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Divine Light

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thank you so much 🐻‍❄️ especially for playing the game. Happy to hear that. 

Well the game itself is hard since I'm attacked by two enemies at once and I cannot attack unscathed. I push the Q button but as far as I know it only dash button? 

thank you for very detailed review, very appreciated that. For aspect ratio as far as I know RM2K is only 320*240pixel so you may use Alt+Enter to put into windows mode instead. 

the idea is cool to bug the guards and the animation is so fluid. the sound is also nice, good job.

thank you so much for the review, the story I realized is so simple referring to the original Megaman Battle Network. Will add instruction menu on next game. For battle, yes it is repetitive hence I put the non random battle and Gameshark codes to eliminate enemies. 

I am speechless, the graphics in this game is very awesome, and the animation! that's very fluid. The gameplay also quite good for different objectives to be done in separate loop. Great work!

I am speechless, the graphics in this game is very awesome, and the animation! that's very fluid. The gameplay also quite good for different objectives to be done in separate loop. Great work!

82 seconds. 

wow, I didn't expect the game is only 1 button and it's literally clicker game, but it is awesome, especially the music making the whole game feels so intense.

the idea is awesome to put the DDR-like feature and the battle. The graphic is also very nice for each player (and it's 6 different characters!) 

The first round is great as a maze and is interesting, I've finished after about 4-5 tries. But i don't understand what the game on the second round. Nevertheless, the game is great.

Sorry just read this today and I'm on laptop.

I'll try later in PC, seems like your game needs high resource.

Yes, majority knows the concept "trapped in game world" refers to SAO, while it should be ".hack//SIGN" at the beginning. 

And grunty, the mascot of .hack itself, yes unfortunately not having that.

Thank you very much 

oh ok, no problem 👌

Thank you very much for playing, really appreciated that. Don't forget there will be path blocking bug in stage 4, you may use GameShark to kill all enemies in the map. 

The idea of bugging is so interesting. And you've prepared the conversations as well, great it's like in Assassin Creed when listening to people. The game itself is very hard, every guards are so clever.

nice, makes me remember Snake Nokia 3310

Sure, already play your game until the end and comment, good game. Keep it up.

Fun game, it's platformer with no threat. That is good though, since I normally bad at hard platformers. The BGM is also nice, great job.

Thank you for playing, really appreciated.

Thank you for playing, really appreciated.

Wow, just know about this from gematsu. I also made MBN fangame but eagerly want to play this one.

The buggy portion is very hard, but the normal one is fun. just might be need relaxing bgm.

great simple game but is intense. unfortunately still lose on the third wave.

Nice platform game, and a very difficult one. The visual is nice and the sound is good.

Beautiful visual style platformer with awesome audio. Great work.

I know that it is intended but the gaps are really hard.

Great idea, even how to start the game itself has a bug.

Unfortunately, I still cannot defeat AI in Memories.

Nice game concept of "binary" to input the number for the gates to open. The game is okay, I just put the number in random but maybe I should put the note of the binary so that I know which gates will open.

It's amazing "game", a world simulation and walking simulator game after all. The graphic and the sound is ok, only the "gameplay" is kinda non-existent. I believe this can be continued or be used in other game and will be awesome.

Easily the best game I've ever played in this game jam, great game!

good simple game, it is so suitable for this game jam theme.

The game is great in the details of the world, the graphic, and the BGM as well. The only problem for me is I kept falling from higher area and needs to backtrack. Also I don't understand what RMB do?

good simple game, beautiful effect especially the bug swarm.

interesting simple game, the art assets used are awesome.

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Thanks for playing. At first I thought the first battle with all unlocked skills is normal, but then I realized it is normal only for RPG avid players, hence I give the hints at GamePage and option to skip. 

The reference for "final battle like" as the first battle itself comes from old game Lufia from SNES. 

Windows 11, do I need to install something else? (Libgcc)

thanks very much to play the game, very appreciated. 

At least it is a bug and functional clicker game. Just suggestion maybe upgrade can start from 100 not 10,000...

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I will check v1. 0.2 but I didnt find any game breaking bug with the Aura since I never use it until empty. And also I didn't check Z key, I will check later. 

Great job on creating all art assets. The low gravity makes the jump mechanisms nice too, like walking in space. 

Edit: oh Z key is for Zoom, I notice that I always use that key to zoom out so I can see the area better.

Yes I try in Chrome browser in Win11