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1-6 spiders compete to eat more bugs than the others, growing and changing their spider web as they go.
Submitted by Pandaqi (@PandaqiGames) — 4 days, 5 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#214.2224.222

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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It's an interesting concept, sort of a team scavenging game.

It would be nice if there was a button to deposit your points in your base instead of it happening automatically. The "bigger number bugs can eat smaller number bugs" thing never really came up for me because... well, when I have 0 points on my spider, I can only collect bugs that get caught in my webs, which means I can only collect bugs near my base, which means I have to walk past my base every time I want to collect another bug, which means my spider never got particularly big.

I never found a use for the "jump" button during gameplay... was I missing something?

The menu... it's really creative, and a cool way to introduce players to the controls, but boy was it confusing. Like, I walked into the "choose an arena" option, which took me to the arena menu, but then suddenly my game was full screen and my spider kept walking to the right automatically, which caused me to exit the arena menu, which caused the game to exit full screen, but my spider was still walking to the right so I walked into the arena select option again.

I don't know if that was a glitch or not, but regardless wouldn't it be better to have the menu options only activate with spacebar so players don't have to worry about accidentally touching the wrong menu item?

I love the audio!


Thanks a lot for playing and the detailed feedback!

You actually mentioned one of the reasons for jumping yourself :) Doing so will create new lines around your base, so you can walk around without dropping off your points at the home base. (The other reason is just because it’s sometimes faster or the only way to get somewhere/flee from danger.)

But I agree with you: I think this concept is very interesting, but could be executed better with some more time and playtesting. The one test session I was able to get (before the jam deadline) revealed that ~50% of the players don’t use the jump at all, so I’ll need to find something for that.

As for the menu: what you encountered is indeed a glitch and not supposed to happen! But even then your suggestion is a good one. (I learned this the hard way with another recent game too :/ The lesson: just never make menu options activate automatically, it always leads to confusion among players :p Show a button prompt.)

Thanks again, your feedback will help improve the game!


nice, one of the best so far!


Thanks a lot!


Very unique gameplay. Impressive scope with all the bug types and the first multiplayer game I've come across in this Jam. Well done! Experienced a few difficulties when trying to navigate a junction, but nothing major. Look forward to trying it out with a friend


Thanks! Let me know how it went playing multiplayer with your friend :)

And yes, there are rare occasions where the web overlaps itself, or edges around a point (just by pure bad luck with the angles) are hard to navigate. I couldn’t find a 100% fix in time, but will be looking for it once the jam ends!


The UI was really nice, and I like the concept of your game's design. It will take me a few tries to get used to the gameplay, but good work!


Thanks a lot for playing and feedback!


pretty cool! really liked the menu ui drop downs. jumping-aim a bit difficult but gg!



And yes, I tried to make the game playable without jumping as well, as I noticed during testing that it takes people some time to get used to it. (I also tried other aiming methods, such as “hold the button and you rotate, release to make the jump”, but they were just too slow.)


A little confusing. Bug fun concept!


Thanks for playing! Could you perhaps explain what you found confusing or how you would improve it? That would help immensely with improving this game :)


Cool mechanics!