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Thank you so much, what an amazing and detailed feedback :)

I also thought about switching the controls to always be on the "right" side, but it would probably be very confusing, especially if players are really close to each other ... The controls would swap continuously as players switch sides! Can still give it a try, though.

Yes! Not being able to see when something is in front of something is also my major issue. Your idea about painting blocks depending on the layer also crossed my mind: I think it's possible to make that look good with some shader magic, so I will try that once the game jam is over. Moving the camera isn't possible unfortunately, because the game is completely 2D and there is no camera :p

Haha I do agree the connection to the theme is a loose one. Leaps and bounds => players must take a LEAP of faith, and they are BOUNDED by what the other player can see.

Again, thanks a lot for this response, seriously made my day.

Thanks a lot! And yes, that is a known bug: on some devices, sometimes, you suddenly turn twice. It has frustrated me for days, but I just cannot find the source of the issue. Hopefully one day soon I will solve it :)

The graphics look polished and fun!

Movement feels nice, quick and responsive. Except that there's something off (I can't put my finger on it) that makes certain jumps a little imprecise and sometimes too difficult ... could just be my lack of skill.

I also second feedback already made:

  • The music becomes a bit annoying with many restarts. If you can't solve that, maybe a slightly different soundtrack could soften this issue? Or creating 3 slightly different soundtracks, playing one randomly on a restart?
  • I understand your decision not to use checkpoints - it surely makes the
    game harder and more tense. At the same time, it just made me quit after failing for the nth time halfway through. In general, I've noticed players want to be able to retry a challenge as quickly as possible, instead of redoing something that's not challenging anymore for a few minutes (every time). For me, personally, the game is hard enough as it is :p
  • On some levels, you can't look ahead far enough, which means you're basically jumping blind the first few times you enter the level. (After that, you have somewhat memorized it and can navigate.) This would be fine ... if the game had checkpoints.
  • Feedback on damage (like an animation where the player quickly displays a red color, or something) would also be really helpful.

All in all, great graphics, great controls, solid core game mechanic, and you're able to create a really fun atmosphere where you just want to retry until you succeed! 

Thanks! Do you mean that you couldn't get past level two? Or that you got stuck temporarily, but managed to solve it and progress? (If it's the first case, then I surely need to create a less steep difficulty curve.)

Oh and, I'll play and rate your game as soon as I get home tonight, it's at the top of my list :)

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for the great feedback! I initially slowed down the movements to give the game a more "relaxing feel", but I can totally see how that becomes frustrating. Will surely make it snappier when I update the game. And yes, I too see some potential, so I hope to expand on the game once the jam is over and add more levels/mechanics :)

Very impressive! Initially, the graphics and wall of text can be a bit intimiditing/overwhelming. Maybe just remove the city in the background when you're at the menu?

Once I started the game, everything was quite clear and well balanced: challenging, but doable.

(It did take a few tries to realize the red things gave you coins, but that's probably because my head associates "coins = yellow thingies" and there was a disconnect in my brain :p)

Just to comment on the other comments: I only had slight performance issues on my machine, and I have an old HP laptop, running Windows 10 and Firefox. Maybe that feedback helps with performance optimization?

I think this could become a really immersive game with some polishing! (By which I mean: clearer menus/explanation, varity in visuals and variety in game mechanics.)

Great idea! I'm also trying to give constructive feedback on as many games as I can. Don't know if I have the time for all of them, though :p

Here's my game:

Looks great and very polished! Game is very easy to get into, and the coin collection + quick replay made we want to try again every time.

Some feedback:

  • Maybe give some visual indication that spikes are about to appear. Now, whenever I encountered spikes, I just waited for five seconds to make sure they were gone, which surely wasn't the intention?
  • Spikes right after a trampoline are impossible to avoid if you're unfortunate with the timing.
  • The game regularly crashed (unrecoverable) when trying to move to the game over screen.
  • Maybe have a little more leniency with the hitboxes. I was hit several times by the razors when I was quite sure they didn't touch me, but that could have been an optical illusion :p
  • Music is a bit loud? On the other hand, people have volume buttons, so who cares.

Besides that, looks great with smooth gameplay.

Really nice mechanics and puzzle execution. The shift in soundtrack (when you shift between platforms) is also nice and well-executed.

Some feedback:

  • I've found a bug: sometimes, when pressing SHIFT, you immediately die and are reset to the last checkpoint.
  • Have you ever heard of "coyote time"? Basically, it means that you still allow a player to jump, even if he's at the edge of the platform (or slightly over the edge). I've failed stages twenty times because I pressed jump when I was near the edge of the platform, but the game thought I was already falling off, so I died.  To be honest, became quite frustrating after a while :p (Another solution would be to make the player walk slower, so there's more room for error when pressing JUMP. Not my preferred solution.)
  • Some sort of menu/way to quit the game would be nice. (Now I had to pull tricks to force quit the game.)
  • One of the first puzzles (the one with the gem up high and the platform that moves upwards) could use a checkpoint halfway, or be slightly less difficult. It was a great puzzle/challenge, but maybe better suited later in the game.

Besides that, great game and great gameplay!

Looks absolutely stunning and sounds great!

Unfortunately, performance is so bad that the game is close to unplayable for me. Also, waiting 30 seconds before being able to restart isn't ideal.

Some more feedback:

  • For someone who's never played a similar game, it took me 7 tries before I understood how you could fly (without dying). Maybe some more explanation in that department? Some small tutorial or overview of controls within the game itself?
  • Or maybe some settings/configuration which allows me to lower the graphics quality, so performance becomes reasonable?
  • The ESCAPE key doesn't work when you're in the game over state.
  • Fighting seems a little fiddly, but that might be because of my performance issues. (Whatever I did, I mostly seemed to miss the eggs, while they seemed to be able to hit me quite well :p)

Hope that criticism wasn't too harsh, I do love the look and idea of the game.

I just released the final version of Into My Arms - a simple, cute, relaxing puzzle game about two lovers (or "cubitos") who must take a leap of faith. The only way to win each level, is by making one of your cubitos take a blind step backwards and fall into the arms of the other!

I made the game for the Github game jam, but I think the game turned out really well and looks promising. What do you think? Should I continue working on it?

This is the link to the game page:

It's playable on all desktop systems (Windows/Mac/Linux) and on Android, and currently has 13 levels. (And because it's for the Github Game Jam, source code is freely available on GitHub.)

Thank you for considering my game, and I'd love to hear any feedback!

Thank you! Do you have any feedback for me? Do you think it's worth it to turn this into a full game (more levels, more polish, etc.)?

THANKS! Had a lot of fun working on this game jam, looking forward to the next one :)

Really nice idea! Sound effects and color hints also really help. Have you considered making this a mobile game as well?

Would be nice, maybe, if you could "remove" wrong lines somehow. (In an interesting way ... don't have any ideas right now.) Now when I make a mistake at the start of the level, I know I'll never be able to fix it and just have to wait until time's up :p

Haha took me a while before I realized you could just collect seeds by hovering over the tree. Was waiting for like a solid 3 minutes for seeds to drop to the ground :p Impressive art indeed.

Cool throwing mechanic, surprisingly catchy soundtrack :)

Idea for making the game a lot harder: multiple trees you need to protect at the same time :p

Looks really good, enjoyed playing it! Some feedback though:

  • At the start of the game, you have these nice images of the controls ... but their function isn't explained. Took me a minute to understand what to do and how to do it.
  • The camera angle is very low, which means you can't really see what you're picking up at times.
  • Walking speed was a tad slow, but that might just be my laggy computer :p
  • Maybe a reward for finding an animal? (Like: now you can ride on their back and search faster/previously unreachable areas!)
  • When I started a new game, it took a good two minutes to start (I thought the game was crashing). Don't know if that's normal?

Besides that, unbelievable work for 4 weeks of development!

Hi! I'm sorry, I've always found it hard to be productive when I was still on social media, so I stopped using them a long time ago. I would be glad, though, to talk with you via email :) (I know, I know, I'm old-school) The address is:

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This topic is for Feature Requests.

If there's anything you'd like to see in the game, please tell me!

This is also the right place for desired improvements on parts of the game.  If you think an interface should be more clear, or movement is too slow, or whatever - let me know.

If a feature is implemented or being worked on, you'll automatically see it appear in the devlogs or in the changelog of a new update.

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This topic is for Bug Reports

If you find something in the game that doesn't work, but should be working, please let me know! It really helps.

To make this process as efficient as possible, please state

  • Your operating system (Windows? Mac? Which version of Windows?)
  • Your control scheme (keyboard? controllers? how many?)
  • The level you were playing and the last thing you were doing
  • The actual thing that went wrong, of course.

Thanks in advance! To keep this topic organized, I might not reply directly to bug reports (with messages like "will be fixed" or something). If it was fixed, it will be part of the changelog in the next update (and/or mentioned in the devlogs).