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Glad you liked it!

Glad you liked the vibe. I think that was the aspect I ended up being the most happy with.

Great suggestion on offscreen enemy attacks.

Glad you had fun!

The sprites are great! Colorfully and fun.  The upbeat music helps set the tone. The game feel would benefit from some animation and sound when bullets hit enemies.

Integrating a flashlight into a game like this is cool. The strategy is tricky to work out at first, but comes eventually. I did encounter what seemed like some invisible enemies (or maybe they were behind other corpses?)

Simple, but very polished. Like others, I had a little trouble with the trackpad.

Great tower defense implementation with charming graphics! It took me a little bit to figure out how to place units and what they actually did. I'm still not sure exactly how to switch from placing one type to another type, but I had fun!

Great use of minimal graphics and a fun mechanic. The sound and music suit the game feel well. As others note, the switches are difficult to operate. Maybe consider automatically grabbing them?

Very simple concept, but very polished execution. It was much more fun to play than I thought it would be!
I liked this a lot, so here's a dump of what I would do to improve gameplay:

  •  Greater visual indication of where the platform ends. Show more of the gap on each side and let the player see the boxes falling.
  • Don't spawn powerups/downs until X time has passed, and don't spawn them directly above the player.
  • Make the red/green outline around powerups/downs bigger and a different shade than the background.
  • Add patterns to the boxes dropping and cycle between those patterns.
  • Have a different, crunchier sound for boxes hitting the car vs hitting the ground.

Very interesting concept. I enjoyed the variety in strategy that it presented. While I loved the silhouette -esque style, I found myself getting lost quite often.

What framework did you use to build the game? The mac version seems to be signed with an invalid signature.

Good execution of a simple concept. Many commenters say the next thing to add is variety, but before you do that, make it so enemies don't spawn next to the player.

Very cute low poly models and charming music! I liked the shadow of santa that flies over during item drops. Small scope, but overall high level of polish. Very well executed.

Very cute low poly models and charming music! I liked the shadow of santa that flies over during item drops. Small scope, but overall high level of polish. Very well executed.

The dash mechanic has a great feel. Good use of sound and effects.I also liked the dodging of the asteroid.

Really love this one! When I saw the bugs being pathed over roads it blew my mind! Just the right amount of decisions  for game length. As others have commented, the metrics view is a lot. The mouse over text was helpful, but I was still confused about red vs green arrows and the "+/-" values.

Really interesting mechanic and absolutely beautiful art! In particular, the backgrounds and platforms are gorgeous. Like the other commenters, I encountered some bugs and had difficulty using the touchpad to guide the stem. I also wished there was a way to advance through dialog quickly if you've heard it before. Overall, great entry!

Interesting and unique concept! The graphics compliment the gameplay very well. I had trouble at first, figuring out what to do, but eventually got it.

Awesome! Just watched it!
Lol, I  was worried you weren't going to figure out how to attack, but you got really far.  Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing!

Do you guys still stream?

We're a team of three. Myself on design and code, @helpcomputer0 on art and story, and Bruno Almeida on music.

Thanks for the excellent feedback! I'm sorry it froze on you. There was a bug causing a resource leak that slowed the game down after each map change (including player death.) If you want a second look at the boss without this bug, type "item" and then "boss" on the keyboard when the game starts to move directly to outside the boss room with the orb.

Sorry it was frustrating! This is great feedback. Thanks for playing!

Great feedback! I think you're right. It's glacial!

Did you beat the boss? 


Phaser is great! I can't recommend it enough.

Try getting to the boss through the cave, instead of the narrow tunnel.

Would love to see what you think of our entry, Bug Hollow!
Let me know if you stream it.

Sorry, it's web only.

This is a cool game. Very few bugs, pretty decent level design. I like it!

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I love these animations.

Thanks! I haven’t done many platformers and the gameplay ended up being very dependent on the details of the physics system, which took a ton of time to research and understand.

Glad you like it!

That's def a bug. Thanks for the report!

Thanks for the bug report! I've pushed a fixed version.

I loved the combination of the perspective and the gameplay. Really fun to play. I thought the pixel graphics clashed somewhat with the 3D models.

Really fun! The concept is very cool and well executed. Gameplay is very chaotic though. It seemed like the same strategy in the same level would sometimes result in 3 stars and sometimes a game over, with a microsecond difference.

It's awesome to see another game where you build your ship! The building part was intuitive, although it took me a while to understand that the red shaded ship parts mean they can't be built. I also could never figure out how to make the fin for the right side. The graphics in the level itself are gorgeous, particularly the animations of the cracks appearing. It looks almost like film animation. It had a throwback 50s space vibe to it (that reminded me a little bit of Earthworm Jim?) I don't think it was too difficult, but it does require slow, careful flying that players may not be prepared for.

If you want to see another take on ship building, check out my entry.

Glad you liked it!

It was really refreshing to see a text game in the mix! It drew me in slowly. I wasn't completely sold during the dorm section, until I got to the spiral. Then I was hooked. I loved the terminal puzzle. It was the perfect difficulty for a jam. The whole thing was just really cool.

I love that big beautiful ship!

Looks like there's a problem though. Your ship should be way too big to fly nicely with just one heavy rocket. Turns out there's a bug with the mass of containers. I've pushed a fixed version, in which -- sadly-- your beautiful monster ship no longer has enough thrust to get off the launch pad. :(

If you want to experiment with ship design in the fixed physics, typing 'idkfa' on the shipyard screen will pad your wallet. ;)