I'm psyched to play this. Can you make it work?

Love the concept and the graphics! I found myself wanting to be able to shoot the moon farther. I think a little "juice" on enemy deaths would go a long way as well.

Incredible job! This is a complete game in every sense. I love the concept, the interface, and the graphics. Some thoughts:

  • It was hard to find every last build site. Maybe in the build menu, make it so that buildable sites are bright and unbuildable are dark, instead of the reverse.
  • The last two thirds of the journey was very repetitive. I would consider cutting the total time required in half.
  • There was a lot of mismatched event text.
  • The mid-end game is about managing population, but the player has no tools to do that except wait for disasters. The idea of managing population both as inputs to resource creation and sinks for resource spending is very cool -- especially with a modeled age distribution -- but the player doesn't have enough control to make that part of the game.

Love to see what you think:

Short, but sweet. The art strikes the perfect balance between detail and simplicity. Really impressed with the checkpoints. I only wish there was a little more there!

If you're ever in the mood for a replay, I added keyboard controls.

I thought you might like this one! Tool tips on modules is great feedback. 

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing and sharing your feedback!

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Thanks for taking a look! This is solid feedback.

I pushed a version that allows keypresses for thrusters and retrying a mission. I'd be curious to see what you think.

I liked this a lot. The subsystem damage is very cool. The flying is very fun, although I couldn't seem to find any astronauts to rescue.

I really like the overall idea, but the execution is rough. In particular I love the humorous tone and how the graphics hint at the correct solution. The main problem is "Guess The Verb", which, in fairness, is common for text games.

Cool concept. Almost like an embezzlement simulator. As a player, I would have liked to have to balance the two sides against each other more. The music was good!

Love to hear your feedback:

Love to hear your feedback: