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Action RPG for the 2021 Github GameOff
Submitted by never_k (@_never_k) — 7 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#1633.4003.400

Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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always loved pixel games, nice 👌


Nice game! Perfect old school vibes :D


Really good one.

Audio and graphics fit they style perfectly

Good job


I like the graphics and gameplay!


Nice game! The hitbox for when you are on the ground and when you are outside feels a bit funky. Some times it feels like I should fall but don't and other times like I should be able to stand some where but fall


Nice game! I love how you’ve adapted this old “FF” style to the theme.

It took me a while to realize I could attack by running into ennemies!

I found the falling on edge being a little hard to avoid sometime, but it made sense.

Loved the game overall


Nice entry! Very cool Zelda-like game! Interesting collection of enemies. Great retro style!



Great submission! I liked the level design, the story elements and I enjoyed playing against all the different enemy types. The art and music were perfectly matched too. Nice work!


Coming from the "Rate and Share" discord thread :)

Love the retro graphics, you did a good job creating the environment and story.

Were you working by yourself or as part of a team?


We're a team of three. Myself on design and code, @helpcomputer0 on art and story, and Bruno Almeida on music.


Cool 8-bit graphics and smooth simple gameplay. Wasn't sure if I should be avoiding or attacking enemies. Great work though! 


Visually amazing :D , love the retro style

I had some issues with the boss, I found it a little bit hard
The "dash" part with the orb was tricky cause of collisions, but is pretty good in general
Good work!


Nice classic game. Simple gameplay, very polished.


Beautiful game, and the sound effects really leave an impact.

The exploration and combat are really fun, but it started to fall apart when I got the Orb... certain platforms were really finicky to jump to, and the invincibility really isn't much of a benefit if something's shooting fireballs at you while you're trying to line up.

The boss was tough, and I'm not sure how well the attacks were telegraphed... though, I didn't really get much of a chance to figure it out. Every time I respawned against the boss, it took longer for the room to reload than the previous time, until eventually my browser told me that the page froze completely.

Still, a fun experience with a lot of potential!


Thanks for the excellent feedback! I'm sorry it froze on you. There was a bug causing a resource leak that slowed the game down after each map change (including player death.) If you want a second look at the boss without this bug, type "item" and then "boss" on the keyboard when the game starts to move directly to outside the boss room with the orb.


Ah, I see! I'll try it again later!


Gorgeous retro game, took me back to first exploring the world in Link's Awakening!


Really cool fighting-mechanic ^^


Simple but really nice. Cute retro graphics and gameplay. I managed to find the orb too which is a nice touch, I can imagine a game like this with more tools needed to progress. Well made!


Reminds of early gamebox games. Polished with nice music, probably the longest time I have spent on a gamejam game till now !  Maybe make the health regenerate faster if I am on the verge of death ? Otherwise have to stand for a long time.


Pretty ascetic graphics and gameplay. Like indie from late 90'/early 00'

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