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cool !

cool game. Im 4th on the scoreboard (right now anyway)

I did it with 1. If you shoot right when the level starts it's possible !

Fun game

Werkt goed!

Good luck man

heey that was great! It's always nice to see more story/adventure type games in jams. I didnt find the perp the first time (I thought it was Mr Fly) but I found him the second time. I tried the other endings too and found it very funny you can pick yourself. It's kind of the "neutral" ending I guess.

So yeah real good job! Cute game.

Very cute and lovely gameplay loop. My only complaint is a technical one, it's kinda laggy for me for some reason. But good small game besides that.

Very good. Really like it. Especially the car driving feels great. Nicely done.

A very big game for a month long gamejam. My favorite part about the game is how many mechanics you managed to add to a good basic gameplay loop, and how well they are introduced (both pacing wise and what they manage to add to the game). Not alot of complaints. Solid puzzle game.

The only thing I found is that I think I managed to break some levels. I found solutions to more complex levels with by just moving 1 thing. This isnt really a bad thing per se, levels having multiple solutions can be nice.

So yeah good job!

It's fun, and it's hard. I appreciate the variety in challenges in the levels, with the enemies, the jumps. I especially think the floor falling under your feet is cool. As others said, it is a bit too difficulty, also for me. Overall great game, looks good, sounds good, plays pretty good. Good job.

Really great with 1 or 2 very small gripes, most importantly the camra is a bit too slow and sometimes doesnt follow your character very good.

Besides that very impressive game, it's long, polished, good sound, good graphics, not too easy or too hard. Really well made game.

My finger hurts D:

But cool game !

yeahhh.. I should have made a tutorial about it, but you can actually double jump. But there you go.

Simple shooting game. Not much feedback to add from me, I agree with every other commenter.

So cute. Nice relaxing game, not too difficult. Good vibes all around. Good job!!

Really awesome. Always cool to see stealth games for gamejams.

Very impressive 3D endless runner. Technically competent, looks good, good sound and music. Literally my only complaint is that I felt some of the rock hitboxes were a bit inconsistent. Besides that really nice entry.

Thanks!! You're right, thanks for the feedback.

It's a lovely idea with a clunky execution imo. I think adding some clarity could help, I feel like it wasn't clear what excactly the stats you added do. I mean I know what they did but something like speed is very abstract, which made it hard to judge what stats to put on what cards.

Looks great, good sound. Overal an idea with alot of potential I feel.

This game is sick! Super Juicy. One thing though, I think the physics might be capped to the framerate? I run 144fps and the game felt really fast to me.

Cool mechanics. Pretty easy game to be honest, I felt like I could play forever and not die. Nice job.

Like in your description, It's a very basic game yes. But that's okay.

Yepp those little creatures keep on spawning. Thanks for playing.

Really like it, obviously a lot of work was put into it. Very polished. As some other commenter said the gameplay might be a bit too slow, and besides the last bossfight which I thought was well balance and fun, I think the game was a bit too easy. Really good graphics, sound, nice job overall!!

This was a nice game for sure. Good buildup of standard platforming, to the event with the spider, to the bossfight which was more like a puzzle to me. Really like the game even though the jump feels a bit stiff. 

Graphics are very cute too. Good job overall.

The car models are great.

I think the idea is really good, and the level design fits the idea perfectly. However I think some clunky controls hold back a great idea: jumping and movement feels a bit stiff. Again, I really do think this game can be a gem and just the idea is worth something.

This is a fun game. It's simple obviously, but fun either way. Pretty polished too! Good job.

Pretty fun game. Very cool you got this on some kind of hardware device. Could it maybe be the game physics are attached to your framerate? I have a 144hz screen and the game felt waaay too fast for me.

Hey thank you for playing! I had that in mind at some point in development, but no time for the implementation.

Just like in Mario Kart, the blue "Shell" in this game makes me very angry.

I had tried 2 different browser before remembering windows comes with Edge now. And it worked perfectly on that!

For my thoughts on the game: It looks beautiful, I love the background glitch effect especially. Movement felt good if a little fast. Creative enemy type with the laser, altho I found it weird your weapon doesnt damage it (atleast, I don't think so??). Rated now.

Very polished game, especially for a gamejam. It was fun trying to find the best strategy. Very interesting way to use the theme too, with the bugs being Santa's little helpers. Interesting Cookie is a cat and not also an insect.

Hey thank you for playing! I never played any Megaman game so interesting you brought that up. I was inspired by Ghost n Goblins mostly.

I got a highscore of 390 after a couple tries. Nice juicy game, very solid. A job well done.

Really varied in gameplay modes, I like all the power ups. I found the game to be pretty hard, especially the part where you increase in speed via the powerup. Maybe some smaller hitboxes would have helped. Nice graphics too. Good job.

Very good and creative mechanics, really good polished game overall. The difficulty and mechanics are build up nicely over the course of the levels. Very nicely done!

Great dreamlike atmosphere, and nice use of the insect theme. It really does feel like a dream. Nicely done.