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An espionage game for GitHub Game-Off 2021!
Submitted by snuffysam — 4 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#1343.5963.596

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Cool game! One feedback is the concept could have been explained a bit more as it took me a while to figure it out.


really good concept 👏👏


This concept is amazing! The idea of bugging faraway people or places, so you can hear what they say, or see what happens there, could be an amazing full-blown game.

The animations are really fluid and the sound effects on point.

The physics feel a bit off, though. The jump felt quite inconsistent and I mostly spent time trying to get to a higher platform but failing numerous times. I feel the game might be better with a quicker jump (with less height variation) and more leeway on the platforms. Focus more on the bugging, less on the jumping.

Is there a reason you can only bug horizontally, instead of giving free aim? Would be interested to know.

Also, I was never sure when a guard could see me or not. Again, it feels like they should be able to see anything in a straight line. Otherwise show their sight radius? (Or only show their view distance once you’ve bugged them.)

Lastly, whenever I got into a new room, I just started throwing around bugs literally everywhere, to clear the fog and see stuff. This kinda defeats the purpose, so maybe limit the number of bugs a player has? Maybe they have to retrieve them as well?

If any of these things are done/changed in later levels, I apologize. I just wasn’t able to get very far, due to failing the simplest of jumps time and time again :/ In the new year, when I have more time, I want to come back and try to get the full experience.

Many points for innovation and theme application!


Good graphics, i really like the concept  of main character


Good graphics!


I'd love to know how you did your animations, they're super smooth. For me the collisions made it annoying to play, sometimes jumping would clip up against walls and block the way and such which was frustrating. I like the mechanics though, using the metal bug to clear away the fog and see what's ahead is cool and the minimal art style helps with that.


The animations are pre-rendered 3D art, using mixamo for most of the human stuff!


This is awesome. Great and unique artstyle. Great take on stealth gameplay and great interpretation of the theme.  I can't think of any games I've played like this.


the idea is cool to bug the guards and the animation is so fluid. the sound is also nice, good job.

Submitted (2 edits)

The bugs unveiling the level platforming is a really unique and neat mechanic. I also really like the polish of the game. Really nice animations for the player character, nice sound effects, nice method of displaying text/dialogue, and the menu with passwords is a really nice touch. Overall, I think this is a really great submission.


Which area did you get stuck in?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Sorry, I actually just realized that I wasn't pushing the up arrow but was pushing the down arrow for a button. I took a break halfway through for a while and I guess I forgot that it was up and not down. Great game btw, 5/5 for your polish and unique mechanic.


Really good graphics and original mechanics! 

Great job!


A storyline, fun mechanics, great graphics, animation, and sound. Excellent job! Little things: you can stand on top of the bad guys, and I'm not a fan of "pick a door" gameplay.

Developer (1 edit)

There is no "pick a door" gameplay, there's always information in the level to find which door to go to.


Interesting game. I really liked the graphics, and the story was cool. The jumping was a little a weird, but other than that cool game. Good job!


Its better to make a night theme


Hm? Night theme is in the game, it's on the main menu. Unless you're just noting that night mode is better than normal mode?


oh I didnt notice that, thx

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This game was a joy to play. I really like the unique mechanics of the game, with bugs being the player's vision and way to access the world. And its really fun to litter the level with bugs as I'm trying to figure a solution out. :P

The game was an extremely interesting one to play and I think it has a lot of potential to be expanded upon. However, a thing that felt a little finicky was the jump the player has as it was limited in height, making it a little hard to jump across platforms in time. (Or it could be intentional design I don't know)With a few improvements, the game would become even better, great job!


Nice animations, very ambitious and a unique interpretation of the theme! The jumping was a bit buggy at times, but overall very well done


Nice game, really cool animations and concept.


Very interesting concept. I enjoyed the variety in strategy that it presented. While I loved the silhouette -esque style, I found myself getting lost quite often.


Amazing game, very nice story and impressive graphics. It takes some persistence to get through a few parts but it is surely worth it. I am going back from the beginning with 'Hard mode enabled'!


Glad to hear you made it all the way through!


A solid game. I eventually got a stuck and didn’t manage to finish it but I did find myself frustrated with the characters jump, especially when next to an object. Still there’s a lot to love about this entry and its definitely in the running for one of the stronger entries in this jam.

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